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Chapter 181: Devious Plan

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 181: Devious Plan

    “Make it up to me?” As Old Man Feng heard that, he burst out into laughter, “HAHAHA, do you think a poor broke like you has the ability to compensate for my losses? What can you possibly take out that will move me?”

    “Wind Essence Stone!” Little Fatty hurriedly shouted out, “A head-sized top grade Wind Essence Stone! I’m sure you would be satisfied!”

    “What?” The original expression of contempt immediately changed into one of shock and old man Feng could not help but exclaim, “Are you serious? You can’t possibly be fooling me right?”

    The Wind Essence Stone was a high-grade material that even YuanYing cultivators would treasure. It is able to help imbue the essence of the wind within a magical artifact. For a Wind type cultivator like old man Feng, this item was extremely important. His Natal Artifact was a black wind flag. If unleashed, it is able to easily blow a mountain into dust. If a top grade Wind Essence Stone were to be imbued within it, it would definitely result in a great rise in power while increasing the chances of it becoming a spiritual artifact by 30%. As such, old man Feng would be so concerned.

    (TL/N: Feng means wind in Chinese.)

    Seeing how old man Feng was so interested, Little Fatty replied said in excitement, “I’m not lying to you, really. Look!” As he said that, he took out a dark green stone.

    This stone was approximately one foot wide. It looks like jade but isn’t jade. It looks like gold but isn’t gold. It did not have any luxurious patterns on it or light shining from it. It also did not have a large amount of spiritual Qi emanating from it. From the surface, it just seems like nothing more than an ordinary rock.

    But, this was indeed the features of Wind Essence Rock. After scrutinising it, old man Feng was still skeptical about it. “It doesn’t look like anything is wrong with it. But, the problem is that I still can’t be sure. It is extremely easy to create a replica of the Wind Essence Stone. After you inject your spiritual Qi in, it would definitely emit a strong green light and beautiful cyclone! Brat, test it for me first!”

    “There’s no need to try it, it is definitely real!” Little Fatty said, “As long as you let us go, I will give it to you!”

    “Haha, I can just kill you first then get it later!” Old man Feng mocked.

    “Of course!” As Little Fatty said that, he grabbed the Wind Essence Stone with both his hands, brought it in front of the Phoenix Crying Blade and said, “You know how strong my arms are. You should also know how sharp the Phoenix Crying Blade is. If you dare force your way through, I will destroy it.”

    “Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!!” Old man Feng became flustered. The Wind Essence Stone was different from other materials and can only be used if it is undamaged. The moment it is smashed, the crystalline structure within it would break apart, causing all of the Wind Essence within to dissipate. Because of the large importance of this item, old man Feng would naturally not want anything bad to happen to it. He hurriedly assured, “I believe you, I can also promise you. As long as you give this item to me, I will let you leave!”

    “Don’t trust him!” HongYing hurriedly shouted, “Those people of the devil sects do not uphold their promises. They will still kill us even if we give them the Wind Essence Stone. Why not you just let me destroy it?” As he said that, HongYing activated her Phoenix Crying Blade and was about to destroy the rock.

    Old man Feng became anxious and hurriedly said, “No, no, I can swear! Swear that I will not go back on my word. With my reputation and status, I wouldn’t possibly lie to a few juniors like you right?”

    “That’s not necessarily true. You just said that you became the laughingstock in the cultivation world and reputation is no longer important to you. There is also no embarrassment for you in ambushing juniors like us!” HongYing scolded with disdain.

    As Old Man Feng heard that, he almost died from anger. But for the Wind Essence Stone, he withheld his anger and grieved, “That was just now, but we’re talking about now. I didn’t know that you had the Wind Essence Stone just now!”

    “Now you know!” Little Fatty answered, “Senior if that’s the case, why not you let us leave first. I will give you the Wind Essence Stone when we are safe!”

    “Bullshit, when you guys are safe, will you still give me the Wind Essence Stone? Do you take me to be an idiot?” Old man Feng could not help but scold, “In any case, cut the crap. If you don’t leave the Wind Essence Stone behind today, you can prepare to die here!”

    “But, we~” Just when HongYing said that, she was interrupted by old man Feng, “No buts. You have to trust me! If not, I’d rather fight you to death for it!” As he said that, his expression turned malevolent, effusing killing intent.

    Seeing how stubborn he was, Little Fatty also felt troubled. After a moment’s worth of contemplation, he said reluctantly, “Okay, then we will trust senior this once. But, you will have to swear first!”

    As Little Fatty said that, HongYing immediately jumped anxiously and said, “Fatty bro, how can you be so stupid? He will definitely not keep to his word!”

    “Hahaha!” Old man Feng laughed to the skies and said, “Little Fatty, your choice is correct. This old man swear that as long as you give me the Wind Essence Stone, I will let you go immediately! If I go back on my word, I will, I will~”

    Just as old man Feng spoke, he got tongue tied. Seeing that, Little Fatty hurriedly said, “Then you will be ** to death by the righteous cultivators!”

    (TL/N: The actual raws put **. So let your imagination run wild. But he probably meant something like gang rape to death or something.)

    The moment old man Feng heard that, he rolled his eyes at Little Fatty and was almost angered to death. But, he still chose to hold his anger in as he thought to himself, ‘I must first get the Wind Essence Stone before anything else. I just cannot let this darn fatty off too lightly!’

    Thinking about this, he faked a smile and laughed, “Okay okay okay, as you wish. If I go against my oath today, I will be ** to death by the righteous cultivators. Is that enough? Hurry and give the Wind Essence Stone to me, I need to verify the authenticity of it before I can let all of you go!”

    As HongYing heard that, she immediately became anxious and immediately grabbed Little Fatty’s hands and said, “Fatty bro, fatty bro, you cannot listen to him!”

    “But, this is our only chance of survival right?” Little Fatty said.

    “It definitely isn’t a chance for survival but death!” HongYing then looked at ShuiJing and said, “Sister ShuiJing, say something!”

    “ *Sigh~* I am extremely confused now and don’t want to say anything. Let senior brother make the decision!” ShuiJing acquiesced. Obviously, she was still feeling guilty for being unable to predict this particular ambush.

    Seeing that, Little Fatty said, “Junior sister ShuiJing, the one who ambushed us this time is a YuanYing cultivator l and is much stronger than you. Plus, you did not have a good rest these few days and had to run around with me everywhere, resulting in fatigue. It is okay for you to miscalculate once in awhile! You don’t have to feel guilty at all!”

    “Thank you, senior brother, I know already!” ShuiJing replied with a bitter laughter, “But, I am still extremely confused. Let’s just listen to you!”

    “Alright!” Little Fatty nodded and said, “This senior is a powerful YuanYing cultivator after all, and can be considered to be a famous expert in the Vast Mountains. I don’t think he will stoop down so low to break his word. Thus, I decide to give him the Wind Essence Stone for him to verify it first before asking them to let us go. What do you guys think?”

    “Impossible, I vehemently object!” HongYing opposed.

    “I said that I would support senior brother!” ShuiJing said calmly.

    “What?” As HongYing heard that, she exclaimed, “Senior sister, you should know that those scums of the devil sects would not uphold their promises for sure. Why are you still supporting fatty bro?”

    “We have no choice because we are at their mercy. Since we will die no matter which choice we make, why not choose one with a higher chance of survival?” ShuiJing smiled.

    “Hahaha!” As Old Man Feng heard that, he laughed and said, “ShuiJing is still the smartest. Little fatty, hurry and throw the Wind Essence Stone to me!”

    “Don’t give it to him, since we are going to die, why not fight him to the death instead!” HongYing hurriedly said.

    Little Fatty blatantly ignored HongYing and threw the Wind Essence Stone over.

    Seeing that, HongYing was frustrated as she was about to command her Phoenix Crying Blade to destroy the Wind Essence Stone. But just when she was about to take action, she was grabbed by Little Fatty and ShuiJing and was unable to do anything.

    With grievance in her heart, HongYing’s tears began to roll down as she gave up smashing the rock. Instead, she stomped her foot and cried out, “That devil definitely will renege on his promise, you will definitely regret it!”

    “How is that possible?” Little Fatty immediately twitched his lips with disdain, “He is a YuanYing cultivator, how is it possible that he won’t keep his word?”

    “HAHAHA!” Just at this moment, old man Feng who grabbed the Wind Essence Stone broke out in a wild laughter and said, “Darn fatty, who f**king told you that a YuanYing cultivator can’t lie?”

    “That’s right, lying is like a daily thing to us!” The JinDan cultivator behind old man Feng sneered.

    “What an idiotic fatty! His head is big, but filled with a bunch of hay, with his wits incomparable to a young lady!” Another JinDan cultivator laughed.

    “HAHAHAHA~!” The three of them burst out in a maniacal laughter.

    As Little Fatty heard that, his expression changed as he pointed at them, with his fingers trembling. “You guys, you guys are actually so shameless?”

    “HAHA, we’re of the devil sect because we’re shameless. Righteous cultivators are the one with shame, and that has nothing got to do with us!” A JinDan cultivator laughed.

    “Hmph!” Seeing that, HongYing stomped her foot and said, “Fatty bro, look, look, they were lying right?”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he suddenly said with a cold laughter, “Nope, I didn’t. I only gave them an ordinary rock just now, it isn’t the Wind Essence Stone!”

    “Ah?” As Little Fatty said that, everyone present was startled.

    Only old man Feng was still smiling, not caring what Little Fatty said. With a delightful smile, he said, “Darn fatty, you think I will smash this stone just because of your lie? Haha, you belittle me too much. Although I cannot judge the authenticity of this stone from afar, I can immediately tell that this is the real deal with just a sweep of my spiritual sense now that this item is with me. Although I do not know where you got this item from, it is definitely the real deal. If you don’t believe me, take a look!”

    As he said that, his hands lit up as he injected spiritual Qi into the Wind Essence Stone. Following which, the Wind Essence Stone began glowing brightly in green. At the same time, countless of small cyclones also began spewing out from the stone, disappearing only after flying a few hundred feet high like fireworks.

    “Did you see that, this is definitely the real deal! HAHAHAHA~” Old man Feng then broke out into laughter.

    But, before he finished laughing, a special green light began shining out from the Wind Essence Stone. This green light was deeper in colour than the previous green and of a totally different element, obviously not belonging to the Wind Essence Stone. After it appeared, it immediately encapsulated old man Feng who was laughing and disappeared in a flash!

    Faced with such a big change in circumstances, everyone present was caught off guard. Especially the 2 JinDan cultivators, they just could not believe that a live YuanYing cultivator would disappear right in front of them. If not for the fact that they witnessed it, they would not have believed it for sure.

    HongYing also had a doubtful expression, and only Little Fatty had a crafty laughter or someone who had a successful plan. ShuiJing’s eyes glittered, “Lesser Movement Talisman!”

    As HongYing heard that, she inquired, “Senior sister ShuiJing, what Lesser Movement Talisman?”

    “The green light emitted by the Wind Essence Stone previously was from the Lesser Movement Talisman!” Enlightened, ShuiJing then continued, “Ah, I understand. No wonder the usually shrewd senior brother would throw the Wind Essence Stone over so casually. He actually hid a Lesser Movement Talisman in it. If senior Feng wants to test the authenticity of the stone, he would definitely have to inject his spiritual Qi in, thus activating the Lesser Movement Talisman at the same time. If it was any other time, he would have definitely realised this ploy. But just now, the large commotion generated by the Wind Essence Stone concealed the activation signs of the Lesser Movement Talisman. Thus, he wasn’t able to realise the trick within it and so was transported away just like that!”

    “Ah?” As HongYing heard that, she immediately said with surprise, “If he were to be transported away by the Lesser Movement Talisman, then wouldn’t he have to go to...?”

    “That’s right, senior Feng disdains bullying us juniors and have already gone to the Mystical Sky Yard to find our seniors!” Little Fatty then pretended to be in admiration and said, “This senior Feng is really so courageous! He actually dares to attack the core of the Mystical Sky Yard alone. Goodness, just how much guts would that require!”

    As he said that, Little Fatty expressed a face full of admiration as though he completely admired old man Feng. But in actual fact, everyone could tell how sarcastic he was!

    Everyone who heard that almost fainted and cursed inwardly, ‘This darn fatty can really act! All of his actions before this was obviously just an act. After conniving against old man Feng from the start and succeeded, he’s still acting stupid and making such sarcastic remarks!’

    It must be understood that the Mystical Sky Yard was not a place where a single person could slaughter his way in. Besides the four YuanYing stage cultivators and dozens of JinDan cultivators present, there is the sect protecting formation which has been there for over tens millennium. Not even a FenShen cultivator would take this place lightly. Although old man Feng was very strong, he was only a YuanYing cultivator. For him to attack the Mystical Sky Yard alone, wasn’t that akin to seeking his own death? The outcome was clear, it would conclude with his demise!