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Chapter 190: Challenging The Bald

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 190: Challenging The Bald

    Although they were dumbfounded, Daoist HuoLong was not. After being suppressed by Mister First and Mister Second for a year, how would he let up this rare opportunity to strike back? Thus, he immediately shouted out, “Ai yah yah, I can’t believe that a righteous sect like ours will have such a despicable disciple. Junior brothers, this brat has completely ruined the reputation of our sect and cannot be spared!”

    “This~” Mister Second became anxious and was rendered speechless.

    Mister First was still extremely tactful as he said with a laugh, “Haha, although 2nd brother silver has a rash temper, his personality is still considered good. I think that there may be some misunderstanding in this matter.”

    “Misunderstanding?” Little Fatty said with a cold laughter, “He came into my house for no good reason and even wanted to humiliate my woman, what kind of a misunderstanding can there possibly be? Don’t tell me I dragged him into my house?”

    Mister First knew that he would definitely be at the losing end if he were to bicker with Little Fatty right now. Thus, he ignored Little Fatty and silently transmitted to Daoist HuoLong telepathically, “Senior brother, can this matter be considered a little later? Let my disciple investigate this matter first. Oh, when we are investigating this matter, the Fire Divine Hall can be handed over to your disciple to be taken care of. How about that?”

    As Daoist HuoLong heard that, he was immediately moved. It must be understood in the past year because he was at a disadvantage, he had lost many places with good profits. The Fire Divine Hall was one of them. If he is able to take it back today without any blood or arms, that would be equivalent to having a great profit.

    Furthermore, after considering Little Fatty’s feelings, he realised that Little Fatty did not suffer a loss in this event. After all, 2nd brother Silver was crippled by Little Fatty before he even had a chance to do anything. In fact, it can be said that Little Fatty went a little too far. As such, even if the matter were to be settled much, Little Fatty should have no qualms about it.

    After he understood that, Daoist HuoLong said with a smile, “Haha, alright. After all, the Mystical Sky Yard is a righteous sect and there should not be such despicable people around. It is necessary that we investigate this matter properly!”

    Seeing how Daoist HuoLong agreed to this matter, Mister First heaved a sigh of relief. Although he lost an important post this time, he managed to protect his reputation. After all, that post was something he can easily regain it if he wanted. But if his reputation is sullied, it would stick with him throughout his life. He was still able to see which choice minimised his losses the most.

    As such, Mister First smiled politely, “If that’s the case, then I thank senior brother!”

    “You’re welcome, you’re welcome!” Daoist HuoLong said happily. Then, the both of them began to laugh merrily.

    Although they were both satisfied, Little Fatty was not. However, it wouldn’t be good for him to directly overturn Daoist HuoLong’s decision. Thus, he changed the topic and said, “Alright alright, forget about this matter, I also can’t be bothered to be so calculative with you guys. I have another matter which I seek an explanation from these few metal brothers!”

    As eldest brother Gold heard that, he frowned and said, “What’s the matter?”

    “It is regarding my senior uncle Qing FengZi!” Little Fatty said fiercely, “My senior uncle stayed in the secular realm for 20 years and painstakingly took care of all the various affairs of the Mystical Sky Temple, contributing greatly to the sect! But, someone with such an outstanding performance was injured by a few bald idiots after returning to the sect. Don’t tell me you don’t know who did it?”

    As the people from Daoist HuoLong’s camp heard that, they knew that a show was about to start and waited in anticipation.

    But, the people from Mister First’s camp all frowned. Especially Mister First, he became depressed as he thought to himself, ‘No wonder this darn fatty is so vicious towards us. His senior uncle is Qing FengZi. Ai yah yah, this is trouble! Looking at that child, this matter would probably not have a good end!’

    Little Fatty was not the only one who would not want to let the matter rest. Eldest brother Gold had long been dissatisfied with Little Fatty. The moment he heard that Little Fatty referred them as bald idiots, he could not hold his temper in and scolded, “Darn fatty, who are you calling a bald idiot?”

    “You! I am calling you! Bald idiot!” Little Fatty did not back down and pointed at eldest brother Gold.

    “Bastard!” How could eldest brother Gold hold his anger in any further? With a roar, he wanted to fight Little Fatty. But, he was fixed on the spot by a Qi wave which Mister First emitted.

    Mister First then said to Little Fatty calmly, “SongZhong, I am also regretful for what happened to your senior uncle. But, it was an accident which happened while they were sparing. You really should not be resentful in your heart!”

    “How am I resentful?” Little Fatty immediately as though he was maligned and said, “Senior, I swear that I am not resentful in my heart at all. I just want to have a friendly spar with this brother here! It is said that he is already unbeatable in the Mystical Sky Yard! I believe he will not reject this small request of mine right?”

    As Mister First heard that, he immediately said with a bitter laughter, “You’re wrong about that. Although eldest brother Gold had spared with some people, he is still far from being invincible. At least, he did not win Miss ShuiJing.”

    Actually, the moment Mister First said that, he was already taking a step back, hoping that Little Fatty would let the matter rest. After all, it wasn’t easy for him to raise all these disciples. He did not want Little Fatty to cripple them out of rage.

    However, Mister First obviously underestimated Little Fatty’s hatred. The moment the latter heard what Mister First said, he feigned surprise and exclaimed, “He actually dared to spar with junior sister ShuiJing? He is really brave!”

    The moment Little Fatty spoke, everyone burst out into laughter. Previously, eldest brother Gold seemed to have taken the wrong medicine and insisted that he spar with the prime foundational disciple. He insisted that he was standing up for all the males and that the spot of the prime disciple should not be hogged by a lady for such a long period of time.

    Although ShuiJing seems to be extremely peaceful, it does not mean that she was cowardly. In fact, she was extremely competitive in her heart also. When they looked for her, ShuiJing naturally did not have any reason to back down. Thus, she agreed to fight without any hesitation.

    ShuiJing also did not bully him and did not use any of her treasures. She only used her Water-type spells, but still beat eldest brother Gold to a half dead state. In fact, that was not like a fight at all but more of a queen instructing him. The poor eldest brother Gold did not even have a chance to touch the tip of ShuiJing’s clothes and was beaten for a good hour. If not for Mister First coming out to stop the fight, eldest brother Gold would have probably been beaten to death by ShuiJing.

    From that day on, the Four Big Metal Brothers knew the meaning of there is always someone greater and did not dare to provoke ShuiJing anymore. But after that battle, it also left a shadow in his heart. Today, Little Fatty teased him in public, revealing the deepest wound in his heart. How would he be able to hold back anymore?

    As everyone laughed, eldest brother Gold cried out to Mister First in frustration, “Grand master, this person is too much. I beg grand master to be merciful and allow me to seek justice!”

    “Seek justice?” Without waiting for Mister First to reply, Little Fatty said with a cold laughter, “With just you this bald idiot? Do you deserve to seek justice from me? What a joke! Let me tell you the truth, in my eyes, you are nothing more than dogshit, nothing more than a scumbag!”

    “Bastard, you dare to humiliate me like that?” Eldest brother Gold was angered to the point his tears almost fell! Anger suffused his eyes, as though he wanted to eat Little Fatty up alive.

    Little Fatty was completely indifferent towards how he acted and continued, “So what if I’m humiliating you? If you are still a man, then come and fight with me. Be it a friendly spar or life and death battle, I will take you on!”

    “Are you sure?” Eldest brother Gold barked.

    “Of course I’m sure!” Little Fatty then said with a cold laughter, “Furthermore, I have to tell you this. If we are going to spar, I will cripple you. If it is a life and death battle, I will send you to reincarnation! Do you know what this daddy here is called? I am called SongZhong!”

    (TL/N: In Chinese, SongZhong also means to send someone to death.)

    “Hahaha!” As everyone heard that, they all could not help but burst out in laughter. Even the usually elegant ShuiJing was no exception. Daoist HuoLong laughed to the point he began rocking uncontrollably. He could not help but see Little Fatty and eldest brother Gold break out in a fight right now. The harder they fought, the better it was for him.

    As Mister First and Mister Second saw that, they all began to frown. They know that with Little Fatty’s arrogant speech, he had already forced them into a corner, with no way to avoid this battle! If they did not fight, then not only would eldest brother Gold be unable to lift up his head in future, even the people from his faction would become a laughingstock within the sect. Now that this matter has become a matter of face, they no longer had a choice.

    Eldest brother Gold was angered to the point steam could be seen coming out from his head. He did not bother talking to Little Fatty anymore but bow down in front of Mister First and cried out, “Grand master, if you do not permit me to fight, then you should just kill me. I will no longer have the face to meet anyone in future!”

    “Haiz!” Mister First helplessly sighed and said, “Forget it, if that’s the case, then the both of you shall spar tomorrow in the training grounds of the inner courts!”

    As he said that, he stared at Little Fatty fiercely, “SongZhong right? You are indeed smart. But there is nothing definite in the world, do not think that victory is in your hands already!”

    Little Fatty did not dare be unbridled with him. He politely bowed and said, “Yes yes, many thanks to senior for your teachings!”

    “Hmph!” Mister First grunted and cupped his fists to Daoist HuoLong, “Senior brother, this little brother has something on and will take my leave first. Let us meet again tomorrow at the training grounds!”

    “Alright alright, junior brother take care. This brother will not send you off!” Daoist HuoLong replied politely.

    “You’re too polite!” Mister First and Mister Second both paid some pleasantries before they left with their disciples.

    After they left, the people from Daoist HuoLong’s camp all cried out in joy. A year’s worth of resentment had finally been let out. Even Daoist HuoLong was extremely excited as he stood up and shook Little Fatty’s hands, “Good child, you are really able to shine so brightly through a single feat, you have definitely performed a great merit today!”

    “Hehe, it wasn’t much. It was merely child’s play!” Little Fatty smiled.

    “Haha, stop being humble!” Daoist HuoLong then whispered into Little Fatty’s ears, “The Fire Divine Hall was taken back by you today. From today onwards, as long as it is in my hands, you will have 2 slots with unlimited usage!” As he said that, Daoist HuoLong secretly handed over 2 jade talismans to Little Fatty.

    As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately knew that it was his reward. Although it wasn’t very useful to him, it was still a good gift and could even be sold. After all, the lowest tier in the Fire Divine Hall required easily over a hundred spiritual stones a day, while the most expensive place required over a few thousand spiritual stones. Now that he possessed the jade talisman, he would be able to use it without limit. It was definitely a great thing!

    Thus, Little Fatty did not stand on ceremony and kept it with a smile, “I thank Grand Senior uncle!”

    “Haha, do not be so polite, this is something which you deserve!” Daoist HuoLong said with a smile. Following which, he dismissed everyone in the hall with a wave of his hands. Only when there was only the both of them left did he ask with a smile, “Brat, what are your intentions for the spar tomorrow?”

    “What other intentions can I have?” As Little Fatty mentioned that, he could not help but get angry, “He caused my senior uncle to be bedridden, and so I will cripple him!”

    “Haha, it is definitely a fierce punishment to other ordinary cultivators! But, what you do not know is that both Mister First and Mister Second are well versed in medicinal skills. Furthermore, since eldest brother Gold is a bodily cultivator, his body constitution is extremely good. Even if he were to be crippled, he could definitely be easily treated.” Daoist HuoLong then said with a smile that was not a smile, “At that time, with the temper of the Four Big Metal Brothers, you will definitely be in a lot of trouble!”

    “En?” Hearing that, Little Fatty immediately frowned and questioned, “Then what do you think I should do?”

    “You have to remove them by the roots!” Daoist HuoLong said with a cold laughter, “You have to know, it is easy for cultivators to lose control and cause accidental injuries when they are sparing. For example, your senior uncle was ‘accidentally’ injured and can only recover after a few years, delaying his advancement to the JinDan stage. He may even be completely crippled because of this issue. If eldest brother Gold were to meet with any accident during the spar, it wouldn’t be too surprising! I believe Mister First and Mister Second will understand!”

    “And what if they don’t?” Little Fatty said weakly. It was different for him to injure and kill eldest brother Gold. Being a genius who the 2 YuanYing cultivators nurtured for over decades, it was obvious that they were nurturing him to take over their position in future. If he were to be killed, both the old men would most likely have the urge to kill him!

    After Daoist HuoLong heard that, he said calmly, “HongYing’s parents have already entrusted you to me, so I will naturally protect you. If Mister First and Mister Second dares to touch you, hehe, I am no pushover either!”

    “Thus~” Little Fatty immediately began to hesitate.

    Daoist HuoLong also felt anxious but did not display it. He only calmly stated, “Think about your senior uncle Qing FengZi. Ever since he was injured, your grudge with the Four Big Metal Brothers is already formed. Plus, now that you have crippled 2nd brother silver, the both of you are already like fire and water. If you do not take the chance to eliminate one of them, you will regret it for sure when they come and find trouble with you!”