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Chapter 154: Ambush

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 154: Ambush

    But they very quickly understood what had happened. After the golden light flashed by, a red figure materialised in front of Little Fatty. This beautiful lady looked towards Little Fatty with a face full of anxiousness, and she was the sect master’s daughter, HongYing. Only her spiritual artifact, Phoenix Crying Blade, could create such an impact as before. Being so far just a while ago, but executing someone right after the phoenix cry is heard. This was indeed a spiritual artifact which specialises in speed.

    As HongYing met up with Little Fatty, she was enraged as she saw him full of injuries. With an angry tone, she said, “Fatty bro, these bastards actually dare to bully you like that, I must definitely kill them all!” As she spoke, she was already releasing her Phoenix Crying Blade.

    As the devil cultivators saw this situation, they were already frightened to the point they took out their magical artifacts to guard themselves. Having witnessed the speed of the Phoenix Crying Blade, no one was willing to die in that manner.

    Seeing that he finally had reinforcements, Little Fatty also heaved a sigh of relief. Following which, he put on a face full of grievance and said, “Junior sister, you’re finally here. If you are here just a bit later, I would be dead already!” “Senior brother, don’t be afraid. With me here, no one will be able to harm you!” HongYing promised.

    “Hmph!” As the devil cultivators surrounding them heard her words, they immediately laughed in disdain.

    “Little lass, who do you think you are? With just a solitary sword and without reinforcements, what will you be able to do to us?”

    “Don’t think that the Phoenix Crying Blade is so strong. We are all weak and unable to fully unleash the might of all these treasures. With over 10 magical artifacts here, we are more than enough to suppress you!”“Hehe, little lass, you’re just here to sacrifice yourself!”

    “Just nice. Since that Han Bing’er isn’t enough to split among us, we welcome you to join in as well!”

    “HAHAHAHA~” All of them began bursting out in laughter.

    HongYing had reached the end of her patience. Without a second word, she commanded her Phoenix Crying Blade to attack. But this time, HongYing’s attack did not have any effect. All of the divine lights given out from the magical artifacts had forcefully stopped the blade. If it was a YuanYing cultivator wielding this blade, destroying all their magical artifacts and slaughtering them was an absolute. But HongYing was, in the end, a XianTian cultivator after all, and wasn’t even able to destroy their magical artifacts even if she had the Phoenix Crying Blade.

    Seeing the situation, all of the devil cultivators also felt a burden being lifted off their backs. Then, they prepared to group together harass HongYing, so as to distract her, creating an opportunity for themselves.However, before they could say anything more, Little Fatty cut in first, “This bunch of idiots! Death is knocking on your door and you guys are still able to laugh. I really can’t help but admire you bunch of moronic fools!”

    “Bullshit, you are the one who is about to die! Do you think that the dozen of us here will be afraid you 3 crippled and weak ladies?” A cultivator immediately scolded.

    “3?” As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately said with a cold laughter, “There are so many brains here but you still think that there are only 3 of us? Don’t you guys know that you have already been surrounded by us? I dare to bet that there are at least 30 righteous cultivators rushing here and will arrive immediately! Am I right, junior sister?”

    “That’s right, senior sister and all are arriving; over 30 of them. It is just that I am faster, thus reaching earlier. I believe that they would quickly arrive here!” HongYing added.“Cheh, who are you trying to fool?” Another guy said in disdain, “Do you really think that we are so easily fooled?”

    “That’s right, this is the transportation portal for us devil cultivators. They would definitely not come here. At this moment, they should still be at the righteous cultivators portal waiting!” Another person interjected.“If there isn’t anything for them to do here, of course, they wouldn’t come. But if they know that over half of the devil cultivators have fallen, do you guys think that they can bear to not come? Will they just look at you guys take away the Mystical Spiritual Fruits?” Little Fatty said with a cold laughter, “I don’t think these righteous cultivators are so kind!”

    “Haha, if they know of the situation here, of course, they would not let us go, But, I don’t think that bunch of idiots have the ability to predict the future~” Someone said complacently.

    Before he even finished his sentence, all the devil cultivators around him could not help but shudder as their faces began to change.“ShuiJing~” They groaned out in unison.

    That’s right, ShuiJing. Other people might not have the ability to predict the future, but she definitely did. During the battle last night when Han Bing’er killed over 20 devil cultivators, the balance had already been broken. Being in the camp of the righteous cultivators, how would ShuiJing be unable to calculate it? Furthermore, after she did the calculation, how would she let go of that opportunity? Without a doubt, with ShuiJing’s prestige, she would definitely be able to persuade everyone with a single word.

    The devil cultivators were also not idiots and had also guessed the entire thought process. Now, how would they dare to continue fighting? They all began to shout, “Not good, escape!”

    As he said that, all of the devil cultivators immediately scattered like birds. But, it was already too late for them to escape now. After flying for only a short distance, they saw the lights of magical treasures and figures from all around them. Obviously, the righteous cultivators had taken the chance to surround them completely while HongYing delayed them.

    Seeing the situation, all the devil cultivators immediately felt their impending death and all unleashed their trump cards to escape. It was a pity that such a struggle was obviously useless. One side had over 30 people, the other had only a dozen. One side was completely fresh, the other side had fought for a night. One side had 2 spiritual artifacts, while the other had only magical artifacts. This disparity was too large and it just could not be considered a fight any longer.

    Thus, the moment the battle began, an obvious advantage surfaced quickly. The devil cultivators only had time for a few roars before the righteous cultivators mobbed them, killing them all. The strongest devil cultivator was surrounded by people. The fastest devil cultivator was chased down by HongYing’s Phoenix Crying Blade. The most well-hidden one was easily spotted by ShuiJing. As such, this bunch of previously arrogant people was killed on the spot in just a few moments. Just when the righteous cultivators were happily trashing the devil cultivators, a white dressed lady rushed towards Little Fatty and Han Bing’er excitedly after she killed a devil cultivator, yelling: “Senior sister, I missed you so much~”

    Just when she wanted to throw herself into Han Bing’er’s bosom, she stopped in front of Han Bing’er and Little Fatty with a face full of amazement, looking at where they were connected!Turns out that ever since their desperate battle in the night, Little Fatty had been gripping her hands tightly up until now. Both of their fingers were interlocked, with no signs of loosening up.

    Han Bing’er who just escaped death originally did not notice this. Only until she was being stared at by this young lady did she realise what was going on and hurriedly let go of Little Fatty’s hands. But even so, her face was completely red as she flushed from a mixture of frustration and embarrassment.

    Little Fatty was also naturally placed in an awkward situation. However, he quickly realised that this young lady looked extremely familiar. It seemed like she was the female cultivator he saved from the bees. Seeing that it was her, Little Fatty’s eyes lit up and said with a bright smile, “This junior sister looks so familiar, have we met before?”

    The young lady naturally saw Little Fatty before and even had a deep impression of him. After all, she stole something from him after he had saved her. Such an ungrateful action made her extremely guilty. Thus, she hurriedly replied in panic, “I have never seen you before, really! Never seen you before!”“Really?” Little Fatty said with a smile, “Then I may have seen wrongly. I only remember a girl who was using a Wood-type mirror magical artifact. After I saved her, she actually stole my Mystical Spiritual Fruit. Ai yah yah, one really cannot predict a human’s heart!”

    “En?” As Han Bing’er heard that, she affixed her junior with a chilly gaze, “Junior sister, do you really not recognise senior brother Song? I remember that we met him before we even came into the Jade Green Screen.”

    As the young lady heard that, she started, revealing her façade, and bitterly lamented in her heart, ‘Ai yah yah, I actually forgot about this incident. What should I do?’

    Seeing her face full of anxiousness, how would Han Bing’er not realise what happened. Thus, putting on a cold face, she pressed on, “Are you still not going to return it to him?”If it was any other given time, even if Han Bing’er knew that her junior sister was in the wrong, she would still side with her. But today, this matter happened on Little Fatty and she unhesitatingly sided with him.The pretty young lady was obviously extremely afraid of Han Bing’er. Thus, despite how much she could not bear to take it out, she still pulled out the jade box and reluctantly handed it over to Little Fatty. As she did so, her eyes began to glitter as though she was about to cry.

    Seeing the situation, Little Fatty smirked and said, “If you still treat me as your brother, then this Mystical Spiritual Fruit will be a gift from this brother!”

    “Really?” As the lass heard that, she exultantly exclaimed, “Brother, brother, good brother. You must not go back on your words!” As she said that, she immediately hid the jade box behind her back.“Haha, I naturally will not go back on my words!” Little Fatty could not help but say with a laugh, “Isn’t it just a Mystical Spiritual Fruit, I can still afford it!”

    “Ah, seeing your relaxed appearance, it seems that you have many of these?” Hearing that, the lass could not help but exclaim in shock.

    “Hehe!” Little Fatty smiled but did not bother elaborating. He only took out a set of robes and began putting them on.

    “Junior sister!” Han Bing’er reprimanded the lass with a reproving glare, angry that she did not know when to take a step back. He had already given her a Mystical Spiritual Fruit but she still wanted to probe. This was just too rude!

    Being a target of Han Bing’er’s sharp eyes, the lass could not help but jump in fright. She could only rein in her curiosity and say, “Okay okay, I shall not ask already!”

    Han Bing’er ignored her and instructed calmly, “Remember, you did not see anything today. If not, you can see how I will take care of you!”“Don’t tell anyone about what? Ah, I understand!” The lass was enlightened: “Senior sister rest assured, you guys have already sealed my mouth with the Mystical Spiritual Fruit. I promise that I will not tell anyone about your adultery!”

    As Han Bing’er heard that, she almost died on the spot from anger. She had the heart to chase after her but was unable to move around casually because of her injuries. Thus, she could only grit her teeth and see the mischievous lass escape with laughter.As for Little Fatty who was wearing his robes, he could only laugh foolishly by the side. Seeing that, Han Bing’er said angrily, “It’s all because of you, and you still laughing?”

    “Hehe, no need to worry. She will not reveal a word after taking what I gave her!” Little Fatty replied thoughtlessly.

    “I hope so!” Han Bing’er sighed helplessly. Then, her face became serious as she bowed to Little Fatty and said, “Senior brother saved my life today. Han Bing’er will remember it for sure, and repay you another day!”

    After she said that, the other female cultivators of the Jade Pearl Pavilion had also finished off their opponents and came over to take care of Han Bing’er. Then, she prepared to leave under the protection of her sect mates.

    No one expected Little Fatty to suddenly shout out, “Wait a moment, junior sister!”

    Han Bing’er turned around and asked curiously, “Is there anything else, senior brother?”

    “All of the magical artifacts on the ground should be your spoils of war. Please take them back with you!” Little Fatty pointed towards the frozen magical artifacts.

    All of these were frozen by Han Bing’er’s frightening attack previously. Despite them being frozen or even damaged, they could still be used after bringing them back for some repairs. All of these were treasures which were worth a lot, after all. Even frozen, magical artifacts can still be easily exchanged for millions of spiritual stones.Facing such a temptation, Little Fatty was actually able to give it away without a hint of reluctance. After he said that, he turned around and left without looking back. Everyone who was present immediately gasped in admiration and thought to themselves, ‘Although this darn fatty looks perverted, but his actions are all open and honorable. He is a rare gentleman!’

    Needless to say, Little Fatty gathered together with the people from the Mystical Sky Yard after parting from the girls from the Jade Pearl Pavilion. The moment he gathered together with them, he was immediately shocked. At this moment, there were actually just 3 people left from the Mystical Sky Yard: ShuiJing, HongYing, and Little Fatty. Everyone else was all missing.

    The surprise that Little Fatty felt was completely justifiable. In the 100 plus people who came into the Jade Green Screen, both the devil and righteous cultivators had about 70 to 80 people. After the hunt, the amount of people gathered back was only about 30 of them; which was half of the original.In other words, the typical death rate of this hunt was around 50%. But in the 10 people who came from the Mystical Sky Yard, only 3 were left. In other words, they lost a total of 70%, which was devastating!

    Thus, Little Fatty immediately said with shock, “Where are the other disciples? Don’t tell me they all died in battle?”

    “Nope, there are still two seniors who did not come!” ShuiJing explained.

    “Ah, that’s good!” As Little Fatty heard that, he heaved a sigh of relief. But, he immediately asked in doubt, “But, why did they not come? Don’t tell me they don’t trust your divination?