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Chapter 138: Obtaining the Nine Beauties

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 138: Obtaining the Nine Beauties

    It must be understood that the physical bodies of these ladies were still present. Plus, they still retained their skills and cultivation from when they were alive. It was just that their consciousness was being controlled by the Demonic Desire Witch. The speciality of the Demonic Desire Witch was seducing people with lust. They were all extremely lascivious, but could only seduce one mentally due to the lack of their physical bodies. Now that they had the body of a beautiful female cultivator, added to their unbridled nature, they can be said to be a sublime seductress. Which male could withstand such temptation?

    If ShuiJing wasn’t the one who was here, even if Little Fatty had to silence the other party, he would definitely obtain the Nine Beauties Painting. But since ShuiJing was here, he was embarrassed in exhibiting his lustful nature. As one of the beauties in the painting was a senior of their sect, he obviously wouldn’t reveal his despicable character. Based on his own understanding towards ShuiJing, a pure lady like her would never allow him to do that.

    Little Fatty could only bear the pain in his heart and say, “You would definitely be rewarded if you bring this item back to the sect. Junior sister can take this item as well!”

    After ShuiJing heard that, she could not help but giggle and laughingly scolded, “Senior brother isn’t a good person, senior brother is lying~” “Ah?” Little Fatty was stunned and he continued with a bitter laughter, “Why does junior sister say that?”

    “You understand it!” ShuiJing rolled her eyes at him and said, “Don’t think that the Plum Blossom Divination is only able to foretell the future! Let me tell you the truth, I can easily deduce if you are lying!”

    As he heard that, Little Fatty was rendered speechless and was left standing there awkwardly.

    ShuiJing then teased, “You obviously want this fan so badly, but you still want to act like you’re so dignified. This is just lying to yourself and others, do you know that?”

    Little Fatty was embarrassed by ShuiJing to the point he just wanted to find a hole to bury himself into. Helpless, he could only say, “Junior sister, I admit my mistakes!” “Heh heh. Though you admit your mistakes on the surface, you’re still longing for the Nine Beauties Painting deep in your heart, right?” ShuiJing continued to tease.

    Little Fatty already knew that it was completely useless to lie in front of ShuiJing and it was as good as seeking his own death. Thus, he decided to just be open and say with a bitter laughter, “Yes yes yes, I really want it in my heart! Heh heh, guys, no matter what we will have a bit of lust within ourselves! But rest assured junior sister, I can promise you that if you want to hand it over to the sect to be destroyed, I will not stop you for sure!”

    “Hmph, your lust is not to be underestimated!” ShuiJing then made a mischievous face at Little Fatty. Then, with a flick of her arm, she threw the Nine Beauties Painting to Little Fatty.

    Little Fatty was stunned as he dimwittedly received it. After scrutinising and confirming that it was indeed the Nine Beauties Painting, did he ask inconceivably, “Junior sister, this is?”

    “The Nine Beauties Painting is a rare spiritual artifact that transcends the 9th grade. Isn’t it a waste to simply destroy it? Why not I give it to senior brother and let you to unleash its might!” ShuiJing replied calmly. “Ah? Give it to me?” Little Fatty completely could not believe what he heard and he hurriedly confirmed, “Junior sister, you aren’t kidding right?”

    ShuiJing smiled slightly and did not answer Little Fatty directly. She only said calmly, “Senior brother, this junior sister did not see you today. Neither did I see YuFeng or the Nine Beauties Painting. Do you understand?”

    “I understand!” Hearing that, Little Fatty immediately understood that ShuiJing was serious. She actually really gave her this priceless treasure to himself. This immediately made Little Fatty extremely grateful in his heart.

    You have to know, in front of such a priceless treasure, many people would become enemies. When Little Fatty was completely exhausted of his spiritual Qi previously, ShuiJing could have easily killed him through the element of surprise.

    Compared to the Nine Beauties Painting, the dimensional storage bags and 3 Mystical Spiritual Fruits were just rubbish! They are completely on different levels!

    In fact, although Little Fatty did save ShuiJing, YuFeng would have been able to easily kill the exhausted Little Fatty if not for ShuiJing being here. In the worst case scenario, he would have been able to escape at least. As such, ShuiJing also played an extremely crucial role in this battle. Thus, even if she didn’t receive the Nine Beauties Painting, she should still take more benefits. No matter what, the matter should not be settled with simply 3 Mystical Spiritual Fruits.

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty’s face straightened and waved his hands. Following which, tens of bottles which Little Fatty used to keep his wine appeared. But, they were all filled up with five element pure water. Little Fatty casually threw these bottles towards ShuiJing and said seriously, “Senior brother here doesn’t have anything good on me. This is the only good thing which I am able to take out, I hope that junior sister will accept it!”

    “Wow!” Seeing the situation, ShuiJing immediately exclaimed, “They’re all five elements pure water? So much? Such a treasure, how do you have so much of them?”

    Little Fatty only smiled without answering that. Then, he said calmly, “If junior sister finishes it in future, you can just find me for more!”

    As ShuiJing heard that, she knew that Little Fatty wasn’t willing to say anything more. Thus, she stopped probing and said with a smile, “If that’s the case, then I shall thank senior brother in advance!”

    After she kept the five elements pure water, ShuiJing pointed to YuFeng on the ground and said, “Senior brother, I’m afraid that I will have to trouble you to deal with this fellow. Junior sister doesn’t want to touch any blood!”

    Little Fatty was immediately stunned as he heard that and replied with a bitter laughter, “You’re asking me to kill him? I will be cursed!”

    “Silly senior brother!” ShuiJing couldn’t help but scold him laughingly, “Don’t you know what it means to kill with a borrowed knife? There are so many demonic beasts in the Jade Green Screen. You can just let any one of them eat up YuFeng. Since they would the one to kill him, you wouldn’t end up being cursed!”

    As Little Fatty heard that, he immediately replied with an enlightened laughter, “Ai yah yah, why am I so stupid? Junior sister ShuiJing is still the smartest after all. Just by borrowing the knife to kill someone, you easily break the trap of a curse by a YuanYing cultivator!”

    “Senior brother thinks too highly of me, it is just that you have not thought of it yet!” ShuiJing then clapped her hands and said, “If that’s the case, then there isn’t anything here for me to do already. Junior sister says her goodbye to senior brother!” As she said that, she paid her pleasantries and left.

    Seeing that, Little Fatty hurriedly shouted, “Junior sister ShuiJing, wait! I have something to ask you!”

    As ShuiJing heard that, she replied without turning back, “Senior brother doesn’t have to say anything else. You just have to walk towards the north. But junior sister give you a single advice, forgive those who you can!”

    As she said that, her silhouette disappeared into the thick fog. As for Little Fatty, he said to himself with a face full of shock. “It can’t be, right? She, she actually knows what I’m thinking of?”

    Little Fatty wanted to see if he could find Han Bing’er’s location from ShuiJing. Being a person who was extremely set on the mindset of ‘a despicable man takes revenge from day to night’, Little Fatty had never given up on taking his revenge ever since he was humiliated by her.

    His initial plan was to first join up with the main crowd and find a chance to take his revenge after completing their mission. But, everything changed too quickly and thus there was no longer a need to ambush YuFeng anymore. Thus, Little Fatty wanted to find Han Bing’er now to put an end to his vengeance.

    But the problem is, their spiritual sense was restricted and they could not fly on their flying sword in this large Jade Green Screen. Trying to find someone in here was akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

    Of course, Han Bing’er was still in the dark with regards to YuFeng being taken down already. She would still gather towards the centre of the Jade Green Screen to meet with the rest. If Little Fatty were to go there, he would still be able to find her. But the problem is, by that time, who knows how many sect members she would have with her. He may not be able to deal with her, but instead be beaten up if they were to fight!

    Thus, Little Fatty wanted to use ShuiJing’s Plum Blossom Divination to see if he could find Han Bing’er’s general position. Then, he could make use of the opportunity that she was alone to take care of her!

    But, Little Fatty never expected that before he even asked anything, ShuiJing had already calculated what he was thinking about and gave him an answer. Seeing such a mystical technique blew Fatty’s mind. ‘Just the Lesser Plum Blossom Divination is already so powerful. If it is the Plum Blossom Divination or Greater Plum Blossom Divination, how powerful would it be?’

    After daydreaming for a moment, Little Fatty kept all of his thoughts. Following which, he first burnt the corpses to ash. Then, he destroyed the surroundings with his Five Element Essence Sword to sully the fighting marks of the place, especially the deep indents from his large copper bell. After he set up the ‘fight scene’, Little Fatty took up the barely alive YuFeng and headed to the north.

    After riding on the Wing Piercing Tiger for about an hour, Little Fatty finally found a large viper. Although this fellow was a weak 2nd-grade demonic beast, it was extremely large of over 100 feet wide.

    Seeing this fellow, Little Fatty’s eyes immediately lit up as he said with a cunning laughter, “Brother YuFeng, this little brother helped you find a good resting place. It is warm in the winter and cool in the summer without wind or rain, most suitable for you to rest eternally there!”As he said that, he instructed the Wing Piercing Tiger to fly in front of the viper. The viper was no lowly beast without intelligence, upon seeing the majestic look of the Wing Piercing Tiger, it carefully defended by forming a snake formation.

    Little Fatty also could not be bothered to pay attention to the viper. He only carefully placed the seriously injured YuFeng a couple of feet away from the viper. Then, he escaped with the Wing Piercing Tiger. Of course, Little Fatty was afraid that someone would save YuFeng away. Thus, he did not go far, but concealed himself hundreds of feet away with the Fog Concealment Spell. He then stared at the viper and thought, ‘Stop being in a daze, hurry and eat your meal!’