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Chapter 150: Imminent Peril

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 150: Imminent Peril

    “Teach her a lesson. No matter what, we cannot let her go!” The devil cultivators all began to roar. But, no matter how loudly they shouted, none of them dared to take the initiative to attack.It can’t be helped, the Divine Ice Soul Sword was just too terrifying. To XianTian cultivators like themselves, it was as good as an instant kill even if they had magical artifacts. The only thing that could defend against it was teamwork.

    You have to know, for them to survive after a month, they had to be the elites of their various sects. All those who were trash would have long died already. Thus, amongst the 30 plus people present, there were about 20 people who had magical artifacts.

    If these 20 plus magical artifacts were to be used together, it would not lose out to the Divine Ice Soul Sword which Han Bing’er had. This was because Han Bing’er’s personal strength was too low, and she wasn’t able to fully unleash the might of the Divine Ice Soul Sword. If she is able to reach the YuanYing, or just the JinDan stage, all of these magical artifacts combined would not be able to even take a single slash from her. But a pity, Han Bing’er was only at the XianTian stage currently. After the Divine Ice Soul Sword is used for a while, her spiritual Qi would be completely exhausted. If they were to join hands, they would still be able to win. But, despite the fact that the devil cultivators knew of this situation, they were not able to trust each other. Plus, they were also not willing to end up becoming the sacrificial lambs for others. Thus, everyone cowered without attacking, and there was no teamwork at all.

    Although the devil cultivators were afraid, Han Bing’er was exactly the opposite. Instead, she commanded her Divine Ice Soul Sword and charged forward. She actually planned to fight 30 cultivators at the same level as her single-handedly! At this moment, Han Bing’er’s eyes did not contain any anger, coldness, fury, or embarrassment. The only thing it contained was a kind of craziness, a craziness which ignored all fear of death and one which only seeks to kill the enemy!

    The devil cultivators never expected Han Bing’er to be so bold and resolute. In the end, they were all caught off guard by her attack. Following the bright flashes of the Divine Ice Soul Sword within the crowd, 3 devil cultivators were killed on the spot, turning into icy corpses. All of the devil cultivators were frightened to the point they did not dare to fight any longer and began escaping. If this situation were to continue developing, Han Bing’er may really be able to kill all of these frightened cultivators, setting a new record for killing 30 cultivators at the same level.

    But, they were after all the elites which were sent from their sects and were not idiots. In fact, many of them could be even said to be astute. The moment they saw the situation, they knew that they could not allow the situation to continue exacerbating. Thus, a few people with a higher status immediately began discussing, achieving a common consensus in just a short while.

    All of a sudden, someone shouted out loudly, “Thousand Demon Sect, listen to my orders, fight with all you got! Those who dare retreat will be executed by the sect laws!”

    “Thousands Desire Sect listen up, fight with all you got! Those who dare retreat will be executed by the sect laws!”“Bitter Bamboo Sect listen up, fight with all you got! Those who dare retreat will be executed by the sect laws!”

    “......” A few other sects also shouted out.

    In order to intimidate the disciples of their sect, the rules of the devil sects are extremely harsh. Their rules would often make their disciples rather die than be alive. As such, after these disciples heard the order, they were immediately frightened and stopped escaping. After all, if they were to die in Han Bing’er’s hands, it would be a swift one. But if they were to be punished by the sect, death may even be a luxury!

    As all the devil cultivators turned back and began attacking, Han Bing’er and her Divine Ice Soul Sword also did not seem so scary any longer. After killing another 2 people, she immediately felt the increasing pressure. As such, she was forced to use most of her effort into defense, finding difficulty to even counterattack. After all, the demonic cultivators were superior in numbers and had plenty of magical artifacts. A whole string of attacks began spraying down of her, devil’s flame, demons, poisonous hidden weapons, poisonous bugs, poisonous smoke, making it extremely difficult for her to defend against them.

    Seeing Han Bing’er being restrained by them, all of the devil cultivators began cheering in joy. Following which, their attacks became even stronger and stronger. The devil cultivators were just like that, when things weren’t going well, they would be the first to escape. But when the battle was going smooth, they would fight harder and harder, in order to get more benefits after the battle. But, the devil cultivators had celebrated too early. The crazy Han Bing’er was not so easily subdued. Seeing her attacks being stopped, her eyes immediately began to glow with a reckless, crazy attitude. Following which, a symbol began to form in her hands, as she started reciting something. Then, she opened her mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood essence.

    As the blood essence landed on her Divine Ice Soul Sword, the crystal sword body transformed instantly into red. The sword which already had a sentient could feel its owner’s anger and craziness and actually began to cry out. At the same time, a bone-chilling frightening cold air burst out from the sword body of the Divine Ice Soul Sword as though it exploded.

    The sudden blizzard of cold air spread out extremely quickly. In a flash, everywhere it went, no matter whether it was a magical tool, spell, bug, fog, was frozen by it. As for those disciples who were struck by it, they were instantly transformed into an ice statue. With a light gust, they become sparkling ice crystals.

    With just this attack, more than 10 people were killed and about 10 magical artifacts destroyed. Some were completely smashed, others were frozen. Although they were not destroyed, they could not be used anytime soon, and could only be used after being repaired.

    But, Han Bing’er’s crazy attack did not kill all the devil cultivators. In the end, there were 7 people who managed to escape in time. They were the decision makers of the various sects, and naturally would not be the calvary. All of them monitored the situation from the back, saving their strength to wait for the optimal period to gain the most benefits.

    Thus, when Han Bing’er unleashed her attack, they were able to barely escape into the air, escaping the strongest wave of attack. They only needed to use their magical artifacts to defend against the remnant shock wave from the attack, escaping with their lives.

    However, although these 7 people were lucky, it was not something fortunate for Han Bing’er. The attack which she just unleashed was a spell which was innate to the Divine Ice Soul Sword, Thousand Frozen Miles. With her strength, she should not have been able to activate it. She needed to be at the later foundational stage at least. But, under such an urgent circumstance, she had no choice to use a forbidden technique to forcefully activate it with the aid of a mouthful of blood essence.

    Although the results of the battle were outstanding, Han Bing’er was completely drained at the moment and lost all her combat abilities. Even her Divine Ice Soul Sword was unable to remain outside of her body and could only helplessly return into her body.

    In fact, Han Bing’er’s situation was actually quite a lot worse than that. The blood essence she lost was forcefully produced from her major organs. Because this spell required a vast amount of spiritual Qi which greatly exceeded Han Bing’er’s abilities, a large amount of blood essence was required to activate the spell. Adding the great speed at which she spat out the blood, the whole process damaged all of her major organs.

    Although Han Bing’er looked like she was fine, she was actually bleeding internally and the situation was extremely dangerous. Because she was surrounded by enemies, she did not even have the chance to take out an elixir to aid her wound and could only bear with the wounds.

    The 7 cultivators in the sky who managed to escape the attack were not idiots. On the contrary, they were pretty smart. As such, they were not frightened by the frightening attack of Han Bing’er. Instead, they realised that something was wrong with her from her pale face and trembling body.

    But, they 7 of them were all extremely careful. Before confirming that Han Bing’er had lost her combat abilities, they would not dare come near to this crazy lady. As such, they only surrounded her from afar and tested with a cold laughter, “Han Bing’er, it is indeed surprising that you are able to come so far. But, you are already at your wits ends right? From now on, it is time for you to see what us brothers can do!”

    Han Bing’er did not say anything but stared coldly at them.

    The seven of them did not know what Han Bing’er meant and they could only look at each other. Suddenly, one of them said, “Lass, I know that you already exhausted all your spiritual Qi. Even your Divine Ice Soul Sword do not have a choice but to enter your body. Am I right? HAHAHA! You can’t fool me!” As he said that, he flicked his fingers and a small spiritual stone was sent flying towards Han Bing’er’s calf.

    In the end, despite seeing the stone, Han Bing’er could only frown and let it hit her. Although it hurt her to the point she bit her lips, she was still frozen in place.

    Seeing that, every one of them was elated. But, they were still afraid that Han Bing’er was only feigning it, and so they all started to shoot stones at Han Bing’er. The first reason was to test her, and the other was for their amusement.

    After a few thuds, Han Bing’er was hit to the point she could not even stand up still and landed on the floor. All of the braids on her hair were completely messed up as she was reduced to a pathetic state. “Haha, indeed, the little beauty does not have any more strength to retaliate!”

    “Great, this brother is going all out today!”“It is not every day where we get to play with the strongest disciple of the Jade Pearl Pavilion!”

    “Brothers, who shall go first?” The 7 devil cultivators immediately began discussing lecherously.

    As Han Bing’er heard that, her face immediately changed. Then, with resolute eyes, she raised her hands and took out a dagger. She raised it up in the air and shouted, “I rather die than let you have your way!” As she said that, she stabbed the dagger towards her chest.

    “NO~!” As the 7 cultivators heard that, they all shouted in unison. They all wanted to stop her but were just too far away and could not make it in time.

    But just at this moment, a monster-like figure appeared in front of Han Bing’er and stopped the dagger.