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Chapter 171: Extremely Embarrassing Matter

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 171: Extremely Embarrassing Matter

    “This~” As the First Lady heard that, she looked down in embarrassment and said, “Actually, the tea leaves are right in front of you!”

    “In front of us? Where?” They all started to scrutinise the surroundings. But, they just weren’t able to find it and so they stared at the First Lady in bewilderment.

    Helpless, the First Lady could only point to the tub under her feet and say, “It’s here.”

    “En?” the few of them stared at the tub with a doubtful expression.

    “This is a foot-washing tub, right? You placed the tea leaves in there?” The bald old man said in anger.

    “I didn’t place it in here, I used it in here!” The First Lady said weakly. At this moment, she realised that something was wrong with the tea leaves. If not, the 3 elders would not view them with such importance. As such, she only responded meekly.

    After the First Lady said that, everyone present was dumbfounded. Only after a moment did the bald old man asked nervously, “You, you don’t mean to say that you used it to wash your feet?”

    “This, this, a senior sister said that using tea leaves to bathe can help to make my skin fair.” The First Lady said awkwardly, “In my house, this is the worst kind of tea leaves, thus I used it!”

    “Goodness~” As the 3 FenShen cultivators heard that, all of their veins turned blue and were almost angered to death on the spot!

    As for HongYing, she immediately entered into a daze. At least the sect master was still calm and tried to salvage the situation. He then said resolutely, “Senior uncles, no matter what, this is still considered brewed tea! The usage would still be the same!”

    The 3 elders were not faced with a dilemma. Leg washing water was indeed something which was very dirty. But the problem is, they would remain at their bottleneck if they did not drink it. In another few hundred years, they may even run out of time and die. If they were to achieve a breakthrough, they would at least gain a few thousand years of life.

    But, they were esteemed experts after all. If they were to rely on leg washing water to extend their lifespan, wouldn’t they become the greatest laughing stock in the cultivation world? At that time, even the majestic name of the Mystical Sky Sect would be shamed together with them.

    If they don’t drink it, they would lose their lives. If they drank it, embarrassment ensues. Whether or not to drink this tub of leg washing water was indeed a hard choice to make!

    As the First Lady still didn’t know what was going on, she was shocked at what the sect master said, “Husband, what do you mean? How can this be called tea? This is obviously leg washing water.”

    “What your husband means is to ask us to buy your leg washing over at a high price to drink!” The bald old man replied irritably.

    “Ah, it can’t be right?” As the First Lady heard that, she was astonished and hurriedly said, “Husband, are you a fool? How can you do that?”

    *Cough* The sect master coughed twice awkwardly and replied with a bitter laughter, “It is not that I am a fool. It is just that, in any case, even if it is leg washing water, it is still worth a lot! Trust me!”

    “Ah?” The First Lady was dumbfounded again and hurriedly asked, “Husband, just what are those tea leaves? Why do the seniors see it with such great importance?”

    “Oh, my lady, trust me. You will not want to know it. I think that you should just forget about it!” The sect master replied considerately.

    But, the First Lady was also not one to give in so easily. How could she allow herself to be kept in the dark? Thus, she said in frustration, “Stop the bullshit, tell me just what those tea leaves are?”

    “Err~” Seeing that the First Lady became anxious, the sect master did not dare to hide it from her and replied with a bitter laughter, “It is the Dao Comprehending Tea!”

    “Dao Comprehending Tea?” The First Lady first stunned. “Dao Comprehending Tea? Don’t tell me it is the kind of tea that can help a FenShen cultivator breakthrough from their bottleneck?”

    “Yep, that’s it!” The sect master nodded his head helplessly.

    Being a super rare item, not to mention puny YuanYing cultivators, not many FenShen cultivators had seen it before. It is only because of the great wealth of the Mystical Sky Sect that these 3 elders had the chance to see the Dao Comprehending Tea before. If it was any other FenShen cultivators, they would not have been able to recognise it. Even the 9 beauties in the Nine Beauties Painting only found it to be strange but couldn’t recognise it. Thus, it was extremely normal that the First Lady could not recognise it.

    But even if they could not recognise it, they would still know its value. Because there were just too little things that could help a FenShen cultivator achieve a breakthrough, the Dao Comprehending Tea was just too famous to the point every YuanYing cultivator would know about it.

    As such, the moment the First Lady heard the name of the tea, she immediately recognised it. After she confirmed it with the sect master, she then lay on the bed and started crying.

    The sect master was startled as he consoled her. Only then did the First Lady cry out, “Goodness, I actually used the Dao Comprehending Tea to wash my feet! I even used a tael of it in one go! Husband, you have always wanted a spiritual artifact but we just couldn’t get it because we were too poor. Now, I used 2 spiritual artifacts to wash my feet! This, how can I still have the face to see you!”

    “My lady, my lady, it’s over already!” The sect master also wanted to cry. But, he did not blame his own wife, so he hurriedly consoled her.

    HongYing also didn’t want to see her mother cry so she hurriedly walked over and consoled her, “Mother, didn’t you just wash your feet with the Dao Comprehending Tea? This isn’t much. Your daughter has been using it to gargle her mouth every day!”

    As HongYing said that, everyone in the room almost fainted.

    The bald old man then said not knowing whether to laugh or cry, “Good brat, your wife used the tea to wash her feet and your daughter used it to gargle her mouth. You’re actually haughtier than me!”

    The sect master’s face immediately turned red, yet he was completely helpless. He could only say with a bitter laughter, “Senior uncle, isn’t that because we were ignorant? Anyway, it is useless to grumble anymore. Although this ‘pot’ of tea is a little dirty, the effects are still there. It's still better than being stuck at a bottleneck right? Don’t worry, no matter who buys it, I will seal my lips and not let anyone know that it is leg washing water!”

    “Right right!” The First Lady also said, “The Dao Comprehending Tea is something so precious, even if we said that we turned it into leg washing water, no one would believe us right?”

    The moment they heard the First Lady's words, the 3 of them became tempted. HongYing then hurriedly added, “Right right, if you still think that the taste isn’t good, you can just take them out to dry before brewing another pot of tea!”

    As HongYing said that, everyone present did not know whether to laugh or cry. The bearded old man then explained, “Do you think the Dao Comprehending Tea can be recycled? This thing is only useful the first time it is brewed. Even if water is added, the effects of the tea leaves would be destroyed, becoming nothing more than trash!”

    “Ah, even if that’s the case, then at least it can still be used right?” HongYing said with her large and cute eyes, “Do you guys want it or not? If you don’t want it, then I will preserve it and sell it to someone else!”

    As the 3 old men heard that, they looked at each other with a frown before shaking their heads together. The bearded old man said with a bitter laughter, “A cultivator cultivates his heart. If he did not know that it was leg washing water, it wouldn’t matter if he drank it. But if he knew that it is leg washing water and still drinks it, a shadow would definitely be left behind in his heart. If he wants any progress in future, it would be difficult!”

    “That’s right! It seems that we have no fate with this tub of leg washing water. You guys should find a thermal flask to store it and auction it off! Although the price of this tea would be lower, it would still be enough for a spiritual artifact!” The bald old man added.

    “En!” The red faced old man nodded his head and said, “You guys should do that immediately. I have something on, and will make a move first!” As he said that, his body swayed slightly before disappearing with a flash.

    Seeing how he left so anxiously, the others were stunned and thought to themselves, ‘This is obviously the first time he came to this world. What other things could he possibly have?’

    “Wait!” The bald old man’s face suddenly changed as he shouted out, “The little fatty still has a pot! Hurry, don’t let him snatch it!” As he said that, he also disappeared. Then, the bearded old man could not be bothered to say anything as he followed them.

    Originally, they all wanted the pot of tea which Little Fatty just brewed. But, because there was still a tael of unused tea leaves, they had ignored Little Fatty’s pot of tea. But now, it is different. The tael of tea leaves had been changed into leg washing water. Thus, Little Fatty’s pot immediately became precious.

    Even though 2 cups were already drunk, but there should still be 4 to 5 cups left. Although it is also considered to be contaminated, it was at least still from the pot which is still considered clean. In other to achieve a breakthrough, it wouldn’t really matter if they drank tea which was a little contaminated. At least it would be countless times better than drinking leg washing water. Thus, they immediately rushed over, afraid that Little Fatty would finish the remaining tea.

    After Little Fatty and ShuiJing drank the tea, they entered a mystical dual cultivation state. Only after a while later did the both of them finally wake up. Although they were not able to advance a stage directly this time, they had great rewards as well.

    After the both of them awoke, they smiled towards each other with chemistry. Just when they were about to say something, they realised that something was off and that there were 3 old men staring at them.

    Being juniors, Little Fatty and ShuiJing naturally did not dare to be rude and paid their respects immediately. The 3 elders then waved their hands in a friendly manner before the bearded old man added with a smile, “Heh heh, I didn’t think that the both of you would be hiding here undergoing dual cultivation!”

    Little Fatty and ShuiJing’s faces quickly turned red from embarrassment. Since Little Fatty’s skin was so thick, the redness subsided extremely quickly. But how could ShuiJing endure something like this? She stomped her feet in embarrassment and flew away without saying anything else.