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Chapter 139: Formidable Scapegoa

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 139: Formidable Scapegoat

    Finally, it seemed as though the viper heard the Little Fatty’s mental plea. Only a short while after Little Fatty had backed off, it started slithering it’s enormous body to where YuFeng lay, gathering and hovering around his body whilst it’s tongue flickered around his body unceasingly.

    YuFeng unluckily chose this moment to regain his consciousness. Upon opening his eyes and staring blankly at his surroundings, the enormous body of the viper filled his vision completely with its scarlet tongue already rubbing against his face.

    If he was still at his peak, a simple fart from him would have already destroyed this level 2 demonic beast; however, now that his limbs were all fractured, spiritual Qi exhausted and without any treasures, how would he be able to deal with this large viper?

    At this moment, the viper also realised that its prey woke up. Afraid that he would escape, it immediately opened up its mouth and swallowed YuFeng whole.

    At this moment, YuFeng was already prepared to die. All of his bones were crushed under the viper’s bite, bringing him extreme pain. Plus, the scenario of himself getting swallowed by the viper brought him endless fear.

    Even a man made from iron probably wouldn’t be able to take it at this moment. YuFeng could only let out a painful shriek of agony before he was completely gobbled up by the viper. Initially, Little Fatty could still hear the unresigned cries of YuFeng. But, the voice slowly became softer and softer. In just a few more moments, this poor child would most likely be completely digested by the viper.

    Seeing this, Little Fatty heaved a sigh of relief as he knew that this matter was finally settled. Although he felt some pity towards YuFeng’s plight, he did not regret the way he handled the matter. In fact, he couldn’t be blamed either. Who told YuFeng’s father to place a curse on him. If not for that curse, Little Fatty wouldn’t mind giving him a painless death. But it seemed that he could only suffer such a torturous death now.Thinking about this, Little Fatty simply looked at the viper which had just completed its meal. After shaking his head twice, he was prepared to leave.

    But just at this moment, Little Fatty’s spiritual sense felt a familiar uninvited guest. It must be understood that because of the Primal Chaos Formula, Little Fatty’s spiritual sense far exceeded the normal XianTian cultivator. Thus, he was more than capable of detecting the other party’s presence first in the Jade Green Screen. Although the other party would quickly find him too, this little amount of time difference was sufficient for him to make slight adjustments to his plans.

    The moment he felt someone coming, he was first startled! This was because he had a guilty conscience! He was afraid that the person was here to save YuFeng, and that all of his trump cards would be exposed if YuFeng was saved.

    Thus, Little Fatty immediately concealed his presence and hid again with the Fog Concealment Spell, observing any changes.

    A short while later, Little Fatty spotted a figure in front of him. After carefully making out who it was, Little Fatty became worried. This person was actually someone who he knew. He was the egoistic madman of the Mystical Sky Yard, the foolish person who called himself the Peerless Sword Deity. At this moment, his countenance was rather decent. Although he was tormented by the environment here the past few days, but he did not have any injuries. The fact that he did not look exhausted was already considered to be very good. In a place such as this where demonic beasts appear every now and then, the only way to move forward is to slaughter a blood path out. After the bitter fight for so many days, he was still able to maintain such a state. It can be seen that being called one of the 4 geniuses of the Mystical Sky Yard was not completely in vain.

    What Little Fatty was worried was not that he would save YuFeng. After all, they were both enemies. Little Fatty was worried that he would get some disadvantageous news about himself from YuFeng. If that was the case, then Little Fatty may have to silence Peerless Sword Deity for his own sake. Although this brat was not exactly harmonious with Little Fatty, they were all still from the same sect. Little Fatty would naturally not want to kill others so casually. Thus, everything could only be decided by heaven’s will. If this guy did not do anything unnecessary, Little Fatty would ignore him. But if he were to receive any information from YuFeng, then he could only blame his own misfortune.

    At this moment, something completely unexpected happened. After eating a person so easily, the viper thought that humans were all easily bullied. Thus, when another human barged into its territory, it was immediately enraged. Thus, the viper spat out its tongue and pounced on Peerless Sword Deity.

    In actual fact, the viper only had the intention of chasing out the intruder. If it was any other person, they would definitely not tangle with the viper and leave immediately. There were countless demonic beasts in the Jade Green Screen. If one were to kill everything he saw, he would probably tire to death after just a short distance. But, Peerless Sword Deity seemed to have taken a wrong medicine today. The moment he saw a low-grade demonic beast pouncing towards him, he was angered. Then, he said with disdain, “Little bastard, since you’re seeking death, then this young master shall grant your wish!”

    As he said that, he waved his hands and tens of formless sword Qi shot out, immediately splitting the viper into pieces.

    With just a single look, Little Fatty knew that Peerless Sword Deity was still using the same Peerless Sword. Although this sword was broken by Tu QianCheng, it wasn’t destroyed. It was obvious that it had been fixed by an elder in the sect.

    Needless to say, Peerless Sword Deity who easily killed the viper became conceited and proud. Just when he was about to turn and walk away, a black Qi shot out from the carcass and rushed towards Peerless Sword like a ghost.

    Peerless Sword Deity immediately noticed it. He never imagined that something like this could appear just from killing a snake. He could only hurriedly shoot out a few waves of sword Qi to defend himself. But what made him the most depressed was that the black Qi was completely unaffected by the sword Qi. The black Qi immediately penetrated the sword Qi and entered his body.Peerless Sword Deity was startled! How could there be anything good from this unknown thing entering his own body? Thus, he immediately sat down to meditate, investigating his body’s situation. After investigating, he was scared to death!

    “Revenge curse? Fuck, why does a demonic beast have this?” The Peerless Sword Deity immediately shouted.

    Following which, he began to mumble, “Impossible! A demonic beast would never have something like that. Something must have gone wrong somewhere!”

    As he said that, Peerless Sword Deity immediately jumped out and began kicking the demonic beast’s corpse, ignoring all stenches. Very quickly, a bloody head appeared from the corpse.

    As he went forward to take a closer look, he exclaimed, “What the hell! This, isn’t this YuFeng from the Thousands Desire Sect? What is he doing in the belly of a viper?”

    As he said that, he looked carefully at the head, realising the smooth cut on the neck. From how close it was to the place the corpse was sliced apart, it was evident that he must have killed YuFeng together with the snake.

    Peerless Sword Deity was also not a fool and he quickly realised what happened. From the fact that he had the curse, it was apparent that YuFeng was not dead while it was in the body of the snake. If not, he would not have been inflicted with the curse when he killed the snake.

    After coming to the light of the matter, Peerless Sword Deity was so furious, he could not bear it in and ranted out: “Which bastard was so free as to stuff this scoundrel into the snake’s stomach? Are you trying to frame someone?!”

    The moment he thought of the curse by a YuanYing cultivator, his whole body turned cold and began shivering to the point he couldn’t stand still! He knew that a curse of this level could only be removed by the sect master of the Thousands Desire Sect. Even if the other party knew that it was accidental, he still would not help to remove the curse. After all, both the sects have been in a feud for thousands of years with countless casualties. How would it be possible for the sect master of the Thousands Desire Sect to save him?

    In other words, this Peerless Sword Deity was already at the end of his own life. It is either he gets played to death by the curse, or get caught by the sect master of the Thousands Desire Sect and be slowly tortured to death. Even though he was so old, he began crying on the spot. As he cried, he shouted, “Why did my hand have to be so itchy! Why couldn’t I have just walked away just now? I am really just too unlucky! Why did I have to kill it! AHAHAHAHAHAH~”

    At the same time, in a secret room within the headquarters of the Thousands Desire Sect, a red-dressed elegant male, with looks befitting the Thousands Desire Sect master, was meditating.

    Suddenly, the sect master’s mind shook as he felt an ominous sign, as though something bad was about to happen. Then, he hurriedly opened his eyes and took out a jade medal and saw that it was filled with cracks. With just a bit of force, the whole jade medal was reduced to dust with a bang.

    As the sect master saw that, his face immediately changed as tears almost flowed down from his cheeks. That jade medal was the Natal medal of his only son. Only when his son died will it break apart. In other words, he just received the news of the death of his only son!

    Being a YuanYing cultivator, it wasn’t easy for him to raise a child! This YuFeng was someone he went to great lengths before raising him to be so outstanding. Talented, smart, and extremely lucky. Thus receiving the acknowledgment of the Nine Beauties Painting.

    Originally, the sect master wanted to raise him as his successor. Now, his son had died and the decades of hard work was completely ruined! How could he not feel the heartache?

    But, the sect master of the Thousands Desire Sect was a ruthless person after all and he quickly came out from his depression. Then, he said with grief and indignation, “No matter who it is who killed my son, I will make sure you lead a life worst than death!”As he said that, he activated the revenge curse.

    At the same time, after just crying a while, Peerless Sword Deity did not even have the chance to wipe his tears before roaring out in pain. Then, he collapsed on the floor, completely paralysed by the pain. From afar, Little Fatty knew that the curse had been activated. Curious, Little Fatty did not leave immediately but silently observed instead.

    After Peerless Sword Deity was inflicted with the curse, a black Qi surrounded his body. As though it controlled all of his muscles, he was completely unable to move and could only lay on the floor like a corpse. But, his face became completely hideous, as he began wailed in pain. The muscles of his body began shivering, a testament to the amount of pain he was suffering.

    In just a short few moments, Peerless Sword Deity was completely drenched in cold sweat and he could not even cry out loud anymore. Following which, a beast-like roar was heard and the poor child became completely silent.

    Little Fatty was shocked and thought that he had died. He went to observe but realised that this fellow was only unconscious. What made Little Fatty the most surprised was that apart from the fatigued expression of Peerless Sword Deity, there was no injury on him at all. The moment he woke up, he would still be completely fine.

    This was obviously not the one who placed the curse wanting to show mercy towards him. But it was the exact opposite, that the sect master of the Thousands Desire Sect did not want to let him die too easily. He wanted to slowly torture him to the point of mental breakdown.

    Seeing how pitiful he was, Little Fatty was terrified and murmured, ‘Thankfully ShuiJing and I were careful and did not kill YuFeng. If not, we would be the unlucky ones!’

    Thinking about this, apart from rejoicing, Little Fatty also began thinking of how to handle Peerless Sword Deity. Should he kill him to relieve him of his pain or ignore him completely?

    But just at this moment, Little Fatty noticed the dimensional storage bag on Peerless Sword Deity’s waist. His eyes immediately lit up. He retrieved it and scanned it with his spiritual sense. In an instant, Little Fatty was elated as he took out two jade boxes from within. It was obvious that Peerless Sword Deity had a pretty good luck and actually managed to obtain 2 Mystical Spiritual Fruits!”

    Little Fatty was not some inflexible gentleman. The moment he saw that he could take advantage of something, his eyes lit up and ran away with the dimensional storage bag. In any case, Peerless Sword Deity was still unconscious and would not know who stole his item.

    As for the curse on his body, Little Fatty finally decided to ignore it and allow him to perish on his own. He was just too afraid of the curse, afraid that the curse may transfer onto him after killing Peerless Sword Deity. According to the cruel nature of those devil cultivators, this was not something impossible. As such, Little Fatty could only choose to escape in consideration for his own safety. After all, he did not have many ties with Peerless Sword Deity. Instead, they even had some conflicts. Little Fatty naturally did not have the intention to repay evil with good, and thus could not be bothered.

    After Little Fatty left, Peerless Sword Deity slowly woke up. At this moment, he was no longer in such great pain. But, the pain from before was just too deeply ingrained in him, thus making his whole body go soft, having movements difficulties. Just a moment ago, he was still a high-spirited young cultivator with a bright future ahead. Now, he was reduced to such a pathetic state. The moment Peerless Sword Deity thought of this, he could not help but feel depressed. Thus, he could only lament, “What sin had I committed!”