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Chapter 143: Erotic Breakfas

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 143: Erotic Breakfast

    Just at this moment, Little Fatty heard the pleas of the nine beauties again. This time, they did not use their voices but telepathy, “Master, quickly save us! We can’t take it any longer!”

    Only then did Little Fatty snap out of a daze and stop the golden light with a raise of his hand. Following which, the majestic appearance of the bell was restored again. In his consciousness, the shape of another spiritual talisman began to form together with its name, ‘Devil Dissipating Immortal Voice’! Obviously, this was a talisman used to restrain various demons.

    Little Fatty was naturally surprised that he obtained another spiritual talisman. But, he had too many things to do now and did not have the time to test it. Thus, he could only set it aside and say mercilessly to the barely breathing nine beauties, “Are you guys feigning death?”

    “No master!” A demonic devil lamented in grievance, “Our vitality had been damaged just now and we really cannot get up!”

    “Really?” But, Little Fatty replied in doubt, “With your FenShen cultivation, will you guys be injured to such an extent by just a golden light?”

    “Master, you do not know. We did have the cultivation of a FenShen cultivator before. But after acknowledging you as our master, most of our strength was sapped away by the Nine Beauties Painting to the point we only had the strength of a foundational cultivator! But, the might of the golden light was not reduced at all. We were not able to defend it with our FenShen cultivation, of course it would be even worse with a foundational cultivation! If master had tarried a little longer, we may have been burnt into ashes already!” Another cultivator lamented in grief.

    “Save it, I don’t believe you!” Little Fatty said with disdain. But, even though he said that, he still believed them in his heart. After all, he was the owner of the Nine Beauties Painting already and these beauties would not dare lie to him. He was just taking revenge for being fooled by them previously.

    Indeed, after Little Fatty said that, all of the nine beauties cried out in grievance. They all began to pledge their loyalty that they were already the slaves of their master and would not dare lie to him.Only then did Little Fatty ask with a frown, “How heavy are your injuries and how long would you need to recuperate?”

    “Very serious, we were almost finished. Even with the density of the spiritual Qi here, we would still need a few years before we can regain our vitality!” One of them replied with a bitter laughter.

    “Goodness, a few years?” Little Fatty was depressed the moment he heard that. Then, he replied helplessly, “Wouldn’t you guys be useless trash in this period then?”

    “Sorry master!” All the nine beauties immediately bowed their heads in apology.

    Little Fatty also knew that this could not be blamed on them. Thus, he could only helplessly say, “Saying this is useless. Tell me, do you guys have any way to recover faster? Like using an elixir or something?”

    “We do have, but not all ordinary elixirs are useful. After all, we are in the FenShen stage!” A beauty hurriedly replied, “But if master is willing to give us some five element pure water, I believe that we will be able to recover very quickly!”

    “How fast is quickly?” Little Fatty asked with a frown.

    “That would depend on how much master is willing to give!” The other beauty replied, “If master could give us a big bottle each, after we enter into the Nine Beauties Painting to recuperate, we will be able to regain our strength in just a few hours!”

    “No problem!” Hearing so, he immediately threw each of them a bottle of five element pure water. Since he had that magical pond and stalactite, he would have an unlimited amount of five element pure water as long as he maintained the density of spiritual Qi in this place. The density of the spiritual Qi in here could be easily maintained by the disassembly of substances which was as good as endless. Thus, Little Fatty completely did not place much emphasis on the five element pure water. He just casually threw it to out as though he was emptying the trash.

    The nine beauties still did not know what was going on and though that they had followed such a good master. They all began to cry out in thanks. There was even one of them who said, “Master, you are really too good to us! When we recover, we will definitely serve master well, letting you enjoy immense pleasures! Okay?”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately broke out in cold sweat and quickly rejected, “No thank you, I don’t want to become your guinea pig for the Nine Beauty Revolutions!”“Haha, master, you misunderstood!” Another beauty replied with a laugh, “The Nine Beauty Revolutions is something which we use against our enemy. You are our owner, how would we dare to harm you? We only want you to be happy while indulging ourselves at the same time. Isn’t this the best?”

    As she said that, all the nine beauties stared at Little Fatty with their own various expressions. Despite the fact that they did not use the Demonic Dance, it still made Little Fatty’s tongue go dry as the lust began to burn from his abdomen.

    However, Little Fatty still controlled himself and said, “All of you go recuperate first. I will take care of you guys after your injuries are fine!”

    “Haha, many thanks to master~” They all gave thanks while chugging the five element pure water. Then, they all disappeared into the Nine Beauties Painting.

    The moment they left, Little Fatty immediately grabbed a cup of tea and downed it in one breath, saying, “Goodness, goodness, they are really a bunch of vixens! A few words from them is enough to make me lose my bearing completely. If this were to go on for long, I think I will be sucked dry by them even if they do not use the Nine Beauty Revolutions!”

    After settling the lust within him, Little Fatty diverted his attention to the large copper bell and thought to himself, ‘This baby is indeed extraordinary. The moment it knew that I was in danger, it spontaneously came to protect me. One ring, one ray of light, and it almost tortured the 9 FenShen demonic devils to death.’

    This was definitely not the might which a spiritual artifact could possess. The Nine Beauties Painting was already the strongest spiritual artifact in existence but the large copper bell could still defeat it easily. Plus, it was able to defeat a Nine Beauties Painting at its peak while its owner was restricting it. This was more than enough to explain that the grade of the large copper bell far exceeded that of the Nine Beauties Painting. If that was the case, then the large copper bell would be something that only appear in the legends, an immortal tool!

    An immortal tool, as the name suggests, is one refined by an immortal. Among the mortal cultivators, no matter how strong they were, they would only be able to refine a spiritual artifact. Only an immortal who survived the heavenly tribulations would be able to refine an immortal tool.

    Being an immortal treasure, the strength of an immortal tool would definitely be much higher than that of a spiritual artifact. In fact, the difference between them was even larger than the difference between a magical and spiritual artifact. After all, one was the item of an immortal, while the other a mortal. Thus, they could not even be discussed on the same level.

    However, the grade of an immortal tool was just far too high. Thus, it was something which was only a legend and Little Fatty had never seen it before. Even his sect elders, and the sect master would have not seen one before. Little Fatty had only heard of this in the records of the Mystical Sky Yard. Little Fatty still thought that it was nothing more than a legend.

    But today, the performance of the large copper bell made his eyes light up as he could not help but suspect the bell’s origins. To be able to easily toy with the FenShen beauties, the might of this bell was just too frightening. It seems as though the its strength was not restricted when it was protecting its owner. This, was the speciality of an immortal tool.

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty could not help but burn in excitement. But, with his minute exposure to the outside world, he was only able to guess but not confirm. But the one thing he could be sure about was that this Natal Artifact of his had an extremely frightening origin and was at least a spiritual artifact. If news of this item were to be spread, it would definitely result in his death. Thus, the most important thing for him to do now was to think of a way to hide the majestic aura of this bell.

    Thus, after Little Fatty settling down, the first thing he did was to place another outer layer on the bell. This time, he still used the wind copper. Although he did not have much left, it was enough for him to cover it for a while, sufficient for a short period of time. Just like that, Little Fatty spent the whole night laying out the outer layer of the bell.

    After a night of hard work, Little Fatty felt the Nine Beauties Painting move while he was pasting the wind copper in the wee hours of the morning. He hurriedly turned behind to look, and realised that all the nine beauties appeared in front of him in the form of the nine cultivators.

    With cunning faces, they all surrounded Little Fatty. The fire sword cultivator who was right in front of him suddenly pulled off her dudou, revealing her proud and beautiful peaks. Then, she cried out lovably, “Master, the sun is up already. Do you want some milk for breakfast?”

    (T/N: A dudou is the ancient chinese bra.)

    “I have some too!” As the other beauties saw their compatriot gaining an advantage, they all began stripping with impunity in front of Little Fatty. In just a moment, Little Fatty’s vision was completely obscured by a sea of milky white skin.

    Receiving the full brunt of the varied mannerisms from these beautiful and very naked ladies, Even a saint would not be able to take it, let alone Little Fatty. He immediately shouted, “Dammit, let’s talk about regrets when I’m done!”

    As he said that, Little Fatty immediately took the initiative and brazenly pressed forward. With his mouth and his hands, he became extremely busy and happy. Very quickly, all of Little Fatty’s clothes were all stripped away by the females as he rushed forward with his ‘spear’. Following which, sounds of ragged and heavy breathing could be heard all around.

    After more than 2 hours, Little Fatty managed to satisfy all nine ladies before he was able to separate himself from the sea of bodies.

    As he came out, he was pleasantly surprised and hurriedly went into meditation. He realised that not only did his spiritual Qi not decrease at all, but instead increased. It was obvious that this was because he absorbed all the impurities in the nine beauties. This was also another way that he used to prove the honesty of these nine beauties. All they wanted was to enjoy the pleasure of mating and not to harm their master.

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