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Chapter 149: Crazy Lady

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 149: Crazy Lady

    Not long after Han Bing’er left, Little Fatty popped out from the woods behind. Just now, he monitored the whole process with the formless devils, including the scene of her taking a bath. He only came out after she left.

    Seeing the pond which was completely frozen by her chilly Qi, Little Fatty could not help but exclaim, “Goodness, when other ladies bathe, I would feel like I’m burning and on fire. But when this Han Bing’er bathe, she is actually able to let out such a frightening cold and killing intent. Thankfully, I did not mess with her memories, allowing her to retain the scene of being attacked by the formless devil. With her strength, she would definitely be able to tell that the one who ambushed her was the formless devil. Since she doesn’t know that the Nine Beauties Painting already had a change of owner, she definitely would not place the blame on me. She will definitely go and find YuFeng and the Thousands Desire Sect for her revenge. Hehe! Now, things will be interesting! An angered ice queen, who knows how many devil cultivators would be able to escape from her Divine Ice Soul Sword this time? They may even be completely wiped out! Hahaha, dog eat dog, my favourite!”

    As he said that, Little Fatty took out Han Bing’er’s snow silk undergarments. After taking a deep sniff of it, he murmured, “No, I have to protect her. The best would be to have a ‘hero saving the beauty’! Such a beautiful lady, I cannot let others take advantage of her!” Thinking about this, Little Fatty release the formless devil again to trail Han Bing’er. In accordance with the arrangement of this Mystical Spiritual Fruit hunt, all of the disciples should head to two of the transportation portals in the western Jade Green Screen after a month. These two portals are a hundred kilometres apart and could be used to transport everyone out when the hunt ends. If one missed the timing, then they could only walk out on their own. Not only does that expends lots of effort, one may even be injured by the strong demonic beasts within the Jade Green Screen. Thus, no one would miss this chance.

    The reason why there are two portals was to prevent the righteous and devil cultivators from fighting each other when they see each other, thus preventing a great loss of disciples. It must be understood that the primary objective of this exercise is to train their disciples. Although another goal is the search for treasures, that is only secondary. If they were to lose their disciples inside, then it would defeat the original objective. Thus, the exercise was designed in such a way.

    Who knew what the people of the upper echelons were thinking. The transportation portals in the Jade Green Screen were constructed extremely well. Using a spell, an azure floor of over hundreds of feet was created. After the transportation portal was constructed, a gigantic hall was created without walls. In front of the hall, there were even pavilions and even fields for the disciples to seek shelter and take a break.

    Two days before the hunt ended, most of the disciples of the various sects had already arrived at the portal. In the devil cultivators’ portal, there were about 30 devil cultivators who were just slacking around. Although they seemed nonchalant, they were all wary of each other and sat at a comfortable distance from one another. In their sleeves, they had prepared spells-talismans or flying swords. Obviously, they were all concerned about being stabbed in the back at the very end.

    “Did you guys hear about it, Han Bing’er from the Jade Pearl Pavilion seems to have gone crazy. In the last few days, she killed almost everyone she sees. Not only the devil cultivators were victims, even those sects of neutral alignment would die under the Divine Ice Soul Sword if they were careless.” said a skinny cultivator.

    “Why haven’t I heard of it before? That bitch seems to be even more of a devil then us of the devil’s path. On my way here, I saw the corpse of 2 of our fellow cultivators. Goodness, there were all sliced into 8 pieces. From the wound, it’s obvious that they were sliced up after they died. I also don’t know how they offended her.” A person dressed in black said.

    “Not just them. I once saw Han Bing’er, that witch, kill someone before. It was completely a one-sided torture. It was obvious that she could have killed them instantly, but she chose to do it slowly. Only after slicing off all of their limbs did she behead him.” Another person added.

    “Woah, too perverted! Why is this so? Although she didn’t like us before, is there a need to be this crazy?” Another person asked. “At that time, I heard Han Bing’er asking for the whereabouts of YuFeng. From her sinister expression, it seemed like she had suffered a loss by YuFeng before, thus wanting to execute her revenge!” Another guy dressed in yellow said.

    “Eh, really? Haha, then that would be fun! We all know about young master YuFeng. Hailing from the Thousands Desire Sect, he is definitely a lecher amongst lechers. If Han Bing’er is looking for him with such wrath, what other reasons could it possibly be for?” Another person commented.

    “Don’t tell me it was because young master YuFeng had taken liberties with her?” Another person asked.

    “I don’t think harassment is enough to drive Han Bing’er crazy right?” Another person asked.

    “Ah, don’t tell me, she has been raped by young master YuFeng?” The teen in yellow exclaimed.“Haha, I’m afraid that is the only possible explanation. You have to know, young master YuFeng has the Nine Beauties Painting. That is something which is even stronger than the Divine Ice Soul Sword. With the strength of the formless devils, it isn’t impossible for him to capture Han Bing’er alive!” Another person said laughingly.

    “But why didn’t young master YuFeng kill her after that?” Another person was skeptical. “Maybe he got soft-hearted after having his fun?” Another guy added on.

    “HAHAHA~” As the devil cultivators heard that, they broke out into laughter.

    But, just as they were laughing, they were interrupted by a formless cold air. This cold air was extremely frightening, to the point that all these XianTian cultivators could not tolerate it and began trembling.

    Following which, everyone present felt a strong killing intent, frightening them to the point they got up immediately to face the enemy. Very quickly, everyone’s gaze was focused onto an area. At the area, there was a beautiful lady dressed in white, emitting waves of cold air, and a body suffused with killing intent. She slowly approached on a translucent sword.

    Without a doubt, this person was Han Bing’er who had been persistently chasing after YuFeng for a few days. These few days, she had killed many devil cultivators. But she was still unable to find YuFeng. So, she decided to just go all out and kill her way to the transportation portal of the devil cultivators, which would be their gathering point as well.

    The moment the devil cultivators saw Han Bing’er, they were stunned. Then, they all began to spread out in coordination and began walking towards Han Bing’er, in an attempt to surround her.

    The devil cultivators stopped when they were a few hundred feet away from her and shouted, “Han Bing’er, what are you doing here!”Han Bing’er could not be bothered with him and immediately interrogated, “Where is YuFeng!”

    Under normal circumstances, none of the devil cultivators here would dare to face Han Bing’er. But now, they had the advantage in numbers and thus had greater guts.

    A reckless guy then could not help but ask her, “Why are you looking for young master YuFeng? Don’t tell me you want to relieve some of your past experiences?”

    “HAHAHAHA~” All devil cultivators there burst into laughter.

    This guy originally only intended to tease her. But after Han Bing’er heard that, it created a totally different result. This is because after Little Fatty violated Han Bing’er, he did not take away her dimensional storage bag. Even the 4 Mystical Spiritual Fruits in her possession were not taken away. One can’t help but say that this was due to Little Fatty’s pride, but also his failure.

    You have to know, YuFeng was a devil cultivator and is extremely lecherous. If he were to rape Han Bing’er, it would be a miracle for him to leave her with her life. How is it possible for him to not touch these treasures? Especially the Mystical Spiritual Fruits, a whole 4 fruits were left intact. How did this seem like the doings of a devil cultivator? Even for a righteous cultivator like Han Bing’er, when placed in such a situation, she may not have given up the fruits like that.

    Han Bing’er was not an idiot after all. Despite being blinded by her rage at the start, she began to realise that something was amiss a few days later. Such honest actions were completely uncharacteristic of YuFeng.

    If she were to find YuFeng now, she would not attack immediately but interrogate him first. But then, she heard the other party say something like that. It was as good as him admitting on behalf of YuFeng. As such, Han Bing’er had determined that the person who sullied her was YuFeng. That bastard was actually flaunting his despicable deed, causing everyone to know.

    It can be imagined, how angry would a young lady be if word of how she was humiliated were to spread. Simply enraged was no longer an apt description of her rage, she was like an erupting volcano.”

    But just at this moment, another person walked out with a smile and teased, “Miss Han Bing’er, young master YuFeng isn’t here. If you are in need to satiate your lust, I am willing to help you out! Don’t worry, my skills are also not too bad. I promise to let you die in pleasure!”“HAHAHA! We can do that too!” The other devil cultivators roared with laughter.

    Finally, after being harassed by all these devil cultivators, Han Bing’er finally exploded. Killing intent suffused her eyes, she tapped her sword lightly. Following which, the Divine Ice Soul Sword under her feet transformed into a silver light and disappeared in a flash. The next moment, those who teased Han Bing’er immediately turned into ice statues. As a gust of wind blew past, those ice statues slowly turned into ice flakes. They were completely blown away by the wind, leaving behind their pair of shoes.

    Seeing Han Bing’er kill someone, everyone was shocked. They immediately brandished their magical tools and artifacts.

    “Brothers, let’s team up together to kill this lass!”

    “Does she think that she can fight 30 of us just because she has a spiritual artifact? She is too arrogant!”