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Chapter 148: Trampling the Goddess

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 148: Trampling the Goddess

    As the teen heard what Little Fatty said, he almost died from anger and cursed in his heart, ‘I have already placed down my pride and bootlicked him. But he did not even attempt to help me but still want to kill me. This darn fatty is really stubborn!’

    But, his life was now in the hands of Little Fatty. No matter how angry he was, he wouldn’t dare to show it. Thus, he hurriedly said with an apologetic laughter, “Senior brother Song, senior brother Song. Listen to me, this younger brother’s life is worthless. As long as you are willing to spare me, I am willing to give you all of my possessions!”

    “Haha!” Little Fatty said with a smile. Then, he raised his hands and grabbed the teen’s dimensional storage item. After which, he pretended to be in doubt as he asked, “All of your possessions? Where? Why can’t I see it? En en, don’t tell me you think my spoils of war are your possessions?”“This~” Seeing how despicable Little Fatty was, he almost spat out blood and died on the spot. Currently, he was heavily injured, and his possessions had already been snatched. Now, he was facing this darn fatty with no good intentions. No matter how he looked at it, it seemed like he was dead for sure.

    But, this brat was indeed the elite of the Thousands Desire Sect and had a good brain. With a blink of an eye, he immediately had an idea. Then, he suddenly asked calmly, “Can I ask if senior brother SongZhong’s father is the successor which the sect master of the Mystical Sky Yard appointed?”

    “En?” The moment he heard this brat mention his father in such a situation, he was immediately stunned. Then, he asked with a frown, “That’s right, my late father is an orphan adopted by the sect master. Why are you asking about this?”

    “Hehe!” The teen said in delight. Then he said mysteriously, “Senior brother Song, your parents disappeared all of a sudden 10 years ago. I wonder if you know about the details within it?”“En?” As Little Fatty heard that, his face changed immediately and roared, “Don’t tell me you know?”

    “Hehe!” As the teen saw Little Fatty’s nervous expression, he knew that he had struck Little Fatty’s weak spot. Now, he wouldn’t be afraid that Little Fatty would not let him go. As such, he said to Little Fatty in conceit, “Senior brother Song, as long as you return me my items and swear to let me go, I am willing to tell you everything I know about it!”

    The moment Little Fatty heard that the brat wanted to negotiate conditions with him, he felt endless amusement. He simply stared at the brat and said with disdain, “I shall not trouble junior brother. I will definitely be able to obtain such a small news!”As the teen saw that Little Fatty was indifferent, he hurriedly said, “Impossible, apart from me, only a few people knew what happened. Besides, after we exit the Jade Green Screen, most of the XianTian disciples would be cultivating in their sects. You would have no way to find them at all! Senior brother Song, if you miss this chance, you will not get it again! Don’t tell me you’re willing to not take revenge for your father just because of the worthless me?”

    “Hmph, I will naturally find out about the matters of my parents. As for the secrets in your heart…” Little Fatty then said with a cold laughter, “Hehe, I’m so sorry. But to us, it is not considered a secret at all!”

    “That’s impossible. Let me tell you something, senior brother Song. We who were born in a devil sect have been through plenty of hardships. Don’t think that you will be able to let us submit to you by torturing us! Even if you kill me, I will not say it!” The teen said resolutely.

    “Hehe, don’t worry. I will not use torture, I will let you say it yourself!” As Little Fatty said that, he waved his hands. Following which, a vague figure appeared in front of the teen.

    Since he was from the Thousands Desire Sect, he was naturally not unfamiliar with the Nine Beauties Painting of their sect. The moment he saw Little Fatty summon the formless devil, he immediately exclaimed in shock, “The formless devil! The formless devil from the Nine Beauties Painting? Goodness, this is impossible, how did you get the Nine Beauties Painting!”

    “I just needed to kill your senior brother YuFeng for it!” Little Fatty said with a smile, “Now, it is time for you to take a break!” As he said that, the formless devil entered the teen’s body under Little Fatty’s command.

    The teen immediately let out a shriek. But just as the voice escaped his mouth, he was already controlled by the formless devil. Then, he turned and said respectfully, “Master, your slave has already controlled his body!”“Very good, find any memories regarding my parents!” Little Fatty immediately pressed.

    “Yes, this slave has found it!” The witch quickly replied, “This was what happened. A couple of years ago when he was talking to his master, he heard his master bragged before. His master said that he had ambushed two cultivators from the Mystical Sky Yard who were the successors of the sect master.”

    “Ambush?” Little Fatty was extremely sharp and he immediately realised something strange about it. Ambush, it was obvious that the Thousands Desire Sect had knew beforehand where his parents were going beforehand. Then, they set a trap for them to kill him without leaving a trace. Up until now, no one knew where they went. The Mystical Sky Yard could only determine that they died from the fact that their natal jade tablet was destroyed. But they were completely clueless about what exactly happened. Even their bodies could not be found.

    Little Fatty originally thought that this matter would become a great mystery. In the Vast Mountains, there were just too many cultivators who died from an unknown reason. It was just too many to be counted. Thus, despite the fact that Little Fatty wanted to investigate the deaths of his parents, he never had a clue. But, he never expected that he could accidentally chance upon the fact that the murderer was from the Thousands Desire Sect.What surprised Little Fatty the most was the word ‘ambush’. This word revealed the fact that his parents may have been betrayed by spies. That was the only explanation as to why the people from the Thousands Desire Sect was aware about their movements.

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty was immediately enraged. But, he still controlled his anger and asked, “Do you know his master’s name?”

    “He should be called MengXu, nicknamed Ghostly Spirit. He is a mid JinDan cultivator!” The witch replied. “Then do you know how this bastard found out about my parents’ whereabouts?” Little Fatty asked again.

    “No idea. This fellow had only heard his master gloat about it once when he was drunk. His master never mentioned this matter other than that. After that incident, his master had still warned his disciples that they cannot spread this matter, in case they attract trouble!” The witch hurriedly replied.

    “His trouble is here already!” Little Fatty then said fiercely, “Since I know about this matter, then that bastard should not think of having a good ending!”“Right, do you know why he wanted to ambush my parents?” Little Fatty suddenly thought of something and asked, “Being a JinDan cultivator, he shouldn’t have been interested in anything my parents had. Why would he go through so much effort to ambush two juniors? Not only was it embarrassing, he would also offend the Mystical Sky Yard. No matter how I look at it, it doesn’t seem like something logical to do!”

    The witch immediately shook her head and said, “I don’t know about this either!”

    “Forget it if you don’t know. On account of the fact that he provided information, give him a painless one!” Little Fatty said. “Yes master!” The witch replied. Then, she controlled the teen’s hands to smash into his own head. With a splat, the teen died from the explosion of his brains.

    After settling this person, Little Fatty took care of the messy scene. Then, he took over the other two dimensional storage bags and took a look at them. After looking through them, he realised that his luck wasn’t that good. In the hands of these 3 people, there were only 2 Mystical Spiritual Fruits.

    This made Little Fatty a little disappointed. But very quickly, his mood was lifted up by another piece of good news. The witch who was controlling Han Bing’er had finally settled the Divine Ice Soul Sword. She finally made it land quietly on the floor, not floating around Han Bing’er anymore.

    As such, the witch who was finally free controlled Han Bing’er to Little Fatty’s side and said lovably, “Master, I have succeeded! I am here to give you some milk!”As she said that, her hands immediately opened up the clothes at her chest area, revealing the 2 cuties hidden within. Although her figure was nowhere as good as the demonic witches, she had a different kind of teen beauty. Especially the fact that Han Bing’er had such a high class temperament, giving it an even more mystical feel.

    As for Little Fatty, he was instantly captured by it and could not help but launched himself forward. He immediately dived into it while freely allowing his lips and tongue to enjoy them all over.

    The fragrant, soft feeling made Little Fatty completely absorbed into it. A wave of lust also rose from his abdomen, like the flooding of the yellow river, completely unstoppable. The effect was even greater than the combined seduction of all 9 witches.

    With a ragged breathing, Little Fatty could no longer hold himself back and he ripped apart her clothes. The next instant, a beautiful and spotless body was displayed right in front of him. Beautiful, Little Fatty had seen many pretty ladies in his life before. But someone with such a pure, cold, goddess like super beauty’s naked body, was something that he had never seen before.

    At this moment, Little Fatty had completely lost himself. With a roar, he pounced forward. With his hands moving all over, mouth busy sucking. All of the witches also came over to help Little Fatty undress, transforming him into a naked ferocious man very quickly.

    But, just when he was prepared to attack with his spear and completely take the first time of Han Bing’er, a mystical appearance appeared in his brain. That was the figure of a beautiful lady and a soft persuasion, “Senior brother Song, forgive those you can!”

    With just a single image left behind by ShuiJing, it instantly woke Little Fatty up from his lust. He shook his head, slapped himself and said with a bitter laughter, “Ai yah yah, this won’t do! Although I have some grudges with this lady, but it wouldn’t be good to rape her just because of such an excuse. I cannot do that, I will be no different from a beast!”Seeing Little Fatty stop himself right at the very end, all of the 9 witches were puzzled. One of them asked, “Master, isn’t she just a girl? So what if you rape her, what’s the big deal about that?”

    “Don’t tell me master is afraid of trouble in the future? Then you don’t have to worry, we can wipe out her memories. If we really can’t, then we can just silence her. No matter what, no one will know that master did it!”

    “No no!” Little Fatty shook his head resolutely and said, “I am not afraid of the troubles in future. I am only afraid that I cannot answer to myself in future. We are all cultivators and pursue a bright conscience. If I cannot even pass such a test, then I am as good as ruined! I don’t have to dream of any improvements in future!”

    As he said that, Little Fatty stood up and dressed himself, “Let this matter end here! Although SongZhong isn’t talented, but I will not be so despicable. Let all our grudges end here!”

    “End here?” Another witch couldn’t help but ask, “Master, she almost crippled you! How can you let her off like that?”“That’s right!” The other witch immediately asked, “Even if you don’t rape her, you must at least make her pay a price!”

    “Pay a price?” As Little Fatty heard that, he asked in curiosity, “What price?”

    “Master, why not we do this?” Following which, one of the witch suggested a plan to Little Fatty.

    Little Fatty originally had a knot in his heart with regards to Han Bing’er. But, he did not want to go too far with his revenge. After he heard that, his eyes immediately lit up and thought to himself, ‘This is a good plan. It can let me vent my anger, and it is not outrageous at all. Plus, I can also frame the Thousands Desire Sect, why not?’

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty immediately nodded his head and agreed to the plan of the witches. Following which, Little Fatty took away her undergarments and reluctantly caressed her a bit. After which, he sighed and left. As for the rest of the things, the witches would settle it for him and there was no need for him to do anything. Two hours later, Han Bing’er finally woke up. He felt her whole body aching and the lower half of her body in some pain. She hurriedly opened her eyes and the situation that appeared almost made her faint.

    At this moment, Han Bing’er was lying naked on the floor. On her snow white body were plenty of purple marks. Especially her pair of cuties, they were filled with countless of teeth marks! What made Han Bing’er the most angry was that her crotch was bloody. Plus, there was even a tingling sensation of pain from there.

    Being an ignorant young lady, how would she have seen something like that before? The first thing that she thought of was that she had lost her virginity and was ruined by some bastard. In anger, she did not do anymore checks, thus ignoring the fact that the blood on her crotch was not even hers. The only small amount of blood which was hers was from a small wound near her crotch, which was also the source of her pain.

    But all of these had already been ignored by the angered and embarrassed Han Bing’er. Being the strongest disciple in the Jade Pearl Pavilion, she did not even reveal any signs of weaknesses at this moment. She stood up slowly and washed off all the blood on her body before putting on a fresh set of clothes. Then, she took out her Divine Ice Soul Sword and said with an eyes full of killing intent, “Formless devils, Nine Beauties Painting, YuFeng, Thousands Desire Sect and all the other devils, all of you are dead for sure!”