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Chapter 157: Only Chance For Survival

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 157: Only Chance For Survival

    If it was any other XianTian disciples, Daoist HuoLong and these YuanYing cultivators could not care less if they died. But this bunch of people was made up of the elites from the various sects. ShuiJing, HongYing, and Han Bing’er even had spiritual artifacts. With their status, the YuanYing cultivators did not have a choice but to save them.

    The devil cultivators also knew this point, thus focusing all their attacks to those disciples. This resulted in the righteous cultivators being on the passive end. If nothing else reverses this situation, their defeat would only be a matter of time!

    The XianTian disciples who were under the protection of their elders also realised that the situation was bad. Their own elders could only be on the passive side without any chance for retaliation. If the YuanYing cultivators were to be defeated, they would still be able to escape with their lives. But, the poor children would have to be abandoned. At the very most, those disciples with spiritual artifacts would be rescued by the seniors, but most of them would have to die here.

    Realising this point, the faces of the XianTian disciples all began to change and were extremely ugly. Even Little Fatty’s brows were completely furrowed. As for HongYing, it was the first time she experienced such a thing and tightly gripped Little Fatty’s hands so tightly her fingertips began to turn white. If she was not holding on to Little Fatty’s hands but the hands of any other person, she would have most likely already crushed the person’s hands.

    Among these bunch of disciples, there were only 2 people who were completely unaffected. One was Han Bing’er; the Divine Ice Soul Formula which she cultivated allowed her to be like an iceberg, completely unaffected even if a mountain were to collapse in front of her. Even in this life and death moment, she still had a chilly face with no signs of nervousness.

    As for the other person, she was ShuiJing. Her right hand held onto the Mystical Tortoiseshell while her right hand played around with the World Coin. It was as though she was calculating something, being completely oblivious to what was happening around her.

    It seems as though ShuiJing was spending a large amount of effort this time. Not only did she use her spiritual artifacts help boost her strength, she also activated her Divine Moon Water Formula fully. Throughout the complicated calculations, her forehead was completely filled with sweat, dripping down from the sides of her face. But, she was completely oblivious to it, being totally absorbed in her calculations.

    Finally, after a series of calculations, ShuiJing finally arrived at the answer she was looking for. She gave a confident smile as she raised her head up and wiped her sweat, seeing Little Fatty staring at her with a face full of concern.

    Seeing the joy on ShuiJing’s face, Little Fatty knew that she had definitely calculated something good. Thus, he hurriedly asked, “Junior sister, what did you find? Do we have back-up coming?”

    “Nope!” ShuiJing said with a gentle smile, “It is not possible for us to have any backup. The various sects had already set the rule that no other experts are allowed in the vicinity of this area apart from the allocated amount.”

    “Then what are you laughing about?” Little Fatty could not help but ask in doubt.

    “I’m laughing because I found the way to solve our problem!” ShuiJing said, brimming with confidence.

    The moment ShuiJing finished talking, all the XianTian disciples around her gathered towards her and asked, “Junior sister ShuiJing, you have a way to solve the problem?”

    “It’s very simple!” ShuiJing looked at everyone and said seriously, “As long as we can kill some of their JinDan cultivators, we will be able to reverse the situation, pushing back the devil cultivators!”

    “Cheh!” As everyone heard that, they all let out a disappointed cry.

    “Junior sister ShuiJing, can you stop making jokes? We are all XianTian rookies. At the most, we will be able to deal with a foundational cultivator. But to deal with a JinDan cultivator? We are not even of the same level!”

    “That’s right, even if you guys have spiritual artifacts and we all attack together, we can’t beat a JinDan cultivator!”

    “It will only take a single breath for them to destroy us!”

    “Not necessarily!” As ShuiJing heard that, she said solemnly, “Fellow senior brothers, do not forget that we are not going to challenge a JinDan cultivator head on. We are going to coordinate with our seniors to give them a fatal ambush!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, his eyes lit up and hurriedly said, “I think I understand. We can’t confront a JinDan cultivator, but it’s different if he is fighting another JinDan cultivator. While both JinDan cultivators are fighting to a standstill, with some interference from us, we may be able to catch them off guard and kill them!”

    Everyone present were intelligent. Having heard what Little Fatty said, all of them were enlightened. Under normal circumstances, no XianTian cultivator would be able to threaten a JinDan cultivator. But when this JinDan cultivator is expending all his efforts in dealing with another person, a XianTian cultivator may have the chance to backstab him!

    “This approach seems plausible to pull it off. But, a JinDan cultivator possesses many protective magical artifacts. Even if he was fighting all out, he would definitely have some protection measures. Junior sister ShuiJing, can we really kill them?” A guy asked.

    “Ordinary XianTian cultivators would naturally not be able to kill them, even if they had magical artifacts!” ShuiJing then looked at HongYing and Han Bing’er before adding, “But, with a spiritual artifact, it is definitely possible to kill a JinDan cultivator by catching him off guard!”

    “But, every JinDan cultivators are experts who have gone through countless of battles. Even if they had an opening, they would definitely cover it up quickly and would not give us any chance. Besides, we also wouldn’t know when they will show an opening.” Someone else was skeptical, “There just isn’t a chance for us to ambush them, right?”

    “Nope, you’re wrong!” ShuiJing replied confidently, “I am able to calculate their openings!”

    “What?” As ShuiJing said that, a commotion resounded. It must be understood that it wasn’t that they did not know about ShuiJing’s Plum Blossom Divination. On the contrary, they were all extremely clear about ShuiJing’s ability to divine the future. It was precisely because they knew that that they were so surprised.

    Everyone knew that ShuiJing’s Plum Blossom Divination had many restrictions. One was the restriction of her strength. While a XianTian cultivator is able to calculate the openings of a JinDan cultivator, it would definitely take some time. By the time she is able to calculate it, the opening would have already been missed, having no practical use in battle.

    The next was the number of people. To calculate the actions of a single person, it necessitates a large amount of concentration. As the number of people increases, the difficulty would increase exponentially. Despite ShuiJing being undefeatable in a one on one battle, she was helpless in a group fight because of her inability to calculate the actions of the crowd.

    Due to these two reasons, everyone was so startled by what she just said. It must be understood, the current battle consists of over 10 YuanYing and over 30 JinDan cultivators. Not only were they much stronger than ShuiJing, their numbers also exceeded ShuiJing’s capability. Under such circumstances, how would she be able to calculate their openings? This was utterly incomprehensible!

    Seeing that they did not believe her, ShuiJing frowned and said, “It is a little complicated to explain this, let me put it simply. I am not able to grasp all of the openings of the JinDan cultivators. It is just that some JinDan cultivators would reveal more openings after a long fight. Thus, I managed to find a pattern to calculate some clues barely. In other words, as long as we coordinate well enough, we will be able to slaughter a few JinDan cultivators and turn the tides!”

    As they heard what ShuiJing said, everyone revealed an expression of enlightenment. Then, someone said, “Since we are only waiting for our deaths if we stand here. Why not we just give it a shot. Junior sister ShuiJing, tell us what we should do. We will listen to you!”

    “Yes, we will listen to you!” The other cultivators concurred with her suggestion. ShuiJing unknowingly became the general for the elite disciples.

    After ShuiJing gained the support of the crowd, she smiled and said, “Actually, this plan would not require too many people because the people ambushing the JinDan cultivators must have a spiritual artifact. Over here, only HongYing, junior sister HanBing’er and I fulfill this criterion. But, I would have to use the Mystical Tortoiseshell to aid my divination. As such, I can only trouble HongYing and junior sister Han Bing’er.”

    “No problem!” HongYing replied immediately.

    “I still have enough for one attack!” Han Bing’er said calmly.

    But, Little Fatty said with a frown, “But after your attack, you would probably die right?”

    “Ah?” Only then did the crowd realise that Han Bing’er’s injuries were grievous. They all looked towards her in shock.

    As the person involved, Han Bing’er said indifferently, “Anyway, I will die even if I don’t fight. Why not exchange my life for my junior sisters’ safety?”

    “Senior sister!” As the disciples from the Jade Pearl Pavilion heard that, they all sobbed together, persuading Han Bing’er to not take the risk.

    Just at this moment, ShuiJing said with a smile, “Junior sisters do not worry, I have already taken this matter into consideration. There’s no need to risk junior sister Bing’er’s life!”

    “Ah? You have a good idea?” A disciple from the Jade Pearl Pavilion asked anxiously.

    Han Bing’er also stared at ShuiJing with a shocked expression. After all, she was still young. Given the chance, she would definitely want to live longer.

    “It’s very simple!” ShuiJing said calmly, “We only need the might of the Divine Ice Soul Sword to break the final defense of the JinDan cultivator. Thus, if someone is able to control the Divine Ice Soul Sword in place of Han Bing’er, it would suffice!”

    As ShuiJing said that, everyone’s eyes lit up. They knew that with the owner’s approval, spiritual artifacts can be borrowed temporarily. Just thinking about controlling this 9th-grade spiritual artifact, albeit temporary, made most people extremely excited. Everyone couldn’t help but be filled with expectations of them being chosen.

    However, Han Bing’er said with a frown, “Senior sister ShuiJing, you are making things sound too simple. The Divine Ice Soul Sword is a spiritual artifact which had its sentience formed naturally and even I am not able to control it fully. It will not allow anyone else to touch it.”

    “Not necessarily!” Without waiting for ShuiJing’s reply, a white dressed teen stood out and said, “Junior sister ShuiJing, I cultivate the Arctic Cold Formula which is also a chilly Qi cultivation method similar to your Divine Ice Soul Formula. I believe that the Divine Ice Soul Sword will not repel me!”

    This person was the young master of the Lesser Cold Temple and was called Gong YuHan. He had longed for the Divine Ice Soul Sword for an extremely long time. Now that he had the chance to use it, he naturally offered himself immediately. He even thought of leveraging this opportunity to grow closer to Han Bing’er, to obtain both beauty and weapon.

    Han Bing’er could not be bothered with him and remained silent. Ignored, Gong YuHan could only look towards ShuiJing and asked, “Junior sister ShuiJing, I think that you should say something at this moment!”

    “This senior brother, I understand your good intentions. But, junior sister’s Bing’er words were not wrong. The Divine Ice Soul Sword is different from other spiritual artifacts and would not accept another person easily! Even if you cultivated the Arctic Cold Formula, you will not be accepted!” ShuiJing persuaded, “So, I think that you should not put junior sister Bing’er in a spot!”

    “What?” As Gong YuHan heard that, his expression turned cold and asked, “Junior sister, if even I can’t do it, then who can? Don’t tell me you are just toying with us?”

    “I definitely do not have the intentions to fool all of you. In fact, there is a senior brother here who is able to use the Divine Ice Soul Sword!” As ShuiJing said that, she looked towards Little Fatty.

    Then, everyone began to lock their gazes at Little Fatty. Little Fatty became shocked as he waved his hands and said, “Junior sister ShuiJing must be kidding. I have never cultivated the Divine Ice Soul Formula, how would I be able to control the Divine Ice Soul Sword?”

    “I can’t be wrong!” ShuiJing said confidently, “The cultivation method which senior brother cultivates is the strangest cultivation method I have ever seen in my life. It seems like it encompasses the five elements, but yet not like the five elements. Chaotic and gray, but yet containing the natural laws of the world. If there is anyone here who is able to use the Divine Ice Soul Sword, it is definitely you!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he asked bitterly, “Junior sister ShuiJing, are you sure that you are not wrong?”

    “Unless my Plum Blossom Divination is wrong!” ShuiJing replied calmly then looked towards Han Bing’er and said, “Junior sister, can you release your Divine Ice Soul Sword? If my senior brother is able to wield it safely, that would prove that I am not lying.”

    “That’s right. But the problem is, if you are wrong, he will be attacked by the Divine Ice Soul Sword automatically!” Han Bing’er frowned, “The automatic attacks of spiritual artifacts are extremely powerful. Especially that of the Divine Ice soul Sword, it would release a chilly divine light. Even if his skin is thick and muscle hard, he may not be able to defend against it! Are you sure you want to let him take the risk?”