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Chapter 153: Phoenix Cries To The Nine Heavens

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 153: Phoenix Cries To The Nine Heavens

    After he said that, he shouted to the accompanying cultivators, “Brothers, attack! There is poison on the claws of my Earth Traversing Beast. He is now at the end of the line and will die anytime. Don’t let him have the chance to purge the poison!”As the devil cultivators heard that, they immediately became energetic. With a roar, they all attacked together.

    Seeing the situation, Little Fatty responded by scattering a large amount of divine lightnings, forcing them back. Then, he used his sword light to defend himself while checking his own condition. Even in such pressing situation, this lecherous darn fatty did not forget to keep the cloth Han Bing’er gave him. That cloth was the handkerchief which she brought everywhere she went. It was already considered excessive for her to give it to a guy to clean his wounds. Now, he actually wanted to keep it unreasonably. Seeing that, Han Bing’er began to blush. Under normal circumstances, she would have already slashed anyone who dared to do that. But this is an exception, he is now fighting the enemy to the death. She can’t possibly pester him over such a small matter in such a circumstances right? Despite her embarrassment and frustration, Han Bing’er decided to remain reticent.

    Just as Han Bing’er was scolding Little Fatty inwardly, he had also finished examining his body. Indeed, there is poison on his wounds. But, it was obvious that the poison used by the beast cultivator was of the Earth type in order to complement the Earth Traversing Beast. But, Little Fatty’s Primal Chaos Formula had a special ability. That was to refine all poisons of the 5 elements into spiritual Qi, causing the poison to lose its effect. Despite being inflicted with poison, Little Fatty was not affected by it much. It was just that his whole body began to feel like it was burning. Once the poison was completely refined, he would be fine.

    But even if the poison wasn’t a conundrum, the devil cultivators around him were. Under the beast cultivator’s prompt, the remaining 11 cultivators all began to attack Little Fatty with everything they got. They forced him to the point where he had to throw out countless of divine lightning before defending against them. But, the divine lightnings was limited in number after all and there would be a time when it is used up. When that time comes, Little Fatty would be finished.

    Witnessing this disadvantageous situation, Han Bing’er’s felt like a knife stabbed through her heart. ‘In order to help sister Mu vent her anger, I forced senior brother Song to fight with me previously, wasting hundreds of his divine lightnings. But I never expected that I would now rely on his divine lightnings to save the both of us. If I knew this was going to happen, I shouldn’t have done that! I am truly reaping what I have sow! It’s a pity that senior brother Song is dragged down together with me!’

    Thinking about this, Han Bing’er was inundated with regret. Then her eyes suffused with resolve and she struggled to get up. Walking slowly to Little Fatty, she said quietly, “Senior brother Song, can you move aside? This little sister still has sufficient strength for one final attack. Let me fight it out with them again!”Little Fatty was first stunned, but he very quickly understood what was going on. With a bitter laughter, he said, “Don’t tell me you plan to continue using your blood essence? If that’s the case, then you will definitely die after that attack!”

    “Anyway, we are all going to die. This matter was started by me, and I have no desire to drag senior brother down with me. I hope senior brother will fulfil my wish!” Han Bing’er said resolutely.“Junior sister, things have not that dire yet. Trust me, I can protect you!” Little Fatty shook his head and said.

    “But, a lot of your divine lightnings had already been wasted on me previously. If this were to continue, it would inevitably be used up!” Han Bing’er said anxiously, “If that happens, you won’t be able to leave even if you wanted to!”

    “I will not leave. At least, I will not abandon you and leave by myself! Junior sister, don’t make me despise myself in the future. Alright?”

    As Han Bing’er heard what he said, her whole body shook and was extremely touched. Her eyes began to tear up and tears couldn’t help but flow down. This was the first time this prideful lady cried from being deeply moved emotionally.

    As though Little Fatty sensed what happened behind him, he tapped Han Bing’er lightly and said, “Please, trust me!”“En!” Han Bing’er nodded her head and obediently hid herself behind Little Fatty’s back. At this moment, she completely did not have a feeling of a prideful lady. Instead, she was like a damsel in distress, waiting for her knight to save her.

    Little Fatty’s fighting spirit was also ignited by Han Bing’er again; the sword Qi he sent out became sharper and divine lightnings more accurate.

    In the dark of the ebony sky, the light from all the spells and magical artifacts illuminated the whole sky. With countless explosions, the soil of the surrounding 1000 feet were all blown flying. All of the trees in the area had completely disappeared, leaving behind a large, ugly crater. The soil became burnt and was smudged with blood stains, ice flakes, and poisons of various colours. The whole battlefield became extremely disorderly and atrocious.

    Despite Little Fatty’s strong magical artifact and divine lightings, he wasn’t a match for over 10 devil cultivators without his Nine Beauties Painting and large copper bell. After bitterly holding on for another 4 more hours, Little Fatty was finally reduced to desperate straits. Not only was his divine lightnings all exhausted, even his sword formation was destroyed and Five Element Essence Swords broken. Little Fatty had no choice but to keep them back in his Natal artifact.

    At this moment, the skies was becoming bright, and the sun hung high up in the sky. Little Fatty who was full of injuries was like a mountain, still standing steadily on the battlefield. At this moment, his robes were very tattered. His body was filled with countless wounds, and even his face was scarred by 2 sword Qi, making him look even more sinister. Thankfully, Little Fatty’s body was extremely tough. Despite these scary looking wounds, they were not serious at all. If it was any other person who had these injuries, he would have probably died over a hundred times already. Due to these countless wounds and blood loss and the fact that many of his wounds had poison on it, Little Fatty was feeling unbearably numb, itchy and painful.

    Despite his desperate appearance, Little Fatty was still filled with fighting spirit. He stood firmly like a mountain, in front of Han Bing’er, refusing to admit defeat.

    It can be said that Han Bing’er who was behind Little Fatty was experiencing a miracle. There wasn’t a single dirt on her body at all. Apart from her pale appearance, she didn’t look like anything was wrong with her. It was as though she did not go through such an atrocious battle. It was evident how well protected she was by Little Fatty/

    Even in this desperate scenario, Little Fatty’s left hand still grabbed Han Bing’er’s hands. It was not that he wanted to take liberties with her, but it was to prevent her from using her blood essence to take the enemies down with her. In fact, if not for Little Fatty stopping her time and time again, this headstrong Han Bing’er would have probably unleashed that final attack already.After a night of tough battle, the dozen devil cultivators had already exhausted half their spiritual Qi. With complete victory in sight, they naturally became excited. After they surrounded Little Fatty and Han Bing’er, one of them said in conceit, “Darn fatty, let me see if you still can remain so foolhardy!”

    “I will skin you alive to take revenge for my dear Earth Traversing Beast!” The beast cultivator said with a malevolent expression.

    “Hehe, we can let you take care of the darn fatty. I am actually only concerned about that little beauty! This daddy here must definitely be the first to taste her!” A guy said.“Get lost! This daddy will be the first!” Another person said in rage.

    “Bullshit, I’m first!”“I’m first!” All the cultivators soon began to quarrel.

    Since when had Han Bing’er suffered from such humiliation before. Her body began to tremble in anger and brows furrowed. Trying to slid her hands away from Little Fatty’s, she said, “Senior brother, let me go. Let me kill them all!”

    Little Fatty grabbed her tightly and said with an apologetic smile, “Relax, relax. Anyway, their time is near. Why do you have to be angry at a bunch of dead people!”

    As Little Fatty said that, Han Bing’er was stunned. The other devil cultivators stopped arguing and looked towards Little Fatty in doubt.

    “Darn fatty, you’re already at death’s door and you still spout such rubbish?” A person said with a cold laughter.“Hmph! You guys are definitely the one who are at death’s door! I can use my head to gamble on that!” Little Fatty replied with a cold laughter and prepared his Nine Beauties Painting surreptitiously. At this moment, he still had 20% of his spiritual Qi left and it was enough to activate the Nine Beauties Painting. It is just that when the painting is revealed, the fact that he molested Han Bing’er would also be revealed. Thus, he would not use it unless it was absolutely necessary.

    “HAHAHAHA!” The moment the devil cultivators heard what Little Fatty said, they all roared out in laughter.

    “Darn fatty, don’t you think that your head already belongs to us!” A guy said arrogantly.

    “HAHA. Indeed, how dare you take our things to gamble. The people from the Mystical Sky Yard is indeed shameless!” The others also began mocking.As they were making sarcastic remarks, Little Fatty suddenly felt something in his heart. His eyes immediately lit up and his face revealed an expression of shock. He could not help but started laughing towards the sky and said, “Haha! Do you guys believe that I can kill you with a single sentence!”

    “HAHAHAHA!” As the devil cultivators heard that, they began laughing again.

    The beast cultivator then looked towards Little Fatty sinisterly and sneered, “I believe that I can break your neck the moment I raise my hands!” As he said that, he began walking towards Little Fatty.Faced with the impending crisis, Little Fatty prepared the Nine Beauties Painting in secret and shouted to the skies, “JUNIOR SISTER, COME SAVE ME!”

    As the devil cultivators heard that, they were shocked and raised their guards immediately. But they could not find anything as they looked around. Soon, they concluded that Little Fatty was just fooling them. The beast cultivator who was fooled exploded in anger. With a roar, he took out a blade and began slashing towards Little Fatty’s neck.

    Little Fatty thought that he felt wrongly and became depressed inwardly. Helpless, he sent his spiritual sense into his Natal artifact, and prepared to activate the Nine Beauties Painting.

    But just at this crucial moment, a loud cry was heard from the skies! The next moment, a golden light flashed by. Just when the beast cultivator held up the blade, his head had already rolled onto the floor. What was frightening was that no one present actually saw what had happened!