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Chapter 170: Dual Cultivation Again

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 170: Dual Cultivation Again

    The moment HongYing blurted it out, everyone glared at her angrily. It was especially so by the three old men who were vexed with their bottlenecks. They just wanted to beat her up on the spot as they thought to themselves, ‘The Dao Comprehending Tea which I am not able to obtain even if I begged everyone I know, you actually use it to gargle your mouth? What a complete waste!’

    At least the sect master doted on his daughter a lot. Seeing that the situation wasn’t the desirable, he hurriedly changed the topic and said, “Pudgy boy, it is your lucky day. How much more of the Dao Comprehending Tea do you have? Hurry and take it out, these three seniors will not treat you unfairly!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately thought to himself that he could not allow them to know how much Dao Comprehending Tea he had. The moment they knew that, there would be no end to his troubles. Anyway, as long as the tea leaves were with him, he would be able to reap benefits from them eventually.

    Little Fatty pretended to be extremely depressed and lamented, “I do not have any Dao Comprehending Tea with me already. This is the last bit!”

    “En? Why is that the case?” The 3 old men immediately became frantic. They were finally able to find something that could help them breakthrough their bottleneck after so long, why was there no more tea?

    How would Little Fatty dare to say anything else? He hurriedly explained, “It’s like that, the Dao Comprehending Tea was taken from the dimensional storage bag of Tu QianCheng. Seeing that it didn’t look very special and that it didn’t have a dense spiritual Qi, plus the fact that there were only 2 taels of them, I did not treat it as something significant. It is just that I recently thought about it and thus I took it out to drink. After drinking it a few times, I am not left with much already!”

    “How much is not left with much?” The bearded old man hurriedly asked.

    “Are there any extras?” The bald old man also shouted out.

    “Take out all that you have left, I want them all!” The red faced old man also shouted out.

    “This, I do not have any more with me!” Little Fatty said with frustration. Actually, he knew that HongYing had a tael with her. But, he did not know what plans HongYing had, thus he did not mention it. This is to prevent these old men from snatching it from her in case she wanted to use it.

    But, HongYing was not a schemer. The moment she saw that Little Fatty was pressured to the point he broke out in sweat, she hurriedly said, “He finished drinking all of his tea, but I still have some!”

    “You have?” The 3 old men hurriedly gave up on Little Fatty and surrounded HongYing.

    “Yes, a few days ago when fatty bro took this out, he gave half of it to me because I felt that it wasn’t too bad!” HongYing said with a smile.

    “Ai yah yah, your fatty bro is so generous. Giving you a gold mountain!” The bearded old man said while shaking his head.

    “Who cares, I only want the Dao Comprehending Tea!” The bald old man said with a laughter, “Little HongYing, I know that you are the best. Can you sell all the tea to your grand senior uncle? I promise that I will give you a good treasure!”

    “Get lost. A single treasure can be exchanged for a tael of Dao Comprehending Tea? How can you do business like that? For a senior like you, I feel embarrassed on your behalf!” The red faced old man said to HongYing, “Ignore that guy who isn’t serious. You should sell me the Dao Comprehending Tea, I can give you 2 spiritual artifacts for a tael of tea leaves. Plus, I can ensure that they will acknowledge you as their owner!”

    As the other two old men heard that, they immediately began to raise the price and end up in an argument.

    In the end, HongYing became dizzy from their quarrels and could not take it any longer. Then, she directly shouted, “Okay okay, don’t fight anymore. 3 tenths of a tael per person, the rest will be left for my parents. If you are going to argue anymore, then I will not give it to anyone already!”

    The moment HongYing said that, the 3 of them immediately stopped arguing. First, HongYing’s allocation was fair. Next, 3 tenths of a tael were indeed quite a lot. If they were lucky, it was more than enough for them to breakthrough their current bottleneck.

    Thus, they all nodded their head in satisfaction. Then, they impatiently sent out a divine light, encompassing the sect master and HongYing and disappeared in a flash. Obviously, these 3 old men were impatient and wanted to bring her home to find the Dao Comprehending Tea immediately. They even felt that the sect master’s YuanYing stage speed was too slow and brought him along with them.

    After the 5 of them left, ShuiJing walked over to Little Fatty and said with a smile, “Senior brother, it is so rare that we are free today. Don’t you know how to invite me for tea?”

    “Ah~” Only then did Little Fatty snap out of his daze and said, “Junior sister please be seated. I will serve you the tea now.”

    As he said that, Little Fatty took out a teacup and handed the Dao Comprehending Tea to ShuiJing. Then, he said with a bitter laughter, “I never imagined that this thing to be so precious. If I had known, I would definitely have invited you over to taste it as well!”

    “Does senior brother really mean it?” ShuiJing said with a smile.

    “Of course!”

    “Ah ah, if that’s the case, then this little sister will come and find senior brother for tea in future. I hope senior brother will not be reluctant to part with your tea.” ShuiJing said with a smile, “Oh, right, I only like to drink the Dao Comprehending Tea!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he was first stunned. Then he quickly realised that his little secret had been found out by her again. She had definitely divined that he had lots of Dao Comprehending Tea with him, therefore saying that.

    Little Fatty knew that it was futile to lie in the face of ShuiJing’s Plum Blossom Divination. Thus, he did not deny anything and said with a bitter laughter, “Rest assured junior sister, as long as I have any tea to drink, you will definitely have it as well!”

    “Thanks, senior brother!” ShuiJing said with a smile. Then, she lifted the cup in her hands and said with a smile, “If that’s the case, then ShuiJing will replace tea with wine and propose a toast to senior brother!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he laughed out and raised his teacup to ShuiJing’s tea cup and said, “Drink up!”

    The both of them then smiled to each other and finished the Dao Comprehending Tea in their hands.

    Following that, they felt their minds turn clear and their vision met involuntarily. With a loud bang, they then entered into the mysterious state of their cultivation methods.

    Little Fatty came before the clear water with a moon again. He could somehow feel that the surrounding time, space and time seems to be flowing in accordance with a mystical law. As the saying goes ‘Who was the first to see the moon? When was the first time the moon shone? As men live on eternally, the moon lives on eternally.’

    (TL/N: This is part of a famous poem which describes the moon.)

    As for ShuiJing, she entered into the endless primal chaos again. Everything had disappeared from here. But everything seems to exist in the form of the most basic five elements, maintaining the state which it had just been born. ShuiJing became completely immersed within, appreciating the great mystery of this place and the most basic heavenly laws.

    As a result of the Dao Comprehending Tea, both ShuiJing and Little Fatty fell into the state of dual cultivation again, deepening their understanding of the heavenly laws.

    Just when Little Fatty and ShuiJing were undergoing dual cultivation, the 3 old men brought the sect master and HongYing back to their home. Because the 3 of them were just too anxious, they did not even greet anyone and entered the bedroom with the father and daughter duo.

    But after the few of them went in, they found the First Lady lying on the bed with a piping hot tub under her feet, with her feet enjoying a relaxing foot spa.

    This made the 3 elders immediately embarrassed. They were all extremely virtuous elders but had accidentally barged into someone’s bedroom. Then, they even saw a younger female cultivator washing her feet. This was just too disrespectful. As such, all 3 of them immediately turned their faces away, pretending that they did not see anything. But, with their FenShen stage cultivation, how was it possible that they could not see anything?

    The First Lady was startled and thought that there was an enemy attack. The flying sword in her hands almost shot out. But, just before she did that, she realised that they were 3 elders. She hurriedly kept her flying sword and let down her skirt to block her feet.

    Then, the First Lady gave an awkward laugh and greeted, “I pay my respects to the 3 senior uncles!”

    “You’re too polite!”

    “Dispense with the formalities!”

    “You can remain seated, you need not move!” The 3 seniors hurriedly waved their hands.

    The courteousness of the 3 seniors made the First Lady extremely puzzled as she thought to herself, ‘The 3 of them had always been extremely strict, thus always being sent to discipline the disciples of the yards. Since when were they so easy going?’

    Just when the First Lady was still puzzled, the sect master hurriedly stepped out and asked on the embarrassed seniors’ behalf, “My lady, are the tea leaves which HongYing brought back still present? These 3 elders would like to buy them!”

    “Aiyoh!” As the First Lady heard that, she was y displeased and reprimanded, “How can we give that kind of lousy tea to the 3 seniors. I specially prepared some good tea over here!”

    Obviously, the First Lady had misunderstood the sect master and thought that he wanted to use the tea leaves as a gift. Thus, she immediately said that to prevent her husband from being embarrassed.

    But what she never expected were the responses from the 3 elders after she said that.

    The bearded elder was the most agitated, as he shouted out, “No no no, we want the tea leaves that HongYing brought back!”

    As the First Lady heard that, she just could not understand what was going on. She could reply, “That lousy tea does not have a dense spiritual Qi. Although it doesn’t taste too bad, how can we use that to host all you seniors?”

    “Stop talking nonsense!” The bald old man hurriedly said, “Hurry up and take it out, do you want to make us anxious to death!”

    As the First Lady heard that, she became even more puzzled as she said, “But~”

    “My lady, don’t but anymore!” At this moment, the sect master had no choice but to interject anxiously, “The seniors want those tea leaves. You just need to take it out. What are you nagging about?”

    As the First Lady heard that, her face expression turned ugly. Then, she said with a forced smile, “Husband, it is not that I am nagging. It is just that I am unable to take it out.”

    “What?” As they heard that, everyone was startled.

    “Why can’t you take it out?” The bearded old man asked anxiously, “Where are the tea leaves? What have you done with them?”