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Chapter 177: Plotting Against A Despicable Man

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 177: Plotting Against A Despicable Man

    Hearing that, Little Fatty’s tears could not help but flow out. However, he restrained himself from crying as he paid careful attention to what Daoist Han said.

    Daoist Han then added, “From their wounds, they were most likely killed by the devil JinDan cultivators. Furthermore, there were at least 3 JinDan cultivators there, if not they would at least have had the chance to escape.”

    “Who were the people?” Little Fatty asked fiercely.

    “Err, from the way the scene and the wounds looked, it seems like it was the Thousands Desire Sect!” Daoist Han hurriedly replied.

    “Thousands Desire Sect!” Despite already having his suspicions, Little Fatty still shivered in anger as he heard the answer. He then asked again, “What about the remains of my parents?”

    Daoist Han hurriedly replied, “Being righteous cultivators, how could I bear to see their bodies rot away in the wilderness and become the food for the wild beasts? Thus, I buried the both of them! In order to find their descendants, I took your mother’s necklace in order to use as an evidence. If you go now, you can definitely dig them up!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, tears immediately filled his face again. He cupped his fists and replied in gratitude, “I thank Daoist Han for your kindness. SongZhong will never forget it!”

    “You’re too polite!” Daoist Han then supported Little Fatty’s hands and said, “It is only out of convenience! But, what we said just now, can we...hehe...complete the deal now?”

    As he said that, he stretched out his hands, indicating that he first wanted to see his rewards before reporting the location of the corpse.

    Little Fatty was first stunned, but he immediately replied with an apologetic laughter, “Of course, of course. Although I am not talented, I am still a man of my word!”

    “That’s great!” Daoist Han immediately replied with a smile.

    “But~” Little Fatty then acted as though he was in a spot and said, “Daoist Han, you should also know that no one would have so many spiritual stones on them!”

    “This?” Daoist Han also thought that Little Fatty made sense and asked with a frown, “Then what does junior brother have in mind?”

    “What about this? In the Jade Green Screen, I obtained a magical artifact. Although it is not considered too strong, it is still worth 2,500,000 spiritual stones for sure! I wonder if fellow Daoist Han can allow me to use this treasure to replace the spiritual stones?”

    “Of course, of course!” As Daoist Han heard that, he was immediately elated. You have to know, it is easy to collect spiritual stones but hard to find a magical artifact. Even a 9th-grade magical tool could be sold for over a million spiritual stones. Even the lowest grade magical artifact could be easily sold for a few million spiritual stones! No matter what, it would definitely be worth more than 2,500,000 spiritual stones! Thus, such a deal was obviously in his favour, how would he not be elated by it?

    As such, Daoist Han immediately replied in surprise, “Since junior brother has already said it, how can this senior brother reject you. As long as it is a magical tool, I will want it regardless of its grade!”

    “If that’s the case, then what do you think about this item?” As he said that, Little Fatty took out a jade fan and handed it over respectfully.

    The moment Daoist Han laid eyes on the fan, he could see the formations flashing on it, accompanied by a strong wave of spiritual Qi being emitted. How would he not realise that it was something good? Thus, he immediately grabbed it over excitedly and opened it up to see 5 beautiful cultivators on the fan.

    The 5 cultivators were all extremely lifelike, to the point fellow Daoist Han could see them smiling at him!”

    “En? Wait a minute!” Although he had never seen the Nine Beauties Painting before, he would definitely have heard of it before. Especially since the young master of the Thousands Desire Sect had just been killed and the loss of the Nine Beauties Painting was currently the biggest news in the Vast Mountains. Thus, the Nine Beauties Painting immediately became the focus of everyone’s attention, with many guessing where it went.

    Under such circumstances, the looks of the Nine Beauties Painting would naturally spread out as well. Thus, Daoist Han had also heard of it before.

    The moment he opened the fan, he did not even think suspect for a moment that it was a spiritual artifact. After all, there were many different kinds of magical artifacts with jade fans being common as well. But the moment he saw the smile of the 5 cultivators, he immediately figured out the origin of this item. Apart from the Nine Beauties Painting, all of the other magical artifacts would only have designs of bugs, trees, flowers, etc. None of them came with a picture of ladies. Furthermore, with how lifelike these ladies looked, he immediately deduced that it was the Nine Beauties Painting.

    Who could still remain calm after seeing a spiritual artifact which surpassed the 9th grade appearing in their hands? Daoist Han was no exception either. His body shook as he let out a shout, “Nine Beauties Painting!”

    At this moment, Daoist Han felt his mind shake and slipped into unconsciousness. It was because precisely at this moment, the nine beauties from the Nine Beauties Painting had entered into Daoist Han’s body.

    The nine beauties, who were demonic witches at the late foundational stage, would naturally have no issue in dealing with a foundational disciple in an ambush. In just an instant, Daoist Han became the puppets of the demonic witch, being completely controlled.

    Seeing that his ambush was successful, Little Fatty stopped crying and wiped away his tears. Then, he took the Nine Beauties Painting from Daoist Han’s hands and said with a cold laughter, “Your daddy I had played the elites of the devil sects to death in the Jade Green Screen. You’re merely a puny existence and you have the guts to come and trick me? You really don’t know how to write the word death!”

    After he was satisfied with scolding, Little Fatty kept the Nine Beauties Painting and continued his meal. Only after he finished his wine did he stand up and say, “Daoist Han, now that we had our fill, it is time for us to go!”

    “Yes, junior brother Song!” A demonic witch replied while controlling Daoist Han’s body.

    The both of them then walked out of the restaurant shoulder to shoulder, like the best of friends. The private rooms in the restaurant had extremely good soundproofing. Everything that is said inside could not be heard by people on the outside. As long as you do not fight, nobody would care about what you do inside.

    Thus, the people in the restaurant did not know what had transpired in the private room at all. They only saw the both of them leave together, without raising any suspicion at all.

    After they exited from the restaurant, Little Fatty purposefully walked to a desolate area before keeping Daoist Han into his own Natal Artifact. Then, he walked to the transportation portal and left while the sky is dark.

    Shortly after, Little Fatty returned into his Serene Cloud Yard. He then went into his private room for closed door cultivation and activated the formations within it before entering into his Natal Artifact.

    After Little Fatty entered, he immediately called the demonic witch who possessed Daoist Han over and asked, “Have you viewed all of this guy's memory yet?”

    Knowing how anxious Little Fatty was, the demonic witch immediately replied, “Master, I have searched through all of it!”

    “Very good!” Little Fatty’s eyes lit up and asked, “Hurry and say, just what is going on. Did this bastard really bury my parents?”

    Although Little Fatty did not believe that it was true, he still hoped that he was the truth. If that was the case, then he would be able to get back the remains of his parents and give them a proper burial. For this, he even swore in his heart that he would let this fellow Daoist go and give him the 2,500,000 spiritual stones if it was real as repaying his favour for burying his parents!

    But what made him disappointed was that his hopes were dashed again. The demonic witch immediately answered, “Reporting to master, all of this was just made up by him. There isn’t something like that at all!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately asked in rage, “En? Then how did he get my mother’s necklace?”

    “Master, that necklace was given to him by a mysterious cultivator. Even all of the lies was what he was instructed to say!” The demonic witch explained.

    “What?” Little Fatty never expected such an answer as he asked in shock, “Who is that mysterious person?”

    “Master, Daoist Han also does not know who he is. He only knows that the person should be at the JinDan stage. He was shrouded in a black smoke and could not be seen at all. This mysterious person approached Daoist Han and coerced him into using this necklace to gain your trust, bringing you to a pre-allocated place!” The demonic witch explained.

    “Dammit!” As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately understood what was going on. With a sneer on his face, he said, “This is a trap, they obviously want to kill me!”

    “I’m afraid that’s the case!” The demonic witch nodded her head and said.

    “Since they have my mother’s necklace, my mother should have died in their hands!” Little Fatty then mumbled to himself, “Furthermore, that Thousands Desire Sect disciple said that my parents were ambushed by people from the Thousands Desire Sect. Then this mysterious man would also be from the Thousands Desire Sect for sure! Before I even find them, they had already taken the initiative to find me!”

    The demonic witches could feel Little Fatty’s rage, but as slaves, it was not their place to speak out of turn. Thus, they all stood by the side respectfully, allowing Little Fatty to blow off some steam.

    After analysing the process, Little Fatty finally cooled down despite his obvious anger. He knew that this wasn’t the time to fight head on with them. After all, the Thousands Desire Sect had several YuanYing cultivators. Possessing only an early foundational cultivation, he did not have the rights to fight with them at all. The only thing which he could do now was to restrain his anger.

    Of course, while Little Fatty could restrain his anger towards the Thousands Desire Sect, he isn’t able to restrain himself against a despicable man like Daoist Han. With a stomach full of anger, he would naturally have to use this pitiful Daoist Han to vent some anger.