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Chapter 161: Bed Battle With LingFeng

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 161: Bed Battle With LingFeng

    “Child, let me ask you, why were you able to use Han Bing’er’s Divine Ice Soul Sword?” The First Lady asked with a frown.

    Hearing the question, Little Fatty inwardly heaved a sigh of relief. Then, pointing towards ShuiJing, “I don’t know, ask her. Junior sister ShuiJing recommended me to do it!”

    When she heard that, ShuiJing did not know whether to laugh or cry. How could she not tell that Little Fatty was taking revenge for her taking his Mystical Spiritual Fruit? She could only reply while bitterly laughing, “Senior brother, I am only able to calculate that you are able to use the Divine Ice Soul Sword. I’m not sure of the reason either!”

    “Then how would I know?” Little Fatty continued bitterly, “Don’t tell me you think that I would be more knowledgeable than you?”

    What Little Fatty could indeed be considered the truth. ShuiJing’s cultivation method was considered to be extremely broad. Thus, it required her to read a lot of books. It can be said that the two most knowledgeable people in the Mystical Sky Yard were ShuiJing and her master. If they did not know something, how could someone like Little Fatty know?

    When the sect master and wife heard that, both of them immediately frowned. Obviously, they were extremely curious about this matter. But seeing Little Fatty’s and ShuiJing’s response, it did not seem like they were lying. Helpless, they did not pursue the matter any further. Instead, they changed the topic to YuFeng and the Nine Beauties Painting.

    HongYing was naturally clueless, as for ShuiJing and Little Fatty, the both shook their heads and lied blatantly. But, despite their firm responses, what kind of people were the sect master and his wife? How could they not tell the that there were subtleties hidden within this matter after being alive for so long?

    Just like what everyone guessed, the sect master and his wife deeply suspected ShuiJing. This was because only she had the capability to defeat YuFeng. Even Han Bing’er with the Divine Ice Soul Sword would not be likely to win against YuFeng. Only ShuiJing who had the ability to calculate the future could have the chance to ambush him, leading to his death.

    However, ShuiJing firmly denied that she ambushed YuFeng. The key was that she said that she did not know who ambushed YuFeng and was not sure about the whereabouts of the Nine Beauties Painting. This was something that was just far too dubious. ShuiJing wasn’t just anybody you could find on the streets. It would not be surprising if someone else feigned ignorance. But, for someone who was able to perform divination, how could she not know?

    Even if she did not know anything, all she had to do was to raise your hands and calculate. No matter what, you would have some clues at least. But now, she actually said that she was ignorant thrice! This was obviously just an excuse. Putting up such a performance was as good as telling the sect master and his wife that she knew everything but just did not want to say it.

    If it was anyone else, the sect master and his wife would probably use all sorts of methods from the lure of rewards to torture to find out. But, to ShuiJing, they could not bother too much. As such, they assumed that the Nine Beauties Painting had landed to her hands and that she did not want to give it to the sect.

    Although this matter was not appropriate, but it would not be good for them to say anything on account of her master’s face. Thus, they arranged a good resting place for ShuiJing after chatting a while more and instructed them to take their leave.

    When Little Fatty left the courtyard, he did not return to his own residence immediately. Instead, he went to the outer courts and found Little Monkey in a cave within the Sky Ravine.

    After a period of absence, they were naturally extremely excited to meet each other again. Little Fatty casually threw him a bottle of wine and said, “Why, don’t know me already?”

    “What nonsense are you talking about!” Monkey replied emotionally, “Fatty bro, you are finally back. This time, you encountered a great battle at the Jade Green Screen right? I heard that the giant boat of our sect was almost destroyed!”

    “Yeah!” As Little Fatty heard that, he could not help but say with a bitter laughter, “There were over 10 YuanYing and over 30 JinDan cultivators from both the devil and righteous sects. A complete large scale battle royale! That scene was sky shaking! The surrounding hundred kilometres was completely ruined! Even a sturdy giant magical artifact could not take the damage. Our magical artifact is considered to be on the better end and is only seriously damaged but is still able to return. One of the boats of the devil cultivators was almost reduced to dust. The pavilion of the Jade Pearl Pavilion was even damaged to the point it could not move, almost as good as being crippled!”

    “Woah, then are you okay Fatty bro?” Monkey immediately asked with concern.

    “I’m alright, with the seniors guarding us, I wasn’t injured!” Little Fatty vaguely replied then asked, “How are you recently?”

    “I’m fine!” Monkey hurriedly replied, “My cultivation is going according to how I expect it and there is no one bullying me. It is just that I miss you sometimes!”

    “Haha, that’s easy, when you enter the inner courts, then us brothers can be together!” Little Fatty immediately said with a smile.

    “Inner courts?” As Monkey heard that, he immediately replied bitterly, “Fatty bro, don’t over praise me. I am very clear of my own talents. Even with the spiritual stones which you provide, I will still require a few decades to enter into the foundational stage!”

    “Not necessarily!” Little Fatty smiled, lifted his wine bottle and said, “Down it in one shot!” As he said that, he began drinking all of the wine with Monkey following him as well.

    Then, he threw out 3 jade boxes to Monkey. With his quick reaction, Little Monkey grabbed it before asking curiously, “Fatty bro, what is this?”

    “Do you still need to ask? What did I go and do this time?” Little Fatty asked while bitterly laughing.

    “Ah?” Monkey was also not stupid. The moment Little Fatty said that, he immediately understood and replied quickly, “Don’t tell me this is the Mystical Spiritual Fruit?”

    “That’s right, 3 of them is the limit. Your meridians can be widened up to 30% after you eat them. Your cultivation speed would also increase along with it. As long as you are hardworking, you can definitely become a foundational cultivator in less than 10 years!” Little Fatty encouraged.

    “How can this be?” As Monkey heard that, he was moved to the point tears rolled down his cheeks and he hurriedly said, “Fatty bro, this thing is too precious, I cannot accept this. If I take it, what about you?”

    “Cheh!” As Little Fatty heard that, he twitched his lips in disdain, “You underestimate me too much! I have plenty of this stuff!”

    Even as he spoke, he took out 6 jade boxes and said to Monkey, “Look, I not just have enough, I even prepared some for senior sister Han!”

    “Fatty bro~” As Monkey saw that, he did not say any words regarding rejection. Tears just continued to roll down his cheeks. You have to know, this was not an ordinary fruit. It was something which cultivators would fight to the death for. If not, it would not have resulted in the great battle between the devil and righteous cultivators. It also would not end up forcing the two parties who were at odds with each other to come up with such an event. Not only was this thing precious, it was something that could only be obtained through fighting with his life on the line! It can be said that the 3 boxes did not only represent value but also Little Fatty’s thoughts and effort.

    Little Fatty understood Monkey’s current heart, and patted him on the shoulders, “Good brother, don’t need to say anything else. Drink!”

    “Good!” As Monkey heard that, he immediately kept the jade boxes and said, “Fatty bro, I offer a toast to you!” As he said that, he finished the whole bottle in a single breath.

    Seeing that, Little Fatty definitely did not want to fall behind and also finished a bottle. Then, both of them began to drink unrestrainedly.

    Once they started drinking, they only stopped in the dead of night. The results were that Monkey could not beat Little Fatty and was left completely drunk like a dead pig on the floor. Little Fatty settled him in with a laugh and left behind a dimensional storage bag. In the bag was a large amount of spiritual stones, five elements pure water and some elixirs for Monkey to cultivate peacefully.

    After Little Fatty left Monkey, he began collecting a large amount of trash into his Natal Artifact for him to continue disassembling the various materials. Only after that did he finally return to his own residence the Serene Cloud Yard.

    As Little Fatty entered with smelling full of alcohol, he saw a white dressed lady waiting for him in the yard. With a single look, he immediately knew it was Han LingFeng.

    At this moment, Little Fatty was already tipsy and was full of lust. When he saw the mesmerizing Han LingFeng, the lust in his body was immediately ignited.

    Without saying anything else, he grabbed her and rushed into the room.

    “Ai yah!” Being frightened by Little Fatty, Han LingFeng could not help but shout, “Darn fatty, what are you doing?”

    “Doing what I love the most!” Said Little Fatty with a cunning laughter as he removed her clothes.

    “Ah~” In a moment of distraction, she found herself already completely peeled naked by Little Fatty’s large hands. Although they were already considered old timers, she was still not used to it. Thus, she could not help but say in embarrassment, “Darn fatty, did you drink too much?”

    “Drink too much, that’s for sure. But this would definitely not affect my strength!” As Little Fatty said that, his body jerked and all of his clothes was blasted away. Then, he said to Han LingFeng with his chest raised up high, “Senior sister, come! I will definitely let you die from pleasure!” As he said that, he ignored all of the objections from Han LingFeng and pounced at her, immediately attacking.

    “Ah~!” Han LingFeng could not help but let out a scream of pain in the start, but after that, it became moans of pleasure. Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, she could only say: “Darn fatty, I will be killed by you eventually!” As she said that, she relaxed her body and allowed Little Fatty to do what he wanted.

    “Heh heh, then let us die together!” Little Fatty laughed lecherously and continued attacking. In that moment, the room was completely filled with moans and panting, making one extremely envious!

    After an hour of ’hard battle’, Little Fatty was finally satisfied. As for Han LingFeng, she could no longer catch her breath. She could not even raise her legs, only lying on the bed and panting.

    “Baby, did you feel good?” Even after Little Fatty was satisfied, he still had the mood to caress her.