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Chapter 155: Harassing a Young Lady

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 155: Harassing a Young Lady

    “Of course not!” ShuiJing said with a frown. Then, she said with a tinge of sadness, “Of the two who did not come, one of them is Peerless Sword Deity. He killed YuFeng and is suffering from the revenge curse. Thus, he is completely paralysed and thus unable to come. However, we could not rest easy if we were to throw him there alone. Thus, we can only leave another senior brother to take care of him. As such, both of them did not come!” As she said that, she looked towards Little Fatty with a face of reprimand; as though she was blaming him for making his own senior brother a scapegoat.Seeing the situation, Little Fatty immediately revealed a look of grievance. He had the heart to explain the situation but was unable to say it openly with HongYing here. Thus, he could only pretend that he was clueless and asked, “Although senior brother Lee is strong, but he shouldn’t have the ability to kill YuFeng who had the Nine Beauties Painting right?’

    “Haha, of course not!” HongYing said rejoicing in his misfortune, “It is just that his hands were too itchy and killed a giant viper when he was exploring. But he never expected that YuFeng was in the viper’s stomach and thus was also killed by him!”

    “Ah, there is actually such a matter?” Little Fatty began blinking rapidly towards ShuiJing and said, “It is really too unexpected, too unexpected!” Obviously, he wanted to hint to ShuiJing that it was an accident.ShuiJing frowned and said, “It’s really an accident?”

    “It definitely is! No one forced him to kill the viper right?” Little Fatty helplessly interjected, “Besides, who else can calculate for him to appear there apart from you?”

    “Eh? What are you guys talking about?” HongYing felt that their conversation was a little strange. Following which, Little Fatty’s final words was completely irrelevant. Thus, she could not help but ask in doubt, “Don’t tell me you suspect that sister ShuiJing placed YuFeng into the viper to purposely harm senior brother Li?”

    “What nonsense are you spouting?” ShuiJing immediately replied, “How would I have the ability to defeat YuFeng who has the Nine Beauties Painting?”“Who knows?” HongYing then rolled her eyes and touched her chin as she analysed, “Among all the cultivators who entered the Jade Green Screen, you are the only one who is able to fight with YuFeng. This is because you have the ability of divination. You may be able to predict YuFeng’s path and set up an ambush for him. Before he even takes out the Nine Beauties Painting, you could have finished him off! Then, you can frame senior brother Li! Woah woah woah, this must definitely be the case, right? Right?”

    HongYing then grabbed ShuiJing’s hands and began to shake them vigorously. Suddenly being accused of being the murderer out of nowhere, ShuiJing did not know whether to laugh or cry. She wanted to explain but did not know where to start. Thus, she could only say with a bitter laughter, “Junior sister, you think too highly of me. I really do not have the ability to defeat YuFeng!”

    “Really?” HongYing continued asking, “Then tell me who defeated him! Don’t tell me you don’t know, you are able to calculate it!”

    As ShuiJing heard that, she was struck speechless. Now, she had no other way to wiggle her way out of this. But she could not betray Little Fatty either. Thus, she could only say with a bitter laughter, “Okay okay. I admit that I know who defeated YuFeng. But, I promised the person that I will not reveal it. Thus, you should give up!”

    “Not you?” HongYing was stunned. Then she seemed to have understood something, saying: “Haha, I know. It must be Han Bing’er. Only the Divine Ice Soul Sword is able to fight with the Nine Beauties Painting. Right?”

    Despite knowing that HongYing was incorrect, ShuiJing decided to keep mum in order to free herself from HongYing’s interrogation. Thus, HongYing thought that ShuiJing had silently agreed and even got really excited for a moment. Then, she thought of Little Fatty’s injuries and insisted that she had to personally help him treat them.Actually, Little Fatty’s external injuries were no longer anything serious. But, he was unable to out-talk HongYing. Thus, he could only find a silent place to let the 2 ladies treat him.

    Just when the great battle was happening in the Jade Green Screen, the cultivators in the outside were also extremely noisy. In the centre of the two transportation portals, there was a azure platform which was a few hundred feet high. At this moment, the platform was bustling with the cultivators of the various sects.

    In the very centre, it was occupied by more than 10 YuanYing cultivators. They segregated themselves into two different groups and were in two rows. Each row had 7 people with 3 neutral YuanYing cultivators.

    Being YuanYing cultivators, they would naturally pay attention to their own poise. Thus, all 17 of them gracefully sat cross-legged with their disciples standing behind them.It was about time for the hunt to end already. According to the customs from the past few years, both the devil and righteous cultivators would end up quarrelling and this year was no exception.

    With a smile, Feng from the Thousands Desire Sect put on an elegant appearance and said which he stroked his beard, “This time, us devil cultivators sent out all of our elites and will definitely return with a lot of rewards. If any of your disciples have severe losses, I hope you will not feel too much heartache!”

    “HAHAHA~” As the devil cultivators heard that, a wave of arrogant laughter was immediately sparked.The righteous cultivators would naturally not bear with the humiliation. The short-tempered Daoist HuoLong immediately retaliated with a cold laughter, “I admit that I cannot compare to your ability in talking big. But if you want to compare fighting! Hmph hmph, our disciples have 3 spiritual artifacts on their hands. It is not something that merely the devil cultivators can compare to!”

    “Haha!” As the righteous cultivators heard that, they immediately began laughing.

    However old man Feng was not one to be beaten so easily. He immediately countered, “Daoist HuoLong isn’t very accurate. The strength of a spiritual artifact may be stunning, but it lies in the quality, not quantity. The single Nine Beauties Painting of my sect is more than enough to fight against 3 of your spiritual artifacts without losing. If they were to meet individually, he would definitely win. In the Jade Green Screen, the terrain is complex. I’m afraid the disciples of your sect would not even have the chance to meet each other before getting killed by YuFeng! For all you know, YuFeng may even make use of this opportunity to kill all of the disciples from the righteous sects!”

    “That’s right, that’s right!” The devil cultivators all nodded in acknowledgment.

    “You’re too proud!” Daoist HuoLong replied with a cold laughter, “Do not forget, amongst all of those who entered the Jade Green Screen, there is a disciple of my senior sister who specialises in the Plum Blossom Divination, her name is ShuiJing! With someone like her who can calculate the future, she would naturally be able to turn any misfortune into blessings. For all you know, that child may scheme against your YuFeng, leading to his death!”“Haha, just keep bragging! Even if ShuiJing is able to plan something, there is no way she can win the Nine Beauties Painting. Don’t think that I do not know the weakness of the Plum Blossom Divination. That thing may be invincible in a one on one battle. But in a group battle, she would not be able to calculate the many changes in the battle. The Nine Beauties Painting is able to release 9 devils at once. How would the mere ShuiJing be able to calculate every movement of all the 9 devils?” Old man Feng said with a cold laughter, “The moment her calculations are delayed slightly, she would be captured. I dare to say, it wouldn’t matter if she didn’t meet YuFeng. But, the moment she meets YuFeng, then I’m afraid your ShuiJing would become the mistress of my YuFeng!”

    “Haha, I congratulate the Thousands Desire Sect for gaining such a beautiful wife!” A bunch of devil cultivators immediately shouted out.

    At this moment Daoist HuoLong was completely enraged and roared, “Bullshit, all of you devil cultivators are definitely finished this round!”

    “Hmph, if that’s the case, then let us make a bet!” Old man Feng said with a cold laughter, “One thousand high grade spiritual stones. I bet on the fact that there will be less righteous cultivators coming out!”

    “You actually have the face to take out a mere 1 thousand?” As Daoist HuoLong heard that, he immediately curled his lips in disdain and said, “2000, I bet that the number of devil cultivators coming out is less!”“Righteous cultivators, 1000!”

    “Devil cultivators, 2000~” Following which, many cultivators all took out spiritual stones and placed their bet. As for the neutral sects, they were the witnesses for the bets. Although they also took part, they did not place a large bet. It was obvious that they did not want to be dragged into the fight between the devil and righteous cultivators.

    In just a short while, everyone’s bets were finalised. As for Daoist HuoLong and old man Feng, it seemed that their sparks flew between the both of them. In the end, they each bet a 7th grade magical artifact; that was something that was worth over millions of low grade spiritual stones! In that moment, everyone couldn’t help but raise their eyebrows.

    After they placed their bets, they did not say anything else but meditate silently, waiting for the final moment to arrive.

    Finally, half an hour later, the time to activate the transportation portal had arrived. After some minor squabbles, they finally decided to activate the transportation portal of the righteous cultivators.Daoist HuoLong and the other YuanYing cultivators all activated a spell to activate the transportation portal. Following which, a green light covered the transportation portal. After the light was gone, everyone only saw that there were only 2 people in the transportation portal! Plus, there was one guy lying prone!

    Seeing this, all of the righteous cultivators were immediately shocked and a commotion was formed. The never expected that after they sent 70 plus disciples in, only 2 came out! What was going on? In the past few centuries, nothing like this had happened before!

    Daoist HuoLong and all were immediately anxious as they rushed forward, wanting to find out what happened.As the devil cultivator saw that, they were immediately elated. Old man Feng then laughed excitedly, “HAHAHAHA, do you see that? All of the righteous cultivators died!”

    “HAHAHAHA!” A wave of laughter followed before the rest of the devil cultivators shouted, “Hurry hurry, send the children out so we can reward them!”

    As they said that, the devil cultivators also activated the transportation portal. Following a green light, 30 plus people appeared in the transportation portal!“HAHAHA, we actually have over 30 people. That’s great~” Old man Feng and the other devil cultivators immediately laughed.

    But after laughing for a while, all of their faces immediately changed. Then, they all roared, “That’s not right? Why are they all righteous cultivators? What about our disciples?”

    Now, it was the turn of the devil cultivators to be anxious. As for the righteous cultivators, they all began cheering and surrounded their disciples to protect them. Obviously, they were afraid that the devil cultivators would attack their disciples out of rage.