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Chapter 167: Profit From Disaster

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 167: Profit From Disaster

    “Fatty bro!” The moment HongYing laid her eyes upon him, she immediately ran over to check on him.

    But before she even touched Little Fatty, ShuiJing shouted from behind, “Don’t touch him!”

    HongYing was startled, but still obediently stopped herself. With a worried expression, she asked in doubt, “I can feel the spiritual Qi movement in fatty bro’s body. He is obviously not dead and need treatment right?”

    “I know that he isn’t dead, but we cannot touch him now!” ShuiJing said seriously, “Can’t you feel that he is circulating the rampant spiritual Qi within his body right now? If we were to touch him now, he would most likely enter a state of cultivation deviation!”

    HongYing became frightened as she heard that and began to use her spiritual sense to scan him before crying out, “Aiyah! It is indeed the case! Fatty bro can actually still circulate his spiritual Qi at such a moment?”

    At this moment, Daoist HuoLong, the sect master and his wife also realised about that and revealed faces of shock.

    Daoist HuoLong then said in amazement, “A JinDan cultivator probably wouldn’t be able to withstand that final lightning strike, and even this old man would probably have to expend some effort before withstanding it. But this darn fatty who just entered the foundational stage is able to endure it with his body and isn’t dead? Goodness, what exactly is happening?”

    At this moment, the sect master did not have the mood to argue with Daoist HuoLong either and couldn’t help but say with a frown, “This matter is really too bizarre. I just can’t discern the reason for this!”

    “ShuiJing, do you know?” The First Lady asked.

    ShuiJing nodded her head calmly and said seriously, “If ShuiJing isn’t wrong, senior brother was using the spiritual Qi within the lightning tribulation to repair his body while using his own spiritual Qi to withstand against the tribulation. This ended up forming a cycle which protected his life!”

    “How is this possible?” Daoist HuoLong replied in shock, “How can someone absorb the energy from the lightning tribulation?

    “Of course it can be absorbed, but you must be able to absorb it!” ShuiJing said, “Senior brother Song’s cultivation method seems to be that of the 5 elements and yet not of the 4 elements. But it has the ability to absorb the five elements to convert it into his own strength. The lightning tribulation this time has all 5 elements within it which is suitable for him to absorb.”

    “But the problem is, that is a lightning tribulation. The energy of the lightning tribulation is extremely destructive, how would it allow you to absorb them? The moment it enters into your body, it would destroy all of your meridians and burnt you into crisp!”

    “It would naturally be the case for an ordinary person. But the problem is, the strength of senior brother Song’s body is the strongest I’ve ever seen. It is even stronger than a bodily cultivator at the same stage. Plus, he had obtained 3 Mystical Spiritual Fruits this time which further reinforced his meridians. Thus, allowing him to absorb the energy for the lightning tribulation.” ShuiJing then added, “But, the energy of the lightning Qi is indeed frightening. Thus, he would be unable to absorb it completely, leaving remnants of them to attack his body! But, thankfully the heavenly tribulation has already ended. Without any further lightning, the energy within his body would gradually become lesser and lesser before being totally suppressed by senior brother. The only thing he needs now is time!”

    “What you mean is to let him lie down here?” The sect master asked.

    “Yes, don’t move him. Just send someone from the sect to protect him!” As ShuiJing said that, she looked at Little Fatty before reluctantly raising her head up and say, “Senior uncles and aunt, when ShuiJing witnessed the majesty of senior brother’s heavenly tribulation, I gained some enlightenment in my heart. I’m afraid that the chance to breakthrough is right in front of my eyes. I need to go back to breakthrough to the foundational stage and cannot stay here any longer. I hope that you’ll understand!”

    “Go!” The sect master waved his hands before saying to HongYing, “Ying’er, you can also go. With that majestic sight, I believe that you also have some enlightenment in your heart right?”

    “En!” HongYing nodded her heads and said reluctantly, “But if I leave, who will take care of fatty bro?”

    “The both of us will take care of him personally!” The First Lady said with a smile, “The tribulation is indeed a mystical thing. Even we had several enlightenments from that. We can just find a spot here to continue comprehending our enlightenments!”

    “I also won’t leave!” Unexpectedly, Daoist HuoLong also found a place to sit in meditation.

    As the sect master saw that, he said with disdain, “You only know how to take advantage of my child!”

    Although Daoist HuoLong heard that, he decided to endure it without saying anything. He had indeed taken advantage of Little Fatty this time. You have to know, the heavenly tribulation is one of the most mystical thing in the world. It is extremely rare for an ordinary person to see it. Everyone who undergoes a tribulation will find a secluded place to prevent getting disturbed by other. As such, not many people will be able to witness a heavenly tribulation.

    This time, Daoist HuoLong, the sect master and his wife were able to witness the heavenly tribulation up close all thanks to Little Fatty. Be it the way the tribulation clouds were formed or the way the lightning was released, it all gave them new perspectives. Such a precious experience was more than enough to deepen their understanding towards the heavenly laws and would be extremely useful to their breakthrough in future.

    A bottleneck was the biggest barrier to a cultivator. Anything which could help a cultivator breakthrough the bottlenecks would make cultivators desire for them greatly. Thus, Daoist HuoLong rather accept the sarcasm of the sect master than to leave this place. After all, with the remaining presence of the heavenly tribulations here, it was the most useful for him to understand the heavenly laws.

    Seeing that the 3 seniors were not leaving and meditated here, ShuiJing and HongYing’s eyes also lit up. They then looked towards each other and decided to just cultivate right here on the spot.

    A couple of days later, 2 strong waves of spiritual Qi were given out. ShuiJing and HongYing then both advanced into the foundational stage. After they succeeded, they both did not hurry to celebrate but continued seating in meditation. First was to stabilise their cultivation, and the next was to guard Little Fatty.

    After a couple of days later, Little Fatty who was on the floor finally moved before getting up slowly. Following a couple of his actions, all of the black outer layer on his body dropped off, revealing a well built body.

    After hearing the movements, everyone opened their eyes. Following which, a naked well built man appeared in front of them. Especially the ferocious dragon, standing up straight and facing the sky as though it wanted to pierce through the heavens.

    “Ah~” HongYing and ShuiJing immediately let out a shriek before running away while covering their faces. Although the First Lady did not shout, she ran away with a reddened face. The only ones who were remaining were the awkward Daoist HuoLong, Little Fatty and the sect master.

    *Cough cough* Little Fatty hurriedly put on his clothes before saying in embarrassment, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it wasn’t on purpose!”

    “Hahaha, you definitely did it on purpose, I know it!” Daoist HuoLong said with a sarcastic laughter and flew away.

    At least the sect master was more understanding and did not blame Little Fatty. Instead, he said with a smile, “Ignore that old bastard. Laughing at you after taking advantage of you. He really does not have any conscience!”

    “Taking advantage of me?” Little Fatty asked in doubt, “How did he take advantage of me?”

    “Haha, I don’t think you know right? The heavenly tribulation is the most mystical thing in the world. It contains countless heavenly laws which would help any cultivator present to achieve some inspiration. HongYing and ShuiJing were able to breakthrough into the foundational stage because of your heavenly tribulation. Both of us husband and wife and Daoist HuoLong also gained a lot from it. All of this are all thanks to you!” The sect master said with a smile.

    “Oh, so this is the case!” Little Fatty said with a bitter laughter, “You guys gained benefits, but I was just unlucky. I was almost blasted to the point I was charred!”

    As the sect master heard that, he immediately asked seriously with a bewildered expression, “I say, Little fatty. You still dare to say that it was dangerous? Let me ask you, are you thinking straight? You refused to use your magical artifacts and tools but used your body to receive the tribulation. Are you seeking death?”

    “This~” As Little Fatty heard that, he was rendered speechless. Although he had a stomach full of grievance, he couldn’t possibly reveal his Natal Artifact right? Wouldn’t all of his secrets be exposed if that’s the case?

    Thus, Little Fatty could only bluff, “It is not that I don’t want to use my magical artifacts. It is just that….I forgot to bring it! Right, I forgot to bring it!”

    “What?” As the sect master heard that, he almost fainted. He then replied not knowing whether to laugh or cry, “There is actually someone who would run around without bring his magical artifact in this world?”

    “Just when I came out of cultivation, I received your summons. Because I was eager to meet you, plus the fact that the Mystical Sky Yard is so safe, I forgot to bring my magical artifact!” Little Fatty said helplessly, “How could I expect that I would meet a heavenly tribulation?”

    “Good, now you are blaming me, you’re good!” The sect master laughed bitterly and did not ask about this matter already. Then, he asked with concern, “Child, how are you feeling now?”

    “I feel extremely refreshed with all of my magical Qi fully recovered. I have even made some improvements!” As Little Fatty said that, he raised his hands out and cried out, “Earth Divine Lightning!”

    Following his voice, the Earth spiritual Qi of the surrounding thousand feet congealed in his palm. Under Little Fatty’s delicate control, it quickly formed a golden pearl, the Earth Divine Lightning!

    After he entered the foundational stage, Little Fatty already had the ability to form the divine lightning anywhere and anytime. Although something made so shortly would greatly affect the might of the divine lightning, the advantage was in its speed. He would not run out of divine lightnings and it was an extremely good attacking spell.

    Seeing how Little Fatty made an Earth Divine Lightning so easily, the sect master’s eyes lit up and laughed, “Good, Little Fatty. You are no longer a foundational stage rookie already. Even if you have not entered into the middle foundational stage, you are also at the peak of the elementary foundational stage. If you cultivate a little longer, you will definitely be able to breakthrough into the middle foundational stage. I did not imagine that you would profit from this heavenly disaster this time!”