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Chapter 185: After The Battle

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 185: After The Battle

    Only until now did the 3 of them manage to see that the 2 YuanYing cultivators who appeared were the sect master and his wife. In order to save their child, they sprinted over thousands of kilometres in a few short hours. Even if they were YuanYing cultivators, they would still be extremely fatigued. But after they saw their child chasing after the JinDan cultivator, their mood became better as they forgot about their fatigue. The both of them only stared at Little Fatty with a face full of smiles, making the latter feel a little embarrassed.

    Only after a while did the sect master say something, “You’re good, child. You usually look so honest. But the moment you take action, you kidnapped away 2 of the top most beauties in the Mystical Sky Yard!”

    As the 2 ladies heard that, their faces turned red with bashfulness. ShuiJing dare not say anything but HongYing immediately whined, “Father, what nonsense are you saying?”

    *Cough Cough~* Little Fatty felt awkward the moment he heard that. His face turned red as he hurriedly explained, “No no, we only came here for sightseeing!”

    “Sightseeing?” The sect master then joked, “You came thousands of kilometres out just for sightseeing? You can even meet a YuanYing cultivator while sightseeing?”

    “This~” The moment Little Fatty heard that, he cried out, “We did come out a little far, but we never expected to find trouble with a YuanYing cultivator. There should not be any YuanYing cultivators around here, but unfortunately, we met them!”

    “This is not a coincidence!” ShuiJing added, “It was obvious that the Thousands Desire Sect had a plan to ambush us, laying down a formation right here. It is all thanks to senior brother’s quick thinking that old man Feng was tricked away, allowing us to turn the situation around! If not, we would most probably be dead by now!”

    “Using a formation?” The First Lady frowned and said, “If that’s the case, then it’s an ambush? Strange, how would they know that you guys will appear here?”

    “We also do not know.” HongYing hurriedly answered.

    “Who else did you notify about regarding your trip here?” The sect master suddenly asked.

    “We did not even tell you guys, how would we tell anyone else?” HongYing hurriedly said, “Apart from the 3 of us, no one else in the sect should know about this.”

    “Perhaps, someone in the Thousands Desire Sect knows the Plum Blossom Divination?” Little Fatty said.

    “Impossible!” ShuiJing said definitely, “The Plum Blossom Divination is an extremely rare cultivation method in the world. In this world, only my master and I have knowledge of it. The Thousands Desire Sect is only a small little sect, they would never know about it!”

    “Then that’s strange!” Little Fatty frowned. Then, his eyes lit up as he shouted out, “Aiyah, I know! Before I came here, I asked many people about my parents’ whereabouts. Although I did not say that I had the intention to go, it isn’t something difficult to guess!”

    “En! That should be it!” The sect master then said solemnly, “There is obviously a traitor within the sect. Say, who did you ask?”

    “This~” As Little Fatty heard that, his face turned bitter as he said, “I asked over dozens of people!”

    “Goodness, so many. If they spread it just once, won’t that mean that everyone would know about it? Why can’t you be a little smarter?” The sect master scolded in frustration.

    As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately said bitterly, “How would I know that someone would collude with the Thousands Desire Sect? This…. This is just something I wouldn’t be able to predict!”

    “Hmph!” The sect master grunted and said, “What about being unable to predict? Isn’t this so obvious already?”

    “Don’t speculate things which you do not have evidence!” The First Lady frowned and said, “Let this matter rest first, we can slowly investigate this matter in the future. As long as we have evidence in the future, we will definitely return justice to your parents!”

    “Thank you, ma’am!” Little Fatty bowed and replied.

    “Alright, it is useless for us to talk about this now. Let us all go back first before we discuss a long-term plan!” The First Lady then said.

    “That’s also good!” The sect master nodded and said, “The Thousands Desire Sect should have also received news already. We shouldn’t stay here for long!”

    The 5 of them began their journey back. In order to save time and spiritual Qi, Little Fatty took out his boat again. With the sect master’s aid, the boat’s speed increased many times over, allowing them to return to the Mystical Sky Yard in less than a day. For now, Little Fatty’s journey of seeking his parents had come to a helpless end!

    After they returned to the Mystical Sky Yard, the 3 of them were hailed as heroes. Not only were they able to kill a JinDan cultivator and capture another, they even manage to plot against a YuanYing cultivator. They became famous the moment this piece of news spread!

    You have to know, a YuanYing cultivator was considered to be the strongest existence in this world and was considered to be invincible. Under normal circumstances, it was extremely difficult for them to be killed. Even if they were surrounded by a few cultivators of the same level, they would still have the means to escape. Thus, of the few hundred YuanYing cultivators in the Vast Mountains, the casualty rate was extremely low. It was something that would only happen once every few hundred years.

    But now, the Mystical Sky Yard managed to kill Tu QianCheng and imprison old man Feng in just a few years. This was an extremely brilliant result.

    Especially the latter, you have to know that every YuanYing cultivator viewed their reputation with great importance. Even if they were to die in a battle, they would not want to be captured alive. But, old man Feng was completely on the passive side this time. As such, he did not even have the chance to die and was captured alive. This single achievement was something the disciples of the Mystical Sky Yard could feel proud of for years!

    The reason why they could accomplish such a feat was due to the trio. Especially Little Fatty, his Wind Essence Stone trick was just too smooth, to the point a YuanYing cultivator fell for it. Thus, he became famous from this. But, many people just could not understand why he would carry around with him a Wind Essence Stone that would hide a Lesser Movement Talisman within it. Unless he was also able to divine the future?

    Actually, that talisman was something which Little Fatty thought of right on the spot and asked the nine beauties in his Natal Artifact to refine on the spot. That was not something which was prepared beforehand.

    But no matter what, Little Fatty was undisputably the biggest contributor for old man Feng’s capture. For this, the sect threw a celebratory party for the 3 of them and even allowed Little Fatty to choose any one item among old man Feng’s treasures.

    Needless to say, Little Fatty chose the Wood Talisman without thinking. This Wood Talisman has a name and it is called the Seven Stars Talisman. It looked just like an ordinary green wood talisman. There were seven-star engravings on it as well as some patterns which Little Fatty could not understand.

    According to the sect master, this Seven Star Talisman was a special magical artifact which was passed down by the ancient cultivators. It was not a magical artifact which could attack and defend like the usual magical artifacts. In actuality, it was just like an ordinary wood talisman which definitely could not be counted on to fight the enemy, But, it had a special ability which was to hide from divinations.

    To put it in layman terms, anyone who held onto this wood talisman would be able to escape from the Plum Blossom Divination. Even Celestial MeiHua’s divination would not be able to divine his actions. Only the greater Plum Blossom Divination would be able to ignore the effects of the Seven Star Talisman.

    Now, Little Fatty had the large copper bell for defence and his lightning spells, Five Element Essence Sword and Nine Beauties Painting for offence. With these few items, he would be able to handle almost everything without any problems. Besides, he also had puppets which he would be refining soon and did not have the need for any other magical artifacts. As such he immediately chose this unique magical artifact. One of the reason was because he was curious towards this item, the other was because he was indeed afraid of ShuiJing’s Plum Blossom Divination. Thus, he prepared such an item before hand to prevent her from knowing any more of his secrets. Furthermore, he would be able to defend himself from any other enemies who knows divination in future.

    Of course, Little Fatty’s choice made ShuiJing feel a little depressed. But, she knew that Little Fatty did not have any ill intentions towards her but was only protecting himself. Thus, she did not say anything else.

    After the lively celebratory party, peace was restored to the Mystical Sky Yard. Due to this event, Little Fatty was forced to end his journey in finding his kin for now. As such, he had nothing much to do every day. Apart from cultivating, he would accompany HongYing who was about to leave very soon. At the same time, he also secretly forged the Lightning Congregating Station.

    The peaceful days lasted for only a short while. The sect master of the Thousands Desire Sect who was called Daoist Lecher sent a letter to the Mystical Sky Yard. On the letter, he said that he was willing to use a ten thousand years old herb to remove the curse on Peerless Sword Deity in exchange for old man Feng’s freedom.

    The reason why he was willing to lower his head and seek the righteous sects for a compromise was also because he did not have a choice. In the Thousands Desire Sect, there were originally 4 YuanYing cultivators. Daoist Lecher and old man Feng were martial brothers in one camp, while the other 2 YuanYing cultivators were twins in another camp. They are called the Wind and Cloud Witches. Usually, Daoist Lecher was able to rely on his cultivation at the late YuanYing stage and support old man Feng to barely suppress the twins. But after old man Feng had a mishap, the pair of twins were no longer willing to be under Daoist Lecher’s control.

    Although the both of them were weaker than Daoist Lecher, they were also near the late YuanYing stage. Together with their chemistry as twins, they were definitely able to be victorious if they fought against Daoist Lecher. Thus, after they knew that old man Feng was captured by the Mystical Sky Sect, they immediately made plans to find support in preparation to usurp the position of sect master.

    Unable to deal with the situation alone, Daoist Lecher could no longer bother about his face and take the initiative to contact the Mystical Sky Yard, asking them to let old man Feng go.

    Under normal circumstances, using a ten thousand year old herb to release the curse was something that would never be able to move the Mystical Sky Yard. But now, things had changed.