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Chapter 145: Frightening Witch

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 145: Frightening Witch

    Little Fatty originally thought that in order for the two nuns he sent out to capture the two 13th XianTian devil cultivators armed with a body full of treasures, a great battle would have to be fought. But he never thought that in just a short moment, the battle had ended. In actual fact, it could not even be considered to be a battle. The two idiots did not even get the chance to retaliate at all.

    From their mental connection, Little Fatty witnessed the whole attack. The two formless devils rushed out from behind them at lightning speed and entered into their body directly. Then, with their strong spiritual sense, they took control of the opponent's spiritual sense and controlled their bodies.

    The whole process was swift to the point it would send shivers up a person’s spine. Before the two cultivators had any time to react, they were already transformed into puppets of the witches.

    Seeing this, Little Fatty could not help but take in a cold breath. Only at this moment did he understand the full extent of Nine Beauties Painting’s power. At the same time, he also understood why Daoist HuoLong reminded them that only the Divine Ice Soul Sword could damage the formless body, and only the Mystical Tortoiseshell could defend against it.

    Obviously, the ambush of the formless form could only be defended by ShuiJing’s Mystical Tortoiseshell. It was also the reason why ShuiJing was able to escape from YuFeng the other day, finding aid from Little Fatty. If she did not have the Mystical Tortoiseshell, she would have probably become their puppets already.

    Just when Little Fatty was lost in his thoughts, the two nuns controlled the two devil cultivators in front of Little Fatty and saluted politely, “Master!”

    “Good work!” Little Fatty immediately snapped out of his reverie and praised. Then, he questioned, “Do you know who these two guys are?”

    As he said that, Little Fatty observed them carefully and realised that they both looked like they were about 30. They looked refined on the outside but had a trace of evil energy on their face. Little Fatty had never interacted with the devil cultivators before, thus was unable to tell their origins just from their faces.

    But, this was not a big deal for the demonic devils. The cultivator on the left then replied with a smile, “Master, you look down on us too much. We are the famous demonic devils! As long as one is possessed and controlled by us, we can view their memories and use their cultivation method and magical artifact! How difficult can their origins be!”

    “The owner of this body is called You Hun and is a bug cultivator with a natal brain eating parasite. That body of hers is called Shang Ling and is also a bug cultivator. He also has a natal bug, which is a soul eating bug.” The other nun explained.

    “En? They are all from the Small Bug Mountain and are the ‘YouHun ShangLing, brain and soul eating’ duo?” Little Fatty came to a sudden realisation.

    “Yes!” Both the nuns replied together.

    “Ah~” As Little Fatty heard that, he suddenly had a feeling that he escaped death. Although Little Fatty had never met these two brothers before, their evil name had already been spread all across the Vast Mountains already! They were born from the Small Bug Mountain and was originally from a semi-righteous, semi-evil sect. Although they were a little more towards the evil side, they did not commit much evil.

    But ever since these two brothers came along, they immediately became the attention of all the devil sects. This was because one of their natal bugs ate brains, the other souls. They were all extremely rare ancient parasites. Only after a fortuitous encounter did the both of them obtain them. In order to quickly raise up their natal bug, these pair of bastards began to massacre the weak cultivators, and even the mortals out of the Vast Mountains.

    It is said that over a thousand small villages disappeared and their villagers killed. All of their brains were eaten and souls dissipated. At that time, everyone thought that the devil cultivators was out on a massacre and never suspected them. Only after a few weak cultivators had similar symptoms did the people start paying attention to the matter, before finally pinpointing them.

    But at this moment, both of the natal bugs had already matured and were extremely strong. Even foundational cultivators without a magical artifact to protect them could not survive an ambush by the both of them. The most frightening thing was that these two people specialised in ambushes. They would usually target the cultivators in meditation, taking them by surprise and piercing their defenses, biting them to death.

    Although Little Fatty had a bunch of treasures now, he did not have much confidence to completely block the two bugs. These things were extremely fast and agile, being difficult to guard against. The most irritating part about them was the fact that they could ignore the defence of most spells and magical tools. If Little Fatty were to face them and allow them to take the initiative, the moment his defense slipped up and the bugs enter his body, he would be in big trouble.

    Thankfully, such a thing did not happen. Little Fatty being careful and the strength of the demonic devils allowed him to safely avoid all these risks. Little Fatty could not help but praise again, “Good, very good, extremely good.”

    Hearing Little Fatty praise them like that, both the demonic devils were extremely elated, as they began flirting with him. But, this action of them immediately revolted Little Fatty. They completely forgot that they were possessing another person’s body. Seeing two men act in such a flirtatious behaviour, Little Fatty almost puked from disgust.

    He hurriedly said, “Okay okay, stop. Pass me their dimensional storage bag first!”

    “Yes, master!” Both the nuns did not dare delay and immediately threw the dimensional storage bag to Little Fatty.

    After Little Fatty received it, he realised that these two people were not poor at all. Although they did not have a magical artifact, they had many magical tools, some of which were high-grade ones. Besides that, they had bottles of herbs and piles of spiritual stones. Little Fatty also could not be bothered to count them, but instead focused his attention to 2 Jade boxes.

    “Haha!” Little Fatty took out the jade boxes and said with a smile, “I can’t imagine that they also had some harvest!” As he said that, he kept the jade boxes into his Natal Artifact. As a result, he already had 5 Mystical Spiritual Fruits and was only 4 away from his goal.

    After he did this, Little Fatty rubbed his chin and said to them, “Right, you guys said that you can unleash their cultivation methods and use their natal magical tools right?

    “Of course!” Both the demonic devils replied, “What does master want us to do?”

    “Hehe, I want to know if you can command both their parasites to kill each other?” Little Fatty said with a cunning laughter, “These two bastards have harmed so many people, it is time for them to receive their retribution!”

    As both the demonic devils heard that, their eyes lit up and said, “No problem, master can just observe!”

    As they said that, they immediately faced each other with their hands raised up. Then, Little Fatty saw a vague shadow shooting out from the duo. Both of them then started to cry out in pain. One of them grabbed his chest, the other his head while they squirmed on the floor in agony. Even though their bodies were bleeding from cuts by the rock fragments, they did not have any reaction at all.

    After a moment of torture, they slowly stopped moving and died tragically. When they died, they were tortured to the point that they didn't seem human anymore.

    As for the two demonic devils, they left their victims’ bodies after they died to became the stunning ladies they were. Seeing their docile and shy face, it was impossible for one to imagine that they just tortured a person to death moments ago.

    Little Fatty then inquired, “Do you guys feel any pain when torturing them?”“Hehe, what has it got to do with us? We will only control their sense of pain if necessary. We only control the movements of their bodies. As for whether or not they were in pain or feeling ticklish, it was all for them to ‘enjoy’ it!” A nun explained.

    “You guys are simply too amazing!” As Little Fatty heard that, he could not help but sigh in amazement.

    “No matter how strong we are, we are still your servants!” One of the nuns said coquettishly.

    “This means that master is the strongest!” The other nun added on. “Hehe”, Little Fatty laughed conceitedly. Then, he commanded to set off. But this time, he allowed the two who just obtained merits to stay by his side and deployed the other two by his side for surveillance. It was a form of reward for them too.

    In the next few days, Little Fatty met another 6 people in the forest. They were divided into two groups, carefully moving around in the forest. But in face of the formless witches, they were all easily subdued.

    Amongst them, the first wave of people were righteous cultivators and the second devil’s cultivators. For those of the devil’s sect, Little Fatty would not show mercy as he killed them and snatched their treasures. But for the righteous cultivators, Little Fatty could not bear to kill them. Although he showed no mercy when he killed someone, it does not mean that he could kill the innocent just for his own profits. That was not Little Fatty’s style. He would like a clear conscience in whatever he does, thus he was completely unable to do anything unethical.

    As such, Little Fatty chose to let the 3 of them off and only took their Mystical Spiritual Fruits. With regards to daylight robbery as such, Little Fatty did not feel a single trace of guilt. The objective of this hunt was for the Mystical Sky Fruits and the rules said that everyone could snatch it from others.

    In other words, it was alright to snatch the Mystical Spiritual Fruits in this hunt. In fact, it was even alright to kill. If the situation was reversed, they may even kill Little Fatty! It is just that Little Fatty has a peaceful personality and he wanted no slaughter, thus letting them go. This was already considered to be extremely magnanimous.

    Of course, in order to not let his trump cards be shown, Little Fatty let the witches wipe out their memories. In such a way, they only knew that they had been ambushed and not be able to remember the whole process of the ambush. Thus, this matter would not be traced back to Little Fatty.

    From the 6 of them, Little Fatty obtained a total of 5 jade boxes. As such, he had already obtained 10 Mystical Spiritual Fruits, obtaining one more than his original goal.

    Jubilant, Little Fatty had another joyous night with the 9 Demonic Desire Witches. In that wild night, he was only satisfied after he managed to make all 9 ladies cry out in surrender.

    Those nine beauties had no complaints regarding Little Fatty’s libido. In fact, they were pleasantly surprised. For these ferocious witches to find an owner as ferocious as them was like reaping good fortune from good karma that they have sowed in their previous life. Thus, they were all extremely overjoyed and became even more loyal to Little Fatty.

    After Little Fatty had his round of ‘morning breakfast milk the next morning’, he began his search for Han Bing’er. He continued walking towards the north, having great trust in ShuiJing’s augury. Even though there was no trace of Han Bing’er over the past few days, he did not have any signs of wavering. Obviously, unless he reached the edge of the Jade Green Screen, he would continue walking until he found Han Bing’er. Obviously, ShuiJing’s Plum Blossom Divination coupled with the Mystical Tortoiseshell and World Coin was extremely accurate.

    Just this morning after Little Fatty walked for more than two hours, he received news from a scouting beauty that she found traces of Han Bing’er. At this moment, Han Bing’er was fighting against 3 devil’s cultivator.

    As he heard this news, Little Fatty was immediately filled with vigor and hurriedly kept his Wing Piercing Tiger. Then, he commanded all 4 beauties to transform into their formless form and move forward surreptitiously.

    In Front of a giant tree located a couple of kilometres away, 1 women and 3 men were facing each other in a tensed atmosphere. The beautiful lady whose body was emitting frost aura looked in disdain at the 3 nervous looking devil’s cultivator.

    The 3 devil’s cultivators were all extremely nervous, as their muscles tensed up as though they were ready to attack anytime soon.

    All these 3 cultivators were all about the age of 20 and had a baleful aura around them. It was obvious that they were not weak and were at least the 12th XianTian stage.

    The guy in the middle was a well build man with a curly moustache. He was dressed in black and emitted a baleful aura. The most prominent feature about him was his two large hands which were completely black with an odious smell emanating from them. It was obvious that he cultivated an evil martial skill relating to the hands.

    On his left was a scrawny guy, with his eyes darting around, signaling that he would escape the moment he felt that it was hopeless.

    The guy on the right was a teen dressed in white. His eyebrows were furrowed and had an apprehensive expression. His hands held a spirit calling banner which was 20 feet long, on it were dancing souls. With a single glance, it could be seen that it was probably nothing good, and was probably an evil artifact used by the devil’s cultivator to refine souls.

    At this moment, all 3 of them were extremely nervous. As though the person in front of them wasn’t this beautiful fairy but a death god who wanted their lives. All of them were scared to the point that they had broke out in cold sweat.