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Chapter 142: A Narrow Escape

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 142: A Narrow Escape

    The Nine Beauties Painting, due to it being such a strong spiritual artifact, one had to be extremely careful during the refinement process. In order to prevent the backlash from the 9 Demonic Desire Witches, the maker of the painting placed many restrictions on it. The first one was to restrict its strength. The strength which the 9 cultivators in the painting could unleash would only be one level higher than their owner. In other words, the 9 beauties would only be able to unleash the strength of a foundational cultivator if their owner was a XianTian cultivator. All of their remaining strength would be sealed within the painting.

    Next would be the restriction of their moves. Because of the large might of the Nine Beauties Painting, plus the fact that the Demonic Desire Witches were being sealed inside, they could not move around if they did not have an owner. They were not like other spiritual artifacts who could move around and choose their new owner. If the Nine Beauties Painting could move around freely, then wouldn’t the 9 powerful Demonic Desire Witches kill everyone on the face of the earth? Even a devil’s cultivator wouldn’t be crazy to the point they would eliminate everyone from the face of the earth. Thus, they were restricted in such a way.

    The final restriction was when they were choosing a new owner. In order to become the owner of the Nine Beauties Painting, a wave of spiritual Qi would have to be inserted to communicate with the nine beauties within. Following which, they would be informed of the two options they have and be given a choice. If they were to agree, they could drop their blood on the jade stone of the fan. As such, that was as good and releasing the seal on the nine beauties temporarily, allowing them to unleash all their might.

    With regards to all these news of the Nine Beauties Painting, Little Fatty also wasn’t too clear about them. He thought that when he accepted the test, the nine beauties he would face would not be stronger than him. But in reality, he was gravely mistaken. After he dripped a drop of blood on the jade stone, the nine beauties regained all their cultivation to that of a completion FenShen cultivator.

    Of course, even if they regained their might, they were still restricted by the rules of the Nine Beauties Painting. They could only use the Demonic Dance to seduce him but not attack him in any other way.

    Despite that, for a young and vigorous guy like Little Fatty, the large seduction of the Demonic Desire Witch was not something that he could withstand. Even if he sealed off all of his 5 senses immediately and tried to be blind and deaf, it seemed to be completely useless.

    All of the 9 witches surrounded Little Fatty, shaking their asses, raising their legs, moaning lightly, all of the various methods, sending the seduction right into his head, deep into his consciousness. Although Little Fatty was blind now, he could still see clearly; deaf, but could still hear clearly; he couldn’t smell, but could still sense the alluring scent.

    In just a short few breaths, under such a seduction where even a person with an iron heart would be tempted, Little Fatty’s breathing became ragged as he was overcome by lust. No matter how hard he tried defending against it, it was completely useless. His lower body was already a pillar pointing up to the sky, and all of his clothes were already torn apart, revealing his well-built body.

    It was obvious that the nine beauties had never seen a man as well built as Little Fatty. All of their eyes lit up as one of them said with a lovable smile, “Ai yah yah, such a buff man. I really want it!”

    “When he can no longer hold it in, he will naturally give it to us!” Another lady followed with a cunning laughter.

    “Haha, just nice. We can also test our Nine Beauty Revolutions!”

    “The last time that lousy YuanYing fellow, still thought that he was an expert in bed. After only 5 revolutions, he was already finished. I wonder how many revolutions can this little fatty withstand?”

    “Anyway, no matter how strong he is, he wouldn’t be able to withstand all 9 cycles.”

    At this moment, Little Fatty still had a trace of consciousness and heard all of their teasings. He finally understood that he had been fooled and could not help but scold in exasperation, “Bitches, you guys actually fooled me?”

    “HAHAHAHA~” As they heard that, they all couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

    Only after laughing for a moment did someone reply, “Little fatty brother, you are really too cute. Did you really expect to hear the truth from us devils?”

    “HAHAHAHA~” Following that was another wave of laughter. As for Little Fatty, his lungs almost exploded from anger. He thought to himself, ‘I have always prided myself on being smart, how is it that I gave in to this moment of folly? Such an obvious trap, even a child could see through it but I didn’t, I really had been overcome with temptation for this treasure!;

    A pity, there does not exist a medicine for regret in this world, the only option left to Little Fatty was to rack his brains to come out with a plan to save himself. At this moment, he remembered how YuFeng had relied on self-castration to survive this ordeal. ‘If YuFeng was willing to be a eunuch to pass this test, then I definitely am able too. Even though life as a eunuch isn’t that satisfying, but that’s better than not having a life!’ He silently mused.

    Upon coming to a decision, Little Fatty was determined to sever his own family jewels, but little did he expect that he had already lost control of his body. He did not even possess the ability to move his fingers anymore, let alone perform self-castration!

    This discovery filled his heart with despair, thinking ‘I’m screwed this time, seems like I’ve turned into meat placed on a chopping board, and can only let people trample upon me!’

    The nine demonic desire witches also sensed the intentions coming from Little Fatty, they could not help but let out peals of laughter. One of them drily commented: “Brother Fatty, to think you are so callous, such a strong darling yet you’re willing to destroy it!”

    “Heh heh, in actual fact, even if you are able to destroy it, it will not help you at all. We are still perfectly capable of turning your state of mind into disorder, the result will still be you becoming a lunatic that’s burning with desire!” A witch commented while smiling from ear to ear.

    “Eh?” Upon listening to him, Little Fatty was frightened as he asked: “Didn’t you all just say that YuFeng relied on self-castration to pass the test? F**k me, don’t tell me you all were also lying about this?”

    “Haha, oh, about this?” One of the witches gleefully replied him: “We certainly did not lie to you about this, that kid really castrated himself. But this only helps you resist our Demonic Dance’s seduction to a certain extent, if we actually bothered to increase the intensity, he would still be dead meat!”

    “Then why didn’t you play him to death?” Puzzled, Little Fatty immediately followed up.

    “Because we couldn’t do it!” The same witch hatefully spat out: “That little b*st*rd actually had such a treasure, coincidentally being able to restraint the demonic devils. Although it couldn’t shield him completely from our seduction, but coupled with the effects from his self-castration, the result was that he unexpectedly managed to survive our test!”

    “On the bright side, that kind of treasure is rarely seen, and it was already destroyed by us the previous time!” A demonic desire witch standing to the side laughed evilly: “I just don’t believe that you have a treasure which is able to suppress us! Heh heh, why don’t you just give in!”

    “Rest assured, Brother Fatty, we will make you feel like you’re in seventh heaven!” The rest of the demonic witches could not help but chorus out as well.

    However, the Little Fatty now had absolutely no inclination in listening to them, he mused, ‘Is there really no treasure left that can resist the demonic devils? Just this morning, didn’t my treasured bell defeat the nine beauties painting once? For all I know, I might be able to rely on it to save my life this time!’

    At this point, Little Fatty couldn’t help having a spark of hope in his heart, he activated his spiritual sense to summon the bell that was protecting his mortal body into his natal artifact. However, the moment the spiritual sense was released, it vanished without a trace, just like a stone being thrown into the ocean.

    “Heehee, Brother Fatty, you still haven’t given up? Us sisters are dying to serve you, and yet you want to summon the big bell to suppress us, how heartless of you!”

    “Hmph, although the bell is quite formidable, what a pity that us sisters aren’t any pushovers either. Without the owner’s support, even if this is a spiritual artifact above the ninth-grade, it still can’t stop the combined strength of nine FenShen cultivators. Brother Fatty, I advise you to just give up, dying in the arms of extreme happiness, honestly isn’t too bad!”

    Receiving this bombshell, Little Fatty finally lost all hope. He knew that since the demonic witches had already taken precautions against him, no matter how he tried, he would be unable to summon the bell to his side. Furthermore, their words had an element of truth; facing nine FenShen cultivators, even if they had a restriction of being unable to harm him, their powers were still not something a spiritual artifact could handle without directions from its owner. With that, Little Fatty had already used up all the cards in his hand, and it looked like he was only left with the fate of being sucked dry.

    (CCT: Literally or figuratively? Hmm.)

    At this moment, Little Fatty had already completely lost control of his own body. Not just his physical form, even his spiritual sense, which a cultivator relied on to survive, was also dominated. He was as good as a human vegetable, and could only watch as the fires of lust slowly consumed his consciousness, turning him into a walking corpse. At that point he would be truly dead, and his remains would be taken by the nine demonic witches for the absorption of his essence.

    Just as Little Fatty felt his vision grow blurry, and felt the lust corroding his will, suddenly, his natal artifact trembled once; following which, with a resplendent flash of golden light, it appeared above him. Without any commands from Little Fatty, the large bell let out a loud ring.

    This ring sounded by the bell was extremely different from the past. It did not have any heavenly laws for someone to comprehend, nor did it have any offensive abilities. Instead, there was a majestic and righteous sound which emanated from it. Thus, no matter what sort of Demonic Dance or obscene noises there was, they were all destroyed by the ring of the bell. Little Fatty who was originally burning in lust was also relieved all of a sudden as he regained his state of clarity.

    As for the nine witches, they all shrieked out in pain and could no longer maintain their formless form. The formless form which could not be damaged by physical and spells was completely shattered on the spot, forcing them to transform into the physical forms of the 9 cultivators.

    Following which, the large copper bell let out an overwhelming golden light, encompassing all 9 of the female cultivators. The female cultivators who were in the light immediately began letting out miserable shrieks. The strangest thing was the fact that they were completely still and no injuries could be seen on them. It is just that they looked like they were in extreme pain, as though they were thrown in boiling oil.

    Little Fatty who barely escaped death was also stunned by this strange occurrence. Before he even had time to understand what happened, he heard the pleas from a female cultivator, “Master, we are convinced. We are willing to serve you as your slaves, please let us go!”

    “We are willing to acknowledge you as our owner. Master, please stop!”

    “Master, hurry. I’m in pain!”

    “I’m going to be burned to death by the golden light!”

    Only then did Little Fatty realise that the golden light given out by the large copper bell was something that could suppress the demonic devils. Thus, the bodies of the nine cultivators were completely undamaged but the Demonic Devil Witch hidden within them were suffering as such.

    After almost being toyed to death by the witches, how could he let them go so easily now that the situation had been reversed?

    Little Fatty then said with a cold laughter, “Hmph, it isn’t such a bad idea to burn you guys to death. Anyway, since I have your bodies, I can just find someone else to replace you!”

    “Master, our bodies are connected mentally to these female cultivators. If we were to die, their memories and abilities would all disappear. You would only receive a soulless body. The Nine Beauties Painting would also be finished!”

    “Master, we will definitely be loyal to you the moment we acknowledge you as our owner. Can you bear to see such powerful underlings be destroyed like that?”

    “Master, us demonic devils have many abilities. It is really such a waste to destroy us. Just take it that you’re showing pity to your tools. Please let us go!”

    “Master, we will wholeheartedly serve you. Be it spiritually or physically, you can enjoy us anytime you want! I beg you, please let us go!”

    Hearing their pleas, Little Fatty’s anger was also largely gone. Plus, the Nine Beauties Painting a great treasure and it would be a waste to destroy it like that. Thus, after a short consideration, he said, “It isn’t impossible for me to let you off. But, we must first complete the ceremony for me to become your master. Only after I become your master will I let all of you go!”“Yes yes, master! We have already opened up to you and are willing to make a demonic blood oath that we will make you our master. As long as you drip a drop of blood on to each of our nine heads on the fan, you will be mentally connected to us and control everything of us. Be it spirit or body, it will all belong to you!” A witch hurriedly replied.

    After hearing their sincere pleas, plus the fact that their conditions weren’t the best; he did not dare to delay as he hurriedly squeezed out 9 drops of blood and dropped them onto the 9 faces. Every drop of blood would immediately be absorbed, followed by Little Fatty immediately feeling their mental link. He could even feel how much pain they were suffering at the moment.

    After completing it all. Little Fatty had total control of the Nine Beauties Painting. Waves and waves of information flowed towards him from the nine beauties. Regarding their life, skills and etc. So much information flowed to him to the point he could not absorb it all at once. Thus, he could only set them aside and take a look at them another time.

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