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Chapter 189: War Of Words

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 189: War Of Words

    “Be at ease. Good child, you are finally out of closed door cultivation!” Daoist HuoLong said while laughing heartily.

    Mister First and Mister Second nodded. Then, Mister First said, “I heard that there is a top notch genius in our Mystical Sky Yard called SongZhong, who is an outstanding lightning cultivator at such a young age, whose prowess outshone the rest in terms of resplendence in the Jade Green Screen. Now that I see you today, you indeed live up to your reputation!”

    “You’re too kind, you’re too kind. It is all just flowery fists and fancy footwork!” Little Fatty said with a humble smile.

    (TL/N: The flowery fists and fancy footwork refer to him being all show but without substance.)

    “Flowery fists and fancy footwork?” As Mister Second heard that, he immediately replied unhappily, “You are able to cripple my disciple with just flowery fists and fancy footwork? Are you trying to be humble or implying that my disciple is trash?”

    The moment he said that, the expressions of the Four Metal Brothers changed.

    However, Little Fatty only replied calmly, “How would I dare to say that your disciples are trash! Actually, all of your disciples look so beefy and are intelligent without any top without a peak, no matter how I look at it, they definitely look like geniuses!”

    The moment Little Fatty spoke, everyone’s faces immediately began to cramp up. It would not matter if he were to describe others with ‘intelligent without any top’, but to use it to describe 4 bald people, he sounded extremely sarcastic!

    The Four Big Metal Brothers were not fools and naturally understood Little Fatty’s insult. Their faces turned red from anger and their bodies began to tremble. If not for the fact that their seniors were present, they would have most likely already attacked Little Fatty.

    Seeing how Little Fatty dared to insult his disciples in his presence, Mister Second was enraged. His hands began to move as though he planned to teach Little Fatty a lesson.

    But Mister First held Mister Second back and said with a smile, “Your words are interesting indeed. But, the kick which you gave 2nd brother SSilver had at least a hundred thousand catties strong. Your bodily constitution is apt for bodily cultivation. It is such a waste for you to be a lightning cultivator.”

    The moment everyone heard that Little Fatty’s kick was so horrifying, they all couldn’t help but inhale a cold breath.

    Little Fatty’s expression also changed slightly, but he quickly brushed it off with a smile, “You’re praising me too much. Actually, I did not use much strength, I only kicked him casually. But never did I expect this brother to be so weak that...”

    As everyone heard that, they almost fainted on the spot. The body of a late foundational bodily cultivator would be strong to the point that it was impervious to weapons. However, Little Fatty described it as being weak, was this not ridiculing him?

    Mister First and Mister Second was completely angered by Little Fatty. However, the people from Daoist HuoLong’s camp were elated. It was just that no one dared to laugh on the spot.

    Even if that’s the case, Little Fatty was still not satisfied and continued, “Ai yah yah, this is really my mistake this time. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s my fault! But, don’t worry, whenever I spar with anyone of your disciples in future, I will be sure to be careful. I will control my strength well to prevent fracturing their bones by accident. It would be bad to harm our friendly relations over this!”

    The moment Little Fatty said that, everyone present could not take it any longer and burst out laughing. This was especially so for the people from Daoist HuoLong’s camp, they were laughing maniacally. It could not be helped since they were too badly tortured by the Four Big Metal Brothers for the past few days. There was almost no one in the foundational stage that could match up against them. These 4 bastards injured dozens of people in the sect under the pretense of having a spar. It was also because Qing FengZi could not take it any longer that he fought with them, resulting in him being seriously injured.

    Now that Little Fatty had exacted vengeance, all of these people were naturally elated, laughing to their heart’s content.

    Contrary to these people’s excitement, Mister First and Mister Second was angered extremely badly. 4th brother IIron also could not take it any longer as he roared in frustration, “Darn fatty, you dare to look down on us?”

    Little Fatty could not be bothered with him and said with disdain, “I am talking to your seniors, why are you interrupting us? Why do you not even have the basic upbringing of a disciple in a righteous sect?”

    As 4th brother IIron heard that, he almost died from anger and wanted to attack Little Fatty, only to be stopped by Eldest brother GGold. You have to know, this was the discussion hall. If IIron were to attack here, then he would definitely be charged with the crime of disrespecting his elders. Just this crime alone would send him into isolation for at least 10 years! A more severe punishment entails getting whipped as well!

    While IIron was being held back, Mister Second could not hold his anger in anymore and pointed to Little Fatty, “Darn fatty, go and ~”

    Before he even finished his sentence, Mister First’s expression changed and slapped his hands away before shouting angrily, “Do not lose your bearings in front of a junior!”

    Mister Second trembled but quickly came to his senses. If he were to attack a junior, then he would be making a large mistake. At that time, Daoist HuoLong would definitely leverage on that opportunity to complicate things for him.

    It must be understood that for a sect like the Mystical Sky Yard, the various rules and taboos were all laws which one could not go against. For example, bullying the weak. If a senior attacked a junior when the junior was not disrespectful to the senior, that was a big taboo. Daoist HuoLong would then definitely make use of that misdeed to make things difficult for them. If the matter was blown up and the upper echelons were informed, then those people up there would definitely place the blame on Mister First and Mister Second. When that happened, they would have endless trouble to face.

    It was also because of this reason that there were no JinDan cultivators making things difficult for the Four Big Metal Brothers even after they injured so many foundational cultivators and almost crippled Qing FengZi, who had almost formed his JinDan. The rules in the sect stated that the matters within a generation should be settled by those of that generation. Although the seniors can support a party in secret, they, however, could not directly attack the junior.

    Thus, the Four Big Metal Brothers were so unbridled amongst the foundational cultivators, beating up whoever they did not like. Now, Little Fatty also made use of this point to ridicule the Four Big Metal Brothers! If they weren’t happy, then just fight! Then they would fall into Little Fatty’s scheme! He still wanted to take revenge for Qing FengZi and could not wait to spar with Eldest brother Gold!

    Mister First was obviously more discerning and could sense Little Fatty’s battle intent. Furthermore, he also saw Little Fatty’s frightening potential. Amongst cultivators at the same stage, the outcome of the fight was not merely determined their cultivation levels. Their magical artifacts and cultivation methods also played a big role.

    The Four Big Metal Brothers were famous amongst foundational cultivators because of their superior talents. Furthermore, they were adopted by Mister First and Mister Second since young and had soaked themselves in countless precious herbs every day. They only achieved their current accomplishments after soaking in those herbs for a few decades.

    However, 2nd brother Silver was still crippled by a single kick from Little Fatty. In other words, Little Fatty did not lose out to the Four Big Metal Brothers in terms of body strength, and might even have an advantage. However, to make things worse, Little Fatty was a lightning cultivator. He had his divine lightning and magical artifacts to use as well. Considering all these factors, what chance would the Four Big Metal Brothers have?

    Under such circumstances, Mister First would definitely not allow his disciples to fight. If not, his disciple would definitely be beaten half dead or even crippled by Little Fatty. It wasn’t easy to bring up the Four Big Metal Brothers. It caused him a big heartache even when one of them was crippled. How would he allow one more to be crippled?

    Thus, after Mister First stopped Mister Second, he only said with a smile, “Even if my disciples are weak, it is not your turn to teach them a lesson. I only ask you one thing, why did you cripple 2nd brother SSilver? If you cannot give me a proper explanation, then don’t blame be for punishing you in accordance with the sect laws!”

    Obviously, Mister First was a lot more wily than Mister Second. Even if he wanted to take care of Little Fatty, he would first find an appropriate excuse to prevent Daoist HuoLong from intervening.

    Mister First had obviously overlooked the situation. He never expected that his own disciple was the one in the wrong.

    When Little Fatty heard that, his expression changed and exclaimed, “Ai yah yah, it is actually all a misunderstanding!”

    “What kind of misunderstanding?” Mister First said calmly.

    “This~” Little Fatty pretended to be in a spot and frowned, “It’s like this, I was cultivating at home but was suddenly startled by a lady’s cry. When I took a look outside, I saw a bald man raping a junior sister of mine. At that point, I was immediately enraged and thought that a fiend from the devil sect had sneaked into the Mystical Sky Yard to create trouble. Thus, I kicked him once. Never did I expect he was your disciple. If I had known, I wouldn’t have gone to kick him!”

    As Mister First heard that, he only felt his vision turning dark and almost fainted from anger. After whichHe angrily interrogated 2nd brother Silver irascibly, “Speak! What is going on?”

    “Grand master, I am innocent!” SSilver explained, “It was Han LingFeng who seduced me!”

    “Bullshit!” As Little Fatty heard that, he was enraged, “Han LingFeng is my woman, even if she were to seduce someone, she would definitely do that in secret. Why would she bring the third party to my house? How is it that you look so smart but do not even know how to fabricate a lie?”

    The moment Little Fatty admitted his relationship with Han LingFeng, it raised a commotion. HoweverF, everyone also agreed that it was not logical for her to bring someone she seduced to her own man’s house. Thus, it was obvious SSilver was lying. It was obvious that he wanted to ** her, forcing her to take refuge in her man’s house.

    When they understood this point, everyone expressed feelings of anger. Mister First and Mister Second were also completely dumbfounded.

    You have to know, a righteous sect would after all abhor sex offenders. Yet 2nd brother Silver actually tried to ** someone and even tried to push the blame away saying that he was seduced, that was simply too outrageous! According to the sect rules, he was a dead man for sure! Only after decades of efforts and countless herbs were Mister First and Mister Second able to bring up the Four Big Metal Brothers. For them to lose one of them just like that, their hearts would naturally ache. What made them feel the most uneasy was their reputation! Once this reputation of being a rapist falls upon SSilver, not only would his life be forfeit, even them as masters would be in the wrong for not being strict with them! If this matter were to spread, they would definitely become a laughingstock for the masses. Thus, they were totally at a loss as to what they should do!