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Chapter 188: Four Big Metal Brothers

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 188: Four Big Metal Brothers

    “Wuwu!” Han LingFeng cried as she held onto Little Fatty and said, “That bastard is one of the disciples of the new YuanYing cultivators who came here. The 4 of them calls themselves Gold, Silver, Copper and Iron; the Four Big Metal Brothers. That fellow is 2nd brother Silver.

    “Second brother silver?” As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately said with disdain, “Trust me, his little brother is definitely made of meat, and is already smashed by me.”

    “What kind of time is this already?” Han LingFeng could not help but exclaim, “Although you crippled him by surprise, he still has 3 brothers and a JinDan stage senior uncle. He even has Mister First and Mister Second to protect him. You are definitely in big trouble!”

    “Mister First and Mister Second?” Little Fatty immediately asked in curiously, “What kind of plaything is that?”

    “They’re not playthings. They are the new YuanYing elders with surname Jin. They are brothers who call themselves Mister First and Mister Second.” Han LingFeng then explained, “They are all bodily cultivators. It is said that their cultivation method is extremely rare and powerful and specialises in group battles. Daoist HuoLong had a spar with them secretly before. Although he is able to win them one on one, he will definitely lose if he were to face the both of them together! Now that Celestial MeiHua entered closed-door cultivation for a hundred years, Daoist HuoLong has completely been suppressed by them since he is alone. The disciples of Mister First and Mister Second are even more ridiculous. They frequently find people in the Mystical Sky Yard to spar with them. Although they are sparing on the surface, but they will never show any mercy to anyone. Right, your senior uncle Qing FengZi had just returned to the sect a few months ago and fought with their eldest brother gold because he could not stand their actions. In the end, he was heavily injured and almost had his cultivation crippled!”

    “What?” As Little Fatty heard that, he was immediately enraged and asked, “How is senior uncle Qing FengZi’s injuries?”

    “It is already stable now, but he will probably have to be bedridden for years. Originally he was going to attempt to breakthrough to the JinDan stage. But now, he would definitely be delayed by at least 10 years! Furthermore, this defeat had already left a scar in his heart which may affect him when he is trying to breakthrough into the JinDan stage!” Han LingFeng said with pity, “It is said that he had a large chance to succeed initially. But now, the chances are extremely slim already!”

    “Damn bastards!” After Little Fatty heard that, his face turned green from anger. You have to know, he did not know much people in the Mystical Sky Yard and Qing FengZi was one of the few elders who genuinely cared for him. Now that he had been heavily injured because of a spar with such negative side effects, how could he not be enraged.

    Just when Little Fatty was burning in anger and planned to find someone to take revenge, a commotion sounded from the outside as his front door was sent flying. Then, 3 people walked into the yard.

    The 3 people were all over 8 feet tall, extremely burly and bald. Although they were not as well built as Little Fatty, they could also be said to be extremely strong. If Little Fatty was built like a bear, then they were like tigers.

    As the 3 of them walked in, the one on the left immediately shouted, “Come out and receive your death!”

    “Who injured my senior brother, you better come out now!” The person on the right also shouted. But, the person in the middle did not say anything but stare at Serene Cloud Yard with a face full of viciousness.

    The moment Han LingFeng saw that, she immediately exclaimed, “Aiyoh, this is bad! These are the other 3 brothers of the Four Big Metal Brothers. The one in the centre is eldest brother gold. The one on the left is 3rd brother copper and the one on the right is 4th brother iron. They are definitely here to take revenge for 2nd brother silver!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he broke out in laughter instead of being surprised, “Haha, it’s good that they’re here. I just wanted to find them for revenge!” As he said that, he pushed Han LingFeng aside lightly and arrived in the yard facing the 3 of them.

    As Little Fatty appeared in front of them, he immediately laughed, “Haha, I wonder what kind of winds are blowing today. I actually met 4 bald people consecutively! It’s really so fun!”

    All of these Four Big Metal Brothers were bald and had been seen by Little Fatty, explaining why he spoke thusly.

    When the 3 of them heard that, they were definitely angered. Eldest brother gold immediately scolded in anger, “Where did this darn fat pig come from. You actually dare to make fun of us? Are you tired of living?”

    “I am indeed tired of living. It is just a pity that these few bald people here do not have the ability to do anything to me!” Little Fatty said arrogantly.

    Despite his indifferent appearance, Little Fatty had already prepared his large copper bell, Five Element Essence Sword and the various divine lightnings in secret. He knew that the 3 of them would definitely take action out of anger and thus had prepared himself beforehand.

    Indeed, as the 3 of them heard Little Fatty belittling them as such, they began to tremble in anger. The 3 of them then did not bother to say anything else but roar in anger and unleashed their various cultivation methods. All 3 of their bodies could be seen to glow with a golden light, turning them to look akin to gold statues.

    This was the special method of bodily cultivators, bathing their bodies with their cultivation method. This would increase the strength of their bodies to a frightening point, such that they were able to fight with magical artifacts. Then, they would rush forward and beat their opponents to death with the strength of their bodies and speed.

    Just as they were activating their cultivation method, Little Fatty also prepared 5 negative divine lightning with the intention of ambushing them first as he held back a sadistic laughter. Even if they did not die, they would definitely lose a great deal of face.

    But just at this moment when the battle was about to erupt, a loud shout could be heard, “Everyone stop!” Following which, 4 lights flashed and 4 JinDan cultivators appeared in the yard separating Little Fatty from the 3 of them.

    Since they were JinDan cultivators, Little Fatty and the 3 of them naturally did not dare to be rude and all stopped their current movements.

    Little Fatty silently observed the 4 of them and realised that he actually knew 2 of the JinDan cultivators who were disciples of Daoist HuoLong. The other 2 were burly men who were obviously bodily cultivators. It is just that Little Fatty had never seen them before and determined that they should be the disciples of Mister First and Mister Second.

    Just at this moment, one of Daoist HuoLong’s disciple said seriously, “The sect master orders all of you to see him. All of you are to follow me!” As he said that, he winked at Little Fatty, asking him to be at ease.

    Little Fatty naturally understood what he meant and immediately grinned inwardly. Then, he kept his divine lightning and replied with an apologetic smile, “Roger!”

    The 3 brothers could only helplessly follow the orders of the sect elders as well. Thus, the group of them all few towards the inner court of the Mystical Sky Sect.

    On the way there, Little Fatty managed to understand what was happening through the 2 JinDan cultivators. When Little Fatty crippled 2nd brother silver, Daoist HuoLong was discussing something with Mister First and Mister Second. In the end, news of 2nd brother silver being crippled was received, naturally shocking the 3 of them. Thus, they called everyone over to find out what was going on.

    After explaining what happened to Little Fatty, the JinDan cultivator even secretly instructed Little Fatty, “After you go in, you can just say what you have to. Do not be afraid, no matter what happens, we will protect you!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately knew what was going on. He understood that it was Daoist HuoLong’s intention for him to create a commotion. Although he did not like the feeling of being used, he was already forced to a corner since the situation had developed to this point. He could not possibly apologise to the 2nd brother Silver, who sexually harassed Han LingFeng right? That would be a fate worse than death. Thus, he hurriedly nodded to the JinDan cultivator to indicate that he would cooperate.

    Seeing how Little Fatty was so tactful, the JinDan cultivator couldn’t help but nod with a smile, praising him with a thumbs up secretly. Following which, the both of them stopped talking and travelled silently.

    After a short while, all of them arrived in the main hall. At this moment, there were many people in the main hall. The one seated at the helm was naturally Daoist HuoLong. At this moment, his face was full of smiles, showing that he was in a good mood and nodded to Little Fatty with a friendly smile.

    Right below Daoist HuoLong was 2 ordinary looking old men. The first one was a skinny old man which did not look well built at all. The other guy sitting beside him was slightly bigger in size but still considered extremely skinny and weak looking.

    But, the more they appeared like that, the more Little Fatty was surprised. For bodily cultivators, they would be able to adjust the size of their bodies after they achieved a certain depth in their cultivation. At the start, their body would increase in size rapidly becoming beefier. Just like the Four Big Metal Brothers, where their sizes would determine how strong they are.

    But after completion of the cultivation method is achieved, their bodies would achieve a state where they would return to nature. The stronger they were, the smaller their bodies would be. The two people in front here were definitely bodily cultivators who were extremely strong. Thus, Little Fatty did not dare to belittle them at all.

    Apart from these 3 people, Daoist HuoLong and Mister First each brought 4 JinDan disciples serving them at the side. The only one special was ShuiJing, seated there elegantly like a lotus which has detached herself from the secular world. Even JinDan cultivators did not have a seat but she had one. It can be seen just how special her position was in the Mystical Sky Yard.

    After Little Fatty and the 3 brothers entered, someone carried the 2nd brother Silver in. At the same time, Mu ZiRong and Peerless Sword Deity also sneaked in and silently stood by Daoist HuoLong’s side watching the show that was about to unfold. The both of them had already eaten the Red Palm Elixir and had great improvements in their cultivation accompanying their recovery. At this moment, they had already become foundational cultivators.

    After they entered, they stared at Little Fatty with a complicated face. Facing this guy who rose up to fame so quickly, their hearts were filled with both love and hate. Love because Little Fatty caught old man Feng, allowing them to be put out of their misery. Hate because they were extremely jealous! Why was it such that this untalented person without any support was able to be so much more accomplished than them? This was just too unfair!

    At this moment, Mister First and Mister Second’s eyebrows couldn’t help but frown when they saw 2nd brother silver being carried in. After using their spiritual sense to check his injuries, they were shocked and locked their gazes towards Little Fatty.

    Little Fatty’s hair immediately began to stand from being stared at and thus could only take the initiative to pay his respects, “I pay my respects to the Sect Master and two seniors!”