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Chapter 184: Fighting a JinDan Cultivator

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 184: Fighting a JinDan Cultivator

    “Okay, then I’ll deal with the guy holding the black sabre!” Little Fatty immediately said and charged forward wielding his large copper bell.

    The reason why Little Fatty chose this guy was because his black sabre was too heavy and strong. It was versatile in both defence and attack, being a chore to deal with. His large copper bell would be able to restrain the JinDan cultivator and protect himself even if he could not gain any advantage.

    As for the magical artifact of the green clothed cultivator, it was one which was more flexible and nimble. Little Fatty’s large copper bell was naturally disadvantaged against it. Furthermore, the said person’s defence was also weaker and could be left to the both girls to attack.

    ShuiJing and HongYing also understood Little Fatty’s intentions. Seeing Little Fatty take action, they immediately attack the other green clothed cultivator, starting a great battle.

    The first to attack was naturally Little Fatty. His large copper bell expanded to about 10 feet and floated in front of him. Then, he flicked his right hand and a smoky grey spiritual talisman shot out to the bell. Following which, a loud ring could be heard from the bell, like the sudden thunder on a bright day. The black and skinny man was also immediately spasmed in fright. This was the newly learned Chime of Fear from the Chime of Seven Emotions, an ability that he unlocked only after breaking through to the foundational stage.

    After taking control of the situation, Little Fatty would of course not bother to be courteous. With a sweep of his hand, the Five Element Essence Swords flew out at once, forming up in the order of Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. Five separate sword lights, each with a length of over hundred feet cut viciously towards the enemy.

    However, it was evident that a JinDan cultivator would not be killed so easily. Just as Little Fatty bade his flying swords to cut him down, the latter had already shaken off the effects of the curse. He hurriedly brandished his sabre to form a black wall, blocking Little Fatty’s attack head on, and even repelling him with his strong spiritual Qi. As such, Little Fatty’s flying sword was knocked off to the distance, leaving Little Fatty open. With his battle experience, how would the JinDan cultivator let up such a good opportunity? He immediately brandished his sabre and charged towards Little Fatty.

    Just at this moment, Little Fatty calmly flicked his fingers and sent a grey spiritual talisman to the bell, causing it to ring again. But this time, the ring of the bell was different, it was majestic and generous, bringing with it an essence of joy. Hearing that, black robe’s face immediately revealed joy, as though he just experienced a pleasant surprise, completely neglecting his original intention to attack.

    Taking advantage of this short moment of delay, Little Fatty immediately gathered his scattered Five Element Essence Swords. Then, he waved his hands and charged at the black cultivator again. The moment the black cultivator was able to react, the Five Element Essence Sword had already reached the top of his head.

    This exasperated the black cultivator to no end, but it was useless for him to be angry. He could only withdraw his attack and go into defence to block Little Fatty’s attack.

    Following which, Little Fatty rang the bell again, now letting out a ring of depression. The black cultivator immediately felt like crying and forgot to counterattack again. Little Fatty grasped the opportunity and commanded his Five Element Essence Sword to attack again.

    As such, such a cycle continued as Little Fatty continued to use the Chime of Seven Emotions to interrupt his opponent’s attack and began to suppress him. Being a JinDan cultivator, his opponent had no chance to fight back at all and could only one-sidedly receive a beating. What depressed him the most was the fact that Little Fatty’s bell seemed to have some magical spell which could control his emotions as though he was a retard.

    He was after all someone who lived for a few hundred years already. How could he allow himself to display such mood swings in front of so many people? It angered him to the point he began to cry out in exasperation, but he just could not deal with Little Fatty.

    As Little Fatty was dealing with the black skinny cultivator, HongYing and ShuiJing had also forced the green clothed cultivator into dire straits. Facing the World Coin and world’s fastest Phoenix Crying Blade, a 3rd-grade magical artifact was obviously not enough. Despite the green clothed cultivator giving it his all to defend herself by surrounding herself with a green dragon made from her whip, she just could not defend fully against the World Coin and Phoenix Crying Blade.

    The Phoenix Crying Blade morphed into a beam of golden light and harassed her on the outside akin to a majestic phoenix, taking every opportunity to attack. The World Coin, on the other hand, behaved just like a parasite, finding openings and attacking the green clothed cultivator directly, forcing him to summon his top grade protective magical tool to defend himself.

    Under normal circumstances, he would be able to deal with the 2 ladies for quite some time. After all, he was a JinDan cultivator with the aid of magical artifacts and tools.

    But the problem is, apart from the threat of the 2 ladies, Little Fatty’s bell also greatly disturbed him. Despite Little Fatty not targeting him on purpose, the sound of the chime would ring over a few kilometres, causing everyone within it to be affected. Since he was only a few hundred metres away from Little Fatty, he would naturally be affected as well. Even if he wasn’t as greatly affected as the other cultivator, he would still be disadvantaged were he to continuously lose his concentration. Especially when his opponent was ShuiJing who was able to perform divination, she could predict when the bell would ring and be always able to attack him at the most appropriate time. HongYing also gradually adapted to the tempo of the bell and followed ShuiJing to create trouble for him.

    Under the continuous attacks of the two ladies, the green dragon accumulated countless wounds all over, causing it to slowly become weaker and revealing more loopholes in its defence.

    Finally, ShuiJing was able to grasp an opportunity, smashing the green dragon aside and breaking through the green clothed cultivator’s defence. Seeing that, HongYing did not need any reminders as she sent her Phoenix Crying Blade into the gap which ShuiJing created.

    Seeing that, the green-clothed cultivator received a great shock as he hurriedly summoned a shield to form a large wall of defence. But, such an item was only able to barely defend against ShuiJing’s World Coin and was completely useless against a spiritual artifact such as the Phoenix Crying Blade which was optimised for attacking. With a golden flash, the shield was immediately split into half as the Phoenix Crying Blade shot towards the green clothed cultivator.

    The green clothed cultivator turned pale with fright as he attempted to dodge. At the final moment, the Phoenix Crying Blade was blocked by his innate protective divine light, thus saving his life but losing an arm as a price.

    Of course, it was still a serious injury for him to lose his arm. Crying out in pain, the green-clothed cultivator summoned a few magical tools to help defend his rear before he charged towards the other JinDan cultivator under the protection of his green dragon.

    As he flew over, he began to shout, “Senior brother, these few brats are just too difficult to handle. Let’s just escape!”

    Seeing his junior brother injured, the black cultivator got quite the shock and also started to develop the intentions to retreat. Thus he responded, “Okay, we will let them off this time and take care of them on a later date!” As he said that, he erected a defence and rushed to meet the green clothed cultivator.

    Seeing that, the 3 of them immediately became anxious. They knew that the moment they were to join hands, it would be difficult to defeat them with their current abilities. Thus, the 3 of them immediately let out a wave of killing intent from within.

    ShuiJing shouted out, “Senior brother, get rid of the one who lost his arm first!”

    “Understood!” Little Fatty responded. Then, his Five Element Essence Sword was immediately sent out towards the black cultivator to slow him down.

    At the same time, Little Fatty directed the mouth of the bell at the green clothed cultivator and slammed a grey spiritual talisman into the bell. Following which, the bell shook and a heaven shaking ring was emitted from the bell with a visible sound wave, echoing towards the green clothed cultivator like a tsunami!

    Ever since Little Fatty became a foundational cultivator, the might of the spiritual talisman also increased exponentially, with the strength of its chimes increasing with it. The green clothed cultivator only felt as though a tsunami was bearing down on him, and the already injured green dragon was immediately destroyed and returned to its original form. The green clothed cultivator was also sent flying with a mouthful of blood.

    Seeing that, HongYing and ShuiJing would naturally not let go of such an opportunity. The World Coin and Phoenix Crying Blade both destroyed all of the remaining protective magical tools. With his innate protective divine light not being able to block the attack of the spiritual artifacts, he only the time to let out a cry before his body was dismembered into pieces!

    After killing him, HongYing rode on the speed of the Phoenix Crying Blade, flashing through the battlefield and kept the green clothed cultivator’s dimensional storage item and magical artifact whip.

    Seeing how his junior brother was killed in an instant, the black cultivator was completely dumbfounded. Being left alone, how would he dare to fight the 3 of them? Thus, he immediately turned tail and attempted to escape in another direction.

    After killing one of them with such great difficulty, how would the 3 of them be willing to let this big fish go? Thus, the 3 of them immediately gave chase without even the need for discussion.

    Despite how strong the black cultivator was and even after using the aid of a magical artifact, he completely did not have the advantage with regards to flying speed.

    HongYing who was using the world’s fastest blade, the Phoenix Crying Blade, would naturally catch up to him easily. Little Fatty’s Five Element Essence Sword was of a high grade and definitely much stronger than his opponent’s black sabre. Even if Little Fatty was weaker, he was still able to keep up with the help of his magical artifact. As for ShuiJing, the Mystical Tortoiseshell had the ability to fly. Although it was nowhere comparable to the Phoenix Crying Blade, its speed was still comparable to Little Fatty’s Five Element Essence Sword.

    As such, Little Fatty and ShuiJing was able to keep up with him, and HongYing was even faster than him. Under the harassment of HongYing, the 3 of them were able to trap him, not allowing him to escape.

    At this moment, the 3 of them all had a belly filled with anger. They only wanted to come out secretly in search of the remains of Little Fatty’s parents, however, they were disrupted by these people. Not only were they unable to find the remains, they were almost killed. If not for Little Fatty cunningly sending away old man Feng, the 3 of them would most likely be killed today. Now that they were able to turn the situation around after such great difficulty, how was it possible for them not to let out their anger? Thus, they charged at the black cultivator without holding back, with an attitude that they had to kill him for sure today.

    As such, the black cultivator was chased by the 3 of them to the point he had nowhere to go. At the same time, he also did not have the guts to fight them and was completely at a loss of what to do.

    At the end, he decided to just continue this stalemate with the 3 of them. In any case, the 3 of them who was unable to surround him would not give him too much trouble. HongYing alone also could not deal with him.

    As long as he was to continue this wild pursuit, he would definitely have an advantage since he was a JinDan cultivator with a much larger amount of spiritual Qi. The way he saw it, the 3 of them behind him would give up the moment they were tired.

    But, he never expected that Little Fatty to have so much five elements pure water to the point that he used it to brew tea. With such an item, they would not be afraid of exhausting their spiritual Qi. If this stalemate were to continue, the black cultivator would definitely run out of spiritual Qi first, and would also make it easier for them to take care of him.

    Under such circumstances, the 4 of them started a long race with each side having their own plans. They ran for over a few hours, traveling a few thousand kilometres.

    As he ran, the black cultivator immediately felt that something was wrong. How was it possible that he was getting more and more tired but instead the 3 of them was getting more and more energetic. A foundational cultivator should have exhausted all of their spiritual Qi after flying for so many kilometres. But, they seemed to be completely relaxed to the point they had not even broken out in sweat. Just what was going on?

    Just when he was feeling frustrated and puzzled, 2 lights suddenly appeared from the horizon flying towards their direction. Seeing that speed, it was obvious that they were YuanYing cultivators.

    Not knowing if it was an enemy or ally, the 4 of them all reduced their speed. Just at this moment, the 2 YuanYing cultivators appeared in front of the 4 of them. Because a YuanYing cultivator was just too fast, the 4 of them were only able to see a red light flash in front of them. Then, one of the YuanYing cultivators flew in front of the black cultivator and the magical artifact blade was immediately sliced into pieces with a sharp sword light. Furthermore, the black cultivator was sent flying with a slap on the face. With the strength of a YuanYing cultivator, the majority of his teeth was sent flying at the same time.

    This poor black cultivator, a JinDan cultivator who was first chased like a dog by a few juniors for a few thousand kilometres. Then, he was sent flying by a slap from a YuanYing cultivator. With his accumulated frustration and the injury from the slap, he fainted right on the spot.