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Chapter 156: Heaven Shaking Battle

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 156: Heaven Shaking Battle

    “ShuiJing, what happened? Why did you guys walk out from here? Where are the disciples from the devil sects?” Daoist HuoLong asked with a face full of bewilderment.

    “Senior uncle, the reason why we are here is because we ambushed the gathering spot of the devil cultivators. After killing over 30 devil cultivators, we did not have the time to go back. Thus, we could only come back through the transportation portal of the devils' sect!” ShuiJing explained.

    As ShuiJing said that, a commotion immediately broke out from the surrounding cultivators. The cultivators of the righteous sects immediately revealed looks of joy while the devil cultivators all roared, unbelieving of this statement.Especially old man Feng, he immediately roared, “Liar, our YuFeng has the Nine Beauties Painting which exceeds a 9th-grade spiritual artifact. With him around, it is impossible that you guys can ambush their gathering spot!”

    “I’m sorry!” ShuiJing said calmly, “Senior brother YuFeng of your honoured sect was killed by senior brother Li from my sect a few days ago. As such, he was unable to participate in the final battle!”“What?” Old man Feng just could not believe what he just heard and he roared, “Are you saying that a disciple without a spiritual artifact killed YuFeng who had the Nine Beauties Painting?”

    “Indeed!” ShuiJing said calmly, “Senior brother Li has even been afflicted with the death curse from your sect, resulting in him lying immobile, unable to participate in the final battle! He was together with another junior brother who was taking care of him. They should have arrived in the transportation portal of the righteous sect!”

    As the audience that, they immediately recalled that there were 2 people who appeared in the transportation portal of the righteous sect. No wonder there was someone who was lying down, it was all because he was inflicted with the curse.At this moment, Peerless Sword Deity and the other disciple had already been escorted over to gather with the other disciples. All of the cultivators turned and looked towards the teen with a face full of black Qi and thought to themselves, ‘So this was the brat who killed YuFeng and took the Nine Beauties Painting?’ The moment they thought of the Nine Beauties Painting, they all could not help but be excited in their hearts.

    But old man Feng of the Thousands Desire Sect was completely exasperated at this moment. Not only because YuFeng’s status was special, it was because the Nine Beauties Painting was lost right under his nose. This crime is just too big. He would probably not be able to hold on to his life when he returned.

    But just at this moment, Daoist HuoLong just had to add fuel to the fire and said with sarcasm, “Haha, old Feng. Do you finally admit that you’ve lost?”When old man Feng heard that, he almost died from anger. Originally, he was already someone from a devil sect. He had a ruthless temperament and was not one who would talk about promises. Now, being forced into such a situation, how would he still bother about things like honour?

    Without bothering to say anything else, he immediately took up a black sword and slashed while he roared, “Bullshit!”

    Thankfully, Daoist HuoLong already knew about the temper of the devil cultivators. He predicted that they would most likely be angered from frustration. Thus, he prepared beforehand and released his Divine Fire Dragon Sword immediately, blocking the attack.

    Such a thick skinned action by old man Feng angered Daoist HuoLong completely. As he fought back, he began scolding, “Old man Feng, you’re such a sore loser?”

    Facing Daoist HuoLong’s scoldings, old man Feng completely ignored him. He indeed could not afford to lose, this matter was just too momentous. All of the disciples on his side were finished while the righteous disciples all returned with rewards. If he were to let them go, then there would definitely be trouble for him in future! He did not have so much energy to find more suitable talented disciples to raise up. Even if he could find them, he would not be able to give them any Mystical Spiritual Fruits in the next 100 years.

    Thus, in order to prevent the righteous sects from pulling ahead too far in the future, the only way would be to kill all the disciples of the righteous sects for things to be even.

    But such a thing could not be undertaken with just old man Feng. He could not even be bothered to bicker with Daoist HuoLong but shouted, “All of the devil sect disciples have died, the righteous sect disciples cannot be allowed to live either. If not, once these little brats grow up in future, we will be in trouble!”

    The devil cultivators here were also not idiots and would naturally understand this logic. Plus, the loss of their disciples was just too great, creating a public outrage. At such, the moment old man Feng shouted out, he was immediately supported by all the devil sects. “That’s right, we should also kill all of their disciples!”

    “Well said, I like!”“What are you waiting for, attack together!” Following the roars of the devil cultivators, a large battle erupted.

    All 7 YuanYing cultivators of the devil sects took action together with their JinDan disciples and began attacking the righteous sects. The righteous sects also did not waver and immediately set up a line of defence around the 30 plus disciples.

    As for the neutral sects, they hurriedly retrieved their own disciples from the transportation portal and escaped. They were not interested in being involved in such a fight.

    Following which, Little Fatty and all managed to witness a heaven shaking battle; 14 YuanYing cultivators and 26 JinDan cultivators fighting. The battle of YuanYing cultivators was naturally a great spectacle. With every action they took, they would also bring about a heaven shaking effect. The 7 righteous YuanYing cultivators also formed a defensive formation around their disciples, protecting Little Fatty and all with a divine light that stretched out for a few hundred feet.

    As for the devil cultivators outside, they all began attacking the divine light with all they had got. The whole sky was immediately filled with the cries of demons, poisonous bugs, and magical artifacts. All of the magical artifacts released a large divine light and also smashed towards the formation of the righteous cultivators.

    The two snakes on old man Feng’s staff had long transformed into a large monster crazily attacking the divine light. As for daoist HuoLong, he controlled his Divine Fire Dragon Sword and transformed it into a fire dragon over tens of feet long. Both of them began a fierce battle in the skies, resulting in an extremely destructive battle. As the snake spat out venom, craters were formed the moment the venom came into contact with the ground and low-grade magical artifacts were destroyed on the spot.

    The magical artifact which Daoist HuoLong was using was also not an ordinary item. It was a ninth grade magical artifact which had almost gained sentience. Naturally, it was extremely powerful and was able to gain the upper hand despite fighting 1 against 2.

    All of the other YuanYing cultivators were also engaged in a fierce battle. Almost every missed spell would blow up a large crater. Be it the structures in the surrounding, the transportation portal, they were all destroyed by the YuanYing cultivators in just an instant.

    Not only was the battle here fierce, even the place where all the giant magical artifacts were parked had a fierce battle. After the upper echelons began fighting, the disciples who stayed behind to guard the giant magical artifacts also began to attack each other. All of these giant magical artifacts were no pushovers either. Apart from being able to fetch people, they have extremely strong attacking and defending capabilities.

    Take the white boat of the Mystical Sky Yard for example. After the battle started, it was immediately surrounded by a green light. Then, small towers which was spread out across the boat all began to absorb spiritual Qi from the surrounding. Then, a green lightning ball was condensed on the top of the tower.

    This lightning ball was called Yin Yang Divine Lightning and the tower which releases them was called the Yin Yang Lightning Tower. The Yin Yang Divine Lightning is formed by the Yin Yang spiritual Qi from a person who cultivates the Yin Yang Divine Formula. After which, a genius mechanical master invented the Yin Yang Divine Tower which is able to create the Yin Yang Divine Lightning on its own.

    Due to the suitable size and power of this treasure, it was used on many giant magical artifacts. The flying boat of the Mystical Sky Yard had over 200 of these towers. With the largest one behind at the helm of the ship, able to make a 3 foot big Yin Yang Divine Lightning with the power of a JinDan cultivator. Even the small towers were also able to release attacks equivalent to that of a foundational cultivator.

    The moment the giant boat was activated, 200 plus green lightning balls attacked the opposing giant magical artifact like a thunderstorm. No matter the grandeur or actual might of the attack, it was all extremely stunning. This was also the reason why such great importance was attached to the giant magical artifacts. It was because they were indeed extremely strong!Of course, not only was the flying boat of the Mystical Sky Yard strong, the giant magical artifacts of the other sects were not any much weaker. The pavilion of the Jade Pearl Pavilion had the Jade Pearl Ice Soul Lightning. Every time it was activated, hundreds of chilly lights would be shot out, capable of killing a JinDan cultivator.

    But, the giant magical artifacts of the devil cultivators were also not any weaker than that. Regardless of whether it was the black cloud boat of the Thousand Demon Sect or the white bone boat of the Thousands Desire Sect, they are all extremely powerful. The black cloud boat was able to release the Sky Fiend Lightning, while the white bone boat was able to shoot out the Bone Spirit Arrows which were extremely evil existences.

    After all the upper echelons began to fight, all of the giant magical artifacts also broke out into a fierce battle. However, all of the giant magical artifacts had extremely strong defences. Plus, they were unable to unleash their full power without the presence of an expert. Thus, they were locked in a stalemate at the moment. Despite being in a stalemate, the large scale battle which stretched over kilometres and was flashing around with lights and explosion made all of the audiences completely entranced by the battle. They were all entranced to the point they wish they had a giant magical artifact for them to play with on their own because of how mighty it looked.

    But just as Little Fatty and all were admiring the great battle, the fight began to inch towards the loss of the righteous cultivators.

    It wasn’t that the righteous cultivators were unable to win. In honesty, everyone’s numbers and strength were similar. If it was a fair fight, it would be difficult to predict who the winner would be.

    But the problem was, all of the disciples of the devil cultivators were dead already. Without having any burdens, they could attack with all of their might. But the righteous cultivators had to protect their disciples from injuries. Plus, these XianTian disciples could not help at all in such a fight. Instead, they became burdens, forcing the righteous cultivators to have their hands tied up in the battle.