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Chapter 163: Foundational Cultivator

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 163: Foundational Cultivator

    As such, Little Fatty unknowingly became famous. But, his fame was a little too big, and definitely a little too dangerous!

    Now there were plenty of cultivators who surrounded the boundaries of the Mystical Sky Yard waiting to take care of him. Amongst those with bounties, it’s either they had a strong backing or spiritual artifacts and were difficult to deal with. Only Little Fatty was an exception, the only thing he had was his divine lightning which could be considered to be of some threat. But in the Jade Green Screen, he had already his reserves of divine lightning. Without the divine lightning to rely on, he naturally became the target of everyone.

    Without a doubt, the moment Little Fatty dared to step foot outside of the Mystical Sky Yard, he would most likely be surrounded by tens of cultivators, which may even include JinDan cultivators. This was actually natural, not only was a good magical artifact expensive, the key was that it was difficult to refine and thus rare. Obviously, many weaker JinDan cultivators set their sights on Little Fatty after hearing of the bounty.

    It was a pity Little Fatty was a lot more crafty that they had expected. He already expected that to happen, thus he simply decided to just delve into bitter closed-door cultivation. He was preparing to attempt breaking into the foundational stage, and naturally, would not be bothered come out. He would just let those people wait for him slowly since they were not able to come in anyway!

    As compared to the storm outside, the Mystical Sky Yard seemed to be exceptionally peaceful. But in reality, the undercurrents within the Mystical Sky Yard was even greater.

    The reason for that was mainly because the juniors of Daoist HuoLong’s camp were all eliminated. Originally, the sect master and his wife had an upper hand with regards to the stronger disciples, but their younger disciples were not as talented. As such, in the 4 elites of the Mystical Sky Yard, 3 of them came from Daoist HuoLong’s camp and one from Celestial MeiHua. There were no representatives from the sect master’s camp.

    If things were to continue developing as such, then the strength of Daoist HuoLong’s camp would definitely increase greatly after hundred years later, which would be sufficient to suppress the sect master and his wife.

    However, this original perfect scenario was completely reversed after the Mystical Spiritual Fruit hunt. Of the 3 elites under Daoist HuoLong, Mu ZiRong was injured by Little Fatty and needed to recuperate for 10 years. Because of this, she was demoted from a 1st class to 2nd class talent. Following which, was Little White Dragon, who died in the Jade Green Screen. Finally, despite Peerless Sword Deity coming out, he had the revenge curse on him. Every day, he could only lay in bed crying out in pain and agony. But the worst thing was the fact that he could not die. It was obvious that the sect master of the Thousands Desire Sect had no intentions of letting him go so easily. Without torturing him for a few decades, he would definitely not allow Peerless Sword Deity to take the easy way out.

    As such, the 3 elites under Daoist HuoLong was finished. On the contrary, the sect master now had 2 talented disciples. There was naturally nothing to talk about HongYing, not only did her talent far surpass her peers, she even obtained the Phoenix Crying Blade. With just her alone, she would be enough to compete with the 3 elites under Daoist HuoLong.

    Plus, there was another darn fatty who could use divine lightning at the XianTian stage. Thinking about how he was scammed of his Five Element Essence Sword with a broken bell, Daoist HuoLong could only feel his heart bleeding!

    Being a cultivator, the second most important thing would be their own lineage. But, the originally leading Daoist HuoLong had suddenly lost the edge. Theoretically, he could still find more geniuses to cultivate. But in reality, this road was extremely difficult.

    The reason why a genius was called as such was because they were favoured by the heavens and were extremely rare. Every year, the Mystical Sky Yard would send out a lot of disciples to search in the secular realm for geniuses. After searching through many countries and for many years, they were only able to find two people who could barely be called geniuses, which were Peerless Sword Deity and Little White Dragon.

    Under normal circumstances, these two disciples should have been given to the sect master and his wife. After all, among the bloodlines of Daoist HuoLong, there was already a Mu ZiRong. But, Daoist HuoLong made used of the fact that the sect master and his wife were in close door cultivation to usurp power and made those two disciples his. Only with these despicable actions did he barely manage to have 3 elites.

    But now, all of his hard work had completely been ruined. How was he able to accept this matter? But, apart from Mu ZiRong who he could pin the blame on Little Fatty, the other 2 disciples were just suffering from their own doings. Besides, he did not know that Little White Dragon actually died in Little Fatty’s hands, thus unable to even pin his death as an excuse against Little Fatty himself.

    Helplessly, Daoist HuoLong could only drink his sorrows away. His temper also became extremely short and became displeased with every disciple of his. The moment he did that, everyone under him also understood his intentions and drew a clear line with those from the sect master’s camp in order to protect themselves. As such, despite the fact that they did not fight, the atmosphere also turned extremely tense.

    The sect master and his wife could also naturally detect the strange occurrences. However, despite the fact that they felt Daoist HuoLong was trying to make a demonstration of might to them discreetly, they also had their hands tied. At this moment, they would definitely not show their weakness and could only make preparations as precautions.

    This resulted in the atmosphere between the two camps becoming extremely strained. Ever since they returned from the Jade Green Screen, the rewards for Little Fatty and the rest were also delayed. At least, HongYing, Little Fatty, and ShuiJing were all in closed door cultivation and could not be bothered with this matter temporarily, thus delaying the matter until they came out from cultivation.

    Just when there was a large storm brewing on the outside, Little Fatty just timidly hid in cultivation. In his Natal Artifact, with saturated spiritual Qi and treasures, became a haven for cultivation.

    At this moment, Little Fatty’s cultivation just entered the 13th XianTian stage. Despite the fact that he could not be compared to the brilliance of Han Bing’er, HongYing and ShuiJing, it was still considered extremely stunning. Especially if one took into account the speed of his progression these few months, it could be described as a triple jump.

    Just a mere two months ago, he was just a 10th XianTian cultivator that barely made the cut for the sect competition. At that moment, no one would expect anything from this fat looking person. However, Little Fatty made his fame through a series of events and his stunning performance. First, his battle with ShuiJing that ended up in dual cultivation; not only did the both of them advance a level, they even helped the hundreds of people there receive a breakthrough in their understanding of the heavenly laws.

    Then, Little Fatty killed Tu QianCheng. Although he suffered heavy injuries, he completely recovered with a Mystical Sky Pill from HongYing. This elixir which was meant for a YuanYing cultivator had an extremely strong medicinal effect and had an abundance of spiritual Qi within it. Not only did it treat Little Fatty’s injuries, it even helped him to advance into the 13th XianTian stage from the 11th XianTian stage!

    In actual fact, it was not rare for people to improve their cultivation with the use of elixirs in the cultivation. But, such a method was not widely proliferated. Firstly, elixirs which could directly increase one’s spiritual Qi were just too rare and expensive. Like the Mystical Sky Pill which Little Fatty used was meant for YuanYing cultivators to treat their injuries. In a hundred years, only a few of them could be made; even YuanYing cultivators would treat them as a treasure and would naturally not give it to their juniors for cultivation.

    The other reason was because such a method could only increase their spiritual Qi but not their understanding of the heavenly laws. If they did not have enough understanding of the heavenly laws, just having spiritual Qi might not be for the best. Many times, it may even be a bad thing. An excessive amount of spiritual Qi would not be easy to control. In worse cases, it may also result in a damage of one’s meridians or even death.

    Thus, cultivators would normally not eat elixirs with medicinal effects which are too strong. They would only eat some assistive elixirs during cultivation. These pills would also increase their spiritual Qi but were considered much milder in nature. Their effects were not as violent, and would not result in one losing control of their spiritual Qi.

    (TL/N: The author seems to have contradicted himself here. He mentioned previously that there weren't any elixirs to increase spiritual Qi but yet it appears here.)

    Little Fatty’s case could also be counted as an exception. Being just too worried for him, HongYing just fed him any good stuff she could think of. In the end, this resulted in his cultivation increasing greatly. However, if it was any other person, he would have been crippled even if he did not die. It was only because Little Fatty’s body that he managed to forcibly endure the large increase in his cultivation. Coupled with his understanding of the heavenly laws, he did not meet with any bottlenecks in cultivation and managed to enter into the 13th XianTian stage in a single breath.

    Apart from increasing the size of the meridians, the Mystical Spiritual Fruits which Little Fatty was about to consume would also be able to increase his cultivation. After all, this was a spiritual fruit which was only harvested once every few hundred years. The amount of spiritual Qi within it was not something to be fooled around with. Despite being useless to stronger cultivators, it was still able to increase the cultivation of a XianTian cultivator by a large margin.

    Of course, a normal person would only afford to consume one of it in any given circumstances. Even counting Little Fatty whose wealth was extreme and possessed 3 of them, would not consume all 3 of them at once, instead choosing to consume them one at a time.

    The Mystical Spiritual Fruit was a green fruit about the size of an egg and had a fragrance which could penetrate deeply into one’s soul. After eating the fruit, he immediately felt a wave of heat rising up from his abdomen. He did not dare to delay and hurriedly circulated his Primal Chaos Formula, sending the wave of heat towards the meridians all over his body.

    This heat was extremely violent, making all the meridians it passed feel like they were on fire. The longer he circulated his spiritual Qi, the more he felt like he was spontaneously combusting. Only after a long time and many circulations did the heat slowly die down. Fortunately, Little Fatty had a resolute and firm temperament and was able to endure the pain.

    Only after 3 months did he finally absorb this wave of heat fully. His meridians also increased slightly in size, but what made Little Fatty the most disappointed was that his meridians did not increase in size by even 10%. As compared to the 20% of the others, it was obviously quite a lot lesser. Even the amount of magical Qi it increased couldn’t measure up to what was said in the legends. This made Little Fatty extremely puzzled as he thought to himself, ‘Don’t tell me I got a counterfeit? Or is the Mystical Spiritual Fruit too young?’

    With doubts in his heart, Little Fatty recovered himself to his peak and consumed another Mystical Spiritual Fruit. But, there was was no difference in effect, with only the effect being even weaker. After 3 months of torture, he did not even have a 10% increase in the wideness of his meridians.

    Frustrated, Little Fatty ate the 3rd Mystical Spiritual Fruit. After yet another 3 months of bitter cultivation, he realised that his meridians only widened by 20% and his magical Qi barely made it to the peak of the 13th XianTian stage. Plus, this was the effect after he used countless of assistive treasures and a large amount of five elements pure water. Obviously, if he did not have all of these things, his magical Qi would not have made much progress in this 9 months.

    After finding out that all 3 Mystical Spiritual Fruits were a far cry from the legend, Little Fatty finally realised that this may not be the fault with the Mystical Spiritual Fruit but with himself. After cultivating the Primal Chaos Formula, his body became extremely strong, even comparable to that of a demonic beast and could not be compared to an ordinary cultivator. The strength and wideness of his medians must have also been greatly increased thus reducing the effect of the Mystical Spiritual Fruit. Compared to increasing the width by 30% of others, the fruit was only able to increase the width of his meridians by 20%.

    Once he understood that, Little Fatty immediately felt better in his heart. He knew that the Mystical Spiritual Fruit had still helped him greatly and increase the gap in potential between him and his peers. In the coming days of cultivation, it would definitely make his life much easier.

    As his mood got better, Little Fatty began to engage in bitter cultivation again. Finally, after a few months later, he broke through the final barrier and entered into the foundational stage!

    After succeeding, Little Fatty felt as though he came into another world with endless primal chaos. There was no skies, no earth, no stars, and no sun. There was only a whole big patch of greyness. In that state, he managed to perceive plenty of mystical heavenly laws, forming his foundation easily with a flash of inspiration. As for bottlenecks, he completely did not meet with one.

    (TL/N: The foundational stage is like the ZiFu stage in other novels. It basically requires the cultivator to set their foundation.)

    Even though he became a foundational cultivator, Little Fatty did not come out from cultivation immediately. Instead, he cultivated for another few more months to stabilise his cultivation.

    After 2 years of bitter cultivation, not only did his cultivation improve greatly, his body was also changed greatly.

    Normally, a person’s appearance would change according to the cultivation method he was cultivation. Some devil cultivators would become ugly, fierce, with many different kinds of changes. But, a righteous cultivator would usually change towards looking more like a celestial being.

    After 2 years of bitter cultivation, Little Fatty took a look in the mirror and almost fainted. In the mirror, he saw his face full of resolution and his sharp eyes, but completely lacking the charisma of a celestial being. No matter how he looked, he looked like an antique which was pulled out from the soil.

    Furthermore, Little Fatty’s figure also became bigger. In the past, he was 7 feet tall; now, he was 7 and a half feet tall. With broad shoulders and a big belly, all of the muscles of his body increased greatly in size. The thickness of his arms was akin to the thickness of a normal person’s thigh. He was well built to the point he did not seem like a human. As he stood naked, the number of muscles on his body was more than enough to scare someone into shock. But after he put on his clothes, everyone would say that he was a big fatty from the size of his belly. There was just no one who could imagine that muscles could be built to such a state.

    Although his appearance did not look good, the strength of his body was extremely frightening. After Little Fatty became a foundational cultivator, he was able to crush black iron with just the strength of his body! Just how much strength would that require? It would at least require the strength of a tens of thousands of catties.