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Chapter 187: The Egg Has Cracked

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 187: The Egg Has Cracked

    Of course, such an internal conflict would definitely not be obvious for all to see. The leading individuals of both factions would definitely not take direct actions. At the very most, they would let their disciples spar amongst themselves. Such a fight would usually be related to the possessions of various important departments within the sect.

    After HongYing leaves, the only foundational disciple that is able to play a leading role would be Little Fatty. As for ShuiJing, her faction would never interfere in such affairs. Thus, it was impossible for her to help.

    Both of them have been united through having a common enemy. Daoist HuoLong was genuinely roping in Little Fatty. As for the reason, it was naturally to let Little Fatty strengthen his own faction and suppress the disciples of the other 2 YuanYing cultivators!

    After Little Fatty understood that, he could not help but laugh in his heart, ‘Since you already know that the one who is coming isn’t going to be friendly, why didn’t you maintain a good relationship with the sect master? Why did you have to make things deteriorate to such a state?’

    Of course, he would only dare say such things in his heart and not openly. Besides, Little Fatty understood that the relationship in the middle and upper echelons of the sect is extremely complicated. The things which he knew is not complete. Thus, wildly guessing their intentions is something is extremely stupid. He could only ruminate about it for a while and forget about the matter and deal with those in charge of roping him in.

    Since they were on the same side now, the atmosphere was naturally extremely joyful and the banquet only ended the next day morning. The sect master and his wife then brought HongYing and Little Fatty back to the inner courts, reminding them about something before letting them go.

    Over the next few days, Little Fatty spent all his time with HongYing. As the time for them to part approaches, they stuck closer together. But, no matter how much they could not bear to part, it was utterly futile. Finally, the sect master’s orders for redeployment came and they had no choice but to leave this world through a special transportation portal in the Shifting Towers.

    After sending the sect master off, Daoist HuoLong officially took on the role of sect master. The sect also held a large ceremony, with all of the various sects sending their respective elders to the ceremony.

    Usually, only righteous cultivators would attend the ceremony of a righteous cultivator sect. But this time, the Thousands Desire Sect came uninvited and presented a large gift, thanking Daoist HuoLong for releasing old man Feng.

    As such, the righteous cultivators were immediately greatly displeased with Daoist HuoLong and thought to themselves, ‘Being a righteous cultivator, you did not kill a devil sect expert but even let him go. Just what are you scheming?’ Some of the short tempered righteous cultivators even interrogated him.

    With regards to this issue, Daoist HuoLong was also in an extremely awkward position. If anyone would dare to contradict him in such an event, he would usually blow up in anger. But this time, he was obviously in the wrong and did not dare to argue with them but slowly explained.

    Although everyone accepted Daoist HuoLong’s explanation on account of the Mystical Sky Sect, they were still extremely displeased in their hearts. It was imaginable just how awkward the ceremony was.

    Daoist HuoLong flew into a rage; not only did he reject the gifts from the Thousands Desire Sect, he even wrote a letter to scold Daoist Lecher!

    But, Daoist Lecher replied bitterly that he wasn’t the one who sent the gifts. The ones who sent the gifts were the Wind and Cloud witches. They hated Daoist HuoLong for spoiling their plans to usurp the position of sect master. Thus, they purposely made things difficult for him, making him lose face in front of all the righteous cultivators.

    After he received such this piece news, Daoist HuoLong almost died from anger. He could not help but swear in his heart that he would definitely take revenge on the Wind and Cloud witches for sure.

    After the ceremony ended, half a year had passed already. But, the Mystical Sky Yard did not have the time to rest because they had to receive the 2 new YuanYing cultivators.

    Actually, Little Fatty was completely uninterested in such a ceremony and did not want to attend it at all. But, he just patched up with Daoist HuoLong and this was a big matter for Daoist HuoLong. He even specially instructed that Little Fatty had to be present on that day to receive guests. Furthermore, it was a good chance for him to witness the experts of the various sects.

    Little Fatty naturally could not reject Daoist HuoLong’s kind intentions. He could only unwillingly receive the guests on the ceremony. What made him surprised was the fact that he was arranged to receive the people from the Jade Pearl Pavilion. Because of the event in the Jade Green Screen, the Jade Pearl Pavilion owed Little Fatty a big favour. Both parties were all extremely respectful and joyful. It was only a pity that Little Fatty did not see Han Bing’er this time. It is said that she had already achieved a breakthrough and is also a foundational cultivator, engaging in bitter close door cultivation at this moment!

    Hearing that they beauty was in close door cultivation, Little Fatty did not want to fall back too much either. Thus, he also entered close door cultivation after he received the guests, focusing all of his attention onto the Lightning Congregating Station. As for receiving both the YuanYing cultivators, Little Fatty was completely uninterested.

    As he entered into his Natal Artifact, Little Fatty quickly forgot everything that was happening on the outside. He only focused all of his attention to the Lightning Congregating Station with the nine beauties. With the aid of the nine beauties, he finally refined 5 Lightning Congregating Stations after a year of hard work. As for Little Fatty, he also had great rewards in the whole process, bringing his understanding of armament refinement up to another level.

    Although these 5 stations exhausted almost all of Little Fatty’s materials, it made his strength increase a notch.

    Each of these 5 stations was over a thousand feet wide and 30 feet high. They were all in the colours of their respective elements, perpetually emanating a resplendent glow. They were absorbing spiritual Qi in Little Fatty’s Natal Artifact every moment, condensing them together to form a positive and negative divine lightning. The strength of the divine lightnings was determined by the strength of Little Fatty. Thus, he was not able to refine the divine lightnings that only a JinDan cultivator could refine.

    Due to the dense spiritual Qi in Little Fatty’s Natal Artifact, they were able to absorb enough spiritual Qi to form a divine lightning in 4 hours. In other words, Little Fatty would get 10 divine lightnings (5 positive + 5 negative) every 4 hours.

    As such, the speed which Little Fatty increases his divine lightning is extremely quick, and would be able to accumulate a large amount of divine lightning in a short amount of time. But, the disadvantage was extremely obvious, the amount of spiritual Qi exhausted is just too frightening. As such, Little Fatty’s Natal Artifact was not able to handle it.. The rate at which the spiritual Qi is used up, is something the rate of disassemblement by the black soil could not catch up to.

    Furthermore, there were many things in Little Fatty’s Natal Artifact which required spiritual Qi like the Dao Comprehending Tea or Five Element Lotus. They were all extremely precious and Little Fatty could not bear to let anything happen to them.

    Thus, in order to prevent the density of spiritual Qi in his Natal Artifact from decreasing, Little Fatty only activated the Lightning Congregating Station once a day, stopping after collecting 10 divine lightnings. This allowed the spiritual Qi in his Natal Artifact to be replenished by the disassembly of the broken magical tools.

    After spending more than a year in refining the Lightning Congregating Station, Little Fatty was no longer willing to stay in here after collecting over hundred divine lightnings of each element.

    In this one year, Little Fatty enjoyed a blissful life. The nine beauties were able to come up with all sort of methods to make a man indulge in pleasure. But after a while, Little Fatty still began to feel lonely as he missed the other women. HongYing, ShuiJing, Han LingFeng, and even Han Bing’er. As such, after collecting the last wave of divine lightnings, Little Fatty exited his Natal Artifact and appeared in the cultivation room of the Serene Cloud Yard.

    Just when Little Fatty came out of his Natal Artifact, he immediately heard the shouts of a lady, “Ah, don’t! This is where my friend stays, don’t try anything funny!”

    “Friend? Haha, he is probably just a ruffian right?” The evil laughter of a man sounded, “Anyway, he isn’t here and it isn’t your first time already. How about we have some fun together?”

    “He’s here, he’s in close door cultivation. You better be careful lest he comes out and beat to a pulp!” The lady cried in fear.

    “Bullshit, in the Mystical Sky Yard, there still isn’t anyone who dares to beat me up!” The guy then laughed mercilessly and said, “Lass, it is your fortune for me to take fancy of you. If you dare to be so wishy washy with me, I will really beat you up!”

    “You, how can you be so rude! Aren’t you afraid that I lodge a complaint against you? The rules of the sect are so strict, you will definitely meet your comeuppance!” The lady anxiously replied.

    “Haha, sect rules? That is something to scare little children only. If you dare lodge a complain against me, I will say that you are a witch you seduced me!” The guy laughed, “My senior brother is part of the Enforcement Hall, who do you think he would believe?”

    “You, you~” The lady was obviously angered till she did not know what to say.

    “Haha, lass, you better submit to me!” The guy said gave off an evil laughter.

    Following which, a commotion could be heard which includes the sound of clothes being ripped apart, a bitter shriek, and an evil laughter.

    As Little Fatty heard that, his eyes immediately turned red because the voice belongs to Han LingFeng! His own women, in his own house, being ** by some bastard? How could he allow that?

    Without hesitation, Little Fatty shot out of the cultivation room and entered the main building of the Serene Cloud Yard. As he looked in, he was immediately enraged. He could only see a tall and well-built man tearing apart Han LingFeng’s clothes. At this moment, Han LingFeng was only at the 13th XianTian stage even after eating the Mystical Spiritual Fruit. How was she able to defend against a foundational cultivator?

    Furthermore, it seems as though the other party was a bodily cultivator, and was extremely strong. In front of him, Han LingFeng was just like a lamb in front of a lion without any strength to retaliate. At this moment, her top was already torn apart, revealing the red undergarment within. Her skirt was also almost torn apart while an evil grin was plastered on the other party’s face.

    Seeing that, how could Little Fatty hold back anymore? He immediately opened the door and kicked the guy with all of his strength.

    At the same time, the guy heard that something was wrong and was about to turn around to react. But, he never expected Little Fatty to be so swift. Furthermore, being a bodily cultivator, the strength of his body was comparable to magical artifacts. Thus, he could not be bothered with the fists of someone else. As such, he did not dodge and allowed Little Fatty to kick him. At the same time, he also prepared to retaliate after Little Fatty finished kicking him.

    However, he never did expect that the strength of Little Fatty’s leg was something completely unreasonable. He felt like a dragon rammed into him, making him completely lose his footing and flew out. After breaking through the window, he flew over a feet long, smashing through the wall of the courtyard and finally landed on the road outside.

    Following that, a painful shriek could be heard, “Ah! Ah! My egg cracked!”

    Little Fatty’s kick landed right on his most vulnerable spot. With Little Fatty’s frightening body which is able to even endure the lesser lightning tribulation, not to mention his rod was standing up straight, even a magical artifact would be broken by this kick augmented with anger! Thus, a tragedy occurred!

    Although this guy looked like a complete pervert, he was a late foundational cultivator. His shriek resounded over a few kilometres, with everyone in the inner courts hearing it.

    The moment one heard that someone’s egg has cracked, how could they not be curious? As such, the whole inner courts immediately broke out in commotion as countless of people flew over to take a look. In just a few short breaths, there were over hundreds of people who arrived! The usually quiet Serene Cloud Yard was soon inundated with people such that none could enter or exit with ease!

    With regards to what was happening outside, Little Fatty could not be bothered at all. He only hugged the frightened Han LingFeng and ‘comforted’ her with his hands. At the same time, he asked, “What’s going on? Who’s that idiot? Why does he dare be so unbridled?”

    Actually, it was not surprising that Little Fatty was so angry. The Mystical Sky Yard was a righteous sect after all. Although they do not restrict their disciples from **, there must also be a limit. They definitely would not be as unbridled as the devil sects. In the past, if someone dared to enter a low-grade disciple’s room and ** her, he would definitely be executed for sure!

    Thus, the Mystical Sky Yard was extremely tranquil in the past. But, Little Fatty never expected that this was the first thing he would see after a year of cultivation. As such, Little Fatty thought to himself, ‘Only those who know this is the Mystical Sky Yard, would recognise it. If those who does not know, would think that this is the headquarters of a devil sect! Why is it such that the atmosphere in this place has changed so much in just a short year?’