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Chapter 179: Secretly Leaving The Sec

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 179: Secretly Leaving The Sect

    “I know, but what so what? I can’t possibly be a turtle hiding in my shell forever just because of them right?” Little Fatty then scowled, “I’ve had enough of them already. If they insist on going against me, then I would rather fight them to the death!”

    “That’s good also. Rather than waiting for trouble to befall upon you, why not take a gamble instead. Senior brother has the mettle of cutting all routes of retreat for himself! If that’s the case, this little sister is willing to follow senior brother and find your parents’ remains!” ShuiJing opened her eyes and said.

    The moment HongYing heard what ShuiJing said, she did not want to lose out and added, “I’m coming too!”

    “What are you guys going for?” As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately said with a helpless laughter, “As their child, I have no choice but to go. You guys don’t need to be dragged into this!”

    “Senior brother is wrong. In the Jade Green Screen, you saved this little sister life before. Now that you are in trouble, how can I watch by the side?” ShuiJing said seriously.

    “That’s right, fatty bro had also saved me before. HongYing cannot watch you take such a risk alone!” HongYing hurriedly said.

    “But, we will not know what kind of an enemy we are going to face this time. You may sacrifice your life in vain if you go!” Little Fatty spoke with a forced smile, “In any case, I appreciate your thoughts, but let me undertake this task on my own!”

    “Senior brother, you look down on us too much!” ShuiJing said with a smile, “The 3 of us have 2 spiritual artifacts on hand. We would have the ability to fight even a JinDan cultivators. If you’re alone, you would probably be dead if you meet a JinDan cultivator, with no chance of escape at all!”

    “That’s right, my Phoenix Crying Blade is no weakling. Fatty bro, bring me along!” HongYing pulled onto Little Fatty’s sleeves and whined.

    “No, no, you are the precious jewel of the sect master. He definitely won’t allow you to take the risk with me!” Little Fatty hurriedly said.

    “It’s alright, it’s not like we’re eloping?” spoke HongYing without much thought.

    The moment she spoke, Little Fatty and ShuiJing immediately lapsed into silence. HongYing also realised that she said something wrong and hurriedly waved her hands and said, “Aiyah, wrong wrong wrong. It should be secretly running away from home!”

    Seeing this situation, ShuiJing could not help but to tease her, “Oh? Isn’t that all the same?”

    “Aiyah, sister ShuiJing, you’re too mean!” HongYing was immediately embarrassed as she began to bicker with ShuiJing.

    Seeing how the two ladies were playing, Little Fatty immediately felt his spirits being lifted.

    Just like that, this meeting ended with a happy atmosphere. Despite Little Fatty insisting that he would not allow the 2 ladies to follow him and that he alone was enough, he had no choice but to bring them along because he just could not handle their persistence.

    Of course, Little Fatty only acceded to them on the surface. He did not have the guts to bring these two important ladies with him out secretly. You have to know, both ShuiJing and HongYing were the future of the Mystical Sky Yard! Both of them were extremely important. If anything untoward were to happen to them, the Mystical Sky Yard would definitely be in big trouble. Thus, if Little Fatty allowed any harm to come onto the both of them, he would definitely be sliced into pork cubes by the sect master and Celestial MeiHua.

    Thus, Little Fatty only agreed to them on the surface but innately prepared another plan to leave silently.

    In the next few days, Little Fatty prepared all his different necessities and began to scout for information with regards to where his parents went for the mission before they went missing.

    Because it had already been 20 years ago, the person in charge of this matter had long been delegated somewhere else. Thus, it became extremely difficult to find any information about it. But, the heavens have eyes. Little Fatty’s hard work brought him to the information he needed from a JinDan cultivator. Although he was extorted by the JinDan cultivator, Little Fatty still felt extremely happy about the process.

    On the very same night, Little Fatty silently left the Serene Cloud Yard and flew towards the west towards a place called the Verdant Mountain. There was a star rock produced there which was a high-grade material. It is said that Little Fatty’s parents went missing when they went there to find this material.

    At this moment Little Fatty was riding his Five Element Essence Sword which had a speed of over 7000. But, because of Little Fatty’s inadequate strength, he was unable to unleash even half of its speed, which was a little over 2000. But even if that was the case, his speed was still extremely stunning. In just a night, he was able to fly over 20,000 kilometres.

    That was already his limit. Despite having the five elements pure water to replenish his spiritual Qi, the fatigue on his body was not something that could be easily dealt with. Since he wasn’t in a big rush, he stopped by a clear lake and started barbecuing a fish for breakfast.

    Just when Little Fatty finished cooking the fish, he saw two figures walking out of the forest and snatching the fish from him.

    Little Fatty was initially stunned and even prepared to fight with them. But very quickly, he was dumbfounded at the fact that the two people who came out were HongYing and ShuiJing. Being completely in a daze, how would he still attack them? He only stood there stupidly while the both of them finished his breakfast.

    Only after a while where his fish was already half eaten did Little Fatty snap out of it and say, “You guys, what are you guys doing here?”

    “Hehe, we came here yesterday!” HongYing said in delight, “Senior sister ShuiJing had already predicted your route. Thus, we had already reached here yesterday, sleeping in the woods yesterday night. Hehe, we were just waiting for you to cook a fish for us!”

    “Ah?” As Little Fatty heard that, he was left speechless.

    “I am amazed that someone thinks that he can escape from sister ShuiJing’s palms just because he left in the middle of the night!” HongYing could not help but tease, “Do you know your mistake now?”

    Now that he was already caught, what else could Little Fatty say? He could only laugh helplessly and say, “I was childish, I was wrong, I won’t do that again!”

    “Hehe, it’s good that you know your mistake!” HongYing laughed, “You can escape death but not punishment. Your punishment is to make breakfast for us!”

    “En!” ShuiJing nodded her head and said, “You made us sleep in the wild for a night, as the senior brother, you must compensate us!”

    Little Fatty felt completely maligned in his heart! He thought to himself, ‘Not like I begged you to stay here last night? Why should it be my fault?’

    Of course, Little Fatty could only say all of these in his heart. After all, he was in the wrong right now. After promising them to leave together, he decided to go on his own. Helpless, he could only say with an apologetic smile, “Yes yes, it is all my fault. I will make breakfast for both of you!”

    “Hehe, fatty bro is the best!” HongYing immediately said with a smile.

    “Thank you, senior brother!” ShuiJing also said with a smile, “We will not mistreat senior brother also. This is for you!” As she said that, she threw a jade talisman to Little Fatty.

    Little Fatty hurriedly took it over and looked at this shining jade talisman. He did not recognise it and could only inquire, “Junior sister ShuiJing, what is this?”

    “A Lesser Movement Talisman, it can be activated by injecting a little spiritual Qi in it. It is capable of instantly teleporting the user to the shifting towers of the Mystical Sky Yard!” ShuiJing explained, “This item is extremely difficult to refine and will be shattered upon use. My master gave me 3 of them for protection, which is just right for the 3 of us! With this item, we can protect our lives even if we encounter a strong foe!”

    “Aiyah, this is indeed something good!” Little Fatty exclaimed and kept it, “If that’s the case, then I will shamelessly keep it. Thanks, junior sister!”

    “Haha, you’re welcome!” ShuiJing said with a smile.

    HongYing mischievously said, “Don’t think that everything is alright already. You still have to prepare breakfast for us!”

    “No, not just breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. If not he would be too undeserving of my jade talisman!” ShuiJing said with a laugh.

    “Ai yah yah, right right right. Senior sister is right. All of our meals should be prepared by fatty bro!” HongYing said with a laugh.

    The both of them might be happy, but Little Fatty was extremely depressed in his heart. Amidst his depression, he also felt extremely touched. After all, he was not going out for sightseeing this time. He was going to somewhere far away to find his parents remains which may take a very long time. At this time where the devil sect placed bounties on 3 of their heads, they were indeed taking a large risk to follow Little Fatty out so far. If not for the fact that they were really worried for Little Fatty, how would they follow him out despite the danger?

    Now that ShuiJing and HongYing were out already, it was impossible to send them back again. Little Fatty could only accept the fact that they were following him to the Verdant Mountain.

    Since there were 3 of them now, then there would be a problem if they all flew on their swords because of the different flying speeds. In such a dangerous environment where a fight may break out anytime, it is indeed a big problem if someone were to get ambushed at the front and the person at the rear did not have enough time to provide backup.

    In order to solve this problem, Little Fatty generously took out his black boat out. This was a spoil of war from the time he killed the young master of the mechanical sect.

    Despite being the smallest of the giant magical artifacts, it isn’t difficult to fit 3 people on it. Plus, the 3 of them would not exhaust any spiritual Qi, having their peak condition maintained at any time. Despite a large amount of spiritual stones required, it was still extremely worth using it.

    ShuiJing and HongYing were extremely excited upon seeing the boat for the first time. After breakfast, the 3 of them got on the boat and began flying towards the Verdant Mountain.