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Chapter 159: Bitter Battle

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 159: Bitter Battle

    It was a pity that his cultivation base was still insufficient for greater comprehension. Even so, Little Fatty felt that his mental state had a qualitative improvement, and was no weaker than a foundational cultivator. He believed that with these advantages, he was very likely to advance into the foundational stage after a close door cultivation when he returns.

    Just as Little Fatty was enraptured by the sight which the Divine Ice Soul Sword was transmitting to him, everyone around him witnessed an amazing sight. They saw that after he came into contact with the warm light, he instantly stopped moving. The warm light then slowly pervaded through Little Fatty’s body. Everywhere it went, his body turned to frost. Everyone could clearly see that the blood within his arms was still flowing as per normal; which meant that he was not in the process of becoming ice dust. Thus, no one interfered with him in his ethereal state.

    Following which, Little Fatty was completely shrouded in a layer of frost and the Divine Ice Soul Sword actually took the initiative to fly towards him. Under everyone’s gaze, the sword slowly entered Little Fatty’s body. That strange sight was as though Little Fatty became the sword’s owner.

    When the Divine Ice Soul Sword entered Little Fatty’s body, a cold Qi gushed out from his body which caused the surrounding temperature to plunge. The temperature was so low that the surrounding cultivators could not withstand the cold even after circulating their Qi. They were forced to distance themselves, to the periphery of the protective circle.

    At this moment, everyone realised that Little Fatty wasn’t the only one in a trance. Even Han Bing’er also entered a trance, as though she was contemplating something. As for the cold Qi which Little Fatty emitted, it did not affect her at all.

    After a short while, the cold Qi was withdrawn. Little Fatty and Han Bing’er then opened their eyes in unison with joy on their faces. While everyone was still bewildered, Han Bing’er walked up to Little Fatty and bowed. “Thank you senior brother, if Bing’er has any improvements in future, it is definitely thanks to senior brother today!”

    “You flatter me, junior sister is too kind. I also benefitted greatly this time too. So, we do not owe each other anything!” Little Fatty hurriedly replied.

    “That’s different, It’s junior sister who benefitted the most this time. I should owe senior brother a favour!” Han Bing’er hurriedly said.

    Everyone around them was puzzled and did not know what they were talking about. The lass from the Jade Pearl Pavilion who stole Little Fatty’s Mystical Spiritual Fruit then ran over and asked, “Senior sister, what are you guys talking about?”

    Han Bing’er smiled and said to Little Fatty, “Senior brother, release the Divine Ice Soul Sword and show it to them!”

    “Alright!” Little Fatty smiled. As he said that, he slapped the back of his head and the Divine Ice Soul Sword emerged from his forehead.

    The Divine Ice Soul Sword which appeared now was extremely different from when it entered. No only did it become half a foot smaller, it was also no longer translucent. Instead, it became hazy and filled with a mysterious and dreamy feeling. If the Divine Ice Soul Sword from the past was extremely domineering, then the Divine Ice Soul Sword now was one which made one unable to read it completely.

    Seeing this, the lass from the Jade Pearl Pavilion said with shock, “Ai yah yah, goodness. Our treasure has decreased in size. Did he mess with it?”

    As everyone heard that, they all couldn’t help but stare at Little Fatty in doubt.

    Little Fatty naturally replied with an innocent expression, “F**k, don’t talk nonsense. How would I have the ability to do anything to the Divine Ice Soul Sword?”

    As for Han Bing’er, she covered her mouth and laughed. Then, she pointed to the lass and scolded laughingly, “Don’t spout nonsense if you don’t know what’s going on less you make a fool out of yourself!”

    “But senior sister, it seems like the sword has become weaker!” The lass hurriedly defended herself.

    “It isn’t weaker, it’s smaller!” Han Bing’er explained not knowing whether to laugh or cry, “The original form of the Divine Ice Soul Sword was a mountain range. It only shrank into becoming a sword after millions of years of bitter cultivation. But after a long period of time, it was unable to shrink any further due to the lack of understanding towards the heavenly laws. But now, with the aid of senior brother Song, it finally made a breakthrough! I believe that the current Divine Ice Soul Sword can be said to exceed the 9th-grade as a spiritual artifact and would not lose to the Nine Beauties Painting!”

    When Little Fatty felt the mysterious state of the Divine Ice Soul Sword, the sword also felt the Primal Chaos Formula. As for Han Bing’er, she also felt it because she was the owner of the sword. Under the aid of the Primal Chaos Formula, the Divine Ice Soul Sword was able to breakthrough, benefiting Han Bing’er at the same time. As such, she took the initiative to express her gratitude to Little Fatty.

    Everyone present was all extremely shocked as they heard what she said. A spiritual artifact that exceeds the 9th grade, what kind of a concept was that? In history, the only spiritual artifact that exceeded the 9th grade in this world was the Nine Beauties Painting. Now, there was one more spiritual artifact; it even advanced right in front of their eyes. For such a monumental moment in history to happen right in front of them, it made everyone feel like they were in a dream, shocking everyone silly.

    At least, ShuiJing was still clear headed. As though she already expected this to happen, she was not shocked. Seeing everyone in a daze, she could not help but say anxiously, “Alright everyone, now isn’t the time to discuss this. Since the Divine Ice Soul Sword can be used by senior brother Song, then we can begin our plan!”

    “Okay!” As Little Fatty said that, he replied confidently, “I just learned a new attack from the Divine Ice Soul Sword, the Chaotic Ice Soul Slash. I can test it out on these fellows!”

    When the Divine Ice Soul Sword advanced, it managed to understand the mysteries of the Primal Chaos. Together with its own understanding of the ice soul divine light, it created a special sword attack called, Chaotic Ice Soul Slash.

    The most mysterious part of this attack was that it could allow Han Bing’er and Little Fatty to join hands to release it. At that moment, the recoil from the attack would be borne by the both of them, thus unleashing a greater portion of the abilities of the Divine Ice Soul Sword. Little Fatty’s strong body was able to receive Han Bing’er portion of recoil as well. To him, it was no more than a light injury. As such, the might of the Divine Ice Soul Sword could be brought out more.

    Hearing that Little Fatty wanted to use the Chaotic Ice Soul Slash, Han Bing’er also could not wait to unleash it. She walked over to his side and smiled, “Senior brother, let’s join hands!”

    Little Fatty was shocked and then he asked, “What of your bodily condition?”

    “You can just take a larger share of the recoil!” Han Bing’er blushed and said, “I really want to test the might of the Chaotic Ice Soul Sword! I hope senior brother won’t think bad of me!”

    Faced with the request of a beauty, Little Fatty had no way of refusing her. Thus, he replied with a bitter smile, “Alright, I am also not a sword cultivator and am not familiar with sword attacks. Why not you control the Divine Ice Soul Sword while I come out with spiritual Qi and absorb the recoil!”

    As such, it would be equivalent to Little Fatty giving all that he could while Han Bing’er just controlled the sword, naturally not having any risk at all. Han Bing’er replied happily as she heard that, “Thank you senior brother!”

    “You’re welcome!” Little Fatty smiled. Then he turned to ShuiJing and said, “Junior sister, when do we take action?”

    “Just wait for 5 more minutes!” As ShuiJing said that, she pointed towards old man Feng who was at a distance away and the 2 JinDan cultivators behind him, “When I give the cue later, you should try your best to ambush them. Your target should be the 2 JinDan cultivators! As long as you can kill them, the rest can be left to senior uncle HuoLong!”

    “Understood!” Little Fatty and Han Bing’er nodded.

    ShuiJing then went to HongYing’s side and pointed towards another two JinDan cultivators hiding in the clouds with black flags in their hands, “Later, I will tell you beforehand when the clouds break apart. That will be the time when they’re the most vulnerable. Remember, do not hesitate and attack with all you have. You must kill them!”

    “No problem!” HongYing brandished her Phoenix Crying Blade and readied herself.

    “Very good!” ShuiJing nodded. She did not say anything else but fully activated her Mystical Tortoiseshell and World Coin, beginning her divination.

    At this moment, the great battle was growing more and more intense. The nice scenery had already been completely devastated. All of the vegetation and water streams in the area had been completely blown apart by the various frightening attacks. Large craters were scattered all over and some places were even filled with poison. There were even a few forests which started burning, emitting smoke which had obscured the sun.

    Comparatively, the battle in the sky was even scarier. The devil cultivators were either hidden in dark clouds, or they were manipulating giant seas of blood, countless of demons, ghosts, flying around in the sky. The black sword light, countless of evil spells all shot out continuously. Furthermore, poisonous bugs would even appear once in awhile.

    As for righteous cultivators’ area, it looked much better. Various coloured divine light protected the center region.The righteous cultivators with Daoist HuoLong at the helm all had sharp sword light as though they were dragons, or strong magical artifacts, destroying countless demons easily.

    As for the other side, the giant magical artifacts were also locked in a fierce battle. After such a long battle, there were finally deaths. One of the bone boats of the devil cultivators was struck by countless of divine lightning, with the uppermost layer of the boat being destroyed completely by the Mystical Sky Yard’s white boat, losing its ability to do battle. The Pavilion of the Jade Pearl Pavilion also wasn’t any much better. It was filled with damage all around to the point it could not longer hover in the air, being forced to land on the ground. It became the target of all the magical artifacts of the devil sects and wasn’t far off from its death either.

    Just at this moment, the two JinDan cultivators which HongYing were staring at felt the sudden danger and they hurriedly activated the black flag in their hands, protecting themselves with the layers of clouds. Following which, the sword light of a YuanYing cultivator slashed through the cloud, tearing it apart and almost killing them on the spot.