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Chapter 141: Accepting the Tes

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 141: Accepting the Test

    Finally, Little Fatty could not help but argue, “It is easy for you guys to say. I am only in the XianTian stage, what am I going to take to defend against the Nine Beauty Revolutions? Even a YuanYing or FenShen cultivator wouldn’t even be able to defend against it! You are just making things difficult for me!”

    “Nonsense, it is natural to invest some efforts to obtain a spiritual artifact. Otherwise, what other ways can we sisters exhibit our worth!” The nun said with disdain.

    Little Fatty was rendered speechless. Indeed, it was necessary for them to test him. After all, they had to live up to the reputation of exceeding a 9th-grade spiritual artifact.

    It must be understood, these Demonic Devil Witches are all comparable to HuaShen cultivators. Even cultivators who meditate for hundreds of years may still fall in their hands if they weren’t careful. In all honesty, this was nothing too surprising. Every few decades, a high-grade cultivator would be ambushed by one of these devils from out of their territory and die from cultivation deviation.

    (T/N: Let’s give a short explanation. Basically, these Demonic Desire Witches are not from the human territory. Plus, I would assume that HuaShen is a stage higher than FenShen.)

    Naturally, it wasn’t easy to become the owner of these powerful Demonic Desire Witches. If not, the Nine Beauties Painting would not be without an owner for over ten thousand years! Even amongst those experts in the Thousands Desire Sect, there weren’t many who dared to challenge them. As for those who were daring enough, they all failed in the end, dying from over-exhaustion.

    (T/N: I think I should clarify, the actual chinese text translates to them dying from excessive ejaculation. But I think over exhaustion sounds nicer and simpler.)

    Little Fatty suddenly had some doubts. Since the Nine Beauties Painting was so difficult to deal with, how did YuFeng received its acknowledgment? His strength was not much stronger than Little Fatty but was able to do something which Little Fatty felt completely helpless towards. Little Fatty could not help but have this doubt in his heart.

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty couldn’t help but ask, “May I inquire, how did your previous owner, the young master of the Thousands Desire Sect, pass your test?”

    The moment Little Fatty said that, the faces of the 9 beauties immediately changed. Following which, a sword cultivator laughed helplessly, “That brat was extremely fierce, I can’t believe that he used such a method to pass our Demonic Dance test!”

    “What?” Little Fatty was surprised. “YuFeng, being a devil’s cultivator actually passed your righteous test? How is that possible? Unless he is a eunuch, if not~” As he said that, he suddenly realised something. He then looked towards the 9 beauties and asked, “It can’t be right? I don’t think he would resort to that right?”

    One of the nuns shrugged her shoulder and said, “Very obviously, that is the case! He castrated himself!”

    “What the hell!” Little Fatty shouted and said with a face full of admiration, “Big brother YuFeng, I deeply admire you!”

    “Eh, that’s not right?” Just after he shouted, he suddenly realised something and said, “Although I did not inspect him thoroughly, YuFeng was still extremely man like. He did not look sissy in any way at all. He doesn’t look like a eunuch at all.”

    “That was because he prepared beforehand. After slicing it off, he kept it frozen, and connect it back using the priceless Heavenly Rejoinder Paste after the test.” A nun explained.

    Another female cultivator then said with a cold laughter, “The Heavenly Rejoinder Paste may be miraculous, but is unable to return everything to its original state. Especially for such an important place. As such, although YuFeng regained a portion of his manly abilities, he lost his ability to reproduce forever. If you are willing to pay such a price, us sisters can also acknowledge someone as vicious as you as our owner!” “Forget it forget it!” As Little Fatty heard that, he shook his head vigorously and rejected, “I am the only offspring in my family, I still have to carry on my ancestral line!”

    “If that’s the case, then I can only inform you with pity that you can never become our owner in your lifetime!” The female cultivator said mercilessly.

    “Really?” As Little Fatty heard that, he frowned and entered deep rumination.

    At this moment, Little Fatty did not consider anything else but thought of Miss ShuiJing. With regards to this junior sister, he was filled with respect, or even worship for her. He finally understood why junior sister ShuiJing would give the Nine Beauties Painting to him, even at the expense of defying their sect elders’ orders!

    If he wasn’t able to subdue the Nine Beauties Painting, then this action of ShuiJing would become meaningless. The Nine Beauties Painting would end up becoming an object for display. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better to give it back to the sect, at least they would receive a large reward from the sect! But, Little Fatty would not believe that ShuiJing would do something so meaningless. Since she gave the Nine Beauties Painting to Little Fatty, she would have most likely calculated that he could definitely subdue it, thus forgoing it.

    These were just Little Fatty’s speculation, and he decided to give it a shot based on his trust for junior sister ShuiJing. Thinking about this, Little Fatty tested, “Seniors, are there only these two ways to subdue all of you?” “Of course! The person who created us set these rules!” A nun smiled.

    But, another female cultivator suddenly said, “Hehe, this may not necessarily be the case! Rules are dead, humans are alive!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, his eyes lit up and asked, “What do you mean? Don’t tell me there is a loophole?”

    “Of course, all rules in the world can be broken. This rule is no different as well. The only problem is that you do not have the strength to break the rules!” The female cultivator smiled. As Little Fatty heard that, he knew that something was amiss. But, he still asked carefully, “If that’s the case, then how strong do I have to be to break this rule of yours!”

    “Hehe, you do not really need to be very strong. As long as you are able to suppress us in our strongest form, it would be enough!” That female cultivator said in a cunning yet cordial tone, “Let me remind you something, we are all in the FenShen completion stage~”

    *Faints* As Little Fatty heard that, he almost fainted. He is only at the 13th XianTian stage currently. In order to defeat a FenShen completion stage cultivator, he would probably need at least a thousand years. It can be seen that they were all teasing him for their own entertainment. Thinking about this, Little Fatty gave up on debating with them about this issue. Instead, he focused his attention towards the two paths they presented. To endure the Nine Beauty Revolution or the Demonic Dance.

    Logically, the Nine Beauty Revolution seems to be scarier and without any hope of success. As for the Demonic Dance, despite its strength to the point it was able to toy YuanYing and FenShen cultivators to death, it was obvious that it was still flawed. If not, YuFeng would not have been able to find a loophole within it. As such, it seemed that the righteous path was still slightly easier.

    As he thought of this, Little Fatty then carefully tested, “Can you guys tell me what exactly is so special about your Demonic Dance?”

    “Haha, you seem to be so foolish but you are actually rather sharp. You actually want to find out the weakness of Demonic Dance!” A female nun said with a smile.

    “Hmph, good thinking, but do you think that we’re fools?”

    “Hehe, actually, so what if he knows about the Demonic Dance? With our strength, how could a XianTian darn fatty defend against it?”

    “That’s true also, why not we explain some things to him. At least he will want to play with us. It’s been so many years and we’re already bored to death. It isn’t easy to find a good toy to play with!”

    “Yes yes, that’s right. Our old master restricts us and we can’t come out casually. It is just too bored to be in that fan. Why not we make good use of this opportunity to play with him. At least we wouldn’t waste this trip!”“Good good, I agree also!” The other female cultivators all expressed their approval.

    Seeing that they had finished their discussions, Little Fatty was elated and he hurriedly asked, “I thank you all, rest assured, I will definitely play with all of you. But before that, you guys must first give me some information about the Demonic Dance!”“Haha, that’s too simple! The Demonic Dance, as the name suggests, is just us dancing!”

    It would be fine as long as you close your eyes and not look at us!”“We will also let out a few moans along the way, which is definitely seductive to a young and vigorous man.

    “But you just need to cover your ears!”

    “We will also release an alluring scent~”

    “You just need to not smell it!”

    “In other words, we are not able to touch you. We can only use sound, looks, and taste to seduce you. As long as you seal your 5 senses, it would be easy for you to withstand our Demonic Dance!”

    Hearing the chatters of the ladies, Little Fatty was almost tempted by those few sentences. As long as he seals his 5 senses, he will be able to withstand the Demonic Dance. That doesn’t sound too difficult. But the problem is, if something as simple as that would work, then why was it that no one was able to become their master in over ten thousand years? Why is it that YuFeng had to even castrate himself in order to pass the test?

    Little Fatty had plenty of doubts with regards to this matter. But with beauties in front of him and the treasure in his hands, how would a 20 odd year old man like him still think about the many subtleties of this matter?

    Under the temptation of a spiritual artifact exceeding the 9th grade, Little Fatty could no longer take it any longer. Plus, he did not have many troubles in these few years and everything had been smooth sailing. This made his confidence inflate even more. Thus, under the persuasion of the nine beauties, he agreed to undergo the test of the Demonic Dance.

    Hearing that Little Fatty was willing to accept the test, all the beauties present were overjoyed and cried out excitedly. Seeing their excitement, Little Fatty began to have a bad premonition. But, since he had already said that, he would be too embarrassed to take his words back from a bunch of beautiful ladies. Thus, he could only grit his teeth and continue forward.

    Following which, he carefully dripped a drop of blood on a jade stone on the fan under the instructions of the nine beauties. After the jade stone absorbed his blood, the test of the Nine Beauties Painting had officially begun!