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Chapter 168: Mystical Sky Sec

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 168: Mystical Sky Sect

    “Heh heh, not just that!” Little Fatty suddenly said with a laughter, “I feel that the greatest benefit of the heavenly tribulation is the increase in my bodily strength. Now, I feel that my whole body has an unending strength. Plus, the strength of my body had been increased by many times. Especially its defense against the 5 elements, it had been increased by an exaggerated amount.

    “Haiz, this brat is going to become a demonic beast already!” The sect master said with envy.

    “Heh heh~” Facing that, what else could Little Fatty say other than to laugh.

    “Enough, stop laughing foolishly already. Let us return, I still have things to tell you!” As the sect master said that, he did not wait for Little Fatty to object. He directly grabbed him and flew back to the Mystical Sky Yard.

    A couple of breaths later, they appeared in the sect master’s courtyard. Little Fatty saw the First Lady again, but HongYing and ShuiJing were still not here. Obviously, they were scared silly by his pillar and would probably not have the face to see him anytime soon.

    After they met, the First Lady was also a little awkward. But, she was after all a senior. After a few words of concern, she allowed the atmosphere to go back to normal.

    Then, the First Lady handed a dimensional storage bag to Little Fatty and said, “There are some spiritual stones and materials in here. This is to reward your performance in the Jade Green Screen, keep it properly!”

    “Thank you ma’am!” Little Fatty also did not stand on ceremony. He took it over and threw it into his Natal Artifact, ignoring it.

    After handing it over to Little Fatty, the First Lady did not ask Little Fatty to leave. But, she straightened her face and said seriously to him, “Child, I’m going to talk to you about a big matter, you must be mentally prepared!”

    “En?” As Little Fatty saw that the First Lady was so serious, he immediately knew that she had something important to say. He hurriedly replied, “Your disciple is listening!”

    “Good! This is the matter!” The First Lady then said, “On account of the current situation of the Mystical Sky Yard, us husband and wife plan to take HongYing away from here. I want to ask you if you are willing to follow us?”

    “Ah?” As Little Fatty heard that, he asked in shock, “Everything is fine, why do you have to leave?”

    “Haiz, although things seems to be perfectly fine on the surface, it is actually extremely messy!” The First Lady said with a bitter laughter, “All the elite disciples of junior brother HuoLong were reported missing. He had always suspected that we were the culprits behind it, thus creating trouble with us in secret. Although everything seems alright now, if this continues, HongYing’s father’s temper will definitely end up causing the both of them to fight. The 3 of us have been sect mates ever since we were young and I really can’t bear to see the both of them fight each other. Thus, we plan to leave with HongYing and let him have the Mystical Sky Yard!”

    “But, where can all of you seek refuge?” Little Fatty asked in doubt, “Your family and roots are here, how can you shift so easily?”

    “Haha!” As the sect master heard that, he immediately said with disdain, “What kind of roots does a mere Mystical Sky Yard have? It is just a small place only. We are prepared to return to the main branch, that is where our home and roots are!”

    “Branch? Where’s that?” Little Fatty immediately asked in bewilderment.

    “Mystical Sky Branch, the direct superior of the Mystical Sky Yard!” The sect master then told Little Fatty about some of the secrets of the sect.

    After listening to the First Lady’s description, Little Fatty understood that the Mystical Sky Yard could only be considered a small little branch of a large sect. The sect, which is called the Mystical Sky Sect was the foundation of everything here.

    The Mystical Sky Sect is a large sect which had a history of more than a hundred thousand years. The headquarters was situated in the Mystical Sky Paradise, with 8 divisions under them. Under every division were branches, and under the branches then came the yards. The place where Little Fatty currently resided could only be considered the smallest branch of the Mystical Sky Sect.

    Usually the sect master of a Mystical Sky Yard would be a FenShen or YuanYing cultivator as accordance to the situation within the world. As for the sect master of the Mystical Sky Branch, he would be a LianXu cultivator with 8 FenShen elders under him and dozens of YuanYing cultivators. As for the Mystical Sky Division, there would be HeTi cultivators present with LianXu elders. As for the sect master of the Mystical Sky Sect, he was a DaCheng cultivator.

    There were a few large sects which are similar to the Mystical Sky Sect in the cultivator world. An example would be the Jade Pearl Pavilion, which was a subordinate of the Jade Pearl Sect. But, they were separated into Jade Pearl Temple, Jade Pearl Hall and Jade Pearl Pavilion.

    Thus, to the sect master and his wife, it wasn’t much point staying in the Mystical Sky Yard. The benefit of being the sect master here was that they could call the shots and no one could interfere with them! But there were also disadvantages, their cultivation resources would not be as good as staying in the Mystical Sky Branch and there were no seniors to answer any of their questions regarding cultivation.

    In actual fact, cultivation is still of foremost importance to a cultivator. Thus, it was still better to stay in the Mystical Sky Branch. But, because the Mystical Sky Yard still required someone to lead at that point in time, which led to the sect master and his wife being forced into it despite their unwillingness.

    Under normal circumstances, a sect master would have to serve here for 200 years before returning. Now, it was obvious that the 200 years was not up yet. However, if they were able to have a large accomplishment within this 200 years, they could also return to the branch prematurely. Now, they did have an accomplishment, which was HongYing!

    The actual reason as to why these large cultivation sects had a branch in every cultivation world was not just to find resources. The most important reason was for talents, especially the stunning geniuses!

    For example, Mu ZiRong, Peerless Sword Deity and Little White Dragon. They could be considered as geniuses, but they were not extremely rare with every country having a few of them. They would be able to successfully advance into the YuanYing stage, but the FenShen stage would be of little hope. Thus, only the Mystical Sky Yard would place an importance on them with no chance for them to go to the Mystical Sky Branch.

    As for someone like Han LingFeng, it would be good if she could even enter into the JinDan stage, with almost no chance of entering into the YuanYing stage. Thus, her treatment was even worse off than the previous 3.

    However, HongYing was different. Under normal circumstances, she would be able to easily breakthrough into the FenShen stage. From there, she would be able to enter into the LianXu or HeTi stage. If she had fruitious encounters, she even had the chance to become a DaCheng cultivator, becoming a supporting pillar of the sect.

    Such a talent was one which appeared only once every thousands of years and was considered extremely rare. Thus, they were precious and would be fought over by many sects. As long as one was able to find such a talent, they would definitely receive a large reward by the sect. Just a mere premature transfer was completely not an issue at all!

    Of course, the reason why the sect master and his wife chose to take HongYing away from here was not because they were afraid of Daoist HuoLong. In fact, the sect master alone was able to suppress Daoist HuoLong in terms of strength. If not, HuoLong would have been the sect master instead at that time.

    However, the 3 of them grew up together in the Mystical Sky Branch and were extremely close. Especially Daoist HuoLong and the First Lady, they had gratitude, grudges, goodwill and hatred. Thus, she just could not bear to see Daoist HuoLong and the sect master face each other in a battle.

    Obviously, she would not be able to persuade Daoist HuoLong to leave. Thus, she could only helplessly turn to her husband instead. Now, HongYing was also a foundational cultivator and would also require a teacher to guide her along. Plus, she would also require more precious materials in order to achieve a swift progression. But, this place was obviously insufficient to satisfy those requirements and they would have to go to the branch. Thus, it was still reasonable for them to leave now.

    Despite the sect master having the thought to stay back and fight with Daoist HuoLong, he was in the end unable to out talk his wife. Added to the fact that he could not bear to be separated from his daughter, he eventually agreed.

    But before they left, they were worried for Little Fatty. They knew that if he did not have their protection, he would definitely suffer here because of how much Daoist HuoLong hated him. Thus, they sect master and his wife decided to take Little Fatty together with them. The moment they reached the Mystical Sky Branch, Daoist HuoLong would be unable to do anything to him.

    Facing the good intentions of the sect master and his wife, Little Fatty was immediately placed in a dilemma. If he received this news before going to the Jade Green Screen, he would definitely agree without hesitation. He would be able to go to a better place to cultivate and accompany HongYing. What more could he ask for?

    But now, the problem was that stunning news that Little Fatty dug out from a disciple in the Jade Green Screen. That was the fact that his parents was betrayed by a mole resulting in them dying to an ambush.

    Being their son, how was he able to ignore the fact that his parents died such a wrongful death? Thus, he decided to resolutely reject the sect master and his wife’s good intention.

    Hearing Little Fatty reject them, the sect master and his wife was stunned. The fiery sect master immediately scolded in frustration, “Darn fatty, you dare to not give me face?”

    The First Lady immediately pulled the sect master back and began to persuade, “Child, although Daoist HuoLong isn’t a bad person by nature, he is an extremely narrow minded person. When you scammed him of his Five Element Essence Sword previously, you had already offended him greatly. While we are here, he wouldn’t dare to do anything. But the moment we leave, you wouldn’t be able to live your life out properly in here!”

    “Your disciple understands!” Little Fatty nodded helplessly, but still replied with resolution, “But, it is not that your disciple doesn’t understand your good intentions. It is that I have a compelling reason which I must stay here. I hope that both of you will understand!

    “What kind of bullshit reason, let me hear it?” The sect master immediately scolded, “If it is a good reason, I can even stay behind to accompany you!”

    But Little Fatty was unwilling to trouble others, thus he shook his head and said, “You should leave, I will settle my own issues!”

    “This darn brat!” As the sect master heard that, he immediately exploded.