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Chapter 182: Surrounding the Old Devil

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 182: Surrounding the Old Devil

    In the innermost layer of the Shifting Towers, it was a transportation portal specially used by the elites of the inner court. The portal wasn’t large and only had a diameter of a few hundred feet. But there was an area of a few thousand feet around it with countless of stone pillars surrounding it, obviously a formation set. The formation is always activated, surrounding the transportation portal with rays of light. At the same time, there were 3 JinDan cultivators who would meditate there to keep guard, not daring to neglect their duties. Under such circumstances, it was impossible for someone to invade from here.

    It wasn’t illogical for this place to be so heavily guarded. The Shifting Towers was in the hinterlands of the Mystical Sky Yard, and enemies were able to send over a large amount of troops if they were to overtake the tower. Thus, a place with such strategic importance was something every sect would definitely guard carefully. Not only did they set up layers of formations and restrictions, there would also be JinDan cultivators guarding the place all year round.

    On a particular day, a green light flashed from the rarely used portal and following which, a green robe elder appeared in the portal. This person appeared out of a sudden and seemed confused. After he appeared, he first observed his surroundings with shock before quickly recognising the stone pillars on the outside. Then, he exclaimed, “Ah, Thousand Dragons Trapping Divine Formation! This is the Mystical Sky Yard?”

    Just when he exclaimed, the 3 JinDan cultivators on duty also recognised him immediately. They all inhaled a deep cold breath and shouted in unison, “Old devil Feng from the Thousands Desire Sect?!”

    After they identified old man Feng, they 3 of them were startled. Then, one of the leaders immediately shouted, “Enemy attack! Sound the alarm bell! Activate the Thousand Dragons Trapping Divine Formation!”

    Following his command, everyone in the Shifting Towers sprang into action instantaneously. All the guard duty personnel were elites of the elites. Despite how they were taken by surprise, they were not frantic but executed the right protocols in an orderly fashion.

    The first to take action were the 3 JinDan cultivators. They all breathed out a breath of fresh air into the large formation, instantly activating the Thousand Dragons Trapping Divine Formation. As the formation was activated, countless divine dragons composed of spiritual Qi assaulted old man Feng.

    Despite feeling bitter in his heart, old man Feng was completely helpless and could only activate his Natal Artifact. The moment he unleashed the large black flag, a black cyclone immediately spewed out from the flag, forming a few large hurricanes, protecting old man Feng. The moment the spiritual Qi dragons fly into the hurricane, they would be shredded apart, without any chance of threatening old man Feng.

    However, under the pressure from the Thousand Dragons Trapping Formation, old man Feng could barely defend himself. There was simply no chance to retaliate at all.

    The other cultivators in the Shifting Towers took action as well. They all emitted their spiritual Qi to bolster the formation, completely incarcerated old man Feng within it. Old man Feng was forced into defending, with no chance of escaping at all.

    Simultaneously, the alarm bell rang, which resounded throughout the whole Mystical Sky Yard. Disciples from all over then began to rush out, finding their own masters in preparation for invasion. The sect master, First Lady, and Daoist HuoLong dared not delay and each brought a couple of JinDan disciples over at the fastest speed.

    The trio felt elated on what they saw when they arrived at the scene.

    Originally, they thought that they had been invaded by a large force and rushed here at their fastest speed possible. In the end, they realised that it was only old man Feng alone. Despite him being a well known YuanYing cultivator, he was still trapped within the Thousand Dragons Trapping Formation of the Mystical Sky Yard. Even if he had 3 heads and 6 arms, it would still be futile! It was akin to catching a turtle that is already in a jar. Furthermore, that was one large turtle!

    Seeing how the situation was all under control, Daoist HuoLong and the sect master could not help but start laughing. Hearing their unbridled laughter, old man Feng felt like crying inside!

    “Hahahaha!” Daoist HuoLong then laughed and scorned, “Aiyah, isn’t this my old brother Feng? What kind of wind are we having today? What kind of wind blew you here?”

    Old man Feng’s face turned completely green and just could not refute.

    The sect master also could not help but join in the fun and say, “Fellow Daoist Feng is here to find me for tea? You must really be in the mood?”

    Old man Feng finally could no longer withstrain his indignation and barked, “Only a bastard would come drink tea with you! I was tricked by that darn fatty!”

    “En?” As the 3 of them heard that, they felt strange.

    The sect master then asked, “Darn fatty? You don’t mean my pudgy boy right?”

    “Who else can be so cunning apart from that little bastard?” Old man Feng said in exasperation.

    As the 3 of them heard that, they all looked towards each other with expressions of doubt.

    The First Lady asked, “What did my child do to you? Why do you hate him so much?”

    “He, he said that he would give me a Wind Essence Stone. But, he hid a Lesser Movement Talisman inside of it. I did not notice it and injected my spiritual Qi in it to test if it was real or fake. In the end, I fell for his trap and came here!” As old man Feng explained, he could no longer suppress the grievance in his heart and tears began to stream down.

    Under such circumstances, he knew that death was the only outcome for him. If he were to have an all-out fight and die in the hands of the sect master or Daoist HuoLong, he still wouldn’t feel so much of a grievance. But the problem is, a YuanYing cultivator like him was tricked to death by a foundational cultivator like Little Fatty! How would he be able to accept that? It was understandable for him to be angered to tears!

    After the sect master and all heard what he said, they all didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. They never expected that things were like that.

    Soon after, they composed themselves. Little Fatty was obviously still in the Mystical Sky Yard a few days ago, why did he suddenly meet old man Feng?

    Thus, the sect master hurriedly pressed, “Where did you see the pudgy boy? Apart from you, who else was there?”

    “Hehe!” As Old Man Feng heard that, he gave a sly smile and said, “I can only tell you that there are 2 of my JinDan disciples present apart from me. Hehe, even if I die here, that darn fatty can only dream of his survival!”

    The sect master and his wife were startled, “What is going on? Why did he leave the Mystical Sky Yard?”

    “HAHAHA, it isn’t just him. There are also your daughter and ShuiJing that lass. Even if this old man meets demise, I am comforted to have the 3 of them accompany me! HAHAHA!” Old man Feng then laughed maniacally.

    Hearing how their daughter was under the threat of JinDan cultivators, the sect master and his wife became anxious and interrogated, “Bastard! Speak, where is my daughter?”

    “HAHAHA, they are in some corner of the Vast Mountains, slowly search for them!” Old man Feng laughed.

    Seeing his attitude, the sect master and his wife knew that old man Feng would definitely not answer the question. After all, he already had no chance at living, so he wanted to pull the 3 of them down together with him.

    Thinking about this, the sect master’s pupils dilated in anger and took out his flying sword, “Attack together, but I want him alive. I want him to wish as though death is a better outcome!” As he said that, he charged at old man Feng like a flash of a light.

    The First Lady by the side was also enraged as she scattered hundreds of Fire Divine Lightning. At the same time, Daoist HuoLong did not dare to hold anything back, afraid that any delay of his would cost HongYing and ShuiJing’s life.

    The sect master and Daoist HuoLong attacked crazily, forming a sword net with their swords, slicing through the hurricane barrier of old man Feng. Worried for her daughter, the First Lady was even more vicious, throwing out Fire Divine Lightning like they were worthless stones. Even if the black flag was able to destroy mountains, it still isn’t impervious to such beatings and was quickly destroyed.

    The Thousand Dragons Trapping Divine Formation was activated to its limits by tens of JinDan cultivators, causing countless spiritual Qi dragons to rush towards old man Feng like a tsunami.

    With the 3 YuanYing cultivators, combined with the might of Thousand Dragons Trapping Formation at full force, the offensive strength was beyond a person’s imagination. Lights saturated the skies, with divine lightning like rain, flying dragons like trees in a forest and sword Qi flying all over!

    Even if old man Feng gave it his all, he still wouldn’t be able to defend against them all. All of the magical artifacts he used were all shattered right on the spot. In the end, even his Natal Artifact was destroyed by the devastating attack of the First Lady’s divine lightning.

    With his Natal Artifact destroyed, old man Feng was fatally injured. The sect master and Daoist HuoLong then blocked various of his acupoints, catching him alive.

    After catching him, the anxious sect master caught old man Feng and howled, “Are you going to speak now, or are you going to speak after we skin you alive?”

    No matter how strong-willed old man Feng is, he did not think that he would be able to endure the pain of being skinned alive. Furthermore, about an hour had already passed and it would still take some time for the sect master to travel there. Thus, he estimated that the sect master would only be able to collect the remains of the 3 of them if he were to go now. He decided to just reveal the location, “I will tell you now. HAHA, they are in the Verdant Mountain, you can go look for them!”

    “Verdant Mountain? What are they doing there?” The sect master asked.

    “How would I know, I only met them there coincidentally!” Old man Feng said with indifference.

    “How do I know that you are not lying to me?” The sect master raged.

    “It’s up to you if you want to believe me. I don’t really care!” Old man Feng laughed.

    “You~!” The sect master’s anger reached new heights.

    At that moment, Daoist HuoLong suddenly frowned and said, “I heard that this darn fatty was investigating the place his parents went missing, a few days ago! If I am not wrong, his parents went missing at the Verdant Mountain.”

    The moment he heard that, the First Lady said in enlightenment, “Don’t tell me he is there to search for his parents’ remains?”