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Chapter 183: Joining Hands

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 183: Joining Hands

    I’m afraid so!” The sect master nodded his head and scolded, “This darn fatty, didn’t even tell us a thing before he left. He even kidnapped my daughter with him! I will definitely skin him alive when I see him!” As he spoke, he threw old man Feng onto the floor and flew on his flying sword to the Verdant Mountain with the First Lady.

    Since the sect had just been invaded, Daoist HuoLong did not follow suit as there was a need for someone to stand guard.

    Needless to say, the 3 of them were definitely much more refreshed after old man Feng was sent away. Although the 3 of their cultivation were a little lower, they still had plenty of treasures on hand. With 3 spiritual artifacts on hand and ShuiJing’s ability of divination, they would definitely be able to fight a JinDan cultivator.

    At that moment, the 2 people opposite them also snapped out of their confusion. The black skinny guy on the left then shouted, “You these 3 bastards actually dare to trick my master!”

    “Hehe, weren’t you guys the ones who wanted to trick us first?” Little Fatty said with a cold laughter, “But, you guys also did well, preventing junior ShuiJing from divining this particular danger. How exactly did you do that?” As he said that, Little Fatty revealed an expression full of curiosity. Although he sounded so convincing when he was comforting ShuiJing, he did not say that seriously and did not know how accurate he was.

    After hearing what Little Fatty said, ShuiJing also expressed a face full of curiosity.

    After the JinDan cultivators heard that, they both sneered. The other green clothed JinDan cultivator said with a cold laughter, “You guys are really frogs in a well. Don’t tell me you guys don’t know that there is an item which can hide from divination?”

    “Hide from divination?” As ShuiJing heard that, her eyes lit up as she was enlightened, “I understand already. I heard that the Thousands Desire Sect has a Wood talisman magical artifact which is passed down from ancient cultivators. Although it does not have any other abilities, it is able to help the wearer to escape from any forms of divination!”

    “Ah ah, I didn’t expect that you actually know something!” The black skinny guy said with a cold laughter, “That is the nemesis of your ShuiYue’s sect. No matter who wears it, they would be able to escape from your Plum Blossom Divination!”

    “Ah ah, that’s right. But it is just a pity that this item is just too precious and no one even knows the materials required to forge it. There is only one of this item in this world! Now, it has already followed senior Feng to the Mystical Sky Yard. So, the both of you will not be able to escape from my Plum Blossom Divination!” ShuiJing laughed casually.

    “Hmph! Both of us brothers are mid stage JinDan cultivators, facing against the 3 of you foundational cultivators who are trapped in this formation. Isn’t that just like taking candy from a baby?” The green clothed JinDan cultivator laughed coldly, “Today, us brothers will capture you guys alive as hostages to exchange with the Mystical Sky Yard for our master!”

    As he said that, the both of them began to separate. The guy on the left then brandished a black sabre while the green clothed guy brandished a green whip.

    As ShuiJing saw that, she said calmly, “Senior brother, the formation under us is the biggest threat, can you break out of it?”

    “I can try, but I cannot be interrupted!” Little Fatty answered immediately.

    “I understand!” ShuiJing nodded. Then, she waved her hands and started her divination with the Mystical Tortoiseshell and World Coin.

    As the 2 JinDan cultivators saw that, how would they still allow her to do as she wished? They immediately shouted out and attacked in unison together.

    They first shot out a ray of spiritual light into the ground. Then, the formation under them activated, with the black light shining out again, causing the 3 of them to be trapped in complete darkness. Not only did the dark light restrict their vision, it even restricted their spiritual senses from sensing anything too far. The most annoying thing was that the black light formed a viscous space, making even their movements difficult.

    But to the 2 JinDan cultivators, the black light did not affect them at all, allowing them to move freely and detect the 3 of them even more easily. As such, the 3 of them immediately attacked the moment the black light was activated.

    The both of them raised their hands, and the black sabre extended to over a few hundred feet in length and fell towards ShuiJing. The green whip also extended to become a dragon of over a few hundred feet and lashed towards ShuiJing.

    Obviously, the both of them were extremely afraid of ShuiJing’s frightening ability of divination. Thus, they planned to kill her first!

    But, they obviously underestimated the chemistry between the 3 of them. The moment they attacked, ShuiJing’s voice calmly sounded, “Senior brother, please protect us!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he threw his copper bell out without hesitation. The large copper bell immediately enlarged to over 300 feet high and a hundred feet wide, shielding the 3 of them within it.

    The next moment, the attacks of the 2 JinDan cultivators’ also arrived. With 2 loud bang, the newly refined wind copper layer began to get shaved off. A layer of 10 feet thick wind copper was unable to stop the attack of the magical artifacts, leaving behind large craters on the bell.

    Although they were able to damage the outer shell of the bell, it was unable to damage the original body of the bell. Instead, the attacks were repelled with a strong force.

    After both the magical artifacts were reflected back, ShuiJing shouted out as though she could see what was going on the outside, “Attack together!”

    Following her commands, Little Fatty waved his hands, lifting the copper bell out to allow them to come out from under the bell.

    Under the protection of the Mystical Tortoiseshell, ShuiJing let out 6 World Coins. With a beautiful trajectory, they all attacked the green clothed JinDan cultivator.

    As for HongYing, she released her Phoenix Crying Blade. Following a loud phoenix cry, a golden sword light broke through the skies and pointed towards the neck of the black and skinny JinDan cultivator.

    The opposing duo was startled by the frightening defence of Little Fatty’s bell. They had never thought that the attacks from their magical artifacts would ever be reflected by a wind copper bell. This was just something too amazing. Under normal circumstances, it should be the wind copper bell which was destroyed. But today, the situation had been reversed.

    Because of how sudden things were, the both of them were completely caught off guard, to the point they were pushed back by the rebound effect. But just at this moment, ShuiJing’s World Coin and HongYing’s Phoenix Crying Blade attacked them. Despite how the black light imposed a certain restriction on the two treasures, they were spiritual artifacts after all. Under ShuiJing’s directions and despite the impediment of the dark formation, the 2 spiritual artifacts seemed to have grown eyes and appeared right in front of the duo.

    However, they were JinDan cultivators after all. They would not die just from being caught off guard. The black sabre and green whip immediately returned to their owners’ hands and managed to barely block ShuiJing and HongYing’s attacks.

    But now, they were completely unable to restrict Little Fatty’s movements. Little Fatty then flipped onto the top of the bell and landed the bell on the floor. Then, he waved his hands and condensed a spiritual talisman, smashing right on the top of the bell.

    Following which, a loud bang could be heard and a soundwave rushed towards the deepest part of the earth. This sound wave was extremely frightening; although it could not be seen, it had actually reduced all the soil under the bell to dust. The core of the formation hidden within the ground was also dissipated into spiritual Qi, being rendered useless. The whole formation was also completely destroyed as it was unable to maintain its structure. The black light which had been trapping the 3 of them had also disappeared completely.

    Seeing how the formation was destroyed and the black light disappearing, the two JinDan cultivators was completely startled. ShuiJing and HongYing then felt their morale rise.

    Even if the formation was destroyed, it does not mean that the two JinDan cultivators would let them go. Under normal circumstances, a JinDan cultivator was a lot stronger than a foundational cultivator. An ordinary JinDan cultivator would be able to deal with 10 foundational cultivators. Besides, the 2 of them only had to deal with 3 foundational cultivators now. Logically speaking, they should still have the advantage.

    As such, the both of them were not frightened but instead sneered. The green clothed cultivator then said, “You brats don’t be too arrogant. Even if we do not have the formation, we will still make you guys die right here!”

    “Haha, not necessarily!” ShuiJing said confidently, “If we were foundational cultivators with magical artifacts, the both of you would be able to deal with even tens of us. But the thing is, we have 2 spiritual artifacts on hand. It will not be such an easy thing for the both of you to win us!”

    “Hmph! The might of a spiritual artifact can only be displayed in the hands of an expert. You guys obviously do not have that ability to do so. Today, us brothers will kill you and seize your treasures!” The black and skinny cultivator said with a cold laughter.

    “Outrageous! You want to triumph over us with just the both of you?” HongYing said with a cold laughter. Then, she turned and asked, “Sister ShuiJing, how should we fight?”

    Little Fatty also hurriedly said, “Junior sister please instruct us! As long as we can take care of this 2 trash, I will listen to you!” Obviously, Little Fatty and HongYing both had great trust in ShuiJing’s Plum Blossom Divination, thus willing to listen to her.

    At that moment, there wasn’t a great divide between both parties’ combat prowess. Thus, ShuiJing did not dare to be careless and said, “Then this little sister will take command. Senior brother, please deal with one of them. HongYing and I will join hands and kill the other one in the shortest possible time! Then we will come back and help senior brother!”