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Chapter 178: Finding ShuiJing

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 178: Finding ShuiJing

    Little Fatty first asked the demonic witches to release Daoist Han, so to allow him to regain his consciousness. When Daoist Han woke up, he realised that he was in a foreign place and that his body was completely unable to move. Immediately knew that he had been caught and pleaded, “Junior brother Song, we can talk over things nicely!”

    “There’s nothing to talk about. Didn’t you want 2,500,000? I will fulfill your wish!” Little Fatty said with a devious laughter.

    “No no no, I don’t want it anymore. Senior brother Song, I am willing to give the news to you for free. I only beg that you will let me go!” Daoist Han pleaded.

    “Hehe, my apologies, but I already have the news I want. I have no need for your nonsense!” Little Fatty said with a cold laughter.

    “You found out already? How is that possible?” Daoist Han was first stunned. Then he looked at the ladies surrounding him and immediately understood what happened, “Nine Beauties Painting? So you used the Nine Beauties Painting to subdue me and asked the demonic witches to read my memory?”

    “Smart! But there’s no prize!” Little Fatty said coldly, “Now, you should know why I have no use for you anymore right? Hehe, you are only useful for me to vent my anger now!”

    As he said that, Little Fatty reached out his hands and grabbed Daoist Han’s neck. As he strangled, he began to scold, “This bastard, you actually dare to plot against me? You are really seeking death!”

    Daoist Han tried to struggle, but just could not fight back against Little Fatty’s large hands and was strangled to death.

    After killing him, Little Fatty immediately felt a bit better. However, in just a few moments, he began to worry about the corpse. He was not willing to have any ashes here, but he also could not take it outside to burn.

    Just at this moment, Little Fatty looked towards the black soil and his eyes lit up. He thought to himself, ‘Since this thing is able to disassemble magical artifacts, will it be able to disassemble bodies?”

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty buried Daoist Han’s body into the black soil. The result was that Daoist Han’s corpse was indeed broken down by the soil, and even at a quick pace. As Daoist Han’s body gradually disappeared, a large amount of spiritual Qi emanated from the black soil.

    Apart from the spiritual Qi, a weird unknown substance was also generated. It is just that it dispersed as soon as it formed and mostly appeared as gas. Thus, Little Fatty was also unable to tell identify it. But the one thing he could be sure was that bodies could indeed be disassembled in the black soil as well. Furthermore, the amount of spiritual Qi contained within it is also extremely dense. As for the weird substance, Little Fatty intended to monitor the situation for a while more to see if it would affect him.

    If this weird substance isn’t harmful and in fact something good, then Little Fatty would not have to waste the corpse of the demonic beasts in future. Little Fatty never expected that he could turn his misfortune around, this could also be considered a blessing in disguise.

    In the next few days, Little Fatty seemed to be extremely relaxed as he played around with HongYing every day. Although they seemed like they were enjoying themselves greatly, there were only forced smiles on their faces. After all, they would not be too happy when facing the fact that they were leaving each other.

    Furthermore, the most important thing was that there was something eating away at Little Fatty’s heart; his parents’ corpse!

    In the past, Little Fatty did not dwell too much upon this matter, and thus did not feel anything. But after meeting Daoist Han and being reminded of the remains of his parents, this had cast a shadow on his heart. It made him unable to eat or sleep properly. Every time he closed his eyes, he would immediately be reminded of his poor parents, and whether or not their corpse was still being exposed to the elements in the wilderness.

    Just this thought tortured Little Fatty for days, till he finally could not help revealing his thoughts. One afternoon when Little Fatty and HongYing was having a picnic, HongYing realised that Little Fatty was completely in a daze to the point he did not even know that his fish was burnt.

    Immediately, HongYing knew that something was wrong. You have to know, Little Fatty loved to cook and eat the most, and would treasure something as precious as the eyeless fish. But these few days, he had burnt many of them, wasting them all. This was just too out of the ordinary.

    As such, HongYing asked with concern, “Fatty bro, what’s wrong with you?”

    “Nothing.” Little Fatty hurriedly replied.

    “If there was nothing, you wouldn’t be burning the eyeless fish!” HongYing replied, full of dissatisfaction.

    “Ah, it’s burnt again?” As Little Fatty heard that, he received a shock. Then, he hurriedly threw the eyeless fish away and began roasting a new one.

    As HongYing saw that, she shook her head while laughing helplessly and seriously spoke, “Fatty bro, you can tell me anything that’s on your mind. In a short while, I wouldn’t be able to hear it even if you wanted to tell me! I hope that you will not hide anything from me for these last few days!”

    “This~” As Little Fatty thought, he immediately said with a bitter laughter, “Okay, okay, let me tell you the story then!”

    “It’s like this!” Little Fatty then said, “A few days ago, someone told me the place where the remains of my parents lie!”

    “Ah?” As HongYing heard that, she was first startled before saying, “Aiyah, that’s great. You can help them to shift it back!”

    “It isn’t that simple. I realised that this guy is just a liar. Apart from my mother’s necklace, he is unable to take out any other evidence. I suspect that he is a bastard from the devil sects who want to ambush me by baiting my like that for the rewards of the bounty!” Little Fatty said seriously.

    “Aiyah, they’re just too despicable! This must definitely be the case. Fatty bro, don’t fall for it! We just need to stay put!” HongYing hurriedly advised.

    “En, I will not believe that person’s words and would naturally not go. But the problem is, the moment he mentioned my parents’ remains, it has already cast a shadow over my heart. It is now all jittery to the point I can’t eat or sleep properly! This is just too frustrating!”

    “Fatty bro, I can understand how you feel. But the problem is, the matter happened 20 years ago. With the Vast Mountains being such a huge place, you can’t possibly find them. It would like finding a needle in a haystack right?” HongYing said helplessly.

    “No no, it’s not the same!” Little Fatty immediately shook his head and said, “If I want to find it, I do have some tracks to follow. I am just not too sure if I should go or not!”

    “Oh?” As HongYing heard that, she immediately asked curiously, “Fatty bro, what method do you have to find them?”

    “Very simple. First, I can ask the people who sent my parents out back then. I would be able to find the general location from them. Then, I can buy some magical tool for tracking and use my blood to find them.” Little Fatty added, “These magical tools for tracking aren’t too difficult to buy. If I know their general location, I can use my magical tool to slowly find. I would definitely be able to find some clues if that’s the case. If I really can’t find anything, I can still ask ShuiJing to see if she can help me to divine anything!”

    “Aiyah, senior brother, you are really too smart. Why didn’t I think of that?” HongYing then hurriedly added, “If that’s the case, then is stopping you from doing so?”

    “Haiz, isn’t it because of the matter in Jade Green Screen?” Little Fatty said helplessly, “I am now a fugitive which the devil sects are trying to chase. What if I meet some devil cultivators the moment I leave the sect. Wouldn’t I be considered to be pushing myself into a trap?”

    “Yep yep, what fatty bro said is also correct. Then it’s best for you not to go then!” HongYing replied.

    “But if I don’t go, how can I assuage my inner heart? Being a son, it just isn’t pardonable for me to not search for the remains of my parents after 20 years right?” Little Fatty said in depression, “Especially now that I have some clues, were to not go because I fear death, then wouldn’t I be too unfilial?”

    “This, there’s no fault with it!” HongYing couldn’t help but force out a laugh, “It seems like senior brother is really in a dilemma!”

    “Yea, this is just too troubling! To the point I feel as though I’m almost about to break down!” said Little Fatty frustratedly.

    Hearing his frustrations, HongYing thought for a while before saying, “Senior brother, you do not need to be so troubled. My mom said this before, if I face anything which I cannot decide, I should find ShuiJing for help. She will definitely be able to divine it. Thus, I think that this is the best time to find her!”

    “ShuiJing?” As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately slapped his cheeks and lamented, “Why didn’t I think of her? She only needs to divine in order to find out if it is a blessing or misfortune. Then, she will definitely be able to give me a conclusion. Why am I not searching for her but thinking aimlessly here?”

    “Hehe, senior brother, you’re just blinded by the situation!” HongYing couldn’t help but laugh.

    “En en, you’re right!” Little Fatty nodded. Then, he took out a handful of ingredients and said, “Junior sister HongYing, I’ll be barbecuing the fish here, can you help me call ShuiJing over? Just say that I’m inviting her to tea!”

    “Okay okay!” HongYing immediately agreed and she disappeared into a flash of golden light. A short while later, HongYing flew over with ShuiJing.

    Seeing ShuiJing, Little Fatty immediately welcomed her with an apologetic laughter, “For junior ShuiJing to come here, it is really my honour!”

    “Since senior brother called and junior sister came personally to invite me, how can ShuiJing not appear!” ShuiJing said with a smile, “But, ShuiJing feels that there is something hidden within all these!”

    “Hehe!” Little Fatty knew that he could not hide anything from ShuiJing. Thus, he did not beat about the bush and said, “Indeed, indeed, apart from inviting junior sister to tea today, I have something which I need your advice!”

    “I don’t dare to advise you, senior brother can freely speak your mind!” ShuiJing hurriedly said.

    “No rush, come come come. Seat, we’ll talk while we eat!” As Little Fatty said that, he ushered ShuiJing.

    “That’s fine too!” ShuiJing agreed and sat down together with HongYing.

    Then, the 3 of them began drinking tea and eating fish. The tea was a high-grade tea which HongYing brought. Although he still had the Dao Comprehending Tea, Little Fatty could not bear to drink it so casually.

    After talking and eating for a while, Little Fatty finally went into the main topic. He then told ShuiJing about his recent encounter and how he was worried about his parents’ remains. Then, he asked, “Junior brother ShuiJing, I am completely tortured by this matter and I can no longer take it. I only want to ask you to help me to divine and see if I will face any troubles if I go out to find my parents.”

    “Senior brother, please wait a moment.” ShuiJing placed down the eyeless fish in her hands. Then, she took out the Mystical Tortoiseshell and World Coin to help Little Fatty predict his future.

    Only after an hour did ShuiJing stop. Wiping her sweat, she said to Little Fatty, “Senior brother Song, you will definitely meet with misfortune if you go!”

    “You’re saying that I will definitely die if I go?” Little Fatty immediately said in shock.

    “It is not definite, but it is almost certain!” ShuiJing said helplessly, “Although there is hope, but it is extremely slim!”

    “Ai yah yah, since senior sister ShuiJing says so, then you shouldn’t go!” HongYing immediately said worriedly, “It is still safer for you to stay in the Mystical Sky Yard!”

    “Not necessarily!” ShuiJing interrupted, “Senior brother will have a tribulation befall upon him for sure, no matter where he is. It is just that the chances of survival would be higher in the Mystical Sky Yard. If he goes out, the chances would be slim! Thus, it is still best for senior brother to stay in the Mystical Sky Yard!”

    “It’s like this?” As Little Fatty heard that, he frowned and asked, “Junior sister ShuiJing, it is not that I don’t trust you. But I want to know how likely is your Plum Blossom Divination going to be accurate? Is it that it is accurate all the time?”

    “Of course it can’t be accurate all the time. It is only extremely accurate with regards to the things within my control, and I almost never fail. But, for some things which can’t be predicted when it appears, then it won’t be accurate anymore!” ShuiJing said helplessly.

    “What are things that can’t be predicted?” Little Fatty hurriedly pressed on.

    “For example, cultivators above the FenShen stage, heavenly tribulations, demonic witches, they are all things out of my capabilities. Thus, even if I predict the outcome of a person, it will no longer be accurate if he meets with anyone of the three!” ShuiJing then said, “But senior brother, although my prediction can be changed, it is extremely rare. You have no reason to doubt me!”

    “Alright alright, I know. You just don’t want me to go!” Little Fatty said frustratedly, “But what should I do about the shadow in my heart? As long as I am unable to find the remains of my parents, I wouldn’t be able to have a good meal of a good sleep. If this continues, I will die under such torture before my enemies find me!”

    “This?” Seeing Little Fatty’s bloodshot eyes, ShuiJing replied with a tinge of heartache, “ShuiJing also do not know what senior brother should do. For such a thing which is related to senior brother’s life, you can only make the decision on your own!”

    “I make the decision?” Little Fatty then said with a resolute smile, “Good, I should take charge of my own destiny! If that’s the case, I decide to go out and find the remains of my parents!”

    “Ah?” As HongYing heard that, she immediately replied with shock, “Senior brother, don’t! It’s dangerous outside, there are many people waiting to kill you!”