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Chapter 176: News of his Parents

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 176: News of his Parents

    Fellow Daoist Han saw how Little Fatty got into a fluster, and felt immensely proud. He slowly spoke: “Hehe, this junior brother, this place has too many prying eyes and ears, it is not a good place to discuss. From how I see it, we should change locations before we talk further!”

    Hearing such words, Little Fatty put up his guards at once. He warily thought: “Although Firmament City could be considered relatively safe on the surface, the number of cultivators being assassinated here are not any small figures either! As long as one does not expose any signs of violent fighting, the patrol guards in Firmament City can’t be bothered to intervene! Is this guy in front of me trying to pull off such a stunt, luring me to an empty place to ambush me?”

    As though he could tell that Little Fatty did not trust him, fellow Daoist Han smiled before throwing something to Little Fatty.

    Because the item did not contain any spiritual Qi, and the fact that they were at a crowded place, Little Fatty was not at all afraid that he would get ambushed. Thus, he grabbed the item and was immediately taken aback the moment he observed it.

    It turned out that lying in his hands was a jade necklace which had belonged to his mother. Although it was no magical tool or artifact, it was something which Little Fatty’s father had carved personally. Usually, his mother would wear it on her all the time, and neither would be seen without the other. Little Fatty had even played with this necklace far too many times when he was by his mother’s side. How would it be possible for him to not recognise it?

    Now, 10 years have passed and the small child is already a grown up man, a talent capable of shocking the cultivation world. But, his parents could not return. The necklace was still shining as though his parent’s smiles were appearing in front of him. But, they were now separated by life and death, and would not be able to see each other again.

    Thinking of his parents, even the firm and resolute Little Fatty also could not prevent his tears from dropping. The muscles from his arms then flexed and almost tore his sleeves apart! A wave of killing intent was simultaneously released from his body. Despite being a level stronger than Little Fatty, fellow Daoist Han also could not help but be shocked by the intensity, his face turning white. He hurriedly explained, “Junior brother Song, the strength of your parents were far greater than mine back then. I do not have the ability to harm them! I only wanted to sell you this piece of information to make some money. Even if you don’t want to make a deal with me, you don’t have to get so angry right?”

    Hearing so, Little Fatty considered for a moment the truth of his words. Then, he gradually restrained his spiritual Qi and calmly spoke, “Let’s go to the Fragrant Restaurant to discuss further!”

    The Fragrant Restaurant is a famous restaurant near the transportation portal. It is a restaurant which caters specially to cultivators, the dishes and wine all being made from materials which contained spiritual Qi. Items such as the eyeless fish and spiritual mushroom in Little Fatty’s hands would be 2 of their more famous dishes. Naturally, such a dish would not be cheap and this fellow Daoist Han would definitely not be able to go there often. As such, his eyes lit up immediately as he heard what Little Fatty said and nodded, “Good, good. I will have to trouble junior brother then!”

    “No worries!” Little Fatty endured the urge to kill him and brought him to the Fragrant Restaurant, requesting for a private room.

    It was as though fellow Daoist Han knew that Little Fatty was wealthy, he totally did not stand on ceremony. He immediately ordered 10 dishes, with each costing a few hundred spiritual stones! It was obviously a little too much for the both of them. Even with Little Fatty’s figure, he would only be able to eat at most half, with the rest of it obviously going to waste.

    The waiter was a XianTian cultivator with an extremely discerning pair of eyes. He could immediately tell that fellow Daoist Han was a poor man and that the real shot-caller was Little Fatty. Thus, despite how polite he seemed to fellow Daoist Han, his eyes had never shifted from Little Fatty. Only after fellow Daoist Han finished ordering everything did he look at Little Fatty and ask, “Senior, do you want all of this dishes?”

    “We’ll get them all!” Little Fatty could not be bothered to stoop to fellow Daoist Han’s level and said calmly, “Give us a few bottles of good wine also!”

    “Straightforward!” Fellow Daoist Han thought that Little Fatty would definitely reduce the dishes by a few thus purposefully ordering a few more. But, he never expected that Little Fatty could not be bothered at all. He then could not help but feel elated in his heart as he thought to himself, ‘Good, it seems like I met with a fat prey this time!’

    But, little did he know that Little Fatty was currently thinking coldly in his heart, ‘An idiot who doesn’t even know that he is on the verge of death. Just let him have a good last meal! Consider it your last meal!’

    Seeing that Little Fatty had agreed, the waiter did not delay and immediately went to prepare the dishes.

    Seeing this, fellow Daoist Han could not help but have some doubt in his heart. You have to know, the dishes he ordered was worth almost 10,000 spiritual stones. No ordinary cultivator would be so generous. If it was any other person dressed as shabbily and poor as Little Fatty ordering so many dishes, they would definitely raise suspicions, afraid that he would not be able to pay. But why does it seem like this waiter was not suspicious of Little Fatty in the slightest?

    Thinking about this, fellow Daoist Han tested and asked, “Junior brother Song, it seems that you are extremely familiar with this Fragrance Restaurant? Have you came here before?”

    “I only come here occasionally to drink!” Little Fatty replied calmly. In fact, what he said was a complete lie. Ever since he entered the 5th XianTian stage, he had come here extremely often to flaunt his wealth. Every meal he ate would be a table full of good food and wine. Before he leaves, he would not forget to order some take outs either. In the beginning, he was also suspected by them, to they point where he had to make payment first. But after coming a few more times, all of the suspicions within them had cleared, treating Little Fatty like a treasured customer. Even if he ordered tens of dishes today, no one would question him for sure.

    Seeing how Little Fatty did not say anything further, fellow Daoist Han also did not dare ask further. After a short moment, a large variety of dishes was served. The best thing about a cultivator was that it was convenient. If they were to use an ordinary fire to cook, this many dishes would definitely take quite some time. But, all the chefs used their Natal fire to cook, accompanied by the use of magical tools as their pans. Thus, their cooking speed was extremely fast, preparing 10 dishes in just a short moment.

    After all the dishes and wine was served, the waiter immediately left and gave them privacy to talk.

    Little Fatty was filled with thoughts about his parents, thus he did not have much of an appetite. However, Daoist Han was the exact opposite. He behaved as though he was a reincarnation of a person who died due to hunger, violently grabbing the food with both hands, and swept through the table like a pack of hungry wolves. This uncouth way of eating spilled the gravy all over the place, destroying whatever meagre appetite Little Fatty possessed at that time. Helpless to do anything, Little Fatty could only just sit in the corner and drown his sorrows in wine.

    Only after 10 full minutes of wolfing did fellow Daoist Han finally stop. Then, he drank a cup of wine and said with satisfaction, “Ai yah yah, I’m just too full. I haven’t had such a great meal in such a long time already!”

    Seeing how he had finished, Little Fatty calmly placed his wine glass down and said, Is fellow Daoist done?”

    “Done!” Fellow Daoist Han replied.

    “Then let’s get to the crux of the matter!”

    “Ah, of course, of course!” The moment fellow Daoist Han heard that he immediately became seriously. Then, he sat down and said, “Junior brother Song, give me 500,000 spiritual stones and I will tell you the location of your parents remains!”

    “500,000 isn’t a problem!” Little Fatty said calmly, “But how do I prove the veracity of your story?”

    “500,000 isn’t a problem?” As fellow Daoist Han heard that, he immediately felt his innard crunch together in regret. Without a second word, he slapped himself in the face and said bitterly, “Junior brother Song, just now I said something wrongly because I was tipsy. It isn’t 500,000, but 1,500,000 spiritual stones!”

    “I can give you 2,500,000!” Little Fatty said with a cold laughter.

    As fellow Daoist Han heard that, he was immediately elated, “2,500,000? Ai yah yah, then I will really have to thank junior brother!”

    “Relax!” Little Fatty said while sneering, “You have to first let me verify the truth of the information right?”

    “It is definitely the truth, the necklace I gave you is the evidence!” Fellow Daoist Han hurriedly said.

    “What kind of bull shit evidence can that be considered. For all you know, it was bought from the street vendors!” Little Fatty said coldly.

    “Is that even possible!” Fellow Daoist Han immediately tried to explain himself, “I swear that I did not lie to you! If you can’t find it, you can come back to settle the score with me after that?”

    “Hmph! In the large Vast Mountains, there are over millions of cultivators, where am I supposed to find you!” Little Fatty cannot be bothered to bargain with him and said seriously, “Stop talking nonsense, if you do not have any more evidence, I will not give you so many spiritual stones just because of a necklace!”

    “This~” As fellow daoist Han heard that, he was immediately put in a spot. Then, he could only laugh bitterly, “Junior brother, you are making things difficult for me. I really do not have any more evidence! How about this, I can bring you there personally?”

    “Hmph hmph~” As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately said, “Do you think I am an idiot? Follow you? I’m afraid that I will end up in the hands of the devil cultivators before seeing my parents remains. At that time, you would be able to get a 5th-grade magical artifact, right?”

    “Hehe, that definitely won’t happen! Definitely not!” Fellow Daoist Han said with an apologetic laughter.

    “How about this!” Little Fatty could not be bothered to argue with him and said, “First, tell me how you found my parents remains?”

    “It’s like this!” Fellow Daoist Han then said sincerely, “It was a morning 20 years ago. I was searching for spiritual herbs at some place in the vast mountains. Suddenly, I found a group of cultivators fighting. At that time, I was only at the early foundational stage, how would I dare to go near to a battle at the JinDan stage? Thus, I was immediately frightened to the point I hid, afraid that I would get dragged into it. Only after hiding for half a day did the cultivators leave after the fight.”

    Fellow Daoist Han then continued, “At that time, I was curious as to why a JinDan cultivator would appear at such a place. Thus, I arrived at the battlefield and found 2 cultivators, one male, and one female, being pinned to a tree. That male cultivator had a look of righteousness and had the insignia of a Mystical Sky Yard’s inner court disciple. The female cultivator was extremely beautiful and was also an inner court disciple. From the way they looked, it seemed like they were a couple.”