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Chapter 140: Nine Beauties Tes

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 140: Nine Beauties Test

    As he spoke, Peerless Sword Deity reached out for his dimensional storage pouch. He intended to take out two elixirs to help him recuperate, but he couldn’t find anything. He immediately became anxious as he searched frantically for it which shouting out in frustration, “Where is my dimensional storage bag? What about my Mystical Spiritual Fruit?”

    In the end, he could not find his dimensional storage bag. But, he found footprints left behind by Little Fatty. He was also not stupid, and immediately knew that he was robbed. Plus, it was while he was unconscious.

    Seeing this, Peerless Sword Deity was immediately stunned. Then, he was immediately enraged. The fact that he was still alive meant that the other party wasn’t a devil’s cultivator. But, the time which he appeared was just too coincidental. The moment he got cursed, someone appeared. That means that the other party may have been hiding somewhere right from the start. Plus, he must have been the person who delivered YuFeng into the viper’s stomach. If not, all of these just didn’t make any sense. There isn’t such a coincidental event in the world.

    Thinking about this hateful person, who first caused him to be cursed, then stole his dimensional storage bag and Mystical Spiritual Fruit, Peerless Sword Deity was almost angered to the point he went crazy.

    “Bastard, don’t let me catch you. If not, I will tear you into a thousand pieces!” Peerless Sword Deity roared as he tracked the footprints, determined to find the culprit. But, it was obviously impossible for him to catch up with Little Fatty who was riding the Wing Piercing Tiger with his speed. Thus, he very quickly lost track of where Little Fatty went and could only blindly search in the Jade Green Screen.

    Needless to say, Little Fatty managed to get rid of the burden that was YuFeng. Plus, he even unknowingly framed Peerless Sword Deity who was always at odds with him and even stole his Mystical Spiritual Fruit. Of course he was completely overjoyed in his heart. The only pity was that Peerless Sword Deity’s magical artifact was his Natal artifact. They were both mentally connected and it was impossible for Little Fatty to steal it without killing him. But, that was just a small matter. For just a magical artifact, it wouldn’t matter if he gave it up just so he could avoid the curse. Anyway, Little Fatty had already gained a lot already.

    After effortlessly throwing off Peerless Sword Deity, Little Fatty saw that it was about to turn dark. Thus, he found an isolated cave and summoned his Wing Piercing Tiger and 30 wind copper puppets to guard him. Plus, he placed the large copper bell over his head before entering into his Natal artifact.

    This time, Little Fatty did not stop here for cultivation. It was to conquer the Nine Beauties Painting which he just obtained.

    After he entered the dimension, Little Fatty immediately took out the Nine Beauties Painting excitedly. Only after stroking it a few times gleefully did he transmit a wave of spiritual Qi into it. The next moment, 9 stunning female cultivators appeared by Little Fatty’s side.

    Their bodies were all controlled by the Demonic Desire Witch and were obviously not thoughtless puppets. The moment the appeared, they realised that something was wrong. However, they did not do anything drastic but casually observed their surroundings. The Fire type sword cultivator then stepped out and asked, “This little brother, do you know where are we? Why do I feel so strange?”

    “Hehe!” Little Fatty smiled and said straightforwardly, “Where we are isn’t important. The most important thing is that I am now the holder of the Nine Beauties Painting, and your present owner!”

    “Haha!” The moment the nine beauties heard what Little Fatty said, they all began to laugh together. This made Little Fatty extremely awkward as he did not know if he had made any errors.

    After they finished laughing, one of the nuns answered, “Little brother, you’re really funny. Do you really think that you can be the owner of the Nine Beauties Painting just by obtaining it?”

    “If it was that simple, then a spiritual artifact would be too worthless!”“Hmph, if we were to acknowledge an owner so easily, how would we be so free for over thousands of years!”

    “This poor brat, before his hair is even grown, he actually wants to be our owner!”

    The gaggle of ladies all started to tease Little Fatty, to the point his face turned red and he felt awkward beyond belief.

    Seeing that they were not intending to stop and had no signs of showing restraining themselves, Little Fatty could not take it any longer and roared, “Enough! Shut up!”

    After Little Fatty roared at them, the nine cultivators all kept quiet. But, they all stared at Little Fatty together, their glares filled with killing intent, made Little Fatty alarmed immediately.

    He did not want to end up quarrelling with this perverse bunch, thus he hurriedly explained, “What I am trying to ask is what do I need to do in order to become your master!”

    “Actually, it is very easy for us to acknowledge you. There are both the righteous and evil way. As long as you pass one of them, you can become our owner!” A Water type sword cultivator replied cunningly, obviously with no good intentions.

    “There are actually two methods?” As Little Fatty heard that, he was immediately excited and he hurriedly asked, “Can you explain them to me?”

    “Of course!” A nun said with a smile, “Does this little brother want to hear about the righteous or evil way?”

    “I am born in the Mystical Sky Yard which is a righteous sect. Of course I will choose the righteous way!” Little Fatty hurriedly said.

    “The righteous way is the easiest!” The Metal type sword cultivator said excitedly, “Since you chose the righteous way, then we are the evil ones. Thus, we will use our formless bodies, in the form of the Demonic Desire Witch. As long as you are able to defend against the seduction of our Demonic Dance, you pass!”

    As she said that, she turned around and disappeared, leaving behind a vague shadow. In the hazy appearance, a beautiful lady appeared. However, her dressing was extremely revealing, with only small strips of cloth wrapped around her body. Her appearance was extremely lascivious, and she let out a light moan. That soft and lovable voice immediately made Little Fatty’s legs go weak. Immediately, he felt a wave of heat flowing through his abdomen. At least, he did not make a fool of himself on the spot, giving a slap to himself to snap back into his senses.

    With just a soft moan, the witch almost made Little Fatty lose his mind. If all 9 of them were to unleash the Demonic Dance together, then Little Fatty would definitely fall prey unless he castrate himself! Not to mention him, even a YuanYing cultivator probably wouldn’t be able to hold themselves against the Demonic Dance. They would definitely lose control of their minds, and end up becoming a lunatic.

    As such, the moment Little Fatty heard that, he knew that this was probably a path he could not complete safely. Thus, he immediately asked, “Stop, stop. Although I am from a righteous sect, but I am more dark in my heart. Thus, if the evil method is easier, I don’t mind trying it!”

    Although Little Fatty was tactful with his words, his hypocrisy was immediately displayed. As such, all of the 9 cultivators immediately burst out in laughter.

    One of the nuns immediately replied, “Haha, I can’t believe that there can be someone like you within the righteous sects! This is fun!”

    “It can be seen, the labeling of righteous and evil sect are just words. There are still many despicable people who can be found everywhere!” The other nun said sarcastically.

    “Okay okay, less of all of these nonsense!” The Fire type cultivator said with a laughter, “Since this little brother said so, then let’s give him a chance! Actually, it is also easier. The evil method is much better than the righteous method and I believe that you will definitely like it!”“Really?” Little Fatty’s face immediately lit up as he asked, “What it the evil method then?”

    “Hehe~” The nine cultivators immediately laughed craftily as they heard that.

    Little Fatty immediately realised that he must have fell into a trap. As expected, the female cultivator with the best figure walked up to Little Fatty with a wicked laugh, caressed Little Fatty and said, “The evil method is something which all guys would love for sure! As long as you are able to conquer us with your body and satisfy us, we will acknowledge you as our owner!”

    “Come, baby. I haven’t done it for over tens of thousands of years already!” The other nun ran over impatiently.

    Little Fatty was stunned silly as he heard that. He completely couldn’t think that this would be the case. But, despite the beauties in front of him, Little Fatty did not dare to be careless. After all, these were all devils from out of their territory. They all gained happiness from teasing others. Despite how nicely they put things, it was probably a trap. Thus, Little Fatty was not impatient. Instead, he asked carefully, “These sisters of mine, you can’t possibly still have another strange skill right?”

    “Hehe~” As they heard that, all nine of them began laughing sinisterly. Immediately, Little Fatty started to tremble with a bad premonition in his heart.

    Indeed, one of the nuns said proudly, “We don’t have any strange skills? It is just a normal Nine Beauty Revolutions only!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately cried out in shock and retreated a hundred feet away as though he saw a ghost.

    (CCT: So they can communicate with spirits but they’re afraid of ghosts…)

    In truth, Little Fatty was even more scared than if he saw a real ghost. What was the Nine Beauty Revolutions? In all of the dual cultivation methods of the evil sects, that had the name of the most vicious. Someone once said, ‘Nine Beauty Revolutions, die from overexertion’.

    What it means is, as long as you go into bed with someone who has such a skill, after 9 times at most, you will die from overexertion. No matter how high your cultivation is, there is no exception at all. Here, there are 9 cultivators in total who all had the Nine Beauty Revolutions. In order to satisfy them all, he would have to fight with his life!

    Although Little Fatty’s body was extremely strong, but he also knew his own limits. Even if his body was made from metal, it wasn’t possible for him to endure the Nine Beauty Revolutions of these 9 cultivators. In history, there were countless of YuanYing, or even FenShen cultivators who died under the Nine Beauty Revolutions. Little Fatty did not want to be the next victim.

    Seeing Little Fatty retreat like that, all 9 of them couldn’t help but reveal looks of disdain. A few of those with sharper tongues immediately said sarcastically, “Even though you look so fit and muscular, you are not even manly!”

    “Impressive looking but useless!”

    “I look down on you!”