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Chapter 151: Battling Nine Cultivators

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 151: Battling Nine Cultivators

    Han Bing’er’s dagger was an intricately designed magical tool. Although Han Bing’er did not have the spiritual Qi to activate it, the original sharpness of the weapon was enough for it to slice through metal. But the person who appeared in front of Han Bing’er casually caught the edge of the blade with his bare hands. Then, he slowly removed the dagger from Han Bing’er’s hands. Only now did the devil cultivators manage to have a proper look of the other party. The guy was about 8 feet tall, with a large belly. On first look, they thought that it was a bear who stood up. Although he did not have any strong magical artifact or tools beside him and looked to be extremely calm, everyone was able to feel a different kind of aura emanating off him. The aura of anger, frustration, and killing intent!

    “It’s you? Senior brother Song?” Han Bing’er realised who this person was and was surprised. “What are you doing here?”

    “Haha, I was lost and entered this region by accident. In the end, I saw a big group of guys bullying a weak lady. This is really too much!” Little Fatty then took out an elixir and handed it over to Han Bing’er. “Junior sister, take a rest first. I will take care of the rest!””Han Bing’er who marginally escaped death took the elixir with a complicated expression. Then, she said resolutely, “Senior brother, they outnumber you. I’m afraid that you won’t be a match for them. It’s best that you ignore me. As long as you are able to let me die a painless death, I will be extremely grateful!”

    “Haha!” Little Fatty smiled, “Junior sister killed over 20 devil cultivators by yourself and was really awe inspiring! Although this foolish brother is a far cry from junior sister, I would not let these 7 trashes scare me into running away!”

    Hearing what Little Fatty said, all of the 7 cultivators were completely enraged. They then shouted, “Darn fatty, you have guts!”

    “I think that you are tired of living. You just wait for me to cook all your fats into oil. I’ll see if you are still able to be so arrogant!”

    As they said that, the 7 cultivators who were looked down upon by Little Fatty all surrounded him. Little Fatty could not even be bothered to say anything to them. With a wave of his hands, the Five Element Essence Swords appeared and began floating around him.

    Sensing the pressure emanated from this set of high-grade magical artifacts, all 7 cultivators were intimidated. If it was just these swords, the 7 of them would not be afraid at all. But the problem was that they knew that this fatty in front of them was a lightning cultivator who specialised in 3 different divine lightnings. He was even able to fight Han Bing’er evenly. The Five Element Essence Swords combined with the divine lightning was just too scary. As such, they could not help but be careful and began communicating with their spiritual sense surreptitiously. Han Bing’er was slightly surprised as she saw Little Fatty’s artifacts. She quickly calmed down and asked seriously, “Senior brother Song, this little sister has offended you before and even almost crippled you. Why does senior brother still protect me like that? You should know that even with this set of magical artifact and divine lightning, you may not be able to win them. Especially right here!”

    “That’s right!” As a devil cultivator heard that, his eyes lit up and said, “This is the transportation portal for the devil cultivators. Our people will keep coming here while your people will never come near here. If you really want to pit yourself against us, I’m afraid that the final result will be your futile sacrifice!”

    Little Fatty did not bother about the devil cultivator. He only turned and said to Han Bing’er. “Junior sister, our grudges arose from a spar between our sects. This brother here is incompetent and thus lost to you. Although I am unresigned, I accept my loss. If I have the chance to do so in future, this foolish brother would definitely challenge you again. But, all those are matters of the future. Now that junior sister is in danger, this senior brother naturally has to save you! I don’t dare say that I am a hero, but at least I cannot watch as junior sister dies under the hands of these vile demons!”

    This speech by Little Fatty was entirely from the depth of his heart and was just and honorable. Han Bing’er was calm and could naturally discern that Little Fatty was not lying. Touched, she decided to be in Little Fatty’s debt. Han Bing’er did not say anything else. She bowed and said calmly, “If that’s the case, then I will have to trouble senior brother!” As she said that, she ate the elixir which Little Fatty gave her. Without a second word, she began to sit down in meditation, oblivious to her surrounding. Obviously, she had handed her life over to Little Fatty for protection.

    Although Han Bing’er did not say much, Little Fatty could feel her trust in him. Ever since Little Fatty was chased out of his house and became a servant, he had suffered different kinds of humiliation. The only one he could trust completely was Monkey; he wasn’t even able to totally trust Han LingFeng! Now, there was finally a girl who could trust him wholeheartedly, even entrusting herself to him. Such trust made him feel extremely moved. In his heart, he unknowingly took on a sense of heavy responsibility. As such, Little Fatty swore in his heart that he would definitely not let Han Bing’er down.

    Little Fatty was not one who is good with words. After swearing an oath in his heart, he did not say anything else but immediately took action. With a wave of his hands, all of the Five Element Essence Swords spread out, forming a 30-foot circle; forming a Five Element Formation, surrounding Han Bing’er and himself.

    After the formation was formed, all 5 swords emitted different glows. The intersection and interaction from all 5 sword lights surrounded the whole area and sealed the space up. From now on, everyone who wanted to attack Han Bing’er and Little Fatty would first have to break this sword light of the five swords.

    At the same time, Little Fatty placed his left hand behind his back and activated a spell to control the Five Element Essence Swords. As for his right hand, it rested beside his waist with beads of divine lightning in his hand. Obviously, the moment something went wrong somewhere, he would attack without hesitation.

    The 7 cultivators felt a headache upon seeing Little Fatty’s cowardice tactic. Theoretically, they could break the sword formation if they worked together. But there were many drawbacks. When cultivators fought, both offense and defense required spiritual Qi. If they were to attack with all they got, then they would forgo defense. In such a case, if they were to launch an all-out attack, they would definitely be able to break Little Fatty’s sword formation. But, if Little Fatty were to retaliate with his divine lightning, then they would be in big trouble.

    At that moment, the 7 cultivators were unable to find a solution. But, it seems as though even the heavens wanted to see Little Fatty’s demise. In their time of frustration, 2 more devil cultivators appeared. Now, it became a 1 vs 9 situation.

    Those two people were also elites among elites and each had a magical artifact. With their addition, the balance of power was broken. After some discussion, they finally achieved a common consensus and began breaking the sword formation.

    The first one to attack was a devil cultivator from the Small Bug Mountain. He took out a 3-foot tall gourd and began reciting something as he opened the lid. A wave of black poisonous wasp swiftly flew out from it. Those thumb sized poisonous wasps looked extremely ordinary but were actually extremely poisonous. The moment one is stung, he would immediately suffer from indescribable pains. With dozens of stings, a cultivator would die from the pain.

    Under this person’s commands, millions of poisonous wasp began to fly out of the gourd. It obfuscated the surrounding hundreds of feets and resembled a black cloud from afar.

    At the same time, the other cultivators brandished their magical artifacts. Some were small mountains, flying swords, staffs, of all different kinds of varieties. The eight magical artifacts all glowed prismatically and hovered around in the skies, creating an extremely majestic scene.

    As though they had communicated beforehand, after the millions of wasps appeared, all the magical artifacts smashed down from around.

    Little Fatty naturally dare not delay as he commanded his Five Element Essence Swords to release their sword light. In accordance to how the five elements suppressed one another, he dealt with each of the magical artifacts individually. The next moment, the sword lights and magical artifacts smashed against each other intensely. Although the grade of the Five Element Essence Sword was superior and was able to have an elemental advantage, they were few in numbers. Plus, they all required Little Fatty’s spiritual Qi, largely limiting their performance. Thus, after a round of contact, Little Fatty’s sword light was completely smashed apart. But, he was also able to send a few magical artifacts back.

    If they were to continue activating their magical artifacts to attack, Little Fatty would definitely not have enough time to activate his sword light again. Thankfully, Little Fatty already had a plan to deal with it. After sending back their magical artifacts, he immediately began shooting out his divine lightning. Thus, he managed to force them into recalling their magical artifacts for defense, losing their chance to attack. They could only watch as Little Fatty slowly adjusted his sword light and repair it.

    But just at this moment, the wave of wasps suddenly began moving. As though they were a wave of locust, they charged forward before the sword formation was completely repaired.

    Although most of the wasps were destroyed by the sword light, there were many who slipped through the gaps, charging towards Little Fatty and Han Bing’er.

    Little Fatty knew that he fell into their trap when he saw that. Initially, they purposefully attacked with all their might in order to break the sword formation, allowing the wasps to enter.

    As he realised that, Little Fatty was not surprised at all. With a sneer, he sent out dozens of Fire Divine Lightnings, causing a chain of explosions outside his sword formation. Following the large explosions, several gigantic fireballs were formed from the wasps’ corpses, which eventually become ashes.

    Because the wasps were all so tightly gathered, Little Fatty’s sudden outburst resulted in an extremely outstanding result. Almost all of the wasps outside the sword formation were completely destroyed.

    As the owner of the bugs saw that, his heart ached to the point he cried out on the spot. It must be understood, it wasn’t easy for him to rear so many wasps. He had almost spent all of his wealth on them to rear so many of them. Now, they were almost all ruined. This was as good as 10 years of hard work being ruined! How could he not feel the heartache?

    As for the other 8 devil cultivators, they all had an expression of indifference. There were even some who were gloated at his misfortune. In truth, they could not be bothered about how enormous their partner’s losses were. All of their attention were focused on the sword formation. In it still hovered thousands of wasps within the sword light. Plus, they were getting increasingly near to Han Bing’er and Little Fatty. If they could go close enough and sting them, then this would be their victory!

    But just at this moment, Little Fatty disappointed them yet again. After settling the troubles on the outside, Little Fatty laughed coldly and took out a talisman drawn by a foundational cultivator. Without delay, he activated the spell within it and a green light protected Han Bing’er who was recuperating. Little Fatty pointed at the Fire Essence Swords and shot out a ray of spiritual Qi at it. The next moment, the Fire Essence Sword erupted in a wave of fire, swallowing up the whole sword formation. In just a short moment, the wave of fire disappeared and left behind a ground littered with the corpse of the wasps. Shielded by the spell, Han Bing’er was naturally fine. As the owner of the Five Element Essence Swords, Little Fatty was naturally unharmed.

    He even had the chance to completely repair the sword formation and to secretly drink a mouthful of five elements pure water to regain his spiritual Qi. Then, he silently waited for the next wave of attack. Seeing that their well-designed plan was ruined by Little Fatty, all 9 of them almost spat out blood. A gourd full of precious wasps in exchange for dozens of Fire Divine Lightning of Little Fatty, such an exchange was just too much of a loss for them.

    At least they still had the advantage in numbers and still had the upper hand. After that short exchange, the 9 cultivators decided not to play any fanciful tricks with Little Fatty. Instead, they decided to take a heads-on approach.

    Next, they divided themselves into 2 groups. While 5 of them attacked, 4 of them would defend. Although it was difficult for 5 magical artifacts to break the sword formation, they would be able to exhaust Little Fatty’s spiritual Qi. As long as they were able to drag the battle out and wait for Little Fatty to exhaust himself, the 4 in charge of defense would immediately join the battle, changing its flow.

    Plus, this was the devil cultivators’ domain. More devil cultivators would gather here as time passed. It was definitely to their advantage to fight to a standstill.

    The five devil cultivators on the offense, all had extremely strong attacking capabilities. Especially the devil cultivator with the magical artifact that resembled a small mountain. That black metallic small mountain could become hundreds of feet large the moment it was activated. Every time it landed high from the skies, it would pressurise the sword formation, giving Little Fatty a large headache.