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Chapter 164: Great Catastrophe Befalls

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 164: Great Catastrophe Befalls

    Little Fatty was now impervious to ordinary magical tools. The Golden Eagle Sword which he once used would not be able to harm him in the slightest without the use of magical Qi! That was a 7th-grade magical tool which could slice through gold and jade!

    With such a strong body, what did Little Fatty have to be displeased about? Even if he was a little uglier, he would not mind either.

    In these two years, not only did his cultivation increase greatly, even the 9 servants under him experienced great improvements.

    The 5 sword cultivators were indeed at the completed FenShen stage. Using the materials which weren’t even high grade, they were able to repair the Five Element Essence Swords, refining them to become even stronger.

    As for the 4 nuns, they were not any weaker. Each of them refined a magical artifact: a Buddhist flying sword, golden Sarira, a pill furnace and a Vajra.

    Amongst the trash which Little Fatty collected, many were magical tools and a few were magical artifacts. As such, he did not have many high-grade materials on hand, inhibiting the abilities of the 4 nuns. Thus, the magical artifacts which they refined were not of a high grade. But, it was still much better than them fighting with their bare hands.

    Besides, Little Fatty’s large copper bell also had a thick wind copper layer around it. To collect the wind copper, they had dismantled the 30 wind copper puppets which Little Fatty had refined previously.

    As such, Little Fatty’s large copper bell could once again appear in front of others, allowing him to eat up tigers while pretending to be a pig. The most important thing was that the large copper bell gave him 7 more spiritual talismans to control 7 emotions: Joy, anger, worry, thought, grief, fear, and surprise.

    Although these 7 celestial sounds did not have any killing effect, they were able to control the emotions of others. To weaker opponents, Little Fatty would be able to make them cry or laugh as he wished to. Even to opponents who are a lot stronger than him, would still be momentarily influenced.

    Any small influence is not to be underestimated. When experts fight, a slight distraction could cause one to die. Thus, these Seven Celestial Sounds hold great utilities.

    After having repaired the Five Element Essence Swords, Little Fatty became an extremely strong existence even without his divine lightning. If anyone were to force him into a corner, he would be able to fight even a JinDan cultivator with his Nine Beauties Painting.

    With such a big harvest in 2 years, Little Fatty was extremely satisfied. The mundane life of bitter cultivation bored him, thus he decided to come out of cultivation this afternoon.

    After he came out from his Natal Artifact, he came to the largest point on his Serene Cloud Yard. Looking at the warm sunlight and plants around him, this celestial-like scenery made him cheerful.

    But, a strange thing immediately destroyed the good mood which he had. He suddenly felt his heart beating quickly as though something bad was about to happen, making him feel extremely worried. But, Little Fatty just could not understand what would make his heart beat so quickly.

    At this moment, a red sword light flew from the outside, which was a flying sword note. Little Fatty took it over and gave a cursory read. Then, he muttered to himself, “How did the sect master know that I am coming out today? He still asked me to see him immediately? How strange!”

    Indeed, the sect master was not a person who had the Plum Blossom Divination. Furthermore, Little Fatty did not inform him before either. In fact, he did not even know that he would exit his cultivation today prior to this. How would the sect master receive such an accurate news to the point he could send a message just 5 mins after he exited from cultivation.

    With this doubt, Little Fatty hurriedly rode on his Five Element Essence Swords and arrived at the courtyard. After he met the sect master and his wife, he immediately understood what happened. This was because ShuiJing was also standing beside them. She must have calculated that he would exit today and told them.

    Together with ShuiJing was HongYing. After not seeing them for 2 years, the both of them had matured and their strength increased to the peak of the XianTian stage. However, they were not as lucky as Little Fatty and was still stuck at the last bottleneck of the XianTian stage.

    The sect master and his wife had no significant changes, being the same after 2 years. But, Little Fatty still missed them a little, thus he immediately paid his compliments respectfully after arriving.

    Little did Little Fatty expect the sect master to be extremely anxious. He immediately waved his hands and stopped Little Fatty from paying his compliments and asked anxiously, “Pudgy boy, it is a good thing that you entered into the foundational stage. But why did you go create trouble for yourself?”

    “Me? Create trouble?” As Little Fatty heard that, he asked in bewilderment, “Sect master, I have been in close door cultivation these 2 years. I did not go out and cause any trouble.”

    “Really?” The sect master and his wife stared at each other once before saying, “If that’s the case, then why did your junior sister ShuiJing find us today morning and said that a catastrophe will befall upon you today?”

    “En?” As Little Fatty heard that, he looked at ShuiJing in doubt, “Junior sister, I’m going to have a great catastrophe today?”

    “Isn’t that obvious!” ShuiJing said seriously, “Your face is full of black air, and black clouds hover over you. Even little sister HongYing would be able to see that something is wrong!”

    Indeed, HongYing immediately nodded and said, “Yes yes, fatty bro, your face is so black. You really seem like you’re going to be in trouble!”

    “En!” The First Lady added as well, “That’s right, even someone like us who had never learned divination can tell!”

    “Really?” As Little Fatty heard that, he could not help but distractedly mutter, “I just exited from close door cultivation today. When I saw the great scenery, my mood had been very good. But for some reason, I just felt great apprehension in my heart. Could it be that something bad will really happen today?”

    “I’m afraid so!” ShuiJing said, “Your cultivation method is extremely mystical and it is also likely that it is able to detect any catastrophe that is about to befall upon to you!”

    Now, Little Fatty was completely anxious as he hurriedly replied, “Junior sister ShuiJing, can you help me calculate what kind of catastrophe it it?”

    “I’m sorry senior brother, this little sister has tried before but it is extremely nebulous. Apart from knowing that you are going to be in trouble today, I cannot calculate any other things!” ShuiJing replied helplessly.

    “Ah?” As Little Fatty heard that, he anxiously said, “With the aid of the Mystical Tortoiseshell and World Coin, calculating something like that should be something easy for you right? Why are you not able to calculate it?”

    “This little sister had only learned the Lesser Plum Blossom Divination. Although I am able to calculate more things with the 2 spiritual artifacts, there are still limitations!” ShuiJing frowned and explained, “To put it simply, there are 3 different scenarios which I am not able to calculate. First, would be the actions of the demons outside of this world. I am only able to calculate the matters within this world. Anything out of this world would be out of my abilities!”

    “I don’t think it would be the demons who are out of this world!” The sect master said with certainty, “It isn’t easy for them to enter this world and they would not do that just to deal with a foundational fellow!”

    “That’s right, then what is the other scenario?” The First Lady asked.

    “The second is that I am unable to calculate the actions of those who are too far above my abilities. For me, only a cultivator at least of the FenShen stage would be beyond my calculations!” ShuiJing replied.

    “That is even more impossible!” The sect master said immediately, “Which FenShen cultivator would still remain here? It is even more impossible for them to seek trouble with Little Fatty!”

    “En!” The First Lady nodded and asked, “Then what is the last scenario?”

    “That would be if someone is using a secret technique to prevent me from calculating!” ShuiJing said with a frown, “But according to what I know, it would be rare to see someone able to use such secret techniques even amongst FenShen cultivators! Besides, obstructing the natural cause and effect of the world would also drag them into the cycle and is an extremely dangerous thing to do. If there is really someone this powerful who had a vengeance with senior brother, then all he had to do would be to come here and kill him. There was no need to risk using such a dangerous secret technique! Thus, I deduce that this is also not likely.”

    “All 3 possibilities are unlikely, then what could it be?” Little Fatty asked in doubt.

    “Could it be that you’re worrying too much?” The sect master said with a frown, “Pudgy boy is right in front of my right now. In our Mystical Sky Yard, I would be able to deal with FenShen cultivators with the sect formation even if they were to come here. What kind of trouble could he possibly have?

    As everyone heard that, they began to nod their heads in agreement. Indeed, being one of the strongest sects in the Vast Mountains, how were they so easily provoked? The sect protecting formation had been reinforced continuously over the past millenniums. It was more than enough to endure against the attacks of the various sects. In an area as safe as this, it can be said that nothing in this world would be able to harm Little Fatty. What kind of a catastrophe could he have? Everyone was completely puzzled.

    But just at this moment, there was a sound of thunder in the skies. It was an earth-shaking thunder right when the skies were still bright. The loud sound of the thunder shook everyone awake.

    At this moment, everyone felt that something was wrong and they all began to look up. My goodness! The originally cloudless sky suddenly changed quickly and was replaced by endless storm clouds obfuscating the whole area before finally gathering to a final spot. It formed into a black whirlpool as though it was an eye! But, this eye stopped just right above Little Fatty’s head!

    Seeing this strange cloud, the sect master and his wife’s expressions changed as they exclaimed together, “Tribulation clouds, someone is going to undergo heavenly tribulations!”