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Chapter 160: Heaven Shaking Sword

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 160: Heaven Shaking Sword

    The experts of the devil sects were not pushovers either. The moment they saw that their disciples were in trouble, they unleashed devil spells, blocking any follow-up attacks of that cultivator. The JinDan disciples behind him then retreated back into the clouds. If they were given a blink of an eye, the black cloud would be restored completely. At that moment, even the YuanYing cultivator would not be able to kill them in a single hit, being only able to split the clouds at the very best.

    However, in the instant that this opening was revealed, a loud phoenix cry sounded. This phoenix cry was out of the ordinary and pierced through the whole battlefield the moment it sounded. It suppressed all of the sounds in the battlefield, including the explosions of lightning spells.

    This strange phoenix cry naturally attracted the attention of everyone present. Following which, they only saw a swift gold light flashing in the sky. Following which, the heads of both the JinDan cultivators immediately detached from their heads, with the blood spurting out a few feet high and their bodies falling to the ground. Only after they died did the lights of their protective magical artifacts slowly fade away.

    Witnessing this scene, everyone could not believe their eyes. In fact, many people began to shout out, “Impossible!”

    Indeed, under normal circumstances, this would be impossible. Everyone knew that the golden light and phoenix cry definitely came from the Phoenix Crying Blade. But, this item was in the hands of a XianTian HongYing and it was impossible for her to behead 2 JinDan cultivators in a single attack with her XianTian strength. This was like a chicken biting two wolves to death in a single bite, which was a completely ridiculous notion.

    Although this could happen theoretically, the condition would be for the JinDan cultivator to first reveal an opening. Plus, HongYing had to catch the opening as well. The problem was, achieving this was just too difficult. Not to mention a XianTian cultivator, even a YuanYing cultivator would not be able to predict that their opponent would reveal an opening at that very instant. If one could not predict the opening, it was impossible for one to grasp the brief window of time.

    Despite the fact that everyone knew of ShuiJing’s ability of divination, they just could not imagine her calculating the opponent’s opening in a chaotic battlefield like this. Be it the devil or righteous cultivators, they were all extremely baffled at this successful ambush!

    Before their shock faded, yet another shocking matter happened.

    First was Daoist HuoLong’s sword light smashing towards old man Feng’s magical artifact, unleashing a strong shock wave to the point the disciples behind them were all blown away. Especially the 4 JinDan cultivators, they were shocked to the point their protective cover revealed a small opening.

    Under normal circumstances, that wouldn’t even be considered to be an opening. Before even a single blink, the opening would be restored. But today, the opening which could rarely be considered an opening had bereaved off a person’s life!

    Before this opening appeared, Little Fatty and Han Bing’er filled the Divine Ice Soul Sword with their spiritual Qi under ShuiJing’s command. At the same time, they shouted together, “Chaotic Ice Soul Slash!”

    A hazy divine light erupted out from the Divine Ice Soul Sword and formed an extremely sharp sword Qi. With an imposing grandeur, it avoided the obstruction of 2 magical artifacts and smashed towards the protective light on the JinDan cultivators through the opening.

    Despite the fact that the last protective light was extremely tough, to the point where ordinary foundational cultivators could not break it, it was completely unable to stop the Chaotic Ice Soul Slash at all. It was instantly destroyed under the sharp sword Qi. Before the 2 JinDan cultivators had a chance to scream, they were frozen solid and smashed into ice dust by the vortex created by the sword Qi!

    Such a frightening attack was already extremely shocking. But what was really shocking was at the back. After the Chaotic Ice Soul Slash finished off both the JinDan cultivators, it seems as though it wasn’t exhausted at all and was still extremely sharp. Seeing that, Han Bing’er who was controlling the slash decided to go all out. With a thought, the sword light sprinted towards the YuanYing cultivator, the elder of the Thousand Desires Sect, old man Feng!

    Han Bing’er was a XianTian cultivator after all but had the guts to attack a YuanYing cultivator. As everyone present saw that, they were all dumbstruck. They didn’t know if she was confident or just seeking her death.

    As for Little Fatty, he was frightened to the point his face turned green. Being the one to provide the spiritual Qi, any recoil would also have to be endured by him. Although the might of the Divine Ice Soul Sword was enough to protect him greatly, it probably wouldn’t feel good to get attacked by a YuanYing cultivator right?

    Just as Little Fatty was thinking about that, the Chaotic Ice Soul Slash had arrived in front of old man Feng. Actually, old man Feng was also extremely depressed at that moment. He was already going all out against Daoist HuoLong with their battle growing more and more intense and he had left the matters of defense to his disciples. But then, his rear defences had been damaged and his disciple killed. Plus, there was even a sword light by a spiritual artifact attacking him at this moment.

    Although this is the sword light from a XianTian cultivator, it was still supported by the Divine Ice Soul Sword after all. Even YuanYing cultivators wouldn’t dare to look down on this 9th-grade spiritual artifact.

    Helpless, old man Feng could only gather some spiritual Qi on his palm and smashed towards the sword light. As a strong green light shot out from his hands, the Chaotic Ice Soul Slash was instantly smashed apart. The Divine Ice Soul Sword was also sent flying back and began to spin about uncontrollably.

    Little Fatty who was the provider of the spiritual Qi immediately felt a shock reverberate throughout his chest as he spat out a mouthful of blood. Then, he slowly retreated a few steps before finally landing on the floor. He was instantly injured by just a single attack from his opponent. Obviously, the difference between a YuanYing and XianTian cultivator was just too great.

    Old man Feng also did not achieve complete victory. The might of the Chaotic Ice Soul Sword greatly exceeded his expectations. Although he was able to smash the sword light apart, his finger was still injured by it. The sword Qi of the Chaotic Ice Soul Slash penetrated his finger, instantly disrupting the spiritual Qi in his finger.

    Old man Feng was instantly shocked as he hurriedly activated his spiritual Qi to block the sword Qi of the Chaotic Ice Soul Slash. He was only able to delay the sword Qi but unable to purge it out of his body.

    If it was during normal times, he would naturally not be afraid. He could just circulate the spiritual Qi all around his body and easily purge it. But, he was unable to do that now! The Daoist HuoLong he was fighting was no weakling. The moment he saw the Chaotic Ice Soul Slash attack old man Feng, he was immediately elated. How would he let go of such an opportunity? Daoist HuoLong immediately unleashed all of his strength and the Divine Fire Dragon Sword unleashed a sword Qi almost 10,000 feet long and smashed towards old man Feng like a one hundred fire dragons.

    Facing Daoist HuoLong’s all out attack, old man Feng was forced into a helpless state. He could only activate all of his spiritual Qi to command the two snakes to defend himself. But, the amount of spiritual Qi he could use to purge the sword Qi became negligible. He almost did not have the ability to block the sword Qi, much less purge it out.

    Besides, old man Feng’s disciples were killed while Daoist HuoLong’s disciples weren’t. Daoist HuoLong’s disciples banded together, forcing old man Feng to fight a 1 vs 3 match, in addition to a sword Qi wreaking havoc in his finger. Originally, he was evenly matched with Daoist HuoLong. But with so many disadvantages now, he was naturally at the losing end. Very quickly, he was pushed back and would have even lost if not for the devil cultivators by his side helping him.

    Seeing the bad situation, old man Feng waved his left hand and amputated the finger affected by the sword Qi. Then, he began to defend against Daoist HuoLong’s attacks furiously and shouted, “Darn it, we lost today! Lost to a bunch of brats! Retreat!”

    Old man Feng was very clear that if he were to continue fighting, humiliation is imminent. Not only did they have the disadvantage of numbers, he also felt pressure from Little Fatty and co. Those nuisances became threats under ShuiJing’s commands and 2 spiritual artifacts. Not only were they able to kill 4 JinDan cultivators, they also posed a threat to YuanYing cultivators. That were just too much for them. If they killed another few more cultivators, it may be difficult for them to even escape later. Thus, the wisest thing to do would be to take the initiative to retreat to prevent more casualties. After all, JinDan cultivators were also rare talents which no sect was willing to lose.

    “Hai!” As the devil cultivators heard that, they all let out roars of unwillingness. They also understood the situation and quickly retreated despite the reluctance in their hearts.

    Since the devil cultivators took the initiative to retreat, the righteous cultivators who did not want to fight would naturally not pursue them. Then, everyone gathered together to calculate their losses. In the end, they realised that they only had a JinDan cultivator who died and 3 injured. But, the devil cultivators had 4 JinDan cultivators who died and the YuanYing old man Feng even lost his finger. This was obviously a great victory for them.

    Without a doubt, ShuiJing contributed the most to this victory. If not for her divination and commands, this would have most likely ended in their loss.

    Thus, after the cultivators understood what happened, they were all extremely impressed with ShuiJing. As for HongYing and Han Bing’er, they were also praised by everyone. But for Little Fatty, he did not meet with the crowd because he had to tend to his injuries.

    After such a ferocious battle, no one spent much time chatting. Instead, everyone returned to their own sects for an after-action review.

    The people from the Mystical Sky Yard still took their white boat back. But, it was not as majestic as when they came. Not only was it damaged all over, its flying abilities was restricted as well. Its speed was halved. As such, the trip which originally only took a single day took them two days to return.

    When the tattered white boat returned, it immediately created a large commotion in the Mystical Sky Yard. The sect master and his wife personally came to check on HongYing, Little Fatty, and ShuiJing before they were able to relax. After some discussion with Daoist HuoLong, everyone scattered back to their own dwellings.

    The sect master and his wife held Little Fatty, HongYing, and ShuiJing back, obviously having something to ask them.

    After 2 days of recuperation, Little Fatty’s internal injuries had been completely healed with the aid of a bunch of elixirs. After they followed the sect master and his wife into their courtyard, they all bowed and paid their compliments.

    The sect master then waved his hands and said with a laughter, “Don’t need to stand on ceremony. Let me ask all of you. Did you all get the Mystical Spiritual Fruit?”

    The three of them then looked towards each other before replying in unison, “Your disciple has it!”

    “Hahaha, good. You guys are indeed people of our Mystical Sky Yard!” The sect master roared with laughter, “How many did you all get?”

    “Father, your daughter got two!” As HongYing said that, she took out two jade boxes and handed them over to the sect master like it was a treasure.

    “Good, you are indeed my good daughter!” The sect master praised and asked, “ShuiJing, what about you?”

    “Your disciple did not have good luck and only got one!” ShuiJing replied calmly.

    “How is that possible?” As the sect master heard that, he immediately asked in doubt, “But you have the Plum Blossom Divination! Don’t tell me you can’t calculate its location?”

    ShuiJing smiled and said, “Your disciple is too lazy to calculate. Anyway, whether or not I calculate it, I will still be able to eat 3 of them!”

    “Eh?” Both the sect master and his wife were stunned. Then, the First Lady asked, “Don’t tell me your master has prepared them for you?”

    “Nope, master entered close door cultivation for a hundred years. I can’t see her!” ShuiJing then looked towards Little Fatty and said with a smile, “I was referring to senior brother Song. I believe senior brother had a rewarding trip and will definitely help me to compensate for the remaining 2, right?”

    What else could Little Fatty say? He could only laugh bitterly and say, “Right right, I will just give you 2 more!” As he said that, he took out 3 jade boxes. He passed 2 of them to ShuiJing and 1 to HongYing and said, “This one is for the junior sister to make 3!”

    Faced with Little Fatty’s generosity, the sect master and his wife could not be helped but be shocked. The sect master asked curiously, “Pudgy boy, how many exactly did you get? Why does it seem like you completely can’t be bothered?”

    “Heh heh, I have a few more, enough for me to eat!” Little Fatty replied with a foolish laughter. Obviously, he was unwilling to say anything else.

    Seeing the situation, it also wouldn’t be good for the sect master and his wife to ask. After all, he had already given their daughter one, and it wouldn’t be good for them to take any more from him. Thus, they could only look towards each other with a bitter laughter and let the matter go.

    “Oh well, since you do not want to say it, we will not ask!” The First Lady then asked seriously, “But, I hope that you can tell me the truth about another matter.”

    “What matter?” Little Fatty replied restlessly. Being full of secrets, he was indeed feeling guilty in his heart!