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Chapter 144: First Encounter With Devil Cultivator

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 144: First Encounter With Devil Cultivator

    After he made sure of that fact, Little Fatty heaved a sigh of relief. Following which, he took out a set of clothes. As he was about to put it on, it was snatched away by the Demonic Desire Witches. They took the chance to serve Little Fatty like maidservants, personally helping Little Fatty put on the clothes. As they did that, the also wiped away all the sweat and grease on Little Fatty, forcing a smile from him. After which, he took ‘revenge’ on their bare bodies and began to caress them all over, filling the surroundings with another wave of moans.

    As they were getting dressed, a beauty bore the harassment of Little Fatty while asking with a soft moan, “Master, that bell of yours yesterday was so powerful! It tortured us to the point we were half dead in just a while. We have never seen such a strong treasure before! Don’t tell me that is an immortal tool?”

    As she said that, all the eyeballs present turned to look at the large copper bell which was half covered by wind copper. Little Fatty then shrugged his shoulders and replied indifferently, “Who knows? Anyway, I am not sure of its origins! This thing was obtained by chance.”

    “Then it can only mean that master is blessed by the heavens!” The other beauty hurriedly said, “This must definitely be an immortal tool. Apart from an immortal tool, I cannot think of any other item which can suppress us in our FenShen state!”

    “Yep yep, that’s right. It must be an immortal tool!”“Master really has good luck!” The other ladies all commented.

    “Hehe!” Being flattered by a bunch of beautiful ladies, Little Fatty also couldn’t help but feel extremely pleased as he laughed foolishly with all of them.

    At this moment, one of the Demonic Desire Witch suddenly asked, “Right master, why are you covering it like that?” It was obvious that she was referring to the wind copper.

    Little Fatty did not hide anything from these loyal slaves of his and said directly, “This is because this thing is too eye catching. Everyone would also be able to tell that it is an extremely precious treasure. But, I am only a XianTian rookie, and would definitely not be able to protect it. Thus, I usually conceal it with wind copper, so others would not find it!”

    “Ha, I understand. If you do that, you can even create an element of surprise. You managed to successfully ambush our previous owner because he looked down on this tattered wind copper bell!” Another beauty immediately said.

    “Wah, pretending to be a pig while eating tigers! Master is just too devious and smart!” The other beauties also began to praise him.

    Although Little Fatty could feel that their praises were all deep down from their hearts because of their mental connection, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after being labeled as devious by them. But, it would be too petty for him to blow up over this small matter. Thus, he could only say with a bitter laughter, “It is just an interim measure!”

    “Right, master. It seems like hard work for you to stick it on, let us help you!” Another beauty suddenly said.

    “Yes yes, let us help you, master!” The others hurriedly added on. As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately said with surprise, “What? You guys also know how to stick this?”

    “Of course, isn’t it just the simplest refinement method? We inherited everything from these bodies. Apart from their cultivation methods and sword skills, we also have their elixir and magical artifact refinement method!” Another beauty replied.

    “It is just that we are now restricted to the level of a foundational cultivator. Thus, we are only able to refine something of this level. But, to help your immortal tool to place an outer layer, it is still more than enough!” Yet another beauty added on.

    (CCT: Seriously, he needs to name them instead of just saying another beauty…)

    “Haha, that’s great!” As Little Fatty heard that such a troublesome matter could actually be delegated to them, he was immediately elated, “If that’s the case, then I will leave this matter to all of you. If there isn’t enough wind copper, you can just dismantle those 30 wind copper puppets!” As he said that, he pointed to the puppets lying in the corner.

    “Roger, master!” The nine beauties replied in unison.

    At this moment, Little Fatty finally finished putting on his clothes and he unwillingly pushed away the ladies in his arms, saying, “You guys can go and carry on with that, it is also time for me to set off!”

    “Master, there are many demonic beasts outside. It isn’t safe for you to go out alone. Why not you take a few of us sisters out with you. We can transform into our formless form. We can move around freely in the forest and are completely unafraid of demonic beasts!” A beauty asked immediately.“Right, we can also help to give you an early warning! If we meet an enemy, we can even help you to kill them!” The other beauty hurriedly said.

    “If that’s the case!” As Little Fatty heard that, he was also tempted. Although he knew that these Demonic Desire Witches just wanted to go out and take a breather, the idea they gave was indeed good. But, Little Fatty still had his reservations. Thus he could only say, “You have to understand, the fact that the Nine Beauties Painting is in my hands must be kept a complete secret. What should I do if people find you when you are out?”“They won’t, master. The formless form has an extremely strong concealment ability. Despite us only having the strength of a foundational cultivator, even JinDan cultivators wouldn’t be able to find us if we were to hide. We promise that we will not ruin any of your plans!” Another beauty said while leaning on Little Fatty, using the two papayas on her chest to rub against Little Fatty’s arms.

    Little Fatty was completely unable to take it and could only reply with a bitter laughter, “If that’s the case, then the nuns will follow me out. The rest of you stay behind to help me repair the wind copper layer.”

    Little Fatty thought that the Demonic Devil Witches who were not chosen would be unwilling and he was already prepared to scold them. But, these beauties were actually rather sensible. The 4 nuns who were going were definitely excited, as for those who were not going, they did not whine at all despite their disappointment. They completely did not have the intention to whine at all and obediently obeyed Little Fatty’s orders. This made Little Fatty feel extremely pleased.

    Following which, Little Fatty began his journey to the north again. But this time, he was no longer alone. But, he had two stunning nuns beside him. As for the other two, they turned into their formless form and surveyed his surroundings. With the two of them moving around in the forest with their lightning fast movements, Little Fatty easily grasped the situation of the surrounding miles. Where the demonic beasts were, where the poisonous fogs were, where the swamps were, he was all completely informed and did not need to be worried about ambushes of any kind.

    Besides, the two nuns who stayed behind with him all used all their means to serve him. All of the honeyed words and flirtatious actions made Little Fatty find it difficult to even control his lust. There were even a few times where he was tempted to ‘discipline’ them right on his Wing Piercing Tiger. But, due to his age, he was not as shameless as to contemplate doing ‘it’ in the day, thus he still bore with it. But, the moment he camped at night, the lust which Little Fatty held within him would all burst out. Only after all the nine beauties were completely subdued and surrendered would he be satisfied.

    As such, the originally unbearable days in the Jade Green Screen became extremely fulfilling, to the point where Little Fatty almost forgot his duties from all the pleasure. In a blink of an eye, 3 days had passed. This afternoon, Little Fatty was riding on his Wing Piercing Tiger and indulging in wine with another nun. Suddenly, he received a telepathic warning from one of the nuns scouting ahead, that they found two devil cultivators.

    As Little Fatty heard that they were devil cultivators, his eyes immediately shone with killing intent. After all, he was from a righteous sect and had grown up listening to all the talk about killing those devils who performed despicable acts. His heart was already filled with extreme prejudice towards these cultivators. Plus, in this Mystical Spiritual Fruit hunt, everyone would definitely be fighting to kill each other. For them to survive until now, it was extremely likely that they had a treasure on them. Be it out of righteousness or selfishness, Little Fatty would not be able to let these two people go.

    But, Little Fatty had never fought with a devil cultivator before. Thus, he was still rather apprehensive on his first battle. Part of this was because a devil cultivator was different from a cultivator of the righteous way. A righteous cultivator focused on ascension as their goal, spending all their effort onto comprehending the heavenly laws. Although they did focus on combat, it was still slightly neglected. But, a devil’s cultivator was different. They spent all their skills, time, and everything else all on strength. For a victory, they would resort to any means possible.

    Thus, a devil cultivator typically had many underhand means, capable of catching a person off guard. As such, there were often stories of weaker devil cultivators winning against a righteous cultivator. Thus, while facing them, one must be extremely careful. With just a moment of being inattentive, one would possibly be killed by the other party.

    Although Little Fatty was pretty strong now, but the other party had two people after all. If he were to face them head on, he may indeed be at a disadvantage!

    Just when Little Fatty was being indecisive, the nun beside him seemed to have seen his reservations. She could not help but ask with a smile, “Master, is it that you want to catch those two idiots but don’t want to do it yourself?”

    “Yep!” Little Fatty nodded his head and said, “You also know, a devil cultivator just has too many variations. Poison, bugs, curses, it is really extremely difficult to guard against them. I am indeed a little afraid!”

    “Haha, what’s there to be afraid of? You can just ask any of us two sisters and we will definitely catch them alive!” The nun said confidently.

    “Really?” Little Fatty could not help but ask in doubt, “Everyone who is here has all been carefully selected by the sects. They are all the elites of the elites. A normal foundational cultivator would not be able to defeat them. Although you guys are strong, your strength is only equivalent to a foundational cultivator. Plus, you do not have any magical artifacts to assist you, can you really take them down so easily?”

    “Master, just listen to us, nothing will go wrong!” One of the nuns said with pride, “If we can’t even handle such a small matter, then we would really be too useless. How would we have the face to call ourselves a spiritual artifact exceeding the 9th grade?”

    Seeing her confidence, Little Fatty did not persist any longer. He immediately telepathically told the two nuns out on surveillance to capture them alive. At the same time, Little Fatty thought to himself, ‘It wouldn’t matter if they failed, at the most I can just send a few more people. I don’t believe that the two of them would be able to defend against the attacks from all 9 Demonic Desire Witches. Unless they have a spiritual artifact exceeding the 9th stage like the Nine Beauties Painting!”