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Chapter 174: Final Choice

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 174: Final Choice

    How would the red faced old man be able to win against two of them? But, he was extremely unhappy to be dragged away. Thus, he shouted out, “I say, we have a mission here. We have not checked this sect master’s achievement!”

    “Check your head! Doesn’t he only want to be transferred away? He passed!” The bald old man shouted out.

    “Get lost, you only stayed here for about an hour before returning. What have you checked? This is obviously neglecting your duties!” The red faced old man cried out angrily.

    “I can prove that he had checked!” The bearded old man shouted out, “According to the sect rules, as long as 2 of us agree, then he would pass! Now, 2 of us had checked and approved this sect master’s request! What can you do?”

    The moment the red faced elder heard that, he was rendered speechless. He could not help but curse, “These two bastards, you two obviously just want to go back to drink the Dao Comprehending Tea to achieve a breakthrough. Now you are still trying to talk about logic!”

    “Haha, serves you right, who asked you to be so petty!” The bald old man said with a laughter, “If you were generous, you would definitely have some returns as well!”

    “Bullshit, the Five Element Robe is obviously worth more than your lightning talisman. It is just that that darn fatty cannot recognise a superior good thus choosing yours!” The red faced old man scolded in exasperation.

    “Haha, its because you are too unlucky. Who else can you blame!” The bald old man laughed.

    Following which, the 3 of their voices gradually became softer until it disappeared into the wilderness.

    With the departure of these 3 troublemakers, Little Fatty wiped off his cold sweat and packed his things. Then he headed for the inner courts. He really wanted to know what exactly happened to the Dao Comprehending Tea which he gave to HongYing and why it was not bought by the seniors.

    With this doubt in mind, Little Fatty flew to the sect master’s yard.

    The first thing he saw the First Lady seated on a chair sighing with a depressed face. The sect master was consoling her by the side with HongYing having an indifferent look.

    Seeing Little Fatty come in, the sect master immediately asked him, “Where are the 3 senior uncles?”

    “They said they were returning to the sect!” answered Little Fatty.

    “What? They returned already?” Hearing that, the sect master’s face displayed looks of shock, “Ai yah yah, this is bad. They must definitely be angry. I’m afraid this matter would be difficult to settle!”

    “No no no!” Little Fatty quickly explained, “They were happy when they left. I heard their conversation when they were leaving. They said that your request is approved!”

    “En?” As the sect master heard that, his eyes lit up and said, “But they did not even check anything and had only arrived here for an hour. How did we pass?”

    “Hehe!” As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately said with a laughter, “Two of them managed to obtain the Dao Comprehending Tea from me. Thus, they happily went back to try and achieve a breakthrough. Naturally, they would let you pass!”

    “Ah, so that’s the case!” The sect master immediately said with surprise, “Ai yah yah, pudgy boy. It is all thanks to you this time!”

    “Hehe, you’re too polite. Actually, I made quite a bit of profit. Even the half pot of tea allowed me to get some treasures!” Little Fatty said with a smile. Then, he asked seriously, “Strange, you guys have a tael of Dao Comprehending Tea as well. Why didn’t you give it to them, forcing my pot of tea to become a treasure!”

    As the First Lady heard that, her face turned pale as she was completely at a loss as to what to say.

    However, HongYing was extremely straightforward and she said with a bitter laughter while rolling her eyes, “Ah, that tael of tea leaves was taken by my mother to wash her feet! When they entered, the Dao Comprehending Tea had already became leg washing water~”

    “Ah?~” As Little Fatty heard that, his face immediately changed colours. He just did not know what kind of an expression to have now.

    The First Lady’s face then turned red as she stared fiercely at HongYing and scolded, “Nobody will take you to be a mute if you don’t say anything!”

    The sect master then glared fiercely at Little Fatty and said, “This matter better rot in your stomach. If I hear anything about it outside, I will brew all your fats into oil!”

    “Yes yes!” Little Fatty knew that this was a big matter. It was just far too embarrassing to be spread out. Thus, he hurriedly placated them, “Rest assured sect master, this disciple did not hear anything today!”

    “En! It’s best that you did not!” The sect master then nodded and said, “Alright, let this matter rest! That tael of Dao Comprehending Tea was given out by you unknowingly. But, us husband and wife are still extremely grateful to you. Say, what do you want and we will try our best to satisfy it! You can consider that your reward!”

    “Err, let’s just forget it!” Little Fatty said with a bitter laughter, “Anyway, I already have plenty of good things. Besides, if not for this event, I wouldn’t even know that it is the Dao Comprehending Tea and it would all be wasted by me! This disciple can be said to have benefited from an accident. How would I have the cheek to ask you for a reward! Just take it that I am being filial!”

    “Hehe, this pudgy boy is rather practical. If that’s the case, then I will accept it.” The sect master said with a smile, “But, have you thought through the other matter?”

    “What matter?” Little Fatty asked in doubt.

    “For you to leave with us!” The First Lady stared at Little Fatty and said, “Stop pretending. Say it, are you willing to leave with us?”

    “This~” Upon hearing her words, Little Fatty was once again placed into a spot. If he said he did not want to go, he would be afraid of making his seniors feel sad. But if he said that he’s going, he would be lying through his teeth. Thus, he just did not know what to say!

    Seeing Little Fatty fall silent, HongYing immediately knew that he did not want to go. Thus, she immediately held his hands and said, “Fatty bro, don’t tell me you want to leave HongYing?”

    “Haiz~” Little Fatty sighed and said seriously, “HongYing, I really can’t bear to part with you and this two caring elders. But, I really have my own difficulties. I can’t leave with all of you now!”

    “What difficulties? Can’t you say it?” HongYing pressed.

    “This~” As Little Fatty heard that, he was immediately placed in a spot again. The things regarding his parents’ death was still shrouded in mystery. Apart from the dying words of a devil cultivator disciple, there isn’t any other evidence. It wouldn’t do him any good if he were to reveal it. Instead, it would make the two seniors worried. If they choose to remain in the yard because of this issue, they would definitely end up fighting with Daoist HuoLong. Little Fatty just wasn’t willing to see the sect master and his wife become enemies with their sect brother just because of him.

    As such, Little Fatty decided to conceal the matter. Thus, he could only reply with a helpless bitter laughter, “Junior sister, since I already said that it is a difficulty, of course it would not be easy to explain!”

    “Are you going to hide it from even me?” HongYing said indignantly.

    “I’m sorry!” Little Fatty looked down and said helplessly.

    Seeing Little Fatty being so stubborn, HongYing also could not do anything. But, she did not give up and asked, “Let me ask you, does senior sister ShuiJing know of your difficulties?”

    “Her? Of course she doesn’t. Why are you asking about this?” Little Fatty asked with a face full of doubt.

    “Hmph, it’s best that she doesn’t know. If she knows something which I do not, I’ll teach you a lesson!” HongYing then waved her fists threateningly.

    The moment Little Fatty heard that, he could not help but force out a laugh. He could naturally tell that HongYing was feeling jealous. But, it would not be easy for him to explain such a matter since it would only serve to exacerbate the current situation. Thus, he decided that it was better off if he just stayed silent.

    Instead, it was the sect master and his wife that would not let go of him. The sect master laughed darkly while saying, “Little Fatty, you are someone whom I have witnessed since birth. Let me warn you, I consider you my family. But, if you are going to two-time, I will not spare you!”

    “You especially can forget about trying to bully HongYing. If not, just wait for us husband and wife to take care of you!” The First Lady also fiercely added on.

    “This disciple doesn’t dare!” Although Little Fatty appeared extremely nervous on the surface, he was instead elated in his heart. For the sect master and his wife to say that, it meant that they acknowledged his relationship with HongYing. How could he not feel any excitement!

    “It’s good that you have no such thoughts!” said HongYing with a reddened face. But, she was just too shy to talk about such a matter in front of her parents. Thus, she immediately pulled Little Fatty outside.

    Seeing Little Fatty and HongYing run away, the sect master and his wife smiled towards each other; the depressing mood created by the Dao Comprehending leg washing water also dissipated.

    But, the sect master suddenly frowned and said, “For what reasons do you think this darn fatty just isn’t willing to leave with us? Don’t tell me it’s because he can’t bear to part with ShuiJing?”

    “It shouldn’t be ShuiJing!” The First Lady frowned, “It is obvious that ShuiJing kindly regards this child. But SongZhong is obviously afraid of ShuiJing! He can’t wait to avoid her, why would he not bear to leave her?”

    “Fear? That Little Fatty even dare to make a fool out of HuoLong. It is obvious that he isn’t afraid of anything. Why would he instead fear such a demure lady like ShuiJing?” The sect master suspiciously asked in doubt.

    The First Lady simply chuckled while saying, “Husband, if I can be like ShuiJing, knowing what you’re going to do for today, for tomorrow just by calculating, and that nothing can escape my eyes, would you not be afraid of me?”

    “This~” As the sect master heard that, he could not help but say with a grimace, “It does seem a little scary!”

    “That’s right!” The First Lady said helplessly, “Everything about ShuiJing is good except for the how terrifying her Plum Blossom Divination is. Everyone has their own secrets which they do not want to reveal. Thus, everyone will stay away from ShuiJing! Isn’t the reason why senior sister isn’t willing to stay in the inner court because everyone is afraid of her? Thus, she had to shift out!”

    “That seems to make sense!” The sect master nodded his head and asked, “If that’s the case, then why would Little Fatty risk the chance of being bullied by HuoLong and still insist on staying behind?”