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Chapter 180: Ambush

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 180: Ambush

    This boat has a speed of around a thousand units, which was much slower than their flying swords. But, its advantage lies in its sustainability. It wasn’t like a cultivator who had to replenish spiritual Qi after a few hours of flying. The boat is able to fly continuously, which makes it slightly faster over long distances. Still, 150,000 kilometres of distance still took them a few days.

    The 3 of them finally arrived at the Verdant Mountain, a lush and beautiful mountain.

    The Verdant Mountain spanned over a distance of a few thousand kilometres. Although it wasn’t very big, it cannot be considered small either. If a mortal were to try searching for 2 corpses in this place, it was akin to finding a needle in a haystack. But, a cultivator was different, and they would have many ways to do so.

    ShuiJing initiated the search. With the assistance of the World Coin and Mystical Tortoiseshell, she quickly found out the approximate location of the 2 corpses.

    If not for the fact that this took place 20 years ago, it would be possible for her to even find the exact location. But now, a general location of 500 kilometres was her limit.

    Next, it was Little Fatty who took action. He took out an investigative magical mirror and dripped a drop of blood on it before activating it. Through the magical tool, he would be able to search for any corpse with blood ties with him in an area of a few kilometres. All Little Fatty had to do was to slowly search with the mirror in the area which ShuiJing pointed out.

    Of course, such a search cannot be carried out on the boat, or even on the flying sword. The 3 of them could only slowly walk around on land to find the corpses.

    They were foundational cultivators after all. Even if they were to search slowly like that, it would only take them a maximum of a few months. To cultivators with such a long lifespan, such a short amount of time wasn’t considered much to them.

    As such, Little Fatty took ShuiJing and HongYing to roam around the Verdant Mountain slowly in search of his parent’s corpses.

    After a whole day of searching, the three of them had no gains at all apart from killing a 4th-grade demonic beast. After a night of rest, they continued searching again the next morning.

    Two hours quickly passed as they were searching in the forest. Suddenly, a black light akin to a black whirlpool engulfed them.

    Although the black light took them by surprise, all 3 of them were no pushovers. Be it HongYing with the Phoenix Crying Blade, ShuiJing with the ability of divination, they were all extremely powerful. Not to mention Little Fatty who had the Nine Beauties Painting, large copper bell, and status as a lightning cultivator.

    The moment the black light neared, the 3 of them immediately activated all of their protective treasures.

    ShuiJing first activated her Mystical Tortoiseshell, shrouding the 3 of them in gold light. Then, Little Fatty took out his large copper bell, letting it hover over his right palm while secretly holding onto the Nine Beauties Painting with his left hand. As for HongYing, she would naturally summon her Phoenix Crying Blade, letting it rest on her palm, eager to take action.

    The black light underneath them did not emit a strong shock wave. After it trapped them, it turned into a black screen, surrounding the 3 of them.

    Of course, the 3 of them would not want to stay in this black screen for long. After protecting themselves, they immediately flew up, intending to leave this black area.

    But just when they 3 of them began to move, they immediately felt a strong pressure upon them, forcing them to the ground. Underneath this large pressure, the 3 of them felt like they were as vulnerable as infants. If not for the stunning defence of the Mystical Tortoiseshell and the fact that their opponent did not have any intent of killing them, they would definitely be seriously injured by this attack. The appearance of such a powerful enemy greatly startled the 3 of them.

    Following which, a maniacal laughter sounded, “HAHAHA, I thought that we would only catch a single fish. But who would have thought that we would have caught 3 big fishes instead! This is great!”

    Following the resounding sound, the 3 of them felt the black light in front of them slowly receding, causing the surrounding to become brighter. But, despite the black light receding, the 3 of them still felt a strange spiritual Qi surrounding them. The 3 of them quickly realised that they would definitely be attacked if they made any movements. Thus, they quickly gave up any thoughts of escaping, choosing to observe the development of the situation first. The moment they realised what was going on, they almost fainted from shock.

    After the black light receded, 3 strong cultivators appeared in front of the 3 of them just a few hundred feet away from them. Despite not knowing who the 2 JinDan cultivators were, Little Fatty recognised the old man who was standing in front of the other 2. This person was the YuanYing cultivator of the Thousands Desire Sect who they saw at the Mystical Fruit Hunt, old man Feng!

    One YuanYing cultivator and two JinDan cultivators trapping three foundational cultivators with an ambush, was there even any way for them to fight back? Witnessing such a scene unfold before them, the 3 of them felt a sense of hopelessness! The power gap between the 2 parties was just too great. Their power levels are fundamentally different after all! A YuanYing cultivator would be able to play them to death with just a casual flick of a finger, even if they had spiritual artifacts!

    Previously it was Daoist HuoLong who kept him busy, allowing Little Fatty and Han Bing’er to ambush him. He only lost a single finger from that attack. Now that they do not have Daoist HuoLong, they were just like prey in front of a predator! Thus, the three of them were dumbfounded the moment they saw old man Feng.

    At this moment Little Fatty only had one thought in his mind. Why did a YuanYing cultivator in this god-forsaken place?

    The Verdant Mountain had an abundance of precious material, but it was only useful to a foundational cultivator. Even JinDan cultivators rarely come here, much less a YuanYing cultivator!

    Besides that, the black light ambush was obviously a formation which they had laid beforehand. In other words, they were just waiting here for them to appear! What exactly was going on? Why did the people of the Thousands Desire Sect know that they were going to appear here? Why wasn’t ShuiJing able to divine it? Why is it that despite being able to kill them directly, the people from the Thousands Desire Sect still chose to use the black light to ambush them? A string of questions surged in Little Fatty’s mind.

    Just at this moment, ShuiJing’s face suddenly changed and said softly, “Not good, I don’t know what kind of an ability this black light has, but it is able to prevent all forms of transportation technique!”

    “What do you mean?” Little Fatty asked.

    “What I mean is, any kind of transportation technique can’t be used in this black light, including the Lesser Movement Talisman!” ShuiJing said helplessly.

    The moment they heard that the Lesser Movement Talisman couldn’t be used, the hopelessness in Little Fatty and HongYing’s heart exacerbated.

    After old man Feng heard that he immediately teased them in delight, “HAHAHA, I originally only planned to use this black light to restrict any escaping skills which that darn fatty may have. I didn’t expect to also restrict your Lesser Movement Talisman also. The heaven indeed has eyes!”

    After the three of them heard that, they seethed with anger and thought to themselves, ‘If the heaven has eyes, it should have struck an evil person like you to death with lightning!’

    Of course, Little Fatty did not dare to argue back with such a powerful opponent. Thus, he acted as though he was calm and cupped his hands, “This senior, you are a YuanYing cultivator and we are merely juniors. With your reputation, I believe that you will disdain from bullying us right?”

    Little Fatty purposefully reminded him that they were just juniors, hoping that he would not take action because of his own reputation. Although the possibility of this was extremely small, Little Fatty can only try whatever possible ideas that come into his mind now!

    “HAHA! Reputation?” Hearing that, old man Feng heard immediately burst out into laughter. Only after laughing for a moment did he reply with rage, “Even since I have been injured by a few of you from the younger generation, what kind of a reputation do I still have? I have already become the greatest laughingstock of all the cultivators!”

    Seeing how he was going a little crazy, it was obvious that old man Feng was exasperated. In actual fact, for a YuanYing cultivator like him to allow 2 XianTian disciples to cut off his finger was an utter humiliation. The moment this matter was spread out, the whole world would burst out into laughter, with countless of people laughing at him. As for the poor old man Feng, he initially was a cultivator with reputation but has changed to become the largest laughing stock in the cultivation world. How would he still be able to keep his cool?

    Despite Little Fatty’s guts, he could not help but break out in cold sweat from old man Feng’s devious stare.

    But, old man Feng did not let him go but pointed towards the 2 JinDan cultivators behind him and scolded, “Look, two JinDan disciples! I originally had four JinDan disciples, but the two most accomplished ones are gone already! They have all been killed by this little bastard!”

    Little Fatty’s heart shook as he broke out in cold sweat.

    Old man Feng then raised his right hand and revealed his missing index finger. With a cold laughter, he said, “Look at this, the index finger had not grown out yet. Not that I do not have the required medicine to grow it. Rather, I purposefully kept it as such. I had already made a vicious oath that I will only regrow it after reducing you to ashes. Do you know that?”

    Seeing how old man Feng was so vicious towards him, Little Fatty had long been drenched in cold sweat with his legs buckling. He was even unable to stand up properly.

    Seeing how old man Feng finally finished, Little Fatty hurriedly said, “Senior, senior, this junior knows that he’s in the wrong. I am willing to make it up to you!”