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Chapter 186: Daoist Lecher

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 186: Daoist Lecher

    The ten thousand year old herb which Daoist Lecher promised, was something extremely special and was called Red Buddha Palm. It is a herb which is extremely good for treating injuries. A rare elixir called Red Palm Elixir could be refined from it, and it is specifically used for regaining a cultivator’s vitality. If a cultivator who has his vitality exhausted uses it, not only can it help him replenish the lost vitality, it can also improve his cultivation. Now, Daoist HuoLong’s granddaughter requires this item. In truth, Peerless Sword Deity’s vitality is also definitely damaged after the long torment of the curse. If he is able to use the Red Palm Elixir to nourish his body, he would definitely recover to a state even better than before. Especially after suffering such torture for 2 years, his mental state is definitely extremely strong. After having his arrogance erode away over the years, he would definitely achieve a greater heights if he were to continue cultivating. As such, Daoist HuoLong’s faction would have another 2 more geniuses.

    To Daoist HuoLong, what else could possibly be more important than for him to continue his legacy? As long as the 2 of them can recover, he would be able to establish his hegemony over the younger generations of Mystical Sky Yard once HongYing leaves.

    Without the 2 of them to support him, the moment the replacement YuanYing cultivator arrives with his genius disciples, the Mystical Sky Yard would definitely be in the other party’s control in future. How was it possible for the proud Daoist HuoLong to accept such an outcome?Thus, the 2 conditions of Daoist Lecher really hit the softest spot of Daoist HuoLong. The conditions had force Daoist HuoLong to the edge. If he did not agree, then he would no longer have any geniuses in his faction and his influence would definitely falter in future. Even if he were to agree, the final decision was not his to make because the sect master had yet to leave.

    As such, he could only helplessly find the sect master and his wife. After a lengthy discussion which lasted through the night, the 3 of them finally arrived at a common consensus.

    A few days later, a foundational disciple from the Thousands Desire Sect took the Red Buddha Palm to the Mystical Sky Yard. After verifying that it was okay, old man Feng regained his freedom again. Despite losing all of his treasure, he was still an extremely powerful YuanYing cultivator. Travelling thousands of kilometres was nothing to him.

    Before he left, old man Feng stood in front of the Mystical Sky Yard and tore off a finger of his. Then, he pointed to the skies and sweared, “I am not human if I don’t kill SongZhong! I am not human if I don’t kill SongZhong!”With his strong spiritual Qi, his cries of frustration and indignation resounded throughout thousands of kilometres, and everyone in the Mystical Sky Sect heard it clearly.

    Even Little Fatty who was in the Serene Cloud Yard was no exception and was almost angered to death on the spot. Little Fatty couldn’t help but scold in his heart, ‘Who exactly was the one who provoked who? I only wanted to search for the remains of my parents but you took the initiative to find trouble with me. Now you’re blaming me after you suffer a loss? You’re really such a bastard!’At the same time, he could not help but resent the sect master, his wife and Daoist HuoLong. He placed his life on the line to capture old man Feng. But, they did not even consult him and released him. Isn’t this as good as giving him trouble?

    After such an event, how much grudge would old man Feng bear against him. Old man Feng would probably make killing Little Fatty his raison d'être. As long as Little Fatty appears outside Mystical Sky Yard, old man Feng would most likely pursue him. In other words, he probably cannot go out of the Mystical Sky Yard anymore!

    Just when Little Fatty was full of resentment, HongYing appeared and said that the sect master and his wife were looking for him.Although Little Fatty was not willing, he still had to show HongYing face. After seeing the sect master and his wife, Little Fatty reluctantly paid his respects, “I pay my respects to the sect master, I pay my respects to ma’am!”

    Having sense the resentment in his voice, the sect master and his wife did not know whether to laugh or cry. The sect master then said “Pudgy boy, you probably cursed me a lot in your heart right?”“Your disciple doesn’t dare!” Little Fatty resented, “Anyway, I am only an unimportant darn fatty in your eyes!”

    “Ah ah, enough with the denials. You’re even more sour than vinegar already!” The First Lady couldn’t help but laugh.

    “Haiz!” The sect master then sighed and said, “Pudgy boy, it isn’t that we don’t think that you’re important. We also have our own reasons. We just have to let old man Feng go!”

    “Let him go so he can kill me?” Little Fatty couldn’t help but said plaintively.

    “If you’re so afraid of him, why not just leave with us?” The sect master then said with a laughter, “In the Mystical Sky Branch, no one would dare to harm you. If old man Feng dare to chase you there, the seniors in the sect can slap him to death with a single slap!”“Yes, fatty bro, why not follow us!” HongYing persuaded.

    Little Fatty then frowned and shook his head. Then, he said resolutely, “I’m not leaving! I have something to do!”

    “You want to seek revenge for your parents?” The First Lady suddenly asked.

    “Ah?” Little Fatty never expected that they were able to guess it and was stunned.Seeing that, the First Lady could not help but say with a bitter laughter, “Ever since you went to search for your parents’ remains, I had deduced that this was the reason you wanted to stay behind!”

    Since the First Lady had already deduced correctly, Little Fatty no longer denied it but said, “That’s right, being a son, I must definitely take revenge for my parents. If not, how can I still face the world?”

    “Good!” After the sect master heard that, his eyes lit up and said, “You’re indeed a man! You are not so big sized for nothing. You even have the charisma of your father back then!”

    The First Lady also nodded in praise and said, “Your filial heart is something to be praised. If that’s the case, I shall not persuade you anymore. Child, I have something to remind you, the person who killed your parents is likely to be a JinDan cultivator. Before you enter the perfected foundational stage, you had better not take any reckless actions lest you suffer a loss!“That’s right!” The sect master also nodded, “This time, junior brother HuoLong came over to beg me. The conditions I gave him was for him to treat you well when we leave the Mystical Sky Yard! Junior brother HuoLong had agreed to it! Thus, even if you do not have us husband and wife in the Mystical Sky Yard, you will not face any disadvantage in the Mystical Sky Yard!”

    Hearing that, Little Fatty calmly said in disdain, “With you guys here, he would definitely treat me well. But when you leave, what reason does he have to treat me well?”

    “Haha!” As the sect master heard that, he burst out in laughter.

    The First Lady also smiled and shook her head, “You’re really paranoid! However, this time you’re worrying too much!”

    “That’s right!” The sect master also said, “Although junior brother HuoLong is extremely narrow minded, he will not go back on his word. Since he had already agreed to it, he would definitely treat you without bias and would not renege on his promise!”

    “That’s right!” The First Lady also added, “After all, he has many years of friendship with both of us. Especially since we took a step back this time, he is grateful to us and all of the past grievances are already forgotten. If he does not treat you well, then how would he be able to face us when he returns to the Mystical Sky Branch in future?”“Junior brother HuoLong is no fool. Even if it is so that we can take care of him in the branch in future, he will treat you well!” The sect master then said, “I have already made it obvious to him. If he dares to let you suffer, us husband and wife will also make him suffer when he returns to the branch!”

    After hearing all of their assurances, Little Fatty immediately understood that the only reason why the sect master and his wife agreed to let old man Feng go was to ensure that he will not be bullied here in future. After all, the Mystical Sky Yard was where his roots were. As long as he could get a strong foothold in the Mystical Sky Yard, he would not have anything to worry about. As for the threat from old man Feng, he would not have to worry much as long as he did not go out. After he grows stronger in future, he would no longer have to worry about old man Feng anymore.Having understood this point, Little Fatty no longer felt resentful but was filled with gratitude towards the sect master and his wife. He bowed while saying, “Your disciple was foolish and misunderstood the both of you. I really deserve to die!”

    “Haha, alright alright. We do not dare let you die. If you die, then my precious daughter would definitely fight me to the death!” The sect master could not help but laugh.

    “Haha~” The First Lady also laughed with him.

    Little Fatty and HongYing both blushed and snuck a peak at each other. Seeing this scene, both the sect master and his wife began to laugh even louder.

    With this matter settled, the sect master asked Little Fatty to prepare to meet Daoist HuoLong tomorrow to seek his care.The next day, Little Fatty dressed up properly and came to the inner court with an expensive gift. After he met up with the sect master, First Lady and HongYing, the 4 of them went to Daoist HuoLong’s residence together.

    Seeing the sect master and his wife paying a visit, plus the fact that it was their final visit, Daoist HuoLong was also extremely emotional. He sent out all of his disciples to welcome them as he personally stood at the door with his many wives to receive them.

    The atmosphere immediately became extremely warm as Little Fatty paid his respects as a junior. This time, Daoist HuoLong responded with a hearty laughter, without the coldness in the past. It was as though he saw Little Fatty as one of his own already and forgot about the matter with the Five Element Essence Swords.

    At the start, Little Fatty felt uncomfortable and thought that it was merely Daoist HuoLong giving face to the sect master and his wife. But, he quickly realised that his treatment was not any much poorer than HongYing. Whether it was the people who received him or the praises they said. There was just nothing he could find fault with, and the people there really looked at him as though he was their own junior.

    This made Little Fatty feel extremely puzzled. But, he quickly understood some things from the conversation between Daoist HuoLong and the sect master. After the sect master left, the branch would definitely send 2 YuanYing cultivator to replace them. But, the 2 YuanYing cultivators that were coming had conflict with Daoist HuoLong and the sect master. Although they were not like fire and water, they were definitely not on good terms. Some underground conflict between them would be inevitable.