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Chapter 147: Capturing Han Binger

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 147: Capturing Han Bing'er

    Obviously, no one would bother about this poor child who was sure to die. Especially Han Bing’er who was still feeling threatened by the demonic hands. She just calmly raised her gestured and the Divine Ice Soul Sword who just killed the scrawny teen returned to her. Possessing a frightening atmosphere, her sword slashed the two demonic hands into a few pieces. No matter what magical artifacts they had, they were all like scrap metal in front of the Divine Ice Soul Sword.

    After brawny guy’s Natal magical artifact was destroyed, he immediately cried out in pain as he spat out a mouth full of blood. Being heavily injured, he wanted to turn around and flee, but it was already too late. The silver sharp sword light accompanied with a bone-chilling cold slashed down the centre of his body. As the two even halves of the corpse touched the ground, it immediately shattered into a mass of ice cubes on the floor. The moment the sword Qi of the Divine Ice Soul Sword slashed down, he was immediately frozen into a pillar of ice.

    Seeing two of his brothers who were even stronger than he turning into frozen corpses in just an instant, the last remaining teen lost all will to fight. Without hesitation, he immediately turned and ran away. He did not even bother about all of the demons which his soul calling banner let out. He commanded them to attack Han Bing’er while he ran away with his life.

    But, how could Han Bing’er let him go like that? With a cold laugh, she lightly tapped the Divine Ice Soul Sword. The next moment, a bizarre cold burst out from the sword as though they were in hell. Wherever it went, everything became frozen. The grounds were frozen, and even the black fog became black snow and landed on the floor. As for those demons, they were all frozen into black powder, gone with a light breeze.

    Even the formless devils which Little Fatty let out could not handle this perverse cold. They all ran away immediately. Thankfully, they had the cover of the black fog and the demons, thus not allowing Han Bing’er to detect anything strange.

    But, Little Fatty could feel how much pain the witches who suffered from the cold air were. Even the formless devil which was said to be unafraid of Daoist spells were injured by this cold air. Such a scenario immediately shocked Little Fatty. He now realised why Daoist HuoLong said that only the Divine Ice Soul Sword was able to harm the formless devils.

    After Han Bing’er easily destroyed the black fog, she locked her gaze full of killing intent onto the escaping teen. With a cold laughter, she said in disdain, “You want to escape in front of the Divine Ice Soul Sword? You are really too naive!”

    As she said that, she waved her hands and said softly, “Go!”

    Following which, the Divine Ice Soul Sword became a silver light and instantly appeared behind the teen’s back like a bolt of lightning.

    With a soft thud, the Divine Ice Soul Sword pierced a transparent hole in his body. Of course, just this attack was not enough to kill a cultivator. As such, the Divine Ice Soul Sword lightly shook and shot out a sword Qi, slicing him into pieces, not even allowing him not to have a complete corpse.But at this moment, the Divine Ice Soul Sword suddenly trembled. It felt that its master was in danger, and thus could not be bothered to kill this person but went back to protect its owner. But after it returned, it was rendered lifeless. Despite knowing that something was wrong with its owner, it could only hover in mid-air, not knowing what to do.

    When Han Bing’er shot out the Divine Ice Soul Sword, Little Fatty immediately realised that it was a prime opportunity. Usually, Han Bing’er’s Divine Ice Soul Sword would be kept in her body.

    Under such circumstances, it was extremely difficult for the formless devil to possess Han Bing’er. For them to enter was akin to seeking death as they would definitely be killed by the sword Qi of the Divine Ice Soul Sword. But now, things were different. Han Bing’er shot out her Divine Ice Soul Sword. This was akin to giving Little Fatty an opportunity. Without a second word, he immediately commanded an uninjured formless devil to ambush her from the back, controlling her in just an instant.

    Even if Han Bing’er was a genius amongst geniuses, the amount of time she spent cultivating was just too little. Her strength was only at the 13th XianTian stage. Without her Divine Ice Soul Sword now, how could she defend against the foundational formless devils? As such, she was instantly possessed.

    Although the Divine Ice Soul Sword was sentient, it did not really have a consciousness. If it was an obvious form of danger like someone attacking its owner, the Divine Ice Soul Sword would protect its owner. But under the situation where its owner was being possessed, any attack would kill its owner as well. As such, the Divine Ice Soul Sword could not find any other way to solve the issue and could only hover helplessly.

    In fact, the Divine Ice Soul Sword was not the only one helpless. Little Fatty was also worried. Although the sword Qi of the Divine Ice Soul Sword could not do anything to the formless devil in Han Bing’er’s body, but it did not give up and kept surrounding its owner.

    Under such a scenario, Little Fatty did not dare to draw near at all! He was afraid that the moment he went near, he would be immediately slashed. He was not interested in fighting an enraged 9th-grade spiritual artifact at all. Thus, Little Fatty could only contact the formless devil in Han Bing’er’s body and asked, “Can you let the Divine Ice Soul Sword quieten down?”

    “Master, the Divine Ice Soul Sword is a 9th-grade spiritual artifact after all. Plus, it was born from nature and already gained sentience. Thus, it wouldn’t be easy to fool it.” The formless devil then added, “But, the wisdom of that fellow is as good as a child. It isn’t impossible to handle it, just that it would take some time!”

    The moment he heard her assurance, Little Fatty was relieved. He indifferently smiled, “It’s good that you can settle it. We do not lack time at all, you guys can just slowly handle it. Let me go and say hi to that pretty young man who just escaped death!”

    As he said that, Little Fatty immediately walked out of the forest openly. The Divine Ice Soul Sword almost immediately locked onto him and immediately went into a guarded state. At the same time, a chilly light shone from its body as cold Qi began emanating from it, decreasing the temperature of the surroundings.

    This unfriendly action of the Divine Ice Soul Sword immediately frightened Little Fatty to the point he raised his hands in surrender. Then, he carefully walked towards the stabbed but not dead Thousands Desire Sect teen.

    Seeing that Little Fatty gradually distancing himself from its owner, the hovering Divine Ice Soul Sword restrained itself. But still, it remained in a guarded stance. Seeing that, Little Fatty was both depressed and jealous. He was depressed that this annoying Divine Ice Soul Sword was in the way of him picking up a beautiful flower and jealous about Han Bing’er’s good luck in obtaining such a loyal spiritual artifact.

    Little Fatty then appeared in front of the teen with a bright smile. At this moment, his chest had a transparent hole, with the surroundings of the wound frozen over. Not even a single drop of blood flowed, making it seem extremely bizarre.

    But, such an injury was not enough to kill a 13th XianTian cultivator. Even if his Natal magical artifact was destroyed, it was only enough to heavily injure him. If aid was given to him in time, he might even recover fully.

    But, after this child saw Little Fatty’s face, he immediately slipped into despair. He knew that the Mystical Sky Yard and Jade Pearl Pavilion were in cahoots and were all his mortal enemies. “Brother, it seems that your injuries aren’t light!” Little Fatty asked with a face full of devious laughter.

    Despite knowing that Little Fatty was just teasing him for fun, he still said with an apologetic smile for his only hope of survival, “So it is the famous Lightning Finger, senior brother Song!”

    “Lightning Finger?” As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately replied in surprise, “Since when I had such a nickname?”

    “Don’t tell me senior brother Song didn’t know?” The teen feigned surprise before explaining, “That day before we entered into the Jade Green Screen, you had a great battle with the strongest disciple of the Jade Pearl Pavilion, Han Bing’er. At that time, senior brother Song relied on your divine lightning with just a single hand, suppressing Han Bing’er’s sword Qi in a flash. In such a scenario where sword Qi was violently rummaging and divine lightning blowing up, senior brother Song was still able to be calm and completely unrestrained. Actually, it really filled the audience with admiration. As such, after that battle, all the cultivators agreed to give you the nickname of Lightning Finger! Senior brother Song, this is the heart of everyone, I hope you will not mind!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he was immediately elated! He thought to himself, ‘Lightning Finger! Such an ear-catching nickname! It is so much better than ‘darn fatty’! After combining it with his unlucky name, it made one not know whether to laugh or cry!’

    (CCT: His name is Song Zhong, so Lightning Finger Song Zhong technically means Lightning Finger Sending you to Death)

    However, being bootlicked by the teen as such, his mood was definitely excellent. He could not help but say to the guy who laid on the floor, “Lightning Finger, it is indeed a good nickname. It is just that this Song doesn’t feel good accepting such a nickname!”

    “You’re too humble, such a nickname is only suited for senior brother Song!” The teen immediately bootlicked.

    After Little Fatty heard that, he smiled. How would he not know what this brat was thinking of? Thus, after feeling good for a while, he could not be bothered to say anything else. He just said with a cunning smile, “Haha, junior brother is really good at bootlicking me. If that’s the case, then let me do you some good and give you a painless death!”