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Chapter 136: A Dangerous Battle

Chaotic Lightning Cultivation
     Chapter 136: A Dangerous Battle

    But, Little Fatty and ShuiJing completely ignored YuFeng’s anger. They only looked at each other and laughed. Following which, Little Fatty waved his hands and a jade bottle flew towards ShuiJing.

    ShuiJing caught it elegantly and drank a single mouth without looking at what was inside. Then, she timidly kept the bottle.

    Seeing the priceless five elements pure water disappear in ShuiJing’s hands, Little Fatty didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He knew that ShuiJing must have calculated that he still had plenty of five elements pure water, thus she kept it without saying anything.

    Seeing their chemistry, YuFeng couldn’t help but ask doubtfully, “Ha, Miss ShuiJing, I have indeed underestimated you. I never expected you to have someone laying in ambush here!”

    ShuiJing then laughed as she tidied up her messy hair. She then said calmly, “Senior brother YuFeng, you guessed wrongly. In fact, this was the first time senior brother SongZhong and I met ever since we entered the Jade Green Screen. We completely did not have the intention to ambush you together!”

    “Nonsense, if you guys did not plan ahead, how can it be so coincidental that he appeared here!” YuFeng said in disbelief.

    “Haha!” ShuiJing laughed and retorted wittily, “Senior brother YuFeng seemed to have forgotten what I do best!”

    “You calculated it?” Only then did YuFeng exclaim in realisation.

    “Hehe, that’s right!” ShuiJing explained with a calm smile, “When ShuiJing was being surrounded by the three of you, I calculated that there was a lucky direction. If I run 10 kilometres in that direction and stop there, I would be able to turn this misfortune into a blessing! In all honesty, I also didn’t know that the person who would come and save me would be senior brother SongZhong! But, if I were to think about it, in the whole Jade Green Screen, he would probably be the only person capable of saving me from the attack of the Nine Beauties Painting!”

    As she said that, ShuiJing looked at Little Fatty and smiled to express her gratitude.

    As YuFeng heard that, he snickered, “Haha, what a joke! If you said that your savior is Han Bing’er from the Jade Pearl Pavilion with the Divine Ice Soul Sword, I would believe you. But you said that this fatty can save you! HAHA, isn’t that too preposterous? Do you really think that he is able to defeat the Nine Beauties Painting with the divine lightning he refined as a XianTian cultivator?”

    As ShuiJing heard that, she shook her head and said, “Senior brother YuFeng, do you really believe that there is only so little spiritual artifacts in the world? You seem to look down too much on everyone!”

    “En?” YuFeng was immediately stunned as he heard that and he hurriedly replied, “Don’t tell me this darn fatty has one? I don’t believe that!”

    “It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not!” ShuiJing said calmly, “The bad luck on your face has reached its peak and you will face imminent disaster today! Besides, you do not have anyone left to save you!”

    “Haha, do you really think that I will believe your lies?” YuFeng said in disdain, “Spiritual artifacts are not trash that can be just casually picked up like that. Besides, so what if this darn fatty had spiritual artifacts? The Nine Beauties Painting is the strongest of all the spiritual artifacts. At least in this world, there isn’t anything that can fight with it! What do I have to fear?”

    (T/N: Well, technically Little Fatty really did pick up his copper bell from the trash pile like trash.)

    “Arrogance is always the root of one’s destruction!” ShuiJing replied calmly and said nothing else.

    At this moment, Little Fatty had a face full of worry as he said with a bitter laughter, “Junior sister, can you please stop disturbing me? Look at me, I do have quite a lot of fats, but not a single spiritual artifact!”

    As ShuiJing heard that, she only smiled but refused to speak further. As for YuFeng, he regained his confidence and laughed haughtily, “Haha, I understand now. You guys are just creating false bravado!”

    “If you’re going to think that way, it doesn’t really matter to me too!” ShuiJing replied with a smile. In actual fact, the only reason why she said so much was to buy time for her to regain her spiritual Qi. Although the five elements pure water was amazing, it also could not allow her spiritual Qi to be regained in an instant. It would still require some time for her to regain in. Now, she was almost completely recovered.

    At this moment, YuFeng also noticed that something was amiss and shouted, “Wait, why have your spiritual Qi recovered? I didn’t see you meditating at all just now? Is it because of what you drank just now?”

    “Hehe!” ShuiJing laughed, “Senior brother became smarter already. That’s right, the thing I just drank can help regain my spiritual Qi. Plus, at an extremely fast speed. Now, junior sister has the ability to fight already! I hope senior brother will not be stingy in your teachings!”

    As YuFeng heard that, he was exasperated beyond all means. He never expected ShuiJing to play such tricks either. You have to know, there are things which are able to help one recover spiritual Qi, but they are all in the form of elixirs. Something in the form of liquid was completely unheard of. As such, when he saw ShuiJing drinking something, he could not be bothered. Never did he expect it to create problems for him.

    But what surprised him the most was the speed of ShuiJing’s recovery. Normally, even with the use of an elixir, one would still have to meditate before recovering in a few minutes. But, ShuiJing did not meditate but only stand there for half a minute before completely recovering, throwing him into bewilderment.

    YuFeng could not help but ask in frustration, “What did you just drink? Why did you recover so quickly?”

    “It is just some five elements pure water!” ShuiJing replied with a smile.

    “Five elements pure water? The five element pure water worth tens of thousands? And you drink it like plain water?” YuFeng was instantly speechless.

    “Haha, since it isn’t mine anyway, why should I feel the heartache?” ShuiJing said indifferently.

    This round, Little Fatty was speechless. He looked at ShuiJing not knowing whether to laugh or cry and said, “Junior sister, you really do not hold back!”

    “Senior brother rest assured, I will not hold back even more in future!” ShuiJing replied in a charming manner, batting her eyelashes at him.

    Facing both their lovers' squabble, YuFeng’s face turned white from anger. But since things had already developed to this point, it was useless for him to regret. He could only say in frustration, “Hmph! So what if you regained your spiritual Qi? With the Nine Beauties Painting, what do I have to be afraid of?”

    ShuiJing did not reply him, she only winked at Little Fatty. As though they could communicate telepathically, Little Fatty actually understood what ShuiJing meant. It was that she wanted him to attack first, with her following up after.

    After Little Fatty understood, he immediately beginning attack without delay. With a smile, he suddenly said with provocation, “Wow, the Nine Beauties Painting is so famous! I wonder if it can destroy this broken bell of mine?” As he said that, he shook the wind copper bell in his hands, as though he was afraid it would be missed.

    YuFeng was first stunned before looking carefully at the bell in Little Fatty’s hands. All he saw was a bell full of craters and scratch marks. Plus, the bell was made of a low-grade wind copper, with a lousy refinement method. No matter how he looked at it, it was just a trashy magical tool.

    Seeing this, YuFeng was angered to the point he was half dead. He still thought that Little Fatty was just teasing him and treating him as a joke. Thus, he growled in anger and frustration, “Darn fatty, not only can this young master’s Nine Beauties Painting destroy your wind copper bell. I can also smash this pig head of yours apart. Just go and die!!!”

    As he spoke, his hands were not idle, gesturing around. Following which, the 5 beautiful sword cultivators jumped up together and smashed towards Little Fatty with the various swords of the 5 elements. Seeing the situation, Little Fatty snickered and smashed the wind copper bell at YuFeng. As the bell flew out, it enlarged to 30 feet high and sprinted towards the 5 sword cultivators like a small hill, bringing with it a strong gust.

    At this moment, YuFeng was completely able to command the 5 ladies to avoid the bell and kill Little Fatty. But he was already completely infuriated by Little Fatty and did not want him to die so easily. Thus, he shouted out loudly, “Smash that broken bell into pieces!”

    As he commanded, the 5 ladies shifted their position. From originally intending to avoid the bell to sending out waves of sword Qi.

    Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. All 5 elements of sword Qi filled the skies and became a large net, surrounding the wind copper bell. Following a large metal clashing sound, the wind copper bell was instantly smashed into smithereens as countless of wind copper fragments flew out, filling the sky like fireworks.

    “WAHAHAH~” Seeing this situation, YuFeng thought that he completely destroyed the bell and began laughing hysterically.

    However, in just a short moment, his laughter was interrupted by a blinding golden light.

    Amongst the fragments which filled the sky, an antique looking majestic large bell appeared out of nowhere. Lights flashed about the copper bell, and the countless of stars, palaces, animals, vegetation engravings on the bell began flashing.

    Be it the imposing size, or the life-like engravings on it, there was nothing that did not say this bell was extraordinary. Especially the majestic aura it had, it made all who saw it shudder in their hearts and be immobile.

    YuFeng and ShuiJing were not any different either. At this moment, ShuiJing was completely mind blown. Although she had already expected that Little Fatty had a treasure on him, causing her Plum Blossom Divination to fail, she never expected to be mind blown as such when she saw it for the first time. The aura of this bell was just far too strong, to the point both her Mystical Tortoiseshell and World Coin trembled in fear and did not dare make a move as though they were prey in front of a predator.

    As for YuFeng, he was also startled greatly. He never imagined that there could be such a majestic item in the world. With just its appearance, it is able to suppress its surroundings, causing all spiritual artifacts to lose their luster around it.

    Though YuFeng was in shock, Little Fatty who was already used to it was not. With a wave of his hands, the bell enlarged to over 500 feet high and smashed the 5 sword cultivators apart, before smashing towards YuFeng like a small hill.

    Because everything was too sudden, and the bell was already over tens of feet wide, YuFeng completely did not have the chance to escape. Helpless, he could only summon back all the 5 sword cultivators to guard him before being trapped under the bell.

    After the majestic, gigantic bell had trapped YuFeng, Little Fatty immediately roared and rode on his Wing Piercing Tiger, flying towards the peak of the bell.

    At the same time, a spiritual talisman began condensing on Little Fatty’s right hand. With a flash of a grey light, a spiritual talisman containing all of his spiritual Qi appeared in his hands. At this moment, he had also reached the peak of the bell. Without further ado, he immediately smashed the talisman on the bell.

    After which, a loud ring sounded from the bell. From the outside, ShuiJing heard the bell ring which travelled hundreds of kilometres, and there wasn’t anything wrong with the sound. Instead, it contained a special state within it, allowing her to benefit much from it.

    But, to YuFeng who was trapped by the bell, that sound was enough to kill him! The light around him immediately began vibrating, as countless of visible sound waves began intersecting with each other, before surging towards him like a large current, attacking him from all around.

    In shock, YuFeng hurriedly activated every defensive capability he had. The 9 ladies formed two defensive formations on the outside, in the middle was the protective light from his magical artifacts, and YuFeng gave himself a few defensive spells.

    It was just that under the frightening bell, all of these were rendered completely useless. The formation of the 9 ladies only hung on for a short moment before being destroyed completely, killing all the 9 ladies and sending them back into the Nine Beauties Painting.

    Although it wasn’t enough to destroy them, they were still greatly affected. At least, they would not be able to protect their master in a short period of time.

    As for the 3 protective magical artifacts, it could not even be compared to the Nine Beauties Painting. In not even an instant, they were all destroyed.

    But, their sacrifices were also not in vain, the Bone Eroding Immortal Voice of the bell was already weakened by at least 60%. After the following waves destroyed his protective spells and heavily injured him, it completely vanished.

    Although YuFeng managed to escape death with all of his treasures, he condition was far from optimistic. All of his innards were crushed, causing him to puke out blood. His head became heavy and dizzy, completely unable to even stand up.

    Likewise, Little Fatty was also not in a good state at this moment. After exhausting all his spiritual Qi, he was reduced to a weakened state. The large copper bell also lost the support of his spiritual Qi and was no longer able to maintain its large state, automatically returning into his Natal Artifact. He lost his ability to fly and fell down immediately. Thankfully, he had his loyal Wing Piercing Tiger to save him and prevent him from crashing onto the ground.