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Chapter 173: Immortal Beast Black Tortoise

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 173: Immortal Beast Black Tortoise

    The bearded old man stroked his beard while letting out a sigh, saying: “Have you heard of the immortal beast, Black Tortoise?”

    “Immortal Beast Black Tortoise?” Rubbing his head, Little Fatty replied with scrunched eyebrows: “Legends say that it is a descendant of the divine beast, Black Tortoise and it’s as strong as DaCheng stage demonic beasts!”

    “That’s right, despite its small population, they would definitely able to create a storm in the world when it is fully grown with countless of abilities. As for the lucky few, they will be born with a river pattern on their shells. Such an immortal beast black tortoise are blessed by the heavens with an immeasurable future. They would almost certainly be able to ascend into the immortal world!” The bearded old man explained, “This Blood River Pattern is a special item that has been refined by a black tortoise immortal beast bearing a river pattern!”

    “Special item?” As Little Fatty heard that, his eyes lit up and hurriedly asked, “What kind of special item?”

    “It is a one-time use item!” The bearded old man explained, “After you use it, you are able to tattoo this river pattern on your body like a blood tattoo. It would be as though it grew on its own naturally!”

    “Eh?” As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately got interested as he asked, “What is the use of the blood tattoo?”

    “It has many many uses.” The bearded old man explained with a smile, “First, this is something formed by the essence blood of the immortal beast black tortoise. After it is engraved onto your body, the blood essence contained within it would merge with your body. Not only is it able to strengthen your body, meridians, and spiritual sense, it is able to improve your comprehension ability, making you smarter. This is only of the rare few items in the world which is able to improve your comprehension ability and is not worth any lesser than the items that are able to help one breakthrough a bottleneck!”

    “Besides that, it will form a river pattern after merging with your body which comes with a protective divine light. When you are attacked, it would automatically appear to protect you. It is able to absorb the force of the attack and convert a portion of it into your own magical Qi. The other portion of the attack would then be condensed into a Black Tortoise Heavenly Celestial Divine Lightning. After 7 divine lightnings are collected, it can be reflected back in the form of a big dipper formation!” The bearded old man continued explaining, “Thus, unless your opponent is able to defeat the protective divine light of the river pattern in a single strike, you are almost undefeatable!”

    “Woah!” As Little Fatty heard that, he was elated. Whether it was to improve his own body or the protective divine light, they were objects of desire for every cultivator. Thus, he asked with joy, “How strong is the divine light of the river pattern?”

    “The strength of the divine light is determined by the strength of your body. The stronger your body, the larger the backlash you are able to endure. Thus, the stronger the divine light gave out by the river pattern.” The bearded old man said with a smile, “With the strength of your body now plus the improvement of the Blood River Pattern, the divine light given out would be able to endure the attack of a regular JinDan cultivator. Any cultivator at your level would not be able to harm you at all. Even if you just stand there without moving and allow them to attack you, they would be the ones who will suffer from the retaliation of the divine light!”

    “What a fantastic skill!” Little Fatty said in amazement.

    “Haha, that is not all of its abilities. There are still some mystical uses of it which you will have to figure out on your own.” The bearded old man said with a smile, “Apart from the Blood River Pattern, there is also the Blood Tortoise Trigram also refined from the Immortal Beast Black Tortoise. The moment you combine both of the blood patterns and form the River Tortoise Trigram Pattern, the abilities of both blood patterns would increase exponentially. At that time, you will be able to easily protect yourself against cultivators stronger than you or even defeat them!”

    “Then how can I obtain the Blood Tortoise Trigram?” Little Fatty hurriedly pressed on.

    Hearing that, the bearded old man replied with a bitter laughter, “If I knew, how could I bear to give it to you? The black tortoise immortal beast is extremely rare and ordinary cultivators would not even be able to see them. As for those with the river or trigram patterns on them, they are even rarer. Even if you meet them, you may not even be able to beat them, much less refine the blood pattern. This blood pattern of mine is something which I obtained from a DaCheng cultivator who passed through a fortuitous encounter. If you want to obtain the Blood Tortoise Trigram, it is like finding a needle in a haystack. Even if you were to live for 10,000 years, you may not be able to find it.

    As Little Fatty heard that, he became a little disappointed. But, he was not too depressed. After all, it was already extremely good that he could obtain the Blood River Pattern. At the same time, he found it to be extremely strange. Since it was such a good thing, why didn’t the bearded old man keep it for himself but give it to him? Unless there is some hidden reason behind it.

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty asked carefully, “Senior, since this item is so good, why didn’t you think about using it?”

    “Haiz!” The bearded old man sighed and explained, “The Blood River Pattern is more suited for a bodily cultivator. It would be a waste for me to use it. Thus, I wanted to use it to exchange for a spiritual artifact which can satisfy me. It is just a pity that I have been unable to meet one. Plus, my time is already near and I cannot afford to dally any longer. It is more important for me to save this life of mine first, and it wouldn’t matter even if I get shortchanged!”

    Having understood the full story, Little Fatty simply nodded his head and said, “Senior, this junior can understand your feelings. But, it is really not proper for me to exchange the pot of tea for your Blood River Pattern. This junior cannot allow you to incur such a loss. Thus, I have decided to exchange this pot of tea for that senior’s lightning talisman!”

    The bald old man was immediately elated. He originally thought that he would have no more hope, but he did not expect things to take such a turn. Thus, he immediately threw the lightning talisman to Little Fatty and grab the pot of tea. Then, he laughed loudly, “Haha, child. You are really someone. I will remember this favour! Hahahaha!”

    Seeing this, the bearded old man almost died from anger. He then said in exasperation, “You fool, I am willing to incur a deficit. You, why are you so foolish?”

    The red faced old man was also completely dumbfounded. He never expected the matter to turn out like that.

    Little Fatty then said with an evil grin, “Hehe, please don’t be anxious senior. The Blood River Pattern of yours is indeed a good thing. This junior also wants it!”

    “You still want it?” The bearded old man immediately scolded, “Impossible. Do you think those lousy items of yours would be able to tempt me?”

    Little Fatty then replied with a calm smile, “Not even the Dao Comprehending Tea?”

    “Of course not~” Just as the bearded old man replied without thinking, he immediately realised his mistake and exclaimed, “What? Dao Comprehending Tea? This little fatty, you still have more Dao Comprehending Tea?”

    “Hehe!” Little Fatty smiled as he handed over a jade case and explained with a smile, “This junior had about 2 taels of Dao Comprehending Tea. I gave half of it to junior sister HongYing already. The remaining portion has been almost drunk up by us. Only this little bit of it is left, and it should be able to brew one more pot of tea.”

    The bearded old man the received the jade box emotionally and took a look inside. Although there weren’t much tea leaves inside, it was enough for a single pot!

    “Hahahaha, fatty. You’re good!” The bearded old man was immediately elated. Without a second word, he threw the Blood River Pattern to Little Fatty and instructed, “This thing belongs to you now. But remember, even if your body is extremely strong, you cannot use it before you reach the JinDan stage. If not, you will definitely explode from the frightening amount of spiritual Qi it contains!”

    When Little Fatty heard that, he was a little disappointed. However, he could not be happier as a whole. He hurriedly received it over and said with a respectful bow, “I thank senior for your guidance!”

    “Haha, you’re welcome, you’re welcome!” The bearded old man said with a laughter.

    Seeing that the other two had returns but he was the only one without any gains, how could the bearded old man not be frustrated? He could not help but scold out, “Little fatty, are you still hiding any Dao Comprehending Tea?”

    “I don’t have any left, really!” In order to prove his innocence, he took off the dimensional storage ring and said, “Senior can take a look if you don’t believe me?”

    The red faced old man really looked through it to realise that there was really nothing left. Then, he said in frustration, “I say, aren’t you a bit biased? Why did you only give it to them? I admit that I cannot compare to the Blood River Pattern. But that lightning talisman is obviously trash. How can it be compared to my Five Element Robe? You have to give me an explanation today, if not I will not let you off!”

    Seeing his attitude, Little Fatty was immediately dumbfounded. A FenShen cultivator was like a large mountain to him. If the red faced old man were to really find trouble with him, he would be at a complete loss!

    However, since the other two old men had received a favour from him, they obviously knew how to reciprocate. Thus, they did not watch Little Fatty get bullied but instead held the red faced old man back.

    The bald old man whispered to him, “Demeanor, demeanor! Watch your demeanor! You are a senior!”

    The bearded old man then hurriedly added, “That’s right, you cannot lose your manners in front of a junior! You had already said just now that you will not find trouble with him if you weren’t chosen. How can you go back on your word now?”

    “How am I finding trouble with him? I only want an explanation.” The red faced old man replied in frustration.

    “A FenShen senior like you seeking an explanation from a foundational disciple? Isn’t this finding trouble with him?” The bald old man immediately argued.

    “Yes yes, this just isn’t right!” The bearded old man then said, “It is not longer early already and we should not delay this child’s time already. Let us hurry back to the sect!”

    “Okay okay okay, let’s leave now!” the bald old man agreed. Then, without waiting for a reply, the both of them carried the red faced old man away.

    At the same time, they did not forget to say goodbye to Little Fatty, “Pudgy boy, see you around!”