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Chapter 165: Five Element Lightning Tribulation

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 165: Five Element Lightning Tribulation

    Hearing this news, Little Fatty, ShuiJing and HongYing were also extremely shocked. It was a common fact that any heavenly tribulation was no child’s play! It was the greatest nightmare of cultivators! Above the YuanYing cultivators, there were 4 more stages: FenShen, LianXu, HeTi and DaCheng stage. Normally, when a cultivator reaches the DaCheng stage, he would have to endure the heavenly tribulation. If he succeeded, he would achieve ascension successfully. If he failed, he would be reduced to ashes right on the spot.

    Under normal circumstances, only 1 out of 10 DaCheng cultivators would successfully pass through the heavenly tribulation, with the rest being reduced to ashes! Even cultivators who cultivated for over tens of thousands of years and had a body full of spiritual artifacts could not defend against the heavenly tribulations. Just how scary was that? It is said that the heavenly tribulations had the ability to destroy the earth and would normally reduce the surrounding thousands of kilometres into rubble! A YuanYing cultivator was just like an ant in the face of the tribulation! Now that such a frightening thing was right above their head, how could they not be scared!

    HongYing immediately exclaimed in fright, “Ai yah yah, how is this possible? Don’t tell me there is a DaCheng senior on our mountain undergoing the tribulation?”

    “Impossible!” The sect master also finally calmed down and explained, “Looking at the radius of the tribulation clouds, it doesn’t seem to be extremely wide. Despite the stunning amount of spiritual Qi it contains, even I would be able to handle it with ease. This is definitely not the tribulation of a DaCheng expert!”

    “Ah? Apart from DaCheng experts, there are still others who would undergo the heavenly tribulations?” HongYing immediately asked in shock.

    “”That’s right!” The First Lady explained, “Normally, the heavenly tribulations are something which only DaCheng experts would go through. But, everything has its exceptions. If a cultivator cultivates an extremely high-grade cultivation method, then there may be a heavenly tribulation when he advances to the HeTi, LianXu or even FenShen stage! But, its might would be reduced, thus being called a small tribulation! The tribulation clouds above us now are most likely small tribulation clouds!”

    As HongYing heard that, she immediately gasped in surprise and said, “Aiyah, father, mother, don’t tell me you guys are the one going through the small tribulation?”

    “Nonsense, of course it wouldn’t be us.” The sect master said while laughing bitterly, “The small tribulation is something which happens right after advancement. We had advanced for over a hundred years already and we’ve long passed our tribulation time.”

    “Besides, you think too highly of your parents. Although our cultivation method is also considered mysterious, we would most likely only meet with a small tribulation at the HeTi stage. We are still far from that!” The First Lady replied with a bitter laughter.

    “Ah, if it isn’t you two, then who could it be? Senior uncle HuoLong? Or Senior aunt?” HongYing asked in doubt.

    The moment HongYing spoke, the sect master, his wife, and ShuiJing were stunned for a moment. Then, they simultaneously all looked towards Little Fatty in unison.

    Little Fatty immediately felt his hair stand from being stared at and could not help but ask, “What are you guys looking at me for? Don’t tell me you think it’s for me? I am only in the foundational stage.”

    As the sect master heard that, he said with a frown, “Indeed, I have never heard of a foundational cultivator going through a tribulation! I have not even heard of JinDan cultivators going through tribulations! As for YuanYing cultivators going through tribulation, that is only something that happens once every 10,000 years!”

    “But the problem is, the 4 of us YuanYing cultivators had already reached this stage for over a hundred years and have long passed the time for a tribulation!” The First Lady then said, “Recently, there haven't any other newly advanced JinDan cultivators either! The only one who advanced was you!”

    “Besides!” ShuiJing added, “The black air on your face is just too thick. It does not look like bad luck, but the baleful aura of a tribulation!”

    “Baleful aura of tribulation?” Little Fatty was first stunned before he asked, “What kind of thing is that?”

    “Before the heavenly tribulation descends, it would definitely generate some baleful aura, surrounding the cultivator receiving the tribulation. Only after the tribulation is over will the baleful aura be blown away by the tribulation.” ShuiJing explained, “Now, the baleful aura has already surrounded you and the heavenly tribulation would definitely follow you!”

    “Don’t joke around!” Little Fatty said with a face of disbelief, “I don’t believe I can be this unlucky, to the point I will get struck by lightning at the foundational stage!”

    “Senior brother, think about it. Why am I not able to calculate the reason for your catastrophe?” ShuiJing said while staring at Little Fatty, “This can be explained because of the heavenly tribulation. It is not part of the natural laws of this world, thus I’m unable to calculate it!”

    “This? There can also be other reasons?” Little Fatty said while shaking his head.

    “It isn’t possible for there to be other reasons!” ShuiJing said confidently, “I dare say that it is likely for you!”

    “But~” Just when Little Fatty wanted to say something, the sect master by the side had already stood up impatiently. He grabbed Little Fatty directly and began flying. At the same time, he said, “Whether or not it is you, we just have to test it!”

    As he said that, the sect master activated his sword light and flew a few thousand kilometres away to an empty patch of land. As he landed, the First Lady had also brought HongYing and ShuiJing over. At the same time, Daoist HuoLong had also arrived. He was also previously shocked by the tribulation clouds and wanted to ask the sect master what was going on. But, he saw them flying out and thus he also followed.

    After everyone landed, the sect master looked up and realise that the eye-like whirlpool in the tribulation clouds had indeed followed them and was aimed at Little Fatty’s head. He then said immediately, “Pudgy boy, you don’t have anything to say now right? The tribulation clouds had already followed you here!”

    Little Fatty naturally saw this situation as well, and he said with a depressed look, “It can’t be right, don’t tell me it is really me?”

    “Nonsense, apart from you, none of us here had made an advancement. Of course it has to be you!” Daoist HuoLong had already hated this darn fatty to the core. Seeing that he was able to activate the tribulation clouds, he was both envious and elated. Envious of Little Fatty’s luck to be able to cultivate such a powerful cultivation method. Elated to see Little Fatty’s end. The heavenly tribulation was not something for him to play around with. In history, not even half made it out from the small tribulation.

    The way Daoist HuoLong looked at it, Little Fatty had already used up all of his divine lightning in the Jade Green Screen. With just the broken Five Element Essence Sword, how would he be able to defend against the small tribulation? He would most likely be dead!

    Little Fatty was still a child after all and would naturally be terrified to face the small tribulation. Thus, he hurriedly pleaded to the sect master, “Sect master, can you allow me to go through the tribulation on the mountain? Can you use the sect protecting formation to help me?”

    “Don’t even dream about it!” Before waiting for the sect master and his wife to say anything, Daoist HuoLong immediately jumped out and yelled, “The heavenly tribulation is your own affair. If others were to interfere, the strength of the tribulation would also increase accordingly. If the sect protecting formation were to protect you, it would definitely be blown into smithereens. Don’t drag all of us down to die with you!”

    When the sect master and his wife heard that, they could only display a helpless expression.

    ShuiJing also gently persuaded, “Senior brother, you indeed cannot receive help for the heavenly tribulations. If not, it would become stronger and stronger, to the point it would kill all those that helped you before dissipating! This is the reason why every senior who underwent the heavenly tribulations did it alone. If they were to help each other, then everyone would be each other’s friends and there would be no trouble to pass the tribulations already.”

    “I understand!” Little Fatty shook his head helplessly. Then, he said with a bitter laughter, “It seems that catastrophe is going to fall on me today!”

    As Little Fatty said that, both the sect master and his wife revealed helpless expressions. HongYing dived right into Little Fatty arms and began crying. Only Daoist HuoLong stood by the side with a cold laughter.

    As for ShuiJing, she only smiled and said mysteriously, “Senior brother is too modest. I believe that you will easily pass the tribulations with your strength!”

    What ShuiJing said left everyone startled. HongYing then said in surprise, “Senior sister, is this reliable?”

    “Of course. Your senior brother is the luckiest person I’ve seen before. His life wouldn’t be so short!” ShuiJing then pulled HongYing and began walking towards the outside. As she walked out, she said to everyone, “The tribulation clouds is about to form. Let us all leave this place and let the senior brother go through the tribulation in peace!”

    The rest comforted Little Fatty before flying a few kilometres away, looking at Little Fatty from an adjacent mountain peak.

    When everyone left, Little Fatty plonked on the ground with no elegance at all and took out a bottle of wine from his Natal Artifact. As he drank, he began talking to himself, “The reason why junior sister is so confident in me is probably not just because of my luck but the large copper bell! It is said that the heavens do not deny one’s path. The might of the little tribulation should also be in accordance with the one receiving the tribulation. Even if my large copper bell isn’t an immortal tool but a spiritual artifact, it should be enough to defend against a foundational little tribulation!”

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty’s concern was gone and he began to drink happily. After he drank a few bottles of wine, he stared at the tribulation cloud and could not help but start singing.

    Seeing the situation from afar, the sect master and his wife could not help but nod to themselves.

    “Good brat, he is still able to sing in such a time. He possesses has a heroic spirit!” The sect master praised while twiddling with his beard.

    “Cheh, I think it’s just that he has been scared silly!” said Daoist HuoLong in disdain.

    The sect master immediately roared at him, “Bullshit, do you think my Pudgy Boy is like the useless things under your tutelage? Only knowing how to cry on the bed every day!”

    It was obvious that the sect master was referring to Peerless Sword Deity who was inflicted with the curse. He immediately managed to target the raw spot of Daoist HuoLong, who immediately retaliated, “That darn fatty of yours wouldn’t even know how to cry. He will definitely become a pile of ashes!”

    Hearing that, the First Lady retorted with a cold face full of displeasure, “Senior brother HuoLong, do you wish for my child to die so badly?”

    Seeing the First Lady’s anger, he immediately knew that he went overboard. But, he could not bring himself to apologise and thus added on, “I only said the truth. Look at the tribulation clouds in the sky, they have already separated into the 5 elements. A normal person would only endure 2 different elements at once. But this fatty’s tribulation actually has all five elements. Heh heh, this time, it is definitely enough for him to suffer!”