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Chapter 146: 1 vs 3

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 146: 1 vs 3

    If one were to seriously evaluate them, these 3 cultivators each from the Thousand Devil Sect, Thousands Desire Sect and Bitter Bamboo Sect were all not weak. In fact, they could be said to be extremely strong. They all had magical artifacts and were definitely people in which their sect had placed large emphasis to cultivate. They were not any much weaker than Peerless Sword Deity and Little White Dragon of the Mystical Sky Yard. Amongst all the disciples who entered the Jade Green Screen, the 3 of them could definitely be considered to be above average. If not, they would not have survived until now in this cruel competition.

    Now, these three elites of the elites were gathered together and had their combat prowess greatly increased. By right, they should be able to walk around unhindered in the whole Jade Green Screen. But, they never expected to meet Han Bing’er in the vast plains of the Jade Green Screen. Despite having confidence in themselves, they could only sigh deep in their hearts as they met Han Bing’er who had the Divine Ice Soul Sword. They were really born at the wrong time!

    Facing the strong Han Bing’er, the three of them on the brink of depression. They couldn’t win in a fight, and escaping would only speed up their deaths. Although the Divine Ice Soul Sword was not as fast as the Phoenix Crying Blade, it was still a spiritual artifact and had at least the speed of 10,000 li. It would be useless for the 3 of them to run separately as well, as they would only be killed one by one. Thus, the 3 of them did not split up and escape in the first moment but joined hands to try and fight it out. Perhaps if they were to injure Han Bing’er, then they would still have a slim chance of survival.

    But before this, the guy in the centre was still hoping for a miracle as he said to Han Bing’er, “Miss Bing’er, I know that you are strong, but we brothers are not pushovers either. Even if we cannot win against you, will can still bring you some trouble! There are plenty of people here in the Jade Green Screen, why do you have to insist on creating trouble for us? Let us, the water of well not interfere with the water of the river and walk our own separate paths!”

    (T/N: The water of the well and river just means that they should not get into each other’s way.)

    But, Han Bing’er’s face remained cold as she replied calmly, “In my eyes, I cannot see any well water or river water. I can only see 3 dead people!”Hearing what Han Bing’er said, all 3 of their faces immediately changed. It was obvious that Han Bing’er intended to kill them!

    As for Little Fatty who was monitoring them from afar with the formless devils, could not help but say with a laugh, “This lass is interesting. I didn’t expect that in that cold body of hers, she still has such a humorous side. Even I can’t help but start to like her!”

    “Then catch her, play with her, and humiliate her!” A witch by his side said, “As long as master gives the order, we will immediately settle the matter!”

    “Wait a while, there’s no rush!” Little Fatty said with a smile, “Why not we just let them fight first before we attack and take all the advantages we can!”“Master, you are really smart!” Another beauty immediately praised.

    “I’m normal, I’m just normal!” Little Fatty could not help but reply airily.

    While Little Fatty was flirting with the beauties, 3 of the devil cultivators on the ground looked at each other and seemed to communicate about something. Following which, they all started to attack with all they got. The scrawny man first moved towards the front, while the man in the centre retreated slightly. The guy on the right then gripped his spirit calling banner and began moving as well.

    No matter who saw this situation, they would all think that they all intended to escape. Even Han Bing’er wasn’t an exception. As she saw that, she said with disdain, “Although senior brother SongZhong from the Mystical Sky Yard looks like a pervert and caused my dear sister to be bedridden, he dared to fight with me fairly. In comparison to the 3 of you who would run before fighting, it really made me disgusted! Don’t tell me all the devil cultivators are as incapable as you guys?”

    As the 3 of them heard that, their faces all revealed faces of anger. But, they did not slow down their retreat at all. Instead, they gradually picked up speed.

    Seeing this situation, Han Bing’er could only shake her head in disdain and say, “Since you guys aren’t willing to fight me, then I will just have to settle you guys quickly!”After she said that, she raised her right hand. In an instant, a 3 foot long icicle appeared in her hands. This icicle was completely translucent and looked like a crystal. But, a bone-chilling cold emanated from it, reminding them about it’s real identity.

    This item was indeed a spiritual artifact born from nature. Not only was it immensely beautiful, it was extremely powerful as well. With just its appearance, the water droplets of the surrounding 1000 feet was immediately frozen solid. The piercing cold even made Little Fatty who was hiding thousands of feet away tremble.

    As for the 3 people in front of Han Bing’er, they were all frozen to the point they shivered, unleashing all of their spells to defend themselves. At the same time, they were completely shocked at the might of the Divine Ice Soul Sword and increased their speed of retreat.Seeing the situation, Han Bing’er did not hesitate and commanded her Divine Ice Soul Sword to charge towards the 3 of them with a wave of her hands.

    But at this moment, the 3 devil cultivators who were originally retreating suddenly roared. They then activated all of their magical artifacts and began to attack Han Bing’er.

    The first person who attacked was the teen from the Thousands Desire Sect. The Thousands Desire Sect was a large devil sect which had been present for thousands of years. The sect specialised in cultivation methods which stimulated one’s lust and was said to have a thousand of these cultivation methods; thus being called the Thousands Desire Sect.

    The cultivation method which this teen was cultivating was a kind of method to refine greed demons. The soul calling banner in its hand could collect the souls of mortals and cultivators, turning them into green demons. The moment they were unleashed, these greed demons would immediately burst forth with a stunning combat prowess.

    As he spat three mouthfuls of blood on the soul calling banner, it began to go berserk. Under the stimulation of blood, a black fog was immediately spread out. Han Bing’er’s surroundings became immediately surrounded by the fog. Within the fog, countless of demons all roared and charged towards Han Bing’er.

    At this moment, the brawny guy from the Thousand Demon Sect also let out a roar and his hands transformed into two 30 feet claws, attacking Han Bing’er.The Thousand Demon Sect was a sect which had an even longer history than the Thousands Desire Sect. The sect was said to have a thousand demonic cultivation methods, thus being called the Thousand Demon Sect. The demonic cultivation method which this brawny man cultivated was something called the Black Devil Hands. Both of his hands would be filled with various poisons which even cultivators wouldn’t be able to defend against. Especially the fact that he had a pair of magical artifact gloves on his hands, being able to greatly increase the strength of his demonic hands. It did not even need to touch you, as long as one was affected by the baleful aura it gave out, it was enough to make a XianTian cultivator die right on the spot.

    Even if Han Bing’er was extremely strong, she was only able to defend against the baleful aura of the demonic hands. If she was injured by the demonic hands, then the poison within it was more than enough to kill her.

    As for the last scrawny man, he also did not fall behind. Being born from the Bitter Bamboo Mountain, the Bitter Bamboo Divine Technique was a cultivation method which specialises in strengthening the body. Despite his scrawny looks, the strength of his body was equivalent to a magical tool. Plus, he had a magical artifact specially made from the Bitter Bamboo Forest, Bitter Bamboo Token. The moment it is activated, it is able to increase his strength by a whole level. In other words, despite the fact that he is a 13th XianTian cultivator now, he would become a foundational cultivator the moment he activated the Bitter Bamboo Token.

    Apart from allowing the body to be extremely strong, the Bitter Bamboo Divine Technique of the Bitter Bamboo Mountain had another special ability. It was able to help one conceal their presence and conceal themselves. Thus, the people from the Bitter Bamboo Mountain were usually the best assassins.

    After Han Bing’er was surrounded by the fog, the scrawny guy immediately activated the Bitter Bamboo token. With a shake of his body, he appeared on the spot, and no one was able to find a trace of him. Even Little Fatty who was spying on them with the formless devils wasn’t able to detect him. Little Fatty couldn’t help but feel wary in his heart as he said to himself, ‘The Bitter Bamboo Token of the Bitter Bamboo Mountain is indeed amazing. In future, I must be careful if I meet an assassin like that!’

    At this moment, Little Fatty and Han Bing’er understood something. All of their previous movements were all just a farce. They did not have the intention to escape at all, and everything was done to mislead Han Bing’er for them to lay out an ambush.Plus, this was not the first time where the 3 of them worked together. They had an extremely good chemistry among them. The teen from the Thousands Desire Sect used his soul calling banner to block her view, the guy from the Thousand Demon Sect used the Black Demonic Hands to attack head on. If their combination were to fail, then the brat from the Bitter Bamboo Mountain would ambush her.

    It was obvious that this plan of theirs had been discussed beforehand. They may have even practiced before a few times. Thus, the 3 of their actions were as smooth as flowing water, without any mistakes at all.

    Seeing this, Little Fatty who was afar couldn’t help but worry for Han Bing’er’s safety. Under the 3 of their well-coordinated ambush, even Little Fatty himself didn’t dare to say that he could defend against it unprepared.

    But, Little Fatty had obviously underestimated Han Bing’er’s abilities. Despite their unexpected ambush, her reaction was not slow at all. In fact, it could be said to be fast to the point it wasn’t something a human could achieve.

    It can be said that the moment the 3 of them moved, Han Bing’er had already performed the necessary reaction. With a wave of her hands, the Divine Ice Soul Sword ignored the ferocious demonic hands but instead wound behind her. With a flash of the white sword light, a shriek was heard from the fog and the brat from the Bitter Bamboo Mountain appeared behind Han Bing’er, on the floor. But at this moment, he had already been slashed into two halves. He used his life to prove to the world that the Bitter Bamboo Divine Technique of the Bitter Bamboo Sect couldn’t defend against the slash of the Divine Ice Soul Sword.