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Chapter 137: A Male’s Wish

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 137: A Male’s Wish

    Little Fatty, who was completely exhausted, drank his five elements pure water and observed the results of his battle. In the end, he realised that despite YuFeng puking blood and had his organs smashed, not much spiritual Qi was exhausted at all. To a cultivator, such an injury was not considered fatal, and he still had the ability to battle.

    At this moment, Little Fatty was both elated and depressed. Elated that he did not kill him, thus not having to suffer from the curse. But, depressed about the fact that he was still unable to kill YuFeng after revealing his largest trump card.

    You have to know, he was already a 13th XianTian cultivator and was much stronger than when he fought Tu QianCheng. The stronger he was, the stronger the might of the sound wave attack. With a conservative estimate, that attack had the might to kill a JinDan cultivator. However, he was not able to decimate YuFeng. It can be seen just how powerful the Nine Beauties Painting was!

    While Little Fatty was imagining things, YuFeng wiped the bloodstains on his mouth and stared at Little Fatty with a face full of vengeance. He then threatened, “Darn fatty, you’re good! I never expected you to have such a treasure. But a pity, you are still unable to kill me! The gift you give me, I will accept it. One day, I will definitely destroy you completely!”

    Seeing the vengeful expression on YuFeng face, as though he was a poisonous snake, Little Fatty’s hair could not help but began to stand. But, he was not the kind to retreat to cowardly. Thus, he immediately replied with a cold laughter, “What a joke, you still want to escape after being trashed into such a state? Cheh, you still have to ask whether or not my junior sister agrees!”

    As he said that, he looked at ShuiJing with an expectant glance. Little Fatty also knew that it was impossible for him to stop YuFeng in his current state. He might even be wiped out if he were to fight him. Thus, he did not mention himself but placed his hopes on ShuiJing.

    As ShuiJing heard that, she immediately understood what Little Fatty meant. Thus, she smiled and said confidently, “Rest assured senior brother, the Nine Beauties Painting had already been crippled by you and can’t be used in a short period of time. Young master YuFeng is already at his wit's end and cannot escape for sure!”

    Little Fatty was naturally completely confident in ShuiJing who had the Plum Blossom Divination. The moment he heard her say that with assurance, he immediately relaxed. At this moment, Little Fatty was most afraid of YuFeng escaping and revealing the fact that he had such a treasure. This treasure was even able to suppress the Nine Beauties Painting and was definitely of an even higher grade than it.

    A Nine Beauties Painting was able to draw so much attention. If his treasure were to be revealed, then wouldn’t he be inviting unending trouble? As such, this matter must definitely be kept a secret. It didn’t matter if ShuiJing knew about it since she would be able to calculate it even if she couldn’t see it. But, her lips were tight and Little Fatty wasn’t afraid of her revealing it. As for YuFeng, he could not leave him alive no matter what.

    After hearing ShuiJing’s confident pitch, YuFeng said with disdain, “Miss ShuiJing, you are really proud! Although I lost the Nine Beauties Painting, I am not so easily killed! If you want to catch me, hmph! You must be dreaming!”

    As he said that, YuFeng smashed his chest once to the point he puked blood. After he spitting it out, YuFeng did not let it land on the ground but grabbed it and filled it with spiritual Qi. With the pure essence in his blood, he activated a forbidden spell, while shouting, “Blood Escape Technique!” Following his voice, he became a bloody shadow and started to float unsteadily.

    As Little Fatty heard the name ‘Blood Escape Technique’, he was immediately startled as he shouted, “Stop him!”

    This Blood Escape Technique was an extremely strong escaping technique of the devil’s sect. It borrowed the pure essence within one’s blood to transform into a bloody shadow, escaping to 50 kilometres away. If he were to activate it successfully, it would be extremely difficult to find him under the environment of the Jade Green Screen, let alone to kill him, even with ShuiJing’s Plum Blossom Divination.

    After all, he was not alone in here. There were plenty of Thousand Desires Sect disciples and the other devil sects would definitely help him as well. Plus, the Nine Beauties Painting was not completely destroyed, it was only temporarily disabled. In another few hours, it would be able to regain its previous abilities. At that moment, even if they caught him, they might not be able to defeat him! This time, Little Fatty managed to win because of YuFeng’s carelessness. The next time, when he was prepared, it may not be so easy to trap him under the bell again.

    Facing the Blood Escape Technique and Little Fatty’s anxious cries, ShuiJing was still as calm as ever. She only raised her left hand up and began calculating something. Then, her right hand shot out the 6 World Coins, laying out a golden wall of light on the left.

    YuFeng’s Blood Escape Technique and ShuiJing’s World Coin was activated at almost the same time. In fact, ShuiJing was slightly earlier. But, YuFeng strangely crashed into the golden wall of light despite a large amount of open area, being reflected back immediately.

    At this moment, YuFeng was completely in danger. The only specialty of the Blood Escape Technique was its speed, the faster the better. However, when encountering an obstacle, the faster the worse-off. At least, ShuiJing did not have the intention to kill him, thus weakening the wall at YuFeng’s head and torso area.

    But in order to stop him, ShuiJing increased the strength of the wall around the region of his shoulders and legs. This resulted in the poor YuFeng having his shoulders and legs smashed into dust the moment he crashed into the wall. Although his torso was not impacted, it was still pulled back by the large impacting force, destroying a few bones in the ribs. The originally ruptured organs were completely unable to take such an impact, being smashed into a pile of mush.

    Facing such serious injuries, YuFeng was unable to say a thing and fell unconscious immediately. ShuiJing was even afraid that he would die on the spot, causing herself to be cursed. Thus, she hurriedly rushed forward to check and help alleviate his injuries with a Water-type healing spell. She then fed him an elixir to save his life temporarily before getting up in satisfaction and said to Little Fatty, “Thank you, senior brother, for your rescue today! If not for you, junior sister would definitely die today!”

    Little Fatty waved his hands indifferently, “Junior sister is too courteous, with the Plum Blossom Divination, what dangers do you have? You will definitely be able to turn misfortune into blessings even without me!”

    As ShuiJing heard that, she could only laugh bitterly and did not say anything. But, she helplessly lamented in her heart, ‘Idiot, you are the jinx in my life. Without you, how will I meet dangers? If I don’t meet dangers, how would I end up being tangled with you? It seems like Master is right, the moment I come to this trip, we would definitely not be separated in this lifetime!’

    As she thought about this, her face immediately turned red. Afraid that Little Fatty would see her blush, she immediately changed the topic, “Senior brother, this bell of yours allowed hundreds of disciples to receive much from it previously and 7 cultivators to achieve a breakthrough. I think the one that is the true culprit is the treasure hidden within it.

    “Hehe!” Little Fatty laughed in delight but did not answer.

    Seeing Little Fatty silent, ShuiJing was also a little dissatisfied. Thus, she immediately smiled, saying: “Senior brother, I heard that Daoist HuoLong exchanged a set of Five Element Essence Sword with you in order to obtain the spiritual artifact on your hands. If I did not guess wrongly, he only managed to exchange the outer shell of the bell. The real treasure was hidden by you, am I right?”

    Seeing that ShuiJing was even able to guess about this, his face changed as he hurriedly pleaded, “Junior sister, junior sister, just take it that senior brother is begging you. Just take it that you have never seen this treasure, alright?”

    Seeing Little Fatty’s face change, ShuiJing couldn’t help but feel delighted. She then mischievously asked, “Well, it isn’t impossible to keep it a secret. But may I have a fee to seal my lips?”

    “Yes yes yes!” Little Fatty agreed readily and pointed towards the 3-dimensional storage bag on the floor and said generously, “These things can all be given to you, is that enough?’

    “Senior brother is so generous!” As ShuiJing said that, she sucked the dimensional storage bags over and looked through it. Very quickly, 3 jade boxes appeared in her hands and she shook it at Little Fatty and asked, “3 Mystical Spiritual Fruits. Senior brother is also giving it to me?”

    Little Fatty was first taken aback. Then, he cursed in his heart, ‘This bastard YuFeng is really fast. He actually snatched 2 more Mystical Spiritual Fruits than me!’

    But, despite being moved by it, he still resolutely said, “A gentleman does not go back on his words! Since I said that I will give it to junior sister, I will not shamelessly take it back!”

    ShuiJing carefully stared at Little Fatty’s eyes, as though she wanted to see if he was telling the truth. Little Fatty then stared back at her without fear, while looking at her beautiful face without restrain. Then, he said in his heart, ‘Junior sister is indeed extraordinary. She looks just too amazing. The most important thing is that she is extremely elegant, as though she was a descending fairy. Such a beauty, how exactly was she born?’

    Facing Little Fatty’s unrestrained eyes, ShuiJing finally lost the staring contest. She then kept the Mystical Spiritual Fruits flusteredly before composing herself and saying seriously, “Since senior brother says so, then junior sister will shamelessly keep it!”

    After which, ShuiJing took out the Nine Beauties Painting which YuFeng dropped and asked, “Senior brother, how should we settle this item?”

    In all honesty, Little Fatty was extremely tempted by this Nine Beauties Painting. It is said that the 9 cultivators within it were not only a tool used for battle. In normal circumstances, it could also be used for many other things. One of its use was something which would attract all men, which was to use it as a dual cultivation furnace!