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Chapter 166: A Narrow Escape

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 166: A Narrow Escape

    As the couple raised their heads up, they indeed saw that all 5 elements were present in the tribulation clouds. The five element lightning tribulation was said to be more special since all 5 elements could be combined into one to release a final Five Element Primordial Lightning, which was believed to be up to 10 times stronger than a normal lightning.

    Up until now, there were almost no cultivators who had managed to survive a five element lightning tribulation. In other words, Little Fatty was currently placed in a very bad situation.

    While the sect master and wife couple was worrying needlessly for Little Fatty, he still seemed to be singing leisurely. Finally, the tribulation clouds had been completely gathered, with lights beginning to flash within them.

    Following which, a red-coloured lightning around the size of a water bucket struck down like a dragon. Seeing the frightening might of the lightning, a small mountain would probably be flattened by it as well.

    But, facing this frightening blow, Little Fatty was completely unafraid. In fact, he could still say coldly, “Since it is red, it should be the Fire Divine Lightning. Let me use the Water Essence Sword to destroy you!”

    As he said that, Little Fatty purposefully displayed an elegant demeanour. With his left hand behind his back, his right hand activated his sword spell. Combined with the effect of the lightning rumbling above his head, Little Fatty really seemed like he was that high spirited and was able to completely ignore the lightning.

    However, despite the cool appearance of Little Fatty, the only thing he predicted wrongly was that his Water Essence Sword did not appear!

    In other words, Little Fatty displayed such a cool appearance for nothing at all. The moment he realised that the Water Essence Sword did not fly out in accordance to his commands, it was already too late.

    The Fire Divine Lightning which was released by the heavenly tribulations was extremely fast. It was still possible to defend against it if he had prepared beforehand. But now that something went wrong, he did not have the chance to make any adjustments. The thick lightning bolt mercilessly struck Little Fatty right on his head.

    After a loud bang, a series of explosions happened. The dust cloud generated from the explosion had completely covered his surrounding hundred odd feet. One could only vaguely see Little Fatty letting out a miserable shriek before landing flat on the ground.

    Seeing the situation, whether the sect master or his wife, HongYing and even ShuiJing were all badly shocked. The sect master even shouted out, “Darn fatty, what are you doing? You have to use your magical artifact, not your head!”

    Being a YuanYing cultivator, his roar could be heard by everyone in the surrounding hundreds of kilometres, including Little Fatty.

    But at this moment, Little Fatty had no choice but to suffer in silence. He was no idiot, and would naturally know that he needed to defend against the tribulation lightning with his magical artifacts. But the problem was that his Five Elements Essence Sword had all went on a strike. After Little Fatty was struck, he had tried a few more times to summon it, but to no avail.

    At this moment, the second bolt, Metal Divine Lightning had arrived. Helpless, Little Fatty had to use his final trump card as he roared, “Precious copper bell, come out and save me!”

    Little Fatty’s shout was very direct, but a pity it was to no avail either. The Metal Divine Lightning directly smashed onto his back with a sharp metal Qi pervading his body and rampaging through his meridians. It combined with the fire Qi which had entered previously, one burning him like fire and the other cutting him like a knife. The pain make him break out in cold sweat, almost crying out on the spot.

    But, this was not the thing which worried Little Fatty the most. It was actually why he just could not take out any of his treasures. The Five Element Essence Sword could be explained by the fact that it was in the hands of the nine beauties. But, the large copper bell was his own Natal Artifact, and it was impossible for him not to be able to summon it!

    With doubt in his mind, Little Fatty hurriedly activated all the other magical artifacts in his Natal Artifact before realising that he was unable to activate anything in his Natal Artifact. Unfortunately, Little Fatty had placed almost all of his wealth into his Natal Artifact.

    In such a scenario, Little Fatty was now in deep trouble! Having lost his treasures, he was akin to a lousy chicken who could only flap its wings. Helpless, he could only find something from the dimensional storage bag which he used for display. Finally, he took out a black iron sword, which was the broken sword he received from the sect. This had became the only sword which he had in his possession now.

    But obviously such a weapon would be completely unable to help him defend against the heavenly tribulation. The next Earth Divine Lightning which appeared was able to easily destroy this memorable black iron sword before yet again smashing mercilessly onto his head.

    In this way, Little Fatty had received 3 consecutive attacks, having 3 different foreign Qis entering his body. As though they were horses without their leashes, they stampeded through his meridians. The worst part was the fact that Little Fatty did not have the ability to purge them out and could only lay on the floor like a human vegetable.

    The moment he was paralysed, all of the various lightnings began to struck down at him as though he was a live sandbag. It was also lucky that he had a stunning physique. If not, any other person would have probably been dead by now.

    Despite the fact that Little Fatty could endure the lightning, the five elements spiritual Qi rummaging through his body was creating a large burden. Helpless, Little Fatty could only circulate his Primal Chaos Formula and attempt to convert all the Qi running amok through him into his own primal spiritual Qi.

    This was a task of paramount difficulty; not only did Little Fatty have to endure the impact of the lightning, he also had to endure the destruction of the five elemental Qi in his body. Plus, he had to be extremely careful while circulating his Qi in order to prevent cultivation deviation.

    Such a stringent requirement immediately made Little Fatty feel extremely miserable. It was only with his strong willpower and the mental state which had been tempered through his years of suffering that he managed to hang on without dying.

    When Little Fatty was struck to the point he could not even stand, everyone from afar became extremely worried for him as they could not ascertain his status. At this moment, nothing could be seen at where Little Fatty was receiving the heavenly tribulation. All that could be observed was the dust cloud which spanned across thousands of feet and debris which had been sent flying by the divine lightning. As for Little Fatty, there was completely no sign of him at all.

    “Aiyah, father, mother!” HongYing nervously pulled her parents’ hands and asked, “What is fatty bro doing? What happened? Why isn’t he using his magical artifact?”

    “How would I know!” The First Lady replied with an anxious expression. At the same time, she turned towards ShuiJing, hoping for a reason from her.

    On the contrary, ShuiJing shook her head helplessly and said, “I’m sorry, the heavenly tribulation is part of the cycle of heavenly laws and is far out of my divination capabilities. There is no way for me to know what is going on in a heavenly tribulation!”

    “Then how do you think pudgy boy is now?” The sect master asked anxiously, “Is his life in danger?”

    “The only thing we can be thankful about is that the heavenly tribulation is showing no signs of ceasing. That means that senior brother Song is still alive because the heavenly tribulation would not strike a corpse!” ShuiJing then frowned and continued, “But, the five element lightning tribulation is extremely infamous. If senior brother could use his magical artifacts, I would not be too worried about the tribulation. But seeing he did not take out anything and instead only relied on his body to endure the tribulation, I’m afraid something might have happened. Furthermore, this problem could obviously be fatal. No matter how strong senior brother’s body is, it would be highly unlikely for him to endure the heavenly tribulation, especially since this is the five element lightning tribulation! Although this may sound ugly, I’m afraid that senior brother Song is really in danger this time!”

    Hearing that, the First Lady’s face darkened. As for HongYing, tears rolled down her face as she said, “How could this happen? Why would this happen? Senior sister, you were the one who said that fatty bro isn’t one with a short life!”

    “I know!” ShuiJing could only say helplessly while letting out a bitter laugh, “But the problem is that fate is not something which can’t be changed. If certain special things are met, even the heavenly reincarnation cycles and causal effects in the world could be broken, much less a person’s fate! The five element lightning tribulation which senior brother met with this time is on a level which is able to affect his fate!”

    “But, I don’t want fatty bro to die!” HongYing said while crying bitterly.

    “Haiz, I also don’t wish for him to die. But this is life, and it cannot be changed by the might of humans!” ShuiJing said helplessly.

    “Hmph!” As the sect master heard that, he stomped furiously on the ground, forming a large crater to vent his unhappiness.

    But just at this moment, a weird sound entered into everyone’s ears, “Huhu, huhu, huhu!”

    The way it sounded, it was as if someone was snoring.

    Hearing that, the originally frustrated sect master was instantly enraged. He immediately scolded, “Which bastard is sleeping? My child is undergoing the tribulation and you still have the heart to sleep? You want to die?”

    As he said that, his eyes sent out 2 bright lights, sweeping the area to find the person snoring. However, even with him personally searching, he was still unable to find the source. Then, the snore sounded again, even louder than it was previously.

    This dignity of the sect master was challenged! The sect master was angered to the point he exploded on the spot, wanting to find the bastard for an explanation.

    Just at this moment, the First Lady actually held him back. Pointing to the front with a face full of amazement, she spoke, “The snores seemed to have came from there!”

    “Eh?” As the sect master heard that, he was completely stunned. The place the First Lady pointed at was precisely the place Little Fatty was undergoing his tribulation. That loud snore had actually suppressed the rumbling thunder and came out from the place where the sound of thunder was the loudest.

    At this moment, HongYing could not help but exclaim, “It’s fatty bro, he snores like that when he is taking a nap!”

    “This can’t be?!” As the sect master heard that, his eyes widened and said with a face full of shock, “This brat is able to sleep while undergoing a tribulation? This, this, just what is going on here?”

    Even Daoist HuoLong who was by the side was also at a loss for words. He could not help but rub the back of his head and say with a face full of doubt, “This darn fatty really has guts. Ever since PanGu created the universe, he is probably the only one who dares to sleep in a heavenly tribulation!”

    The First Lady then turned to look at ShuiJing, “Child, do, do you know what’s going on?”

    “I do not know what is going on, but~” ShuiJing could only say while making a face between bitterness and laughter: “It seems that senior brother Song isn’t suffering and is extremely confident!”

    “Really?” The First Lady could only mirror ShuJing’s expression while saying: “No matter how confident he is, he shouldn’t be sleeping right?”

    “Forget it, let us not make wild guesses!” ShuiJing said seriously, “Senior brother is undergoing a small tribulation which will not last more than an hour. We just need to wait a while more before having an answer!”

    “En!” As everyone heard that, they nodded their heads and continued to observe the proceedings.

    At this moment, a few strong cultivators in the Mystical Sky Yard noticed the commotion here and all flew over to take a look. But, they were all sent back, with the Sect Master giving an order that no one was to come here to make trouble.

    Apart from keeping Little Fatty’s affair a secret, it was also for the safety of the disciples. As the time goes on, the heavenly tribulation would only become more and more ferocious. The bolts of lightning were as thick as barrels, with the frequency of the lightning getting ever faster. The blast radius was also increasing to a few thousand feet, with the dust clouds billowing out for a few kilometres.

    If any random cultivator were to enter in by accident, not only would he be struck to death, even Little Fatty would have to endure another bout of lightning strikes. As such, the sect master naturally barred anyone from entering.

    Finally, the tribulation clouds seemed like it was decreasing after an hour, with more than three-quarters gone. But, the final tribulation cloud did not strike down blindly. Instead, it gathered together before forming a colourless lightning ball that flickered from time to time, which was the famous Five Element Primordial Lightning!

    The moment the large lightning ball was fully formed, it descended down like a meteor. Following the loud bang, a huge mushroom-like cloud appeared, causing an earthquake with its shockwaves radiating across a few kilometres!

    After the explosion, the skies became clear, without the sign of a single tribulation cloud. Obviously, the small tribulation had finally ended!

    Seeing that the tribulation clouds was gone, the sect master and his wife immediately took action and blew away the dust cloud surrounding the area. Then, they took HongYing and ShuiJing and entered the center of the explosion, witnessing a shocking scene!

    On the ground, there was a completely charred crater spanning a few thousand feet wide and few hundred feet deep. Many places had patches of blood, and there was lava which seemed to be flowing, with smoke being given off everywhere. The temperature of the air was high enough to boil an egg.

    However, in such a frightening environment, there existed a human-shaped figure in the center of the crater. His body was tall and sturdy, the only point being that he was completely burnt. After they walked in, they were even able to vaguely smell the fragrance of barbecued meat. Obviously, the only one who was able to appear here would be Little Fatty!