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Chapter 152: Frightening Body

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 152: Frightening Body

    Little Fatty had a mind to knock off that magical artifact. But after he threw more than 10 Fire Divine Lightnings at it, it did not budge at all. He realised that it was likely to be an extremely solid magical artifact. Although it could not fully unleash its might under its current owner, the hardness did not change. In order to break it, Little Fatty would probably have to use a spiritual artifact.

    Helpless, Little Fatty could only give up that idea and attack the other magical artifacts. But, magical artifacts were magical artifacts after all. Although Little Fatty’s XianTian divine lightning were rather threatening to magical tools or cultivators at the same level as him, it was still a little insufficient when compared to magical artifacts. Thus, Little Fatty’s attacks could only delay his opponents slightly to reduce the pressure on his sword formation.

    But to Little Fatty, this was already enough. Despite the stunning rate at which his spiritual Qi is being used up by the sword formation, Little Fatty could replenish it quickly with the five elements pure water. Thus, he was still able to hang on.On the contrary, the 9 cultivators facing him were depressed. After attacking furiously for over 4 hours until dusk, they were still unable to break the sword formation. Instead, they became extremely tired.

    Just at this moment, another 3 devil cultivators appeared. Now, it increased their numbers to 12. With the increase in numbers, their confidence was bolstered. They decided to cease attacking and formulate a new strategy as they recover their spiritual Qi.

    After resting for awhile, they started attacking again. This time, the number of people who attacked the sword formation increased to 8. The other 3 protected them with a cautious expression. As for the last person, he sat in meditation. He did not attack, nor did he defend, showing a cavalier attitude.

    But, Little Fatty felt an unknown sense of danger from that person. Thus, he paid special attention into guarding against this person.

    Indeed, ever since Little Fatty had dual cultivation with ShuiJing, he had instances of mysterious premonition. When he was operating his sword formation and divine lightning to defend against the enemies’ ferocious assaults, he suddenly felt a strange movement from underground. Without a second thought, Little Fatty immediately jumped and dodged. The next moment, a yellow scaled demonic beast burst out from the ground. If not for Little Fatty’s quick reaction, he would have definitely been bitten.

    Little Fatty was shocked by the demonic beast’s blitz. This demonic beast looked as if it was equipped armour and was over 20 feet long. Its claws were thick, with 5 extremely sharp points. Plus, there were two rows of white sharp teeth, a testament to how ferocious this demonic beast was.

    Upon seeing the demonic beast’s appearance, Little Fatty exclaimed in shock, “Earth Traversing Beast!”

    “That’s right, this is the 4th-grade demonic beast. Earth Traversing Beast!” The demonic beast suddenly opened its mouth and said, “But, he is already possessed by me now. Not had its strength been augmented, it is also extremely smart. Brat, you now have people attacking you from the outside and me harassing you on the inside. Even if you had 3 heads and 6 arms, your death is still inevitable! HAHAHA!”

    Little Fatty finally understood why the motionless guy gave him the greatest sense of crisis because that guy was a rare beast cultivator. He transferred his spirit to the Earth Traversing Beast which he had carefully cultivated and sneaked under the cover of his partners battling outside. Little Fatty who was cornered was indeed in grave danger. Despite being in such a grave situation, Little Fatty was not afraid at all. Instead, he sneered, “So what if this small little demonic beast come in? Do you think you are able to catch me?” As he said that, Little Fatty continued operating his sword light and divine lightning to defend against the attack from the outside and completely ignored the Earth Traversing Beast.

    Seeing Little Fatty ignore him like that, the beast cultivator immediately roared in rage, “Darn fatty, you dare to look down on me? Go and die!” As he said that, he immediately pounced towards Little Fatty. His claws reached out for Little Fatty’s throat, intending to strangle this hateful person to death. Although the Earth Traversing Beast may specialise in traversing the earth and could move around quickly underground, he was not so nimble above the ground. His running speed was extremely slow due to his stubby legs. Little Fatty easily avoided the attack with just a simple maneuver and continued to battle those outside.

    The moment the beast cultivator witnessed this scene, he realised that Little Fatty was merely toying with him. As long as his speed could not catch up to Little Fatty’s, then he could not even dream about touching Little Fatty’s clothes. Hence, there was completely no difference whether or not he entered the sword formation.

    The beast cultivator who was toyed by Little Fatty became exasperated as he tried attacking a few more times. But Little Fatty still easily dodged them all. Finally, he realised that he would never be able to catch this seemingly fat but nimble person. He decided not to attack Little Fatty but changed his target to Han Bing’er who was recuperating.

    “Darn fatty, if I can’t catch you, don’t tell me I can’t do anything to this lass? I will tear her apart right in front of your eyes!” As he said that, he pounced towards Han Bing’er with a roar.

    Although Han Bing’er seems to be in meditation, she was actually awake. Her injuries were simply too severe and she lost too much blood essence. She would not be able to recover in just a short period of time. As such, her meditation was just for show. The moment the Earth Traversing Beast charged at her, she immediately woke up. With her grave injuries, it was impossible for her to move at all. She could only look at the frightening Earth Traversing Beast charge at her, with the beast’s odious breath approaching her face. At this moment, Han Bing’er no longer had any expectations to survive. She shut her eyes and waited for her death.

    But, just at the final moment, Little Fatty miraculously appeared beside her again, charging towards the frightening 4th grade demonic beast.

    As the beast cultivator saw that, he was elated. He struck out its claw, in order to tear Little Fatty asunder. The way he saw it, Little Fatty was already considered a dead man by now. As a 4th grade demonic beast, its combat prowess may not be high but its arm strength was extremely frightening. Combined with the terrifying sharpness of its claws, this single attack would probably destroy even low-grade magical tools. Even if this darn fatty were full of muscles, he couldn’t be harder than a magical tool, right?

    Following the roars of the Earth Traversing Beast, the sharp claws landed on Little Fatty’s chest. With a loud tearing sound, Little Fatty’s robe was torn apart. At the same time, blood began to spray out, filling the face of the demonic beast with blood.

    The beast cultivator who successfully attacked Little Fatty was not happy, he was shocked. This was because he felt that the claws did not seriously injure Little Fatty. It was as though he attacked an extremely strong magical artifact. Although he broke the skin, he was unable to deal a fatal blow.

    The beast cultivator was at a complete loss for words. How could a person’s fleshly body be so strong? Even if it was a bodily cultivator who focused fully on body training, he shouldn’t be able to defend against the claws of a 4th grade demonic beast at the XianTian stage. Plus, this darn fatty was obviously a lightning cultivator. How could this be possible?

    Just as this beast cultivator was in a daze, Little Fatty who was wounded attacked in rage. Ever since he made his debut, this was the first time he was wounded. Even when he was attacked by 4 foundational cultivators, he was still able to retreat without any injury. Now, he was wounded by this despicable person. Although the wound was only about a centimeter deep, it still hurts! 10 claws, 10 different 2 feet long wounds scattered all over his chest, hurt him to the point he broke out in cold sweat. As the feeling of pain reached his brain, it did not draw out any fear. Instead, it made him enraged. As such, Little Fatty who was completely filled with anger forgot to use his magical artifacts or divine lightning. He instinctively used the most direct and violent method, his fists!

    Little Fatty’s iron fists, together with the might of his thick arms, broke through the air in high speed. The gust of wind generated from it even tore the clothes on his arm apart! Following which, a mellow crack could be heard. It was as though a wooden table had just been smashed apart.

    Little Fatty’s fist smashed right into the chin of the Earth Traversing Beast. Next, a scene which shocked everyone happened. The head of the 4th-grade demonic beast was blown away by a single fist from Little Fatty! The one-foot thick neck was broken like it was a blade of grass, and the pungent blood sprayed 30 feet high. At the same time, the beast cultivator who was in meditation also cried out in pain. After he puked out a mouthful of blood, he landed back onto the floor. Obviously, because his natal beast was killed, his spirit was injured resulting in serious injuries.

    Despite lying on the floor, he still struggled to get up and shouted at Little Fatty with a bewildered expression, “Impossible! How can there be such a strong body in the world! Even a foundational bodily cultivator wouldn’t be so strong!”

    As Han Bing’er who escaped from death saw Little Fatty risked his life again for her sake, her feelings immediately became complicated. She was not one adept in expressing her emotions. Thus, she did not say anything but only offered a piece of cloth for Little Fatty to wipe away the blood.

    “Thanks, junior sister!” Little Fatty also did not stand on ceremony. With thanks, he took the cloth which still had Han Bing’er’s warmth and wiped the blood on his chest. Then, he coldly replied the beast cultivator, “I just have thick skin and strong muscles, what can you do about that?”

    As the beast cultivator heard that, he almost died from anger. Then, he frustratedly replied, “So what if your skin is thick and muscles strong, you are still going to die today!”